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Guardian features Eritrea’s Dahlak Islands – “readers travel tips”

Pristine Dahlak Kebir beach (Photo Credit: Eric Lafforgue)

By CapEri

The Guardian’s travel section featured Eritrea’s Dahlak Islands under the title “Islands and archipelagos: readers’ travel tips”. 

The Dahlak Archipelago is an island group located in the Red Sea near Massawa, the seaport gateway to Eritrea. It consists of two large and 124 small islands scattered over a vast area of the Red Sea.

The virtually unheard and unspoiled archipelago is a must visit if travel budgets can cope. Boat trips require a permit, and the packages are nothing for low budget.

The Red Sea, or what is sometimes called the Erythraean Sea, is a seawater inlet of the Indian Ocean, lying between Africa and Asia.

Philip Kerry, a Guardian reader, provided his travel tip to the UK newspaper saying,

“Set in the Red Sea, this Eritrean Archipelago is about as hard to get to as they come. But the effort is more than rewarded by these spectacular, deserted islands.

Snorkelling beckons by day, phosphorescence on the water abounds by night and aside from the four inhabited islands, you’ll have them all to yourself.”
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Guardian features Eritrea’s Dahlak Islands – “readers travel tips” Reviewed by Admin on 1:34 PM Rating: 5


  1. Hey... "Guardia" newspaper..., is this an invitation for British mercenaries to dump their ammunition on those deserted islands once again. I would question and approach with caution every article posted by western media. They wouldn't mention the word Eritrea on any subject unless they have some sick agenda in mind. Fv<k those crooked teeth bastards.

  2. Eritrea the Jewel or Perl of the Red Sea or The Erythrean Sea as they used to call it we have more than 362 Island from Ras Qsar up to Ras Domeira and Domeria Islands on the Gulf Of Aden & Bab Al Mandab.

  3. I would say that is impossible ...however guardian because of Martin Plaut had been anti Eritrea. The article may be a strategy of balancing.

  4. እንተመጺኹም፡

  5. All stolen from Ethiopia by the theif Isayas afwerqi. We will get all of them back, mar words. Go to hell with you fake 30 yeaars war. You are slaves of Ethiopia now and forever.

  6. Really? How retarded are you? Why don't you go and hang yourself.


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