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Video: President Isaias Afwerki's 1999 Press Conference in Washington, D.C.

In August of 1999, President Isaias Afwerki held a press conference in Washington, D.C. on the conflict with Ethiopia, and on announcing that Eritrea had accepted the OAU peace plan.

President Isaias informed the press that the conflict with Ethiopia began when the Tigray regional government arbitrarily drew up their own map that took large swaths of Eritrean border areas. In order to make this new map a reality, they sent Ethiopian soldiers to Eritrean border villages, removing Eritrean citizens, and dismantling Eritrean administrations to post their own.

Despite President Isaias clear and factual statements that explained the roots of the war, this didn't stop a few journalists from dumbing down the conversation by interjecting false rumors. For instance, one reporter at the 10:04 mark in the video asks President Isaias:
Do you believe that some of the roots of this war are basically in a family feud between you and your distant cousin [Meles Zenawi]?
President Isaias answered her silly, dumb question by re-explaining the root cause of the war, which probably was his polite way of saying "take the tin foil hat off, lady!"

All in all, this was a very informative press conference by PIA. He was straight to the point, factual, and handled it very professionally.

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Video: President Isaias Afwerki's 1999 Press Conference in Washington, D.C. Reviewed by Admin on 3:21 AM Rating: 5


  1. Poor Madote, you had to dig up a press conference that was held over 15 years ago to find a press event where isaias did not act as a lunatic. You could not find a more recent one. Not that he has not held an interview/press conference over the last few years, it's just that he was usually an embarrassment to Eritrea. The most obvious was the Al Jazeera interview with Jane Dutton. Do you remember that one dear madote? One only has to watch that interview for a few minutes in order to understand why madote chose to remain silent about that one lol. By the way this press conference in DC was from 1999, two years before the round up of journalists and senior government officials. Do you know who the Minister of Foreign Affairs was during that time? I'll give you a hint, he is in prison now (or perhaps dead).

  2. Why are you sidestepping the tigrayan aggression against Eritrea and the illegal occupation of our territories? Stay on topic

  3. Nilebam amitelu niAsha derguhalu kemzibhal kemzi eyu.Kabzi nilaEli nutsur zereba zelo aymeslenin.Ezi seb ezi tsubuk amfetu kab zisehit newih eyu koinu.hiji win madote "neA deA ab libka temeles"eya tiblo zela nezi-telami-hidri.Ember do ke naibahki esu(Isayas)eyu ziwsin wisanye, weys alwu kuwulat dihri-megareja?Ember ezi serAt ezi deAni bihimam zitelekfa abagiE(sheeps)nihizbi Ertran,Serawit Ertran endyu zikirib.
    sesenayu nihizbnan serawitnan.

  4. bla bla blaaaaaaa
    resah woyto

  5. it was agreat interview
    honest and principled leader

  6. You said it to the point Mattewos, i think they are ashamed of the recent interview of the mad dog with Eri-tv.
    He ridicule Eritrean people and his trusted puppet mr.Yemane Gebrab aka monkey.....and many more cadres.
    Ala Wedi Afom beka ab afom tishenelom aleka ahahahaha..

  7. It is very clear Points PIA!

  8. Thanks Madote for the piece, i never saw it before..and of course great our Hero PIA for the answers..

  9. they sent Ethiopian soldiers to Eritrean border villages, removing Eritrean citizens, and dismantling Eritrean administrations to post their own.

    አእንተደኣ ብዛዕባ ባድመ ኾይኑ እዚ ዘረባ ባድመ ኣብ ሰማንያን ሓደን ኤሰያስ ብየማናይ ኢዱ ንወያነ ዝሃቦም ኣብ ተስዓን ሸሞንተን ብጸጋማይ ኢዱ ክወስዳ ፈቲኑስ ንሃገርናን ህዝብናን ኣብዘይ ውዳእ ዓዘቕቲ ኣእቲይዎም።

  10. berhane,
    You are so stupid to invite a sane person to be enslaved.

  11. Me and my family are one of those who participated in the liberation of my beloved eritrea, while like you choose to run for your life eating burgers and steaks.
    We as Eritreans have always have to d/t....
    Italians and askaris...
    Britain and awrajawnet...
    Haileslase and neftenja...
    Mengustu and wedo geba...(milsha sirnay).
    HGDEF and nihna nisu...

  12. ኣታ ካነ፡ አንታይ ኮንካ'ታ ኣብዚ ሎምቕነ ዚገበሮ ቃለመጠይቕ ኣይ ሓፈርካን ዲኻ?
    ንኩሎም ካድረታቱ አኳ አዩ የሕፊሩዎም፡ ንሶም ክከላኸሉ ብሓሶት ንሱ ከረክሶም ተረባረብ ኮይኑ፡፡
    እላ ጽሉል ናይ ዓራርብ ሎምስ ኮይንዎ ጨርቑ ደርቢኡ።

  13. Did the journalist at the end at 48:15, say that "..cant afford to..... reserve the right to defend themselves"! Seriously what Is wrong with these brain dead journalist. Instead of listening to what has been said, and then make a judgment or open her mouth, she goes on and says that Eritrea shouldn't have the right to defend herself! Those weren't her exact words, but that's what she is implying.
    I would of asked her one question, and that is if a rapist was about to come and rape her would she simply just accept it and reserve her right not to defend herself, or would she defend herself or at least try to? Her question sounds so stupid, just like the one I have asked.
    It was Eritrean territory that was violated, it was Ethiopia that invaded Eritrea and Eritrea has every right to defend herself.

