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Tigray’s Subversive History Against Eritrea

Real life painting of a village in Medri Bahri (modern day Eritrea) by the English Egyptologist, Henry Salt, who visited the kingdom in 1805. Since the 14th century, Medri Bahri was forced into a perpetual war with its expansionist neighbor, Tigray kingdom; and its ally, the Begemedir kingdom (modern day Gondar region in Ethiopia).

Tigray’s Subversive History Against Eritrea

By Bereket Kidane

The deep hostility, resentment and envy we see from present day Tigray and its representative,TPLF, toward Eritrea goes back centuries to the time when Eritrea was formerly known as “Medri Bahri.” Our forefathers felt that neighboring Tigray could never be trusted and that Tigrayans were generally treacherous, shifty and untrustworthy.  Hence, the term “Libi Tigray” or “Twisted like the heart of a Tigrayan.”

There was the alliance of convenience lasting for nearly 13 years from which the Tigrayans as junior partners benefited enormously from the EPLF’s expertise in military warfare and stockpiles of armaments.  Under the guidance and tutelage of the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front, the TPLF went from a gang that couldn’t shoot straight to being a respectable rebel force.  It’s a well-known fact that EPLF tanks manned by Eritrean commanders escorted the TPLF forces all the way to Menelik Palace.  TPLF’s knowledge of Ethiopia was very limited.

But true to its untrustworthy nature, it wasn’t long before Tigray stuck the knife in Eritrea’s back.

Who could forget TPLF’s naked invasion of Eritrea under the pretext of a “border war” and the brutality with which it treated Eritreans living in Ethiopia? They were separated from their spouses and children in order to inflict maximum psychological pain and ensure that the families they left behind become destitute and end up on the streets after the loss of their bread winners. They were then made to cross the border into Eritrea by walking through landmines.  Some 19,000 young Eritreans from the Warsay generation later died in defense of Eritrea’s sovereignty.  To date, Tigray, in whose name the expansionist war was fought,  is illegally occupying sovereign Eritrean territory in defiance of the Hague ruling.  No self-respecting Eritrean can ever accept that.

During the fight for Eritrea’s independence, tens of thousands of Tigrayans were settled in Eritrea by the Ethiopian Army and became informers and guides for the Dergue, penetrating Eritrean societies and liberation movement networks because of their familiarity with the Tigrigna language and local customs.  Some Tigrayans even saw it as their chance to overcome their inferiority complex and were particularly brutal toward Eritrean civilians as spies and security officers for the Dergue.

If we go back further back in time to the days when Eritrea was a separate entity known as Medri Bahri, the first thing that the Tigrayan leader Yohannes did after he was rewarded with modern weaponry by the British for his collaboration with the British Colonial forces was wage an expansionist war on Eritrea, which was then  an independent entity known as Medri Bahri with its own ruler Bahri Negassi.  He ended up pillaging Eritrean villages and stole thousands of sheep, goat and cattle.  True to their heritage and kleptomaniac ways, Weyane leaders did the same exact same thing during their 1998-2000 naked invasion of Eritrea, plundering villages and destroying martyrs cemeteries.

Although Neighboring Tigray has had a subversive history against Eritrea throughout much of its history, its worst behavior has been under Weyane’s rule, who has vowed to turn Eritrea into Somalia and has spent tens of millions of dollars to that end trying to sow discord and divisiveness among the Eritrean society much as it has done to Ethiopia through its divide-and-conquer ethnic federalism or bantustanization.

Neighboring Tigray’s past treachery and back-stabbing ways has left a lasting imprint on the Eritrean psyche.

Eritreans forget their history at their own peril.
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  1. Any Eritrean know what tigrayans did to Ras Haile Weledmichael..treason, lies, spies, hassadat ect what a low label..

