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Documentary: U.S. Policy: Ethiopia A Failed State!

By E – Veracity

Ethiopia is at a crossroad. The internal social-economic and religious inter-relationship is in turmoil. Much of the conflict is along ethnic lines that have been ever growing since the current government’s grasp to power. The current government in Ethiopia has been in power for a total of almost 24 years, and it is based on a single ethnic minority group. The government has made sure to control all sectors of the country with its own ethnic group. The military, religious, and economic composition has always and still continues to revolve around the Tigray ethnic group.

To prolong its grasp on power, the Tigray government has been using the age-long known strategy of divide-conquer. It has pitted several ethnic groups against each other and particularly the major ethnic groups, the Amhara and Oromo. There have been several genocides, massacres, and ethnic cleansings that have taken place throughout the country, and not one individual has been held accountable for all those killings and massacres.

Political parties are not allowed to exist unless they serve the Tigray government’s interests. Private and independent Medias are not allowed to function, and those that do are intimidated and abused on a regular basis to point where they are exiled. Several hundred Journalists have been exiled and many more have been put in prison to serve decade long sentences that were based on tramped up bogus charges.

Religious tension within the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewhado is another factor where the Tigray government has practically cleared all other ethnic groups and put its own ethnic groups in control of all Church matters creating two Church leaderships. The Tigray government has also split Muslim community by illegal appointing its own Muslim leaders as opposed to those chosen by the community.

The western policy and particularly that of the U.S has been complete deliberate ignorance to promote its Al-Shabab interests. The U.S has not done anything other than give lip service to the Ethiopian people. This deliberate ignorance, however, could be costly for the U.S as Ethiopia is heading on to full-fledged failed state, and its own reports confirm this; and yet still support the Tigray government. The disintegration of Ethiopia will inevitably lead to the disintegration of the horn. Time is of the essence and the issue needs to be immediately confronted.
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Documentary: U.S. Policy: Ethiopia A Failed State! Reviewed by Admin on 12:01 AM Rating: 5


  1. We hear a lot in the "driven media", progress, double digit, modernization in Ethiopia..looking this doc. you see the other narrative of it..there is no doubt about changes, the question is, does all this worth this pain the weyane is creating among Ethiopians? Or at what cost? How about those who cradle him (the weyane)? Isn't all a total hypocrisy? What about the majority of the population that had suffer from a time of the monarchs to the blind militarist derg?

    This and other questions are to be raised among ethiopians in general to organize themselves to remove the minor gangs in addis-abeba.

  2. Don't worry Shaboo the bamboo head, with Woyenti we are on better hands

  3. I see that you are still holding on to the script of 'the imminent demise of 'woyane'. While any dictatorial regime will fall eventually (be it the Ethiopian regime or the Eritrean regime), I wonder why you believe this time around the TPLF regime's fall is around the corner. We have heard the same story over and over again from your likes. Just to give you a reminder of your past arguments.

    1998 (start of the war):TPLF regime will fall since it has no public support and the people will not rally behind it and Shaebia is better on the battlefield etc.

    1999(Badme captured by TPLF):TPLF regime will fall since they paid such a heavy price for Badme etc.

    2000(A QUARTER of Eritrea's territory occupied by TPLF and Eritrean regime agrees to a buffer zone 25 miles wide COMPLETELY inside Eritrean territory): TPLF regime will fall since it cannot explain to the public why the war is over and Ethiopia does not have here so called 'natural outlet to the sea'.

    2001(Private press closed down in Eritrea, G15 heroes arrested and complete tyranny of isaias starts):TPLF regime will fall since it's enablers inside Eritrea are now taken out (Petros Solomon, Haile Woldetensae etc.) etc.

    2002(EEBC awards Badme, Tsorona to Eritrea and Zalambessa and Bure to Ethiopia):TPLF regime will fall since the people will overthrow it because it waged a war for nothing etc.

    2005(Ethiopian regime mows down 200 people in Addis and arrests thousands after post-election demonstrations):TPLF regime will fall since the people have finally stood up and are ready to overthrow the regime once and for all.

