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Video: New Ras Harma Resort Project in Eritrea

About Ras Harma Project:

Eritrea is gearing up to start work on two high-end resorts in Ras Harma as part of a grander plan to make the Red Sea State a tourist hub of the region.

Situated 74.5 miles (120 km) from Asmara and 21.7 miles (35 km) northwest of Massawa, the luxurious seaside resorts will be within 30 minutes drive of Massawa International Airport.

Inspired by Massawa's past and present architecture, Ras Harab and Halibay resorts will feature a number of high-end amenities, including an 18-hole golf course, conference center, club house, open-air marketplace, main restaurant, swimming pools, SPA, diving centers, desert tours and much more.

Believing Eritrea's pristine Red Sea coastline will be a major tourist attraction in the coming years, the Government of Eritrea has developed - and plans to develop - several high-end resorts, hotels, bungalows and residential buildings on the Dahlak Islands, Massawa, Ras Harma and Assab.

Ras Harab Resort
  • Conference center
  • Sporting area and fitness
  • Open-air market
  • Desert experience tours
  • Water games and kids
  • Shuttle service from/to Massawa International Airport

Halibay Resort
  • Lobby and main restaurant
  • Gourmet restaurants
  • Swimming pools
  • Equipped beach and beach bar
  • SPA
  • Diving center
  • Bike rental
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Video: New Ras Harma Resort Project in Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 11:32 AM Rating: 5


  1. Can someone come up with some kind of device that can detect agames from far away; otherwise the pristine Red Sea will be .....

  2. Nekid terai deki Erina berhan allo ab kedemena.

  3. We're not afraid of challenge nor hard-work. we set our goals high and we always attempt to achieve them, despite whatever difficulties may get in our way. cuz we understand stability arises out of wisdom and patience and by believing in our-selves and applying positive energy to our decisions, we will achieve prosperity. the foundation of our future will be laid on the good deeds of our present. trust in the old saying that...." all comes to those who wait. :)

    Awet N'hafash!! Zelalemawi Z'kri N'swatna!!! Long live the people of Eritrea/Shaebia!!...

  4. Red Sea, because of retarded people like you Eritrea is dying.

  5. The Lion of Naka aka President Isaias Afwerki is finally realizing leaders will be remembered for what they build and not what they gave away for free. People inherently take for granted free things such as education and healthcare. But buildings will live on longer. Indeed, everything we learned about the great civilizations comes from the buildings and monuments they built. It's time we focus on modern infrastructure development to create jobs that will increase GDP and get millions out of the poverty. Singapore did it, so can we. Keep building PIA!

  6. Wrong ayte hamde,
    eritrea will continue to grow , if we can deter and detect rodents agame from so far away i.e shire andaselasie.

  7. We have seen these pictures for years now but no progress. The only differene now is that we see them in video format. No where in this propoganda article is it mentioned timeline for finishing this project, why?. Sounds like the so called constitution promised by the mad dog, one year passed and no progress or update at all. Or what abour all those investment conferences, years passed no progrss at all. These is how the mad dog prolongs his power, year after year empety promises but not able to deliver. 4 years ago this website told us "The new 48 million dollar construction project on Eritrea's Dahlak islands is nearing completion for some of the main resorts", but where is this resort now, 4 years later? Just propoganda as usual.

  8. And in 2013 we were told:

    Never ending propogranda, without any result to show.

  9. My brother dont forget the game has changed, thanks to Issays and company we have become the new AGAMES, only in Tigray we have 100 000 of our youth are in their refugee camps living on handouts from the Ethiopians/UN. BTW becareful with the word AGAME, Issyas, Kisah and the two Yemanes may get offended and your summer vacation in Eritrea might end bad.

  10. i agree with you,... furthermore the investment into construction has also a two fold win not only do they enable Eritrean companies especial those related with construction will get bigger in size evenly forcing the opening up the construction industry into private industry thus increasing in numbers........ the increase in constructions as we could learn even from the west is the best was to create employments and even as most western counties have don following the economical crush of 2008 construction has a way of making the whole economy move.... for these reasons i think our government should even further liberalize this part of the industry as an increase in construction usually does.... (although i do understand way the government has kept this industry move at a very slow rate upto now as a totally free construction industry is the simplest way to create a Class system - have and have not- and thus goes against the whole social/ political/ economical model of the government) however i think its is now the right time as (we now have a mature political & social structure within the Eritrean people so time for economy: as we all know this is the key for even the long term survival of those already achieved maturity in our political & social elements). furthermore one could even argue its a necessity for the survival of the state due to the current status of economical migration

  11. ...but what's the deal with the video - all those white people- i mean i'm sure even 1 Eritrean will use it not just work there for their pleasure, even if s/he is making money from them or ..... you know what without say too much further this video is just wrong!!

  12. Hasadat Agame Libi Tigray will get very jealous cuz Tigray has nothing like that. No resources!

  13. I'm glad to see such projects in Eritrea against all odds,howeva the company should not put"the thanks message to PIA only" they should thank the ministry of TOURISIM, ERITREAN Gov or the Eritrean people in sounds they deliberately put that message to show what the world say" PIA is the one and only decision maker and owner of the country.
    Many mining companies work in Eritrea before them ,but none of them gave credit to a single person instead they write the Eritrean pls dear madote, if u could ask them to correct thier message.thank you.

