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Pictures, Video of the Late Eritrean Major General Ahmed Omer Kakay

Major General Amhed Omer "Kakay" as a freedom fighter, R.I.P

A brief toast to Major General Ahmed Omer Kakay.

By Mike Seium Pele Junior

May he Rest In Peace! Another one of many ERITREAN JIGANUS! He served his life with a purpose. He served his nation to the fullest. From a family of farmers in the Red Sea region to a Major General in the Eritrean defense forces he has shown us that through dedication anything can be achieved. These kinds of heroes are people who have given their life to something bigger than themselves. Maj. General Ahmed Omar Kakay was buried at Asmara Patriots Cemetery in the presence of President Isaias Afwerki, members of Ministerial cabinet, senior Government and PFDJ officials, Army Commanders, religious leaders, family members, as well as nationals and members of the military.

The veteran fighter Maj. General Ahmed Kakay was an incredible freedom fighter that was nurtured in the Eritrean Revolution and dedicated his entire life to the wellbeing of the Eritrean people through serving in various capacities. He was so committed to Eritrea that his nationalism was very strong in nature. Think about it! to dedicate 47 years out of 67 of your life time to the Eritrean armed struggle for independence and the nation-building process is an AMAZING feat. Incredible! To be a hero means you step across the line and are willing to make a sacrifice in all aspects of your life. Heroes always take a risk. Heroes are always defiant. Heroes always do something that most people don't want to do but end up doing what most people need to do. May he rest in peace. We must continue to write and talk about these Eritreans who have made ERITREA and continue to keep Eritrea intact, through Eritreans, with Eritreans and by the power of god/allah.

Rest in peace hero.

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Pictures, Video of the Late Eritrean Major General Ahmed Omer Kakay Reviewed by Admin on 2:11 PM Rating: 5


  1. Rest in peace kubur Harbegna.

  2. Eritrea is lucky cause is mother of so many heros and heroins

  3. What about mentioning that, he was under house arrest since the Forto incident in 2013? If he was part of Forto incident, he at least tyried to give us freedom. RIP you are a real hero.

  4. tell this fabricated news to ur mum. hero lekbat

  5. I don't know but i like this picture may Allah/God have mercy on his soul we ERITREANS live together and sometimes will die also together Nothing can divide us what so ever only Death is the ONLY Truth in our life.


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