  2. -bahri negassi ran to the arab ottomans for help and the ottomans killed them all and took the kingdom, ending the kingdom
    -eritreans ran along side to help italians in adwa and after losing asked menelik for forgiveness and menelik chopped their limbs and sent them back home to live in oppression of the whites that they wanted to help
    -during derg fight, eplf were stuck in nakfa and tplf forces aided in pushing them out from nakfa and towards positive gains of land, even protecting their boundries by securing their boarders and tigray/afar borders so no army could come in, then after freedom they surprise attack badme without any civilized conversation and they lost 25 percent of land and the world cut eritrea out
    -isias now is running to arabs like bahri negassi during the fall of the kingdom. History repeats itself over and over and it only strengthens the notion that Eritrea never was and never will be stable, successful independent nation.

  3. Unfortunately, Libi Tigray culture is not going to end with TPLF's removal. Libi Tigray will stay in place until Tigrayans have a behavioral revolution. In Tigrayan society, being a weasel, lying and cheating others isn't frowned upon, and in some cases, is actually seen in a favorable light. Of course not all Tigrayans are like this but many seem to have adopted this culture. It's no different than many African Americans adopting a ghetto culture in which being a criminal is seen in high regard, while those AA who go to school and work hard are dismissed as being "squares".

    Just listen to the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi prank calling VOA as "Abebe" (an Amharic name), while the then Eritrean Ambassador to the United States was discussing the border conflict.

    Why does the TPLF leader and head of state of Ethiopia feel the need to lie about his identity? Why not just say you're the Prime Minister of Ethiopia and discuss your points? Again, in Tigrayan society, lying, cheating and being a weasel are not necessarily seen as being negative.

  4. woow Historical revisionism at its best Libi Tigray... "bahri negassi ran to the arab ottomans for help..." ... which is why they were at war with us for those 20 years they spent in Massawa right, making it the first place in Africa a modern European Super power (the Ottomans) lost in Africa..right?
    "..eritreans ran along side to help italians in adwa" .. do you really believe the Ethiopian win that war without the direct hand and leadership role played by the Eritreans... don't you ever forget you never've won anything in your history, Adwa was won due to the decisive role played by the Eritrean from giving information to actually fighting usually as leaders as the where more experienced with modern war and been trained by the Italians before running away with they guns ... but i know you'll call them Ethiopian rather than Eritrean... just like Moges Asgedom and Abriha Debotch or how about Zeray Deres i sure you'll say he also Ethiopian

    ....i'm not even going to was my time on your point on the TPLF and Nakfa... as you claim is not just illogical but from a military point irrelevant the role you claim to have played... you do know Nakfa is right ... and tigray border, as you probably know we sadly share a very long boarder ...add to this Ethiopia had two of its biggest military bases in western and easter lowland within Eritrea just simply shows you Twisted heart and stupidity ...
    "..they surprise attack badme" i do not know how one could attack what's rightfully his, ... maybe you just forget to include some words let me fill them for you "... the Eritrean defended themselves and their land Badme against a deceitful & well calculated invasion" .... 25% ab semay zelo debena really are deceitful creature... even if you did reach Mendefera or Adi Qayeh, you do know that that would still not be 25% but keep dreaming

    ... Bahri Negash fell for the same reason the Shiwa kingdom fell because the twisted hearted Tigray people killed both kings not in war but under the disguise of friendship or peace, working for the interest of external powers .. always as a servant and a slave ... so i guess its all good for unlike last time we've cut you off, the sickness of the land, so please do continue crying but stop claiming to be eritrean all over the word, for even you and you people do not like to be or see themselves as you truly know you're: a disgusting lying creatures with a twisted heart,

  5. 'wuha bewektut emboche' There have been lots of issue discussed in this forum. In every issue there is a self-defense attitude. On one hand Ottoman empire has expanded to many places. They have even destroyed historical religious places in the then Israel. On the other hand to make things worst the propaganda of the previous two governors of Ethiopia have filled the Ethiopians that the freedom fighters are at the verge of selling the country to Arabs and with this state of mind the Ethiopian soldiers had brutally fought and made a lot of mistakes. Those terrible days have passed and Eritreans and Ethiopians have got opportunity to disscuss burning issues and your false propoganda is revealed the false history is forgotten. Eritrea is a country where Moslims and Christians live harmoniously. Now everbody wants to live peacefully. Yr lies didn't take y anywhere except exposing y at a large scale. Eritreans were suffering by your lies for many many years. The world is too small and and we are in a modern and civilized era so think of our young generations from both sides that the have a right to live happily. I repeat the above saying which is vey important. "Libi Tigray will stay in place until Tigrayans have a behavioral revolution." Ver true! We need a lot lobby with innocent Tigryans (i.e the entire Ethiopians) and us Eritreans together to enjoy our life ahead.