  14. There is no question that Eritrea could be as good if not better than Dubai soon but it will never happen while the MAFIA Group is leading Eritrea!!
    What has not happened for the last 24 years cannot happen as long as Iseyas is in power!!!
    Iseyas and his Dogs must GOOOOOOO!!!!
    I can post much better plan than this from any photoshop collection. No one trusts HIGDEF with the mad dog Isyas as their head!!!

  15. You are still calling it an 'Economic Migration' huh?

    Can you please ask your government to release immigration rates since 1994 please. Even at the time of colonialism of all sorts, Eritreans never left the country at the rate you witness now. Compared to colonialism, at the time where not only the economy but the People of Er were butchered, we have more migration now.
    You can't simply ascribe it to Economic problem. Ever heard the term Political-Economy. Ask the Emperor of Nakfa where he learned his economics lol. From an empire which within hours crumbled on its own Left wing mediocrity. Even people suffered under a Soviet ideology, Derg remember.

  16. All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.

    Adolf Hitler

  17. All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.

    Adolf Hitler

    Says a lot about people like u

  18. Usual PFDJ propaganda. They have been showing tens of such pictures for 15 years now. Not a single one has been made.yet. Why ? Because they have been stealing the people money that they have deposited in Swiss banks, remember the 695 million Dollar ?

  19. You can´t compare the colonial times with today. All modes of transportation and technology has made the world very, very small.

  20. Hahaha...are you calling urself "intelligent"? U´re in for a rude awakening.

  21. We all know what happened in the past 15 years. Abay tgray dream is dead and the midget too.

  22. Maybe it´s ur money, thief. Naaaa. A t-muy ugum cannot have that much money. Meles had- but he was half eritrean.

  23. Be that as it may. What I can do, however, is compare the migration rate pre 1993 and after. I agree, there are a number of factors to be accounted for, but the Eritrean migration hasn't linearly growing with the advancements you mentioned. The correlation is higher between the change of policies within the country and migration than the one with this being a deferent technologically advanced era.

    The funny thing is, Eritreans are not using the said advanced transportation to leave. In fact I know people who made it to Europe without ever having to board a plane. We are not talking Chinese people leaving China here. This is an exodus and a very timed one which erupted as a result of a number of factors like you said. However, you think it'd the exogenous factors that are at play. I disagree,!the endogenous factors are clearly the driving force.

    Listen, I have experienced the lashes of ever changing policies in just Mainefhi. Imagine that on a national scale. How can a country run if there is no gurantees that the rules won't change at least for 5 years, then people can have plans based on the laws. Forget the constitution that's another topic but to run an economy with a pencil and a rubber is not just stupidity but it's an insult to our intelligence.

    Let's please have an honest discussion here.

  24. Eritrea's potential is huge, as the video demonstrate, other prize is that We Eritreans in number we are in advantage related to Our Sacred Land (Eri), just a while iti Qiya ab mengedi iyu zelo, we're just there..qurub aqli terah..
    Awetna nay geden iyu
    Alamana Netsur iyu..
    God/Allah bless Eritrea

  25. Same old scribble, i have heard a zillion times. Accept the fact that all people are economic migrants whichever way you slice it. Even in war there is economy. Why professing more than you can prove. If you were in MIT, i would say you have benefited but are thankless.

  26. Kkkkkk I can see weyane blood on you, no wonder you are not happy. Natka kusli

  27. Thank you for your comment but you are not the person I am looking to have a discussion with. I have seen you else where. It appears the logic of discussion escapes you. You are quite dismissive with all that am patriotic mantra. I could ask you the same question though. We are better than the rest of the continent right? If we have all things better, how come the weaker economies produce less refugees. Even Rwanda at the height of its attrocities never managed to produce less refugees than a country which had yet to experience atrocities of that magnitude. But then you know ,.. U still have your "old scribble" argument which applies to you more than me.

    On the MIT note, I never took anything from a place which had nothing to do with technology. Why don't you ask Colonel Ezra. Why MIT doesn't have a law and politics department. I bet u didn't know that....Mate I am the experiment round of MIT, there's no ish about what's going on in the country that you can tell me. But Carry on by all means. I know who your audience are.

  28. GIRO Eri-OPPOSITION FORCESMarch 29, 2015 at 7:54 AM

    SABA HAILE so-called 1st Lady of despotic and self-elected DIA,

    I accuse you of silence, devilry and of being a self-serving accomplice

    to countless inhumanly cruel crimes against the people of Eritrea.

    SABA HAILE we the people of Eritrea, accuse you and your lying cheating satanist

    husband of theft!

    We the people of Eritrea demand that the Tigrayan leader step down from power




    like Petros Solomon, Aster Fessahatsion, Idris Hamid, Zerai Deres,

    Yemane Barya, Amanual Assrat, Dawit Isaak and countless others!


    Eserewom, wela Qeteluwom 'zom belaIti 'zom sededti hezbi Eritrea.