    2006(Ethiopian regime invades Somalia overthrowing the ICU):TPLF regime will fall since it cannot fight a war on multiple fronts etc.

    2009(UNSC approves a weapons embargo and other sanctions on Eritrea): TPLF regime will fall since the sanctions will make Eritrea self-reliant etc.

    2010(The Ethiopian regime 'wins' the election with 99.8% of the seats after committing massive fraud):TPLF regime will fall since the people will not accept the outcome and will come out in the streets again etc.

    2012(Ethiopian dictator Meles dies from a brain tumor in Brussels):TPLF regime will fall since it cannot function without it's strongman and the other senior members will fight for the top post of prime minister etc.

    2015:TPLF regime will fall since.....

    Do you see the trend here? Year after year, you have made false prediction after false prediction. I see that forecasting political events is not your greatest skill. Perhaps it would be better to focus on cab driving in DC, or being a 'community organizer', or welfare parasite. When will you mention the indefinite imprisonment of some of Eritrea's greatest people (Ogbe Abraha to name one)? Do you have the nerve to call him a traitor and weyane from your comfortable home in the West? The irony of you talking about begging.

  4. shabokilla,

    You got to be stupid. It is written on the wall, Weyane are working for the disintegration of ethiopia. We eritreans dont like the destruction of ethiopia which is actually our second home. Wake up and smell the coffee you tihlo eating stupid son of a

  5. aba - yeah right... you don't want the disintegration of Ethiopia. Who the hell are you trying to convince?? The imbecile in the mirror?? First of all what you want or don't want about Ethiopia is of no relevance. You need to worry about the disintegration of Eritrea once Issayas dies and his son attempts to take power. Succeed his father and build a dynasty. You spend way too much brain power (... and I use that term very very losely...), energy and time thinking and "worrying" about Ethiopia. Ethiopia has 80 million of her own children to worry about her. She does not need outsiders and foreigners to pontificate on her success or failure. Worry about your own and we will about ours.

  6. you're forgetting those who care of you more than anyone, give you handouts (USAID), eu..

  7. The problem with you the weyanes is this: you dont care about ethiopian units. Your ethnic policy is intentionally designed to divide and rule. Fortunately ethiopians know you very the nature of the cannibal weyanes and god willing Will foil iTS evil plans, we eritreans Will help those who fight for unity

  8. No, no.... USAID, UNHCR and an alphabet soup of NGOs are in Ethiopia tending to the needs of the 125,000 strong and growing Eritrean refugees that are languishing in camps all over northern Ethiopia.

  9. Aba... again, I strongly suggest, let us tend to our "problems" and you worry about yours. I do however, do admire the love and dedication you have towards Ethiopians... spending countless sleepless nights worrying about Ethiopia while your own people are drowning in far away seas, and/or having their organs ripped out while they're still breathing... those that are unfortunate enough not to be able to escape Eritrea are prisoners in their own country. But don't get me wrong, your immeasurable love and dedication towards the well being of Ethiopia does not go without gratitude. I do thank you from the bottom of my heart. But do leave us alone and tend to your own mess.

  10. They are from tegray my friend, we don't have refugees in ethiopia, how on earth one move to the poorest country in the world that get only last year 160.000 expelled illegal migrant maid ethiopians?

  11. Aye shabia, i smell desperation. How is president Isaias afwerqi this days. he turn 69 soon.

  12. Eritrea's international aid per capita is almost equal to Ethiopia's. And per capita it's one of the lowest in Africa. You guys need to stop pretending to be economists, and throw numbers like you know what they mean. If Eritrea is so perfect then why is it compared to North Korea. Why has Isaias stated democracy is not needed and that he would remain in power for the next 3 decades. Ethiopia's pm is wolayta and it's president Oromo. Both are southern minorities.