  6. What is the difference between,Eritrean Tigrayans and Ethiopian Tigrayans.Your one ethnic.Like Burundi Hutus and Ruwandan Hutus.So why you Eritrean Tigrayans trying to differentiate to isolate yourself.

  7. Simply we are different than them in our history, and we don't have twisted hart like Tigrayans. for that reason every one from both sides knows the truth also for your information they don't deny it.

  8. Watch out People of Ethiopia minus Tigray;
    If these people hate their kins across Mereb, easy to estimate how far they hate the rest of us. Fortunately Tegarus are strong and plus we support them to become stronger to challenge against Shabos

  9. Trigray is Ethiopia and Ethiopia is Tigray. All 85 million Ethiopians are Tigrayans and all 6 million Tigrayans are Ethiopians. If Eritrea but more precisely the Tigringna of Hamasien and Seray even so look at Tigray in any manner of hostility, all 85 million Ethiopians will rip out the Tigringa's eyes right out of their sockets. Get it through your thick skulls!!!! Ethiopia is UNITED AND WILL ALWAYS BE UNITED. You witnessed it on the battlefields in 2000 when the Tigringa army of Hamasien and Seray were routed like field mice being chased by wildfire.

  10. What you're trying to do is label an ethnic group in Eritrea with the name of an Ethiopian ethnic group for political purposes (a common trick among Ethiopians to emphasizes "we're the same" mantra).

    To dumb it down a bit, If your name is Jaber and someone comes along and says you resemble your neighbor, Jafar, and starts to call you by his name, wouldn't you feel disrespected? of course you would. Now why would you do that against an Eritrean ethnic group?

    There is no "Eritrean Tigrayans" in Eritrea. The people who speak Tigrinya in Eritrea are called the Biher Tigrinya or Kebessa. Those in Ethiopia are called Tigrayans. They are not the same ethnic group. Speaking the same language (although very different dialects) does not make you the same ethnic group. If that were the case then people from Iraq all the way to Morocco and the Sudan are the same ethnic group because they speak Arabic, and all of Latin America and Spain are of the same ethnic group because they speak Spanish. Heck, you and I are of the British ethnic group because we're speaking English. The point i'm trying to make is speaking a similar language does not mean you are of the same ethnic background.

    Tigrinya people not considering Tigrayans to be of the same identity as them is not a recent phenomenon, either. They've had different kingdoms (Tigrinya people had Medri Bahri, Tigrayans had Tigray), different liberation struggle (ELF and EPLF for Tigrinya people and TLF and TPLF for Tigrayan people), different dialects (Asmara Dialect is spoken in Eritrea, while Tigrayans speak Tigray dialect) and cultures.

  11. My bother I am Pure Eritrean(Kunama) You are denying a tigringa speaking Habesha like Tigrigna speakin Tigary Abesha.Please don not try to swing or switch from where youbelong.

  12. GUESTT, Those are very commendable words but what needs to happen is a complete separation of the Ethiopian and Eritrean societies for about 100 years. After which, many generations later, when the stupidity of the past does not matter anymore then perhaps the two societies can communicate. As for now, it is imperative that Ethiopians enjoy the fruits of their hard work to make their country a middle income county within the next 10 years. The "No War No Peace" policy works very well for Ethiopia and it will stay in place for as long as necessary. I don't really understand why Eritreans have this bizzare need to be involved with Ethiopia. Eritreans fought very hard for separation from Ethiopia and at a very very high cost and they achieved their goal. Now Eritrea must stand as an independent nation among the nations of the world. Eritrea's existence and development should not be based on the "Normalization" of relations with Ethiopian. There are about 195 countries in the world, go normalize relations with the 194 of them until your heart is content. But not with Ethiopia. NEVER!

  13. And there is no history that proves to differentiates you Eritrean Tigrayans and Ethiopian Tigrayans.Blood and beloging: where you belong where you are safe.