    Yelemenekum hezbae b'shim Amlakh yelemene-kum!


    Awet n'hezbae, Awet n'hafash Eritra!


  29. GIGIRARA REVOLUTONARY FORCESMarch 29, 2015 at 7:58 AM

    Nonsense photoshopped crap made overnight to fool the people.
    Yet another DIA conceived desperate attempt to hold on to his dying hold
    on the Eritrean people.

  30. No I am not but thanks for thinking of me that way. It's all in your head, may be you need some 'rude awakening'.
    Or should I post my qualifications here and see who's the sleeping one.

    But you responded to this one though, not the one above where there was something political being said.

    I wonder did I just provide u a "rude awakening" to the point where you have to look for other things I said and attack my character. Please come respond to the real issue on my last comment here, Mr. Intelligent

  31. Really, I thought you had something more "intelligent" to say?

  32. 1. These type of projects have been circling around for 2 decades, we have yet to see any of them materialise. Dont try to dismiss this unless you have some pictures of the resorts promised since 1996.

    2. Even if there was such a thing, the beneficiaries of these would be the Welfare-Scrounging Eritreans in the diasporas.

    Take it from a high school graduate who had to build a house as my national service for Weyzero Tsehay who is a disabled woman living in the UK. A woman who milked the welfare system of the UK, send it back home and help enslave a young boy who has a life ahead of him.

  33. Hahahahahahahaha...

  34. It goes to show....

  35. Hmmmmmm, nope.....

  36. Spare me this childish mantra please. I have heard it from the biggest child himself.

  37. Congratulations as Ethiopians are utilizing their Blue Nile we should Inshaa Allah /God willing utilize our Blue Gold Beaches and Islands on Red Sea and Bab Al Mandab there for Gulf Of Aden connecting Arabian Sea with the Indian Ocean and from that side with the Suz Canal to Mediterranean Sea .
    Viva to Eritrea

  38. It looks you are trying to apply the teaching of Hitler on the patriotic Eritrean. Student of Hitler, after 70 years at that? You got to be desperate and an idiot.

    Teachings of HITLER? On Eritreans at that. Such teachings and practices of HITLER can not work on the politically, ideologically , and philosophically advanced and mature Eritreans.

    Student of Hitler, after 70 years? I could not expect it even from the most backward HASUS that I see at EDAGA ENUDAT.

    For individuals who are the disciples of Hitler like you, I wander if there are Eritreans who follow you,

  39. Say what? It looks you are trying to apply the teaching of Hitler on the patriotic Eritrean. Student of Hitler, after 70 years at that? You got to be desperate and an idiot.

    Teachings of HITLER? On Eritreans at that. Such teachings and practices of HITLER can not work on the politically, ideologically , and philosophically advanced and mature Eritreans.

    Student of Hitler, after 70 years? I could not expect it even from the most backward HASUS that I see at EDAGA ENUDAT.

    For individuals who are the disciples of Hitler like you, I wander if there are Eritreans who follow you,

  40. Ugumy, i advise u to save some envy/jealousy for the coming projects dont finish them at once otherwise you left with robe to hung ur hasak head.
    Dont tell me u r Eritrean,ur not and wont be for entity ,buda zer.
    Maytemenay my azz.

  41. I am not going to spell it out for you my friend. You clearly can't read between the lines.

    Did you just say politicaly and philosophically advanced?
    Mate do you know this socialist doctrine is outdated? It killed over 94 million people. There is no denying this, more people have been killed in the name of centralising the economy than any other system out there. Why don't you ask your beloved Maoist China what changed?
    I am not gonna have this polotical philosophy debate with you, some one who thinks a centralised economy is advanced. I am just waiting on you to throw the "agame" word, just like the rest who don't have a defence.

  42. Is that your best defence. We are not in the same level mate, but th and for taking your time to say nothing.

  43. In this topic we need advice of architectural nature not sociological, or other themes, i see you get out of the way.

  44. Am talking about a country which at the moment requires and calls for a socio-political engagement than brick blokes and window panes. I see what you did there though, you have, knowingly or otherwise, told me where your priorities lie. The type who wants to talk about blocks and swimming pools in the face of an ever rising crisis. Thank you but I will pass.

  45. You still haven't said anything tangible though, you just said what the Emperor has been saying for the last 20+ years. I asked you a question about MIT. Why isn't there a Law and Politics Department?

  46. The priorities lie on:

    1) Food security (see Eritrea MDG's goal 2015)
    2) Health for all (see Eritrea MDG's goal 2015)
    3) Infant and mother care/mortality reduction (see Eritrea MDG's goal 2015)
    4) Infrastructure: digatat, tsergiatat, bezey leqah banki alem..
    5) Education free for all (don't forget we have 7 colleges by now, many will come)

    6) The above point get in to the topic of turism..

    Hawena entekonka, àyni entelleka, kabzi ne laeli priority entay tedelli, weys kaleh alama iyu zelleka, hezbena lebbam iyu..izi, iti ilkum ketedanagerewo ayteke elun ikum..