  13. Also last time I checked, Eritrea has no constitution, no court system and forced military service/labor by the state. These are traits of communist/fascist regimes that have all fell. Cuba is fascist but even so has a constitution, court system, and you can't he forced to work. Eritrea has a system just about identical to North Korea

  14. 'Cuba is fascist ' ... ok yet its has 'a constitution, court system, and you can't he (be) forced to work.' doesn't that mean by your own definition its not a fascist? you are so confused that you're contradicting your self. please first learn what fascism really mean and how it works in practice.

    for when you do, you will quickly realise fascism is on the back on Europe and US, especially have a closer look at the UK & US and you'll find how the ideology of fascism is in the rise (cooperate fascism). however this forked tanged, illusions have legitimised the ideology of fascism and have made it the voice of the norm or the power.

    i really do not want to wast my time on a fool like you, a house slave so to make you happy if the US & UK are a truly democratic states then i will agree with you then Eritrea is a fascist state.

    p.s. it just shows how stupid you are when you ask / make statements like 'if Eritrea is so perfect then why is it compared to North Korea.' as even any half brained fool need to 1st ask who's calling Eritrea African North Korea? what do they gain out of it?

    ----just a neighbourly advice, in the UK we have a shop called (Spec Savers,) i advice you to make an appointment there or any other equivalent shop in your area

  15. i really understand what you mean neighbour, after all we do live in this "upside down world",

    'spending countless sleepless nights worrying about Ethiopia while your own people are drowning in far away seas, and/or having their organs ripped out while they're still breathing'

    i mean all these Eritrean coming to an Eritrean web site like Madote just shows how you are speaking the truth, .... i mean why don't they just go to their own website? you know what i mean 'spending countless sleepless nights worrying about ....(just) leave us alone and tend to your own mess.'

  16. Your from UK? Amazing. So you escaped kkkkkk. I live 9/12 months in Ethiopia. No issues. No government telling me to work with no benefit. Flip the script as you like it. But you would never send your children to be born in raised and live in eri. No eri parent today wants that. My kids enjoy freedom on Africa while yours seek refuge in the west

  17. Ayte alula, based on what you state Cuba this or Cuba that? Are you an analyst? if yes of which school? ኣቲኣ ናይ ሳውዝ ኮርያ ዝበልካያ, ተለቒሕካያ ኢኻ, ኢሎሞ ኢልካ ዲኻ..ጸርፊ ኣይኮነን ክገርመካ, ሰብ ከምዚ ከማኹም, ለማኒ ኣይበልካ እምበር, ካላእ ደሓን.

  18. no i'm from Eritrea but reside in the UK. what's amazing about that?... what living in only if you knew the truth... but yes i living in The Word's Greatest City, it might sound amazing but to those who live in Babylon there is nothing amazing about it.

    you know if you knew me, then you would know i never run away from anything and have not ESCAPED from anything, and sorry i'm not a REFUGE NEVER BEEN ONE... i do not know how i could send my children to be born anywhere, maybe i need to reeducate my self again about where children come from but in regards to sending them to Eri i think it's a blessing and as i do not have children's i could not say but hold my word i'll raise my kids in Eri, they would be lucky to have been brought up in a culture, among people and in a city where i spend the best time in my life - they would be lucky to be brought up in Asmera shicor, my first love.

    so back to the point what is fascism? where was fascism 1st created and in what kind of social and economical and political ideology is fascism found in or finds a fertile ground to grow?

    if you answer these questions, then you'll find it's against the basic culture of Eritrea .... what you found in Ethiopia is in fact a very antihuman system which i'm personally against of - in short its a system which is very unAfrican, its the BEAST MAN system..

    'Beware the beast Man, for he is the Devil's pawn. Alone among God's primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother's land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him; drive him back into his jungle lair, for he is the harbinger of death.'

  19. Live and kicking! Strong, focused, relaxed, tending to his country! Life begins at 70!

  20. AlulaabanegaYemeneliktelalakiFebruary 10, 2015 at 9:03 AM

    You fox type sniffer, do not change the argument, these militia-junta
    has stole Ethiopia billions as you see in the above decumentary- is he
    Eritrean? No he is american, anti-corruption american, even for the
    american authorities who are bribed by the militia junta they will be exposed it is only the matter of time. These criminal-junta one day they will be captured they can't escape like mengistu. It is not that far.


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