  14. ...beautiful panorama if it were not spoiled and desecrated by the contents underneath it.the writer is trying to destroy the unity of the tigrina people.may be it was people like him who sparked the Badme war and not Esayas and not Meles.yes there are many elements not happy to see the tigrina nation become 1.

  15. What makes you say Eritreans have a bizzare need to be involved with Ethiopia? Who told you that? You are the one who said that you want to "normalize" relation with Eritrea but before leaving the Eritrean land you are occupying (not because you have the power ... but thanks to your masters ... until things change). And Eritrea said there will be no normalization before you leave the occupied Eritrean territories since the Algiers agreement is final and binding. I know you don't like the truth ... but this is the truth.

  16. So the Ogaden Somali should be given to Somalia?

  17. Jaber,
    Please write your comment in Amharic. Don't worry I understand Amharic. Because whatever you are trying to write in English is not making sense.

  18. Tigreans played the politics card very well they instigate hatred of Eritreans to other Ethiopians to win the war and from the beginning preparing for their Abay Tigray Dream they develop their province while controlling the hall of Ethiopia giving No chances for Amharas they hold The Eritrean Territory Bademe to make nationalist Ethiopians happy and promise them to negotiate it for The Eritrean Port Assab as they used to say it was very expensive for them while paying in Billions of Dollars to Djibouti (One fiend of mine said he heard an old Eritrean Man saying these peoples are the real enemy of Eritrea if they get chance ) they want to provoke us anytime to star war to unit Ethiopians against us and tell we are the aggressor but as long they do this they will remain our 1st enemy

  19. Lemagn Sile MariamMarch 12, 2015 at 6:34 PM

    tigray always been enemy of Eritrea. still enemy of Eritrea today. Agame = Lemani beggar.

  20. I wouldn't trust Agame as far as I could throw him. Tigray is evil.

  21. These are the Trojan Horses sent by the mischievous Tigrean. Lol

  22. these guys are patriots. just labeling someone agame doesn't make them so. I will tell u something about agames like you weldu - not only do you have twisted heart (libi tigray) you also have no shame.

  23. you should stick to what you are good at weldu. GO STAND IN A CORNER AND SHAKE THE CUP and say, "Sile Mariam Mariah Tihabkum." You are a beggar people. Leave these patriots alone. Agame knows no shame.

  24. Merahwit miss sandoQ rigabitMarch 13, 2015 at 5:45 AM

    You ppl really confuse me, what abt the Tigrayans Yemane Ghebremeskel, IA and Yemane Ghebreab? Are they too not the very Tigrayans holding us hostage today or are we the ones who're holding them hostage? Wd someone pls explain to me?


  25. Belonging is another issue but we do not deny Ethiopian Somalis are kins of proper Somalians unlike you Zombie Shabos do

  26. Abraham - this should be the priority for your people and "government"

    - 30,000 eritreans vicitms of human trafficking

    - 10,000 eritreans in prison

    Why would you think Ethiopia would want to have anything to do with this mess of a country.

    From the BBC:

  27. Jebjab-beduin like or agame type smell, what are you trying to say?
    there are some wards similar but it is different, Kedae if you are remains the from abdela Idris,
    the jackal.

  28. Beggar Agame go beg to the donors the horse wheat for survival
    or you have to steal the poor ethiopian money like Sium Mesfun and
    the chifra before it is too late, this horrid chifra-militia are the horseshit.
    lice -eater.

  29. The anger and hate of Weyane who turned the delusional lion of nakfa to a rat of dirt is driving his worshipers to hate the entire of Tigray.

  30. It is all about delusion, superiority complex and prejudice.

  31. Here we go ! Out of blue, you guys are now coming up with never existed and never heard of Asmara dialect. Wey gud !! I bet you don't even have the slightest clue as to how many traditionally recognized Tigrigna dialects there are within Eritrea itself. What a delusion ! Aye mesakin cadretat Higdef !

  32. Get your facts right. The Ottomans are Turks not Arabs!

    ". . . eplf were stuck in nakfa . . . ." It was a war of attrition. That means EPLF was waiting for the Derg's army in the mountains of Nakfa reducing their size some thousands at a time! The movement out of the mountains of Nakfa was to be made at the right time--after the attrition!