  47. Non sense.waste of time and money aswell

  48. Dont u have another
    I dont think you did as hard as ur recriuters needed u to be

  49. LikeI said I will pass on the said priorities. I have lived and been part of the so called development you seek to merryfy. Ask Weyzero Tsehay if she even knows the consequences of building a house back home from scrounging welfare here in the West.

    Trust me when I say I agree with what the Emperor says about The American Empire and the global power politics at play. It might sound quite intelligent to our people who won't know much about International Politics but not me, he is not the first one to say it and history has again and again showed where they ended up. But yes you are not answering a question I asked. Why isn't there Law and Politics department in the said Education priorities.

    Mate I was there the moment MIT opened. Here is what you won't hear on the News. On 13th September 2005, there was a notice on a billboard in LaeLay Campus, informing us freshers that we can't choose to study politics and law. Please ask Colonel Ezra for details.

  50. I admire your calm and wit brother, some people on this thread don't really seem to grasp the fact that we are all countrymen who want what's best for the country. Thank you for realising it.
    All the things tou expressed like food security, women and all that's what I want for my country as well. My disagreement however lies on how to achieve them than what needs to be achieved. And in that I see this could have been done differently, at least that's where my argument lies initially.
    These enforced development has its consequences till this day. It wasn't a carefully planned out programme for the simple fact that no one expected to see an exodus and economic detriment on a short time. All that you see is a result of the pursued policies. Nothing explains the nation now than it's own policies.

    All am saying brother is that there's many ways of building a house. The one the Emperor chose is one which says "to hell with the ground, let's just keep laying bricks.

    "I will leave you with this It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest."

    This says a lot more than what JFK said to recruit young Americans to his greedy Vietnam war. Now do you still want to say "ask not what your country......"

  51. Life is "win win" situation. The hard work of many has a reward. I just cut and paste Cane's comment above just to show y so far we have gone as stated below and others too!

    The priorities lie on:

    1) Food security (see Eritrea MDG's goal 2015)
    2) Health for all (see Eritrea MDG's goal 2015)
    3) Infant and mother care/mortality reduction (see Eritrea MDG's goal 2015)
    4) Infrastructure: digatat, tsergiatat, bezey leqah banki alem..
    5) Education free for all (don't forget we have 7 colleges by now, many will come)

    6) The above point get in to the topic of turism.

    Be patient and try to be a good citizen by remembering our Martyr's for the betterment of us and the coming generation.

    I also appreciate y! Y r a good listener. Read a lot to have a very wide outlook to see things 360 degree. Awareness and advocacy help to change behavioral attitude.

  52. Natka alama ab adena keteatato entezekewen, ne baedawian meshtekayo yemeslenni..
    by the way what do you mean outdated when you talk about socialism? Do you have evidence to say that killed 94 million people, wala nay imperialism propoganda iyu?
    Nay adena gedifkas, wala beti nay kaleh ekko eytesamammaenan..

  53. I note you have a racist mentality..
    To point (2) so what if beneficiaries are Eritreans abroad? Entay gedishuka, aren't they Keyehti you have problem walla entay ika keteblena delika? Tseneh ilaka qe gele nay haymanot zereba dika ketemetseh?
    Wedi maytemenay, nesekas wedi teweyway keykonka ayteterefen ika, kabtom teway lebom, lebi tegray neblom..


  54. Again, the evidence is out there for everyone to see, easy access, you don't even have to type the whole keyword on Google, trust me. I don't need to convince you. How can you even forget that we ourselves were victims of it. Derg remember, now how many Eritreans did you said in the hands of Communist Derg..... Is that silence...... That's right. Now imagine that on a Soviet Scale. Stop the philosophical pretence when you and I very well know we have paid the price.

    I said it is outdated not because I believe the current system is perfect. For your info I would prefer Eritrea to be a Social Democrat country. Something called a third way, somwthing which merges the past with the present. Like I said the emperors wisdom as you call it doesn't resonate with me

  55. Quite honestly, it's getting a big tiring arguing with you.
    Did you not get the part where I said something about the people who are building the mansions.

    Let me simplify it for you.
    1. It is wrong to claim benefits here from hard working Tax payers in the west. It is given to people who can't afford to get something for themselves. Certainly not for people who can afford to build a mansion in Eritrea. Read the UK newspapers on how this has become an election matter. General election coming up in the next couple of weeks. Follow if you can. I am not gonna lecture you on hoe "Meeliman/ begging" is wrong.

    2. The money scrounged from hard working tax payers is then sent to Eritrea to build mansions. Now the people who build it are people like me whose education has been cut short to satisfy the whims of a woman who has never worked a day in her life. Now that I am a tax payer here in the UK. Basically my money is been used to cut other people's lives short.

    But yes you are too shallow to even entertain the idea of consequences.

    And of course, your defence like the rest is to call me names. Thank you but I Wil pass

  56. Please don't do a martyr here, i would like to understand why your money is been used to cut others people's lives short?
    I my self say to others who have similar view, until you'll recognize what have been done objectively by people and Gov. of Eritrea "call a spade a spade", i'll understand that you are un-fair and consequently will understand you have a hidden agenda..Else if you rationally will say: this is good, this is weak, need to be improved, you're welcome.

