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500 schools In 100 Days; Yes, Eritrea "Can Do"!

St. Francis of Assisi School in Massawa, Eritrea. A total of 800 bicycles, red for girls, yellow for boys, were purchased at 65 Euros each to provides its students for a fast and efficient method of commuting to school.


The year 2014, what a year it was! The year 2014 was a year to remember. It was the year when Eritrea marched forward politically, diplomatically, and economically. It was a year when Eritrea marched to the “Promised Land” unshaken and unperturbed by the “toothless barking dogs” from the streets of the West. It was a year when every conceivable toothless barking dogs, with their tails tagged between their legs, headed to their lonely cages; waiting for scrape of bones from the master. It was a year when Eritrea shined brighter for all to see. Thanks to you, Eritreans all over the world, for being there when your country and people needed you. Yes, you were there!

Deki Ere, yes you were there defending your country politically and diplomatically with unparalleled depth and intellect. On the psychological warfare they unleashed upon you; you beat them with wisdom and
steadfastness. To trash their well-planned and financed “psychological warfare” here was the ordinary Eritrean men/women from every corner of the world to have proclaimed ALONA! Here you were and you are, using the same weapons (the internet and mass media) they used against you, you beat them. And in the process you defended the truth; nothing but the truth.

You were there helping your people financially and materially. You were there promoting the beauty of your country. You were there on the Eritrean festivals making Eritrea proud. You were there at Bologna Festival, at Sawa Youth Festival, and the festivals in Sweden, Germany, the Americas, Australia, Middle East, etc etc. You were there in the seminars to arm your selves with knowledge to defending Eritrea in more ways than one. In all the places; through thick and thin, through winter snow and blizzard, and through summer heat and sweat; you were there in all the places, from Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia. In unison, you said, “LOMI Kem Timali Alona; Hiji win Bidho!”

As a result what you have done; the Eritreans enemies are reduced to a “toothless barking dogs“. Because of what you have done, here are the “mercenaries for hire” to have packed and headed back to their cages. How about the handful HASUS from EDAGA ENUDAT? Here are the handful HASUS headed to no man’s land; with no people and country to belong to.

That not all. Because of what you have done; here are diplomats heading to Eritrea to see what Eritrea is all about. Yes, we told them “come and see us”. Yes, they came and what did they find? They found a peaceful and determined people marching to the Promised Land, to the MERIET HIDRI. What they found was a country at work building a nation brick by brick. What they found was a “civilized” society that preaches and practices “love thy neighbor” and who believes in peaceful coexistence. What they found was a country of ethnic and social harmony. What they found was a people of religious harmony and tolerance; where the “Qeshi” and the “Mufti” kneel down and pray to the same God/Allah, the Almighty, from the same “AGOZA”. Last but not least, what they found was a people ready to pay the ultimate price to defend their homeland; period!

Stay on course Deki Ere, for we have a lot to do before we reached the Promised Land-the land of “equality, fraternity, liberty, social justice, and prosperity”. Let them know Eritrea is only to march to the Promised Land with no if or buts in the year 2015. The “Promised Land” is just around the corner. Besides, “ምቐልቃል ዓዲ ሓሊፍና፥ ኣብ ኣፋፈት ደምቤና በጺሕና ኢና!“.

By the way, following the groundbreaking ceremony to build a new structure at the cost of $30,000,000 at the Mai Nefhi Technical Institute, here is a “500 schools in 100 days” gift from Home, sweat Home, to all Eritreans in New Year’s Eve. Here is Social Justice (ማሕበራዊ ፍትሒ) manifested in its highest and honorable form. “ማሕበራዊ ፍትሒ" is the hub of Eritrean wheel of “equality, fraternity, liberty”. Call it “Democracy” at its best and finest.

Deki Ere, report coming your way from HOME is reading: “After successfully building “67 school in 100 days” in all zones last year; Eritrea has set out to construct over 500 schools in 100 days in the years 2015 and 2016 in four regions; namely Gash-Bark, Anseba, Northern Red Sea Zone, and Southern Red Sea Zone”. Here is “500 schools in 100 days” is the gift from Home, sweat Home, to all Eritreans in New Year’s Eve.

What does this mean to Eritrea and what are the goals to be achieved once this project is completed?

  1. For a short term, does this mean the project will provide 50,000 highly skilled employment opportunities? Yes, it does but it is much more. In the long term, it is here where the next highly trained and skilled Eritrean generation is to be trained and nurtured. Do not forget, every Eritrean capital project is the “technical school” where knowledge is passed from one generation to the next.

  2. Does this mean 50,000 to 150,000 more kids per year will have access to the ‘Eritrean free education for all" in the years to come? Yes, it does!

