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Organization of Africa Trade Union Unity holds Symposium in Asmara


The Organization of African Trade Union Unity (OATUU) held its 38th session of its General Council and an international symposium in Asmara, Eritrea on 23 - 24 February 2015 at Asmara Palace hotel. The international symposium was under the theme “Trade Union Reforms in Africa” and brought together heads and delegates of Africa Trade Unions from 54 African countries and representatives from the Chinese, Italian and Turkish workers federations among other dignitaries.

The symposium was geared towards promoting relations and cooperation with regional and international trade unions. Delegates discussed contemporary trade union themes that advocate for collective effort in promoting the rights and interests of the African workers. Such themes included; the post 2015 development agenda, peace and stability in Africa.

In his welcome speech, National Confederation of Eritrean Workers (NCEW) General Secretary Mr. Teketse Baire acknowledged the work by OATUU in advocating for workers’ rights. In addition, Mr. Baire thanked UNDP for supporting the NCEW. The NCEW aims to build a strong and democratic trade union movement that works to promote and protect the rights and interests of workers as well as social and economic development of Eritrea.

At the opening ceremony, Ms. Christine Umutoni, UNDP Eritrea Resident Representative commended the NCEW for organizing and hosting the symposium. At the same time, she highlighted the need for trade unions to embrace the dynamic work environment for both employees and employers, such as; responding to the challenges and opportunities brought about by new technologies. She also reaffirmed the commitment of the United Nations in contributing to enhancing decent work and livelihoods, job security and better living standards for all people.

Since 2000, UNDP Eritrea has been partnering with the NCEW in the areas of advocacy, awareness raising, economic empowerment, social cohesion, human and institutional capacity building.

Currently, UNDP is partnering with the NCEW to strengthen its capacity to promote decent work, effective and strong social dialogue and workers industrial skills.
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  1. It is really interesting and has a big impact to us. I feel it is a big sign that we r coming out from darkness. Thanks to God! Also today I heard health issues in Eritrea will be reported soon in BBC.

  2. አባይን ያላየ ምንጭ ያመሰግናል ይላል ያገሬ ሰው ይቺ ትንሽዬ ስብሰባ ለኤርትራ ትልቅ ዜና ሆና ሳይ ገረመኝ በነገራችን ላይ ላለፉት 20 ዓመታት ኤርትራን የጎበኘ የሌላ ሀገር መሪ ከሁለትና ሶስት ይበልጣል የሚበልጥ አይመስለኝም ምክንያቱም መሪዎቻችሁ ኤርትራን ከተቀረው አለም ስለነጠሉ ነው፡፡ ለማንኛውም ለአንድ ሀገር ኢኮኖሚ ማደግ ከሌላ አገር ጋር በትብብር መስራት የማይቀር ሀቅ ስለሆነ በግዜ ብትነቁ ጥሩ ነው፡፡

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