  57. The whole doctrine that's being pursued is wrong. There is a million ways of building a nation and this is the least efficient one of them all, Period!!

  58. It's funny how you accept development programmes approved by none other than the US and the imperial powers that be.

    On another note though, my argument wasn't so much about accomplishing the said development goals. I don't know how mmanu times I have to spell it out for you guys. I said there's different ways of achieving the same goals.
    If the goals are all that matter to you then let me ask you this question. Would you accept it if they were achieved differently?

  59. Cane hawey, ayni hasad ente zeyneEbet dem Tmesl eyu emo aytgedeselu. Dro arkyba Tax payer tebahylatley. He/she is exhibiting the traits of deki mai telameet. Has a lot of catching up to do; envy and jealousy don't make one critical. Natna Aykonen wegid belo.

  60. Hi bro..A few days ago a read what you wrote about Beleza and i thought it was very intresting..specially the fact that the church keept records dating Ad800..and the name belleza is portugese...i speak portugese and i always suspected that name to be beleza part of karneshim??

  61. My view is that, propaganda came a long way, it has become a tool not only to reach targeted audience at the right time, but programme entire generation - your Hitler inspiration proves too little to the phenomena taking place at this day age - it may work for marketing a ride on loan mower. With wider access to communication mediums such television and widely available internet access in the last 15 - 20 years changed the land scape.

    If your is Hitler quote is in response to the comment by Alec or in reference to the government Eritrea then you are mistaken, you don't even have to look far just watch EreTv, do you see it as a propaganda tool? I am sure you have watched CNN.

    Eritrean government by no means a perfect one but it can change/evolve ...everything does including you.

    P.S. if you come here to discuss then do it in good spirit without saying"I know you from somewhere so I won't have an "intelligent" arguments with you.


  62. why do you repeat what was said in the media how is Eritrea's economy centralised/command economy? what makes yo think that? is it may be we don't have lots of private enterprises? or did you do a research on Eritrean economic policy? if you did, what are the sources?.................and please leave your arrogance at the door..I don't think people in this forum care if you are a british or mars tax payer - so what? and if the lady collected enough out of welfare and built a "mansion" in Eritrea good for her...and National service youth don't do the "mansions" but they do the diggas and if some people hlped the 'disable Eritrean women who cama to Eritrea with some pound' then it is called "wielo" or collaboration it is our culture but you seem to jump the sheep with your assumptions. you seem to parrot what is written in the tabloids - it is an election matter now as you eloquently put it, so what ..who cares? and if the "disable" lady was on wellfare what is the surprise there? and besides don't you know the very government you pay tax to is also an empire built by slave and looting the poor indigenous people of the entire world? but hey you are a "tax paying" citizen i will leave you alone now "mate"

    Eritrea's economic policy is clear and simple, it is grass root sustainable development by making the people the centre - meaning priorities are given to basic necessities such as agriculture - Eritrea will become self sufficient in regards to food. Health - there is universal health care in Eritrea this may mean little to you but it helps thousands of mothers and save thousands of children, Education again it is free and hundreds of Eritrean youth including yourself are educated for free. to be continued..i

  63. Ok, to make it coherent and rather smile to follow. I have three things in mind

    1. Wether propaganda has changed and evolved to meet the consciousness of today or not is not the argument. What it's being used for hasn't changed. It's use is static and hasn't changed. How to use it the only difference.

    2. I don't have to go deeper than I need to on this one but the streets of Asmara today look a lot like the streets of Moscow pre-1989. Even the marketing scheme you mentioned borrows its advertisement schemes from non other than Lenin, a man who, without having to debate this, inspired a young Gorilla thousands of miles away named Isaias Afewerki. Why do you think we are pursuing a Marxist path?

    3. Eri/TV - simple. It's hard to call your own something like propaganda. I understand you.

    The funny thing is, I can never, as a black man, be inspired by sepme

  64. I smell your sarcasm all over. You haven't said a thing in this whole lengthy comment. It's all, as your sarcasm goes, "Who cares". Spare me this childish "who cares" games.

    Do you even know what a centralised economy is? Take a second look at the country "mate"!

    "Our priorities are" ... Human development, HDI, MDGs and all. All set out by the same "Imperial" powers you mentioned that be. I am confused, are you against the global system? Or with it? The UN does prioritise human development, an organisation which proved to be a tool of the 'imperial' powers. So are we following the guidelines of an imperial power. Why are we bragging on accomplishing what's set out by the same oppressive powers? I am really confused?

    Let's say that's a good thing. Are you with me? .....
    So you set human development and then thousands of youth flee, the same youth who are supposed to be doctors, engineers and all. Is that part of the indexes provided to the UN. Does the report read .... HDI prioritised, the consequences of which had a domino effect on all other factors including migration albeit an illegal one. Does it read that.

    Why is it hard for you to say. It was a good plan but we didn't see the consequences. It was an experiment that went wrong.

    Education, please spare me the jargon.
    I went to Selam, Denden, Sawa and finally MIT. An education crippled with the thought of an imposed burden

  65. Where are you Mr. patriot.... What happened you can't answer this question huh?

    All of you just went silent when I asked you one simple question. Don't fool anyone, this Eritrean right here can see beyond the veils you are hiding. None of you knew what happens at MIT, how would you know that on a national scale. Blindfolded imbeciles!

