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Video: President Isaias Afwerki Interview with Participants of African Trade Union

By Shabait

In an interactive session he held on 24 February with the heads of African Trade Unions and representatives of a number of International Trade Unions, President Isaias Afwerki called on the workers and their associations to enhance role aimed at ensuring the sovereignty and development of African countries.

He further said that currently the African and International trade unions have been in decline due to policy of domination of the super powers, and that trade associations should strengthen their organization in order to bring about positive changes that benefit workers.

During the interactive session the heads of African Trade Unions and representatives of the International unions expressed resolve to strengthen unity and struggle to overcome the challenges they are facing.

At the occasion Mr. Francis Atwoli, President of OATUU, explained the objectives of the OATUU, and that the 11 points presented by the Government of Eritrea sighting the objective situation of workers and the solutions for the challenges they are facing would greatly help for strengthening the African workers movement.

Mr. Tekeste Baire, Secretary General of the National Confederation of Eritrean Workers, on his part indicated that at the Organization of African Trade Union Unity symposium that has been underway from 23 to 24 February, at Asmara Palace 48 heads of African Trade Unions, as well as representatives from Chinese Workers Federation, three Italian Workers Federation and Turkish Workers Federation participated.

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  1. Really nice meeting, hope will help Africans, and of course would be constructive if the world would learn to COOPERATE and not confront nor compete, we would create a paradise. I agree H.E. PIA's views.

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  3. CEDAW 60th session – Eritrea

  4. Dear Mr. President, I agree with you,on the remark that some african court systems they wear weaves of western styles, and hope they find them self get de colonized.At the same time we,eritreans need to clean up our churches from white images and teach our people the ture color of our prophets. Image shape our reality so let's get the real one.not the pot royal of michel angelo.

  5. Do we have trade and labor union in Eritrea?. Last time i checked the maffia regim is the only employer of forced labor, so all this meeting is not relevant for us. BTW the drinking of AREKE seems to be killing the dictator (AMEN to that). We are one bluet or few bottles of AREKE away from realy change once this monster is gone...

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