    ". . . protecting their boundries by securing their boarders and tigray/afar borders so no army could come i." You had to to that! It is your territories after all!. If you had let them, they would have reclaimed the territories they lost! You did not have any choice! Moreover, you would not have anywhere to fall back without Eritrea and the EPLF. It was in your own self-interest! Your organization decided that it would intervene, but it does not mean the EPLF would not have won, does it? Your organization claims that intervened for the benefit of the EPLF, but at the time it goes without saying that it was thinking about mutual interests!

    All that is assuming that there is some truth in your story. We know what we know! At least when you mention something like this in the future, mention the battle for Shire-Indaselassie and the road to Menelik's Palace in Addis Ababa and the 24 years of stay there!

  33. Why would you think Eritrea and Eritreans want to have anything to do with Ethiopia????????????????Man bisimish tamotemichialesh???????

  34. If you do not like Eritrea you go to Nigeria to where you belong,
    period. Kernaf-Adgi.

  35. LIsten my friend .When you talk about Tigrayan you, than means you are speaking about Tigringa speaking Tigrayans in Ethiopia.Please tell me about Eritrean Tigringa speakers Tigrayans.Be clear.Do not include all Eritrean ethnics,that hate both Tigringa speakers.But keep you hated differences between you two(ERi-Tigrayans and Ethio-Tigrayans)

  36. I am a pure Eritrean (Kunama) hiji nissekha men mokhankat mejemmeria tarikhka mis felitka .Nissakha kernaf -adgi kemaka men allo.

  37. Why should I write in Amharic.English language is not your language.I am Kunama.Io posso scriverti in tante lingue.Bizideliekayo kitzihifelka wun kiilet allonni.

  38. Poor Article from sawa graduate......Shame to modate to permit such trash article from sub-human, bereket kidane.
    it does not represent all Eritreans ..we love and respect the people of tigray including ethiopians


  40. We are aware that the war against us is multifaceted, waged
    in different front including on cyberspace. You are a fifth-column sent by our
    enemies to infiltrate and, through you dirty pen and under different names, to create
    division and weaken our unity. You could be an agent of Woyan who occupied our
    land. You could be a member of ISIS that is dreaming to include Eritrea into it’s
    caliphate. We have seen the map that you have published recently. You could even be one of those chauvinist Ethiopians who are still opposed to the idea of the independence of Eritrea. Whoever you are you should know that your effort is futile. Eritreans, who fought 30
    years of bloody war for liberation, are free of any kind of xenophobic attitude
    towards anyone including the people of Tigrai. Your paymaster might have told
    you that as a country at a crossroad of Middle East and Africa, Eritrea consist
    of nine ethnic groups, each one (except Nara) enjoying ethnical affinity with
    groups beyond our national borders. For your information we have in our middest
    Tekuarir, people who have cultural affinity with groups as far as West Africa
    and Rashaida across the Red Sea. This is a blessing, giving us divers linguist
    and culture heritage. However, our unity is cemented by the blood, flesh and bone of our fallen heroes who are from all ethnic groups and religions. Do you know of any country which is as blessed as Eritrea in this respect? With all these gifts and blessing, however, we are humble and respectful of others, and the people and the government does not consider the
    people of Tigrai as our enemies. The enemy is the click, one of your paymasters,
    who invaded and occupied our land.

  41. Please dont lie dont steal dont beg
    There is no place in Ethio black such kind of your nickname. ..degal resah.

  42. Discrimination is both Eritrea and Ethiopia's ongoing problem.
    Pls ppl, can we stop this pathetic tribalism and ethnicism? As you can all see there is a Kunama brother being insulted right here.

    We are obviously the world's most arrogant, vicious and stupid ppl.

    My sincere apologies to IA, Yeman Ghebreab and Ghebremeskel
    for the DEEP psychological wounds which have been inflicted upon their souls by my ppl, their ppl and all IDIOTIC ppls.

    Much love to my Kunama brothers and sisters.

  43. Ras Solomon Weldemichael. Thanks


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