  66. Yes, indeed. It's rather funny the nation is in the hands of simpletons who can't even explain why they have certain things in place. How long are you going to milk this victim mentality?

  67. Are you sure? It looked like the building was talking. But if you say so.,

  68. ..... 1st excuse my late reply but reading all your comments i get the impression that you're an Asmera born Agame American. am i correct? Anyhow…

    I say American, because you seem to have that ignorant American view that Marxism is the same as socialism, I think its clear to any person that humans are a social creatures, thus to dislike a system that tries to puts the society at the centre I believe is wrong and very capitalist, where the rule of the game is ‘dog eat dog’…”survival of the fittest” in short what it eventfully leads to the beast man’s world… “…All for ourselves, and nothing for other people...”…. political system / ideology are not a simple 2D left / right rather it’s a circle where far left has more in common and more similar to far right when seen from practical point of view, thus Marxism and capitalism have more in common than in difference, maybe you just need to replace example

    b) I say Agame, as there seems to be a sense of envy added with prejudice / racism towards your self and the Eritrean people …if not and i'm wrong my bad, however there's a distinct UnEritreanism element in your comments, also if one's to have an honest discussion, it’s usually a basic necessity for one self to be, so what say you?….

    2nd. No...ahhh I’ve never heard of political economy…ahhh I was born in the later part of the 20th century and not the 19th century, so 'economics', I was expecting to be viewed as social/cultural/ political
    & mean elements that enable an individual / nation to products and distribute goods within a social order / entity, in other words…law, mean, ability… however the fact that you choose to concentrate only in two part of a trinity to come into conclusion seems to say a lot about
    you / intentions …

  69. yes Beleza is part of Karneshim..... well they said a 1000 give or take 100 years ....i never meet Eritrean who speaks Portuguese, its a beautiful language although i find it a bit rough in sound (european Portuguese)....

  70. you seem to know a lot about the UK's welfare system... are you talking from personal experiences? or is it the case that they denied it to you by stoping you at the border after learning you're from the south of the river ?

  71. its the only one with some modification in the current international world order ...

  72. And for a second I thought you were the one person with whom I can have some 'mature' exchange, but Alas!

    Really, I never thought people still live as if it is the 50s, you are no different than the White racist, no less ignorant than the White trash with a sense of superiority.

    FYOI- I have paid enough to know where my taxes go. "You sound more English...." Thank you for the compliment! The only thing that makes me that is because yes I do pay more taxes than some 24% British citizens.
    But in my own country, like you highlighted, I am a foreigner "agame", for simply voicing my thoughts, although I have done the physical services the nation demands more than a 26 year old, Western welfare raised, diaspora born YPFDJ member. But then again, I am the house "n****r" right?

    I have also grown up hearing the same racist phrases to spout here. Whenever, someone is trying to say something intelligible, the phrase "Enaty yu Tsaeda Kikonelna Zifitn". Somehow, some people never grew out of it.
    It goes to show who was made to worship White people. Saying something intelligible is now White, that's what the millions of n****rs think in this part of the world. Did you just Equate talking about my taxes to being "White"? I see the slave mentality still has some grip on you. Who uses the term "house negro" these days. Oh yeah a 'House negro'! The same negro who agrees that Whites are somewhat the only people who talk about their taxes and How it's being used.

    On another note, Eritreans in the UK are known for their Welfare tactics next to Somalians. But yes that's also "Whiteness" and quite honestly I don't know how to darken it. It is documented for everyone to see. Do you know what's funny. The room that I am renting in an apartment is paid for by the government. I say renting because I pay rent.
    This is the story and its real. The place I live in is shared with another Eritrean woman. It is an apartment given to her around 6 years ago by government social housing, meaning she pays £500 + less than the normal rent in the area. On top of that because she doesn't have a job, the government gives her money every two weeks and the government pays for her rent. So this woman is simply at home, although she can work and talk, and everything is paid for by the government which inturn asks people like working hard for taxes so it can pay for the woman accommodation and expenses. Now the story doesn't stop there. The woman saw a hole in the system where she can rent one of the rooms without the government knowing. She found me as I was looking for a room and I don't have my own government place because it's not given to people who work and make THEIR OWN MONEY. At first I didn't know it was a social housing. I thought, she is just another woman from my country who is looking to rent together with another Eritrean because most people feel comfortable sharing with someone from the same backgrounds, including nationality.

    Two months in, I took a paid break from work and had free time to be at home for two weeks and not for once did the woman leave for longer than 45 mins. Then I started to get curious. I found out that the woman is making money out of hard working people both ways.

    1. She has Zero income but can afford to spend £500 extra a month from the room paid for by the government and the working person renting that space.

    2. It is illegal, to tax a citizen then make them pay for house paid for by their own taxes to be given to someone who can walk, talk and earn. But then again this particularly fine in your "MARXIST" ideals. But any hard wokring person can see the fallacies in that doctrine just like any disabled person would be critical of anything a foot to the right.