  3. Does this mean there shall be 6,000 to 8,000 new jobs as directors, teachers, and custodians in these schools? Yes it does!

  4. Does these mean 50,000 elders per year will be attending in “adult education” program Yes it does. Do not forget, 80% of the Eritreans are literate and this project shall push the Eritrean literacy rate to 99.80% in no time.

  5. Does this mean roads and drinking water supply shall go hand in hand or parallel to this project? Yes it does; if they are not there already.

  6. Does this mean our people who are still following semi nomadic or nomadic life style will change fast so the children will not only quit schooling in the middle of the year but also benefit from other social

  7. programs such as medical? How about to the Eritrean mothers? You bet the Eritrean mothers are the most to benefit from this noble project.
You bet, it means all of the above and much nobler and honorable outcomes are to follow once this project is complete. Just like the drinking water supply and roads that are being pushed to the finish line; by this noble endeavor, every village and Dembe shall have a school just around the corner. Do not forget education in Eritrea is a ‘right” and not a “privilege”. Yes, education in Eritrea is a right and not a privilege.

In addition to the above benefits, there is a noble and honorable thing about this project that is not obvious to the ordinary person. Take a look at the direct beneficiaries of this project; namely Gash-Bark, Anseba, Northern Red Sea Zone, and Southern Red Sea Zone”. History from just yesterday records it that the Eritreans who live in these zones were the one that have been neglected more by every conceivable colonizer. These are the zone who have been left behind by every colonizers, especially Ethiopia, and yet these are the very Eritreans who where there when Eritrea needed them the most. They were in the middle of the "ተሓምበለ", they were there through thick and thin, and they were there when hell was raining fire. They were there with the Tegadalay in the middle of war and they were there in the 30 years of unparalleled gallantry, dedication, and sacrifices. Yes they were there when ውቓው እዝ, ናዶው እዝ were crushed all the way to ስሪሒት ፈንቅል that led to the doorsteps of ኣዲ ቀይሕ, ደቀምሓረ, and ኣስመራ. All these were done by sacrificing their life as human beings. They did all these and much more by keeping their generation and the next generation at standby until Eritrea was liberated once and for all. On May 24, 1991, they were there on the finish line. That is why they were left behind; more so than any one or any thing else. As a result, it is high time to lift up these Eritreans.

That is why directing this project to these zones is not only timely but noble and honorable thing to do. That is the hidden message, that is ”social justice” at its best and finest; defined!

The question is how are Eritreans, especially those in Diaspora to be part of this noble cause. It is time Eritreans all over the world to share ideas and set out plans to be part of the noble and honorable Eritrean
endeavor in the year 2015. Lifting those who were left behind is social justices at its best and finest; the Eritrean way.

Long Live The Bigger Than Life Eritrean Leaders!
Eternal Glory to our Martyrs!
Thanks Deki Ere, for being there for your country thru thick and thin!

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500 schools In 100 Days; Yes, Eritrea "Can Do"! Reviewed by Admin on 1:39 AM Rating: 5


  1. Such a wonderful song! Thanks for sharing cane!

  2. You're right, it is 500 schools in 100 days. Will edit Hidrom's article. Just goes to show that Shaebia is all action these days!

  3. 500 schools in 700 days (2015-2016).

  4. Mesel kulu zega yitehalo...Ertra nikulu zega hanti eya tibtsuho...Ertra hihgi zizefena hager tukun...kulu zega ab kidmi hihgi bihade ayni yireA...yeEbe,yinAs,habtamu,dikuU...mesel hizbi Eritra yigehas alo...zega Ertra yishiyetin yiliwetin alo...abzi ewan ezi nihizbi Ertra zemehadir wey zimerih akal ab Ertra yelen, ela zesaki entezeykoynu,biA geru dima kab hagerom miduguan.hizbi Ertra lomi (gypsy)nay 21 kiflezemen eyu koynu zelo.niromadi(saEri) kab suru endihri mihukayo,yeharir meseretu yetifiE.Hizbi Ertra kaAni kab hageru yimehaw alo,yitefiE alo...entay emo turgum alewo ni Ertrawian abzi ewan ezi ,ashhat betetimhirti entetserhe...deki men eyom kimeharulu tsbah...gele hizbna kisab kindey ampfetu sihitu kemzelo hade melekiE eyu ezi...ezi kulu endasemaEnan endareAnan silemintay ena tsemamt wey ewurat kinkewin nideli...nay timali gifE(bedel)nab kaleOt deki hager...nabana lomi,nay lomi gifE nabana dima tsbah nab kaleOt deki-hager kem mukanu kinzingaE yeblnan.sirAte albo zeykone sirAte hihgi yinges ab Ertra...bisenki gele entawinetom zeyfilet sebat, lomi Ertrawian abzi