  14. I did my part too. I partspated in the 3 worar weyane and I lost my leg and friends. But I know you would not drop a single sweat for Eritrea exsept to talk trash and calling names.

  15. Xlule nay erarbe? and you call your self Eritrea while disrespecting the erarb the core of tegadeltye. Ezi kalate EU agame eka zebleka. You should delete that name rora, it doesn't belong to you wedie tigiray.

  16. DIA before he was drunk and crazy.

  17. This mad man is selling Eritrea to Israel.

  18. Aye Rora! You are still doing the same? What is to be ashamed of in the President's interview? What you should be ashamed of is what you, yourself are saying. You may not agree with what he said, but you cannot deny that he has explained the issues people have been eager to hear about.

    You should rather worry about your own shameful stand towards your country (as you claim to be Eritrean) because of your hatred for him!

  19. Mad man on the loose this days. Hahahaha....

  20. Who is sane? The one who calls building your country slavery or the one who is enslaved to hatred?

  21. where is the contradiction? plz free your self from hatered and you will see things clear.stupid!

  22. Rora ane wala ne-eshtey kadre mesalie ane ayhaferkun..


  24. Who would listen to this goon anymore. Not my president. Unelected war monger!

  25. Amazing Simplicity,
    Amazing Confidence,
    Amazing Intellect,
    Amazing Modesty,
    Amazing delivering skills,
    Amazing Transparency,
    Amazing Principle,
    Amazing Gift of Eritrea.
    Long Live H.E. President Isaias Afeworki.
    Long Live Eritrea.
    P.S. Long Live B.Adal :):):)
    P.P.S. Mr. President, Deep Down, Even your haters admire you more than their own.(:(:(:

  26. ኣብ ዓለም ሰኺሩ ቓለመጠይቕ ዝገበረ ብጀካ እዚ ናትና ካልእ ሪኢኻ ትፈልጥ'ዶ?
    ሃገር ብሃገሩ ተኻቲዑ፡ ንሱ ዛኣበወንበሩ ሃገራዊ ባይቶ ዘጽደቖ፡ ካብ ችርተር ህዝባዊ ግንባር ዝመሰረቱ ቕዋም፡ባዕሉ ቀቲሉ ሞይቱ ክብለና ከመይ ዘየሕፍር።
    ትማሊ ትማሊ ደይኮነን ድዩ የማነ ገብረኣብ ኣብ ኤርትራ ቕዋም ኣለና፡ እታ ተሪፋ ዘላ ምርጫ ጥራይ እያ ኢሉ ኣፉ መሊኡ'ዶ ኣይተዛረበን?
    እዚ ቑሩብ ናይቲ ቡዙሕ እዩ፡ ማዶተ ድማ መሳኪን ኣበይ ዝነበረ ብጡዕዩ ከሎ ዚገበሮ ዘረባ ካብ መሬት ፍሒሮም ድሕሪ 16 ዓመት የምጹልና፡ኣሃሃሃሃሃሃሃሃ ካብዚ ዘሐንኽ ነገር እንታይ ክህሉ ይኽእል? መሳኪን ንሕና ንሱ፡፡

  27. ኣይትሓዘለይ ካነ ሓወይ፡ ግን ንእሽተይ(በተሓሳስባ) ስለዝኾንካ ከይከውን፡ ገለ ጉድለት ሃሰው በል ኢኻ።

  28. Mariam De"arit Te erbka..

  29. "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery no one but you shall set you free" something like that....wake up! Just because my people said we rather do it and build our country btick by brick you call them slaves? be jom tesetah! Hulkus!

  30. Just because someone expressed a different opinion than yours you say"godiluka" that just shows your mentality...rhe world is perfect only when you think right? look PIA is not god he makes mistakes but ultimately he won all battles and people like you think Eritrea is lead by one person but that is a mistake Eritreans are willingly supporting him including me all I see from your type is picking everything negative about Eritrea..what keeps me awake at night is what type of good new will I hear about Eritrea not the opposite.

  31. What I learned from the press conference
    Dictator Isaias, the distant cousin of Meles, went to America to visit U street,LOL!.
    No US official wanted to meet him LOL!
    He went to US for fun, to drink alcohol as usual.
    I am amazed that the journalists know his origin LOL! Eway Gud
    Avoiding and boring explanation as usual is the way to cheat people.
    He has no confidence to stand in the podium and answer questions . He is coward.

  32. a fucked and stupid presentation and or interview


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