    But then it's easier for you to just brush it off just as another 'n******' talking. Spare me your Kunta Kinte analysis and go sort out how White supremacy has its grip on your thoughts.

  73. ohh please stop trying to be 'holier than thou', if you're black they'll always see you as a nigger even if these ጸዓዳ ኣንበጣ/ ጠበቅ do not say it in your face. for i know the English / British more than i even know Eritreans (for starts i'm British)..... and i do not sign to White Supremacy, for praise be to the most high i've never been / neither was i born to be inferior to any man (especially to the 'weed' for i'm the 'wheat' even though i'm growing in the same fields...)......

    in regards to your view in tax or all that non sense about legal / illegal, remember the UK is the home of the 'Beast man' ... a barren land that's always green (as God's pissing hole) but nothing grows on it, which's why they go around setting fire to other people's home/ land to make it easier and more legit by writing new laws / peace keeping ... or implementation of divid & conquer principles to make it easier to steal... in order to steal with no consequence . which's why i know everything they've, including the diamond in the queens crown is stolen and in reality everything in that land is stolen... so you expect me to cry if as you say this financially wise Eritrean women took her benefit and build a house.. good on her .... if she could 'steal' from a master thieves and make something of her self, than i say good on you

    in regards to your tax, most of it is used to kill and murder people around the world... please do not delusional and say its used to pay to the almost fully privatized NHS or to the big thieves who broke world economy (bankers and large corporation) so if you care about where your tax has gone do not ask about those penny in Welfare, for if you care about the UK speak about why the UK is becoming the home of Euro-Trash and how Fascism is becoming the legitimate voice in the land rather than shedding your tears over pennies and what a handful Eritrean are doing (which every one does) ..... anyhow i'm guessing you'll be voting for UKIP / Britain First ... i could imagine them using you as their black white supremesims promoter... do not worry they'll allow you as a house slave to live in their house with them... seriously you need help (regardless of your views) there's a real white supremese and hate towards Eritreans over tone... so UKIP, UKIP, UKIP (am i speaking your language now)

    p.s. i wrote you a few reply even though i was tired last night yet you only choose you reply to this one? come on i though you wanted an honest discussion... you speak about Eritrean and Somalians and not Ethiopians, even though there are more Ethiopians doing that come on, i though we were been honest, so for starters as you seem to have this clear dislike (inferiority elements in your view, which's why i called you someone from south of the river... for i have no problem with criticizing the Eritrean people or government, i do it a lot if i feel it justifiable but i do not show hate to words my own rather, area that i feel need to change... your tone and use of language seems to say otherwise...)... and you have a problem for a black african because i'm proud to be black and an african? ...ok

  74. Can you mention one sucessful nation? Is that silence?

  75. what ??? do not understand your question.... my comment above is in regards to the system.....'its the only "system" available in the ....'

  76. ...ok so your view is that if everyone is jumping off a cliff, then we must follow them... note never have i said i agree with all the policies the Eritrean government have, in fact if you read my comments you'll find a number of areas where i disagree with the eritrean government... however i disagree the wester model strongly ... in short capitalist democracy as its been applies right now is more fascism and has an animalistic view of humans (rightly so after all the white people are animals with an animalistic view of the world... although all life is governed by the 3 commands self survival, self protection and self reproduction, we as human due to the fact that we are a social creatures could not live by this simple commands, as we live and need to live in a community and following this command with the 'self' as been the emphasis, thus capitalism or more correctly neo-capitalism is a contradiction to these nature. which's why we have a socialist system when it comes to the rich however we expect the poor to be govern or work under a capitalism system...what? ... no, western system is bad, its evil and antihuman as it driven by short term gain ignoring the long term negativity on other who are not part of you or 'the other's' in general and nature in particular... capitalism in its current states must be eliminated if the human race and our planet is going to still exist 50 years from now... the eritrean policy puts more emphases on the social side / the communal said which i believe is the most important and is missing / disappearing in the west, which is why you do not even know your own neighbours in london, due to the over emphases on the individual... thus more selfish, where it better / safer to walk away when you see someone needing help rather than helping them which might / WILL likely incriminate oneself .... your view are too selfish / savage tooo Eurocentric, to me that evil...... i hope you get me, as i probably need to explain myself extensively to make my points clear but i hope i clear... anyhow you still have not replied to my answer to the original question you asked....

  77. You clearly did like no other here on this thread, even better without having to resort to name calling and, what u witness, a bowl of wire thread. I am sorry I missed this comment as I had to reply to some others. I will get back to you shortly with a response.

  78. Here is what you just said. The beasts are evil... And use that as a justification for what we do at home. The rest is just a collection of words devoid of any meaning. Like I said spare me this Kunta Kinte history lesson. I know it more than the estimate you gave of my knowledge, to a point where you felt the need to lecture another black African about how the world perceives me. Trust me when I say, I have always been underestimated, even by people who look like me. "House Negro" right? Thank you but I probe beyond skin deep and also thank you for adding to the fuel that powers my dreams. It's thanks to people like you that I always try harder.

    Back to the point. They say there is no convincing a Lenninst, there's only reality but props to anyone who does simplify the distinction between the real and the ideal.

  79. yes portuguse is quite rough language to hear, its not as smooth as spanish..What i know about beleza is they are brothers with Quazien and antother adi named Grahim (something like dat) do you know which place iam talking about??

  80. You made sense in this comment than anywhere else my friend.
    I will summarise what you said shortly just to show my understanding of your stance, that way no new argument is forged from here on and we can focus on the points you raised yourself.

    1. We both agree that there is a problem at the government level. Of course you see it as a "policy" problem, whereas I stated the problem lies at the whole package that is being pursued by the government.

    2. Migration: You said two factors influence the exodus of, according to your own rate, 9 out of 10.

    A) Social influece, 'black curse', 'feminism' and all. Which to me doesn't answer the question as to why the said "Social influence" is leading "9 out of 10" Eritreans to migrate albeit illegaly. Please elaborate on how Eri TV concentrating on Female issues is leading thousands of Eritreans to leave.
    Or How
    "Eritrean people like all Africans’ have the “black curse”
    by this what I
    mean’s that we like to compute within our
    own and as you could image
    this level of competition
    would naturally be higher...."
    Has led net migration to rank us amoungs the highest, not just in the continent but in the world despite being amoung the lowest populated.
    Which leads me to your next factor.

    B) You said there is an Economic factor which explains it, though in my view, better. Even here you haven't really said what that 'economic' factor is. You just gave me a macro economic analysis of migration which can be found in any book. It would have been easier to state which economic factors are driving them out.
    If you accept the economic problem what ever it might be then, my argument is two fold:

    i) You can't separate the economic from the political. You highlighted that humans are social beings, I agree. Since this is a social world, everything within this social world is interlinked to produce any outcome within a given society. In other words our economic or political mode of organisation is, which ever you bring first, two sides of the same coin. At least this was the teachings of Marx whom you and you

  81. But let me ask you this question. Is it from the benevolence of the butcher that you expect your dinner or from his regard to his own interest?

  82. Please refer to my response to the second part of your comment. I saw this and I was like, do I need to respond to this ..... this part of your comment is really childish so I will comment with some sense of sillyness without having to sound less mature.

    a) " American" because I sound "ignorant" ...Amer..... I dont know what to tell you, you sound like the other person here who said I am arrogant trying to teach people this and that......
    Listen my fellow country men, I didn't come here to lecture anyone or sound arrogant about myself. I stated my opinion and everyone jumped on trying to lecture me about the global economy, Americanism ...and what not. Then I came back writing what I know about politics, and infact made a career out of, rather sensibly and in an intelligible manner I know of. Then they stated telling me how arrogant I am and what not. Liste, I am not going to sit down and be lectured about something I know very well and made a career out of. So dont blame me for saying what I know and being belittled for it.

    b) "Agame"..... what say me?..Nothing really, apart from I don't really condone racism, even on my worst enemies because I am, myself, a victim of it here in the West. I thought you said "they dont see me the same".
    UnEritreanism, I don't know, pelase provide me a Citizenship test/quiz and lets see which one of us scores higher.

    Political economy, since you said you haven't heard of it, and only because of it .....I recommend Susan Strange and Robert Cox, a simple google search will do. Even better since you love the Marxist doctrine, its one of the many strands of the fetishsm with Marx.

    didn't come here to lecture anyone

  83. sorry for my late reply.. which i'll continue for few weeks more and thus having hard time accessing and replying as i'm out of London (you know, if i'm right on who you are...) you know when i first read your replay, it was on mobile i was like, who's this agame fool trying to get an approval from me, i'm this and how i spent these much time studying what ever else trash you just wrote, (even try to have a philosophical discussion with what felt like an arrogant self-righteous 10 years old boy in concluding how human nature is dynamic ..really...??? the need to survive (i.e. need of food), the need to protect one self /family (i.e. shelter / house) and the need to reproduce (not only sexually / DNA but also even by writing once own views -books- and sharing it) have ever changing or changed? so then how could you claim humans to be a dynamic creature if they are bound by static rules? ....wait wait before i forget you even made a career out of it (unlike honestly who the hell is this fool 1st trying to get an approval / acceptance of himself to someone he obviously think is above / better than him by stating all that shit about how much educated you are, even though your anger/ frustration shown through in arrogance .... now i REALLY REALLY want to have an honest discussion but 1st i need to be sure it you i'm talking to so replay to my message in FaceBook ......THEN WE COULD HAVE AN HONEST DISCUSSION .. otherwise i will just see you as thus answer you as if you're just an educated (well..) fool.....

  84. You keep throwing that word everywhere like its your adlib. What's with this obsession with the neighbours.... Fool you are just like the rest of the trolls here whose jusgement is clouded by this obvious hate-to-love-it obsession you all seem to have with 'Agames'. Sort your fetish out first before you claim someone is looking up to you, as if the world is in deficit of people to look up to. LMAO. I Know they gas people up at the PFDJ conferences but you, sir, are the ultimate definition of 'Gassed'. Who did they make you think you are? .... Lol 'erilion

  85. The rest of your comment, the empty junk can make it to UKIPs tabloids...I think I just made you a bit justice by putting your junk where it belongs. Nigel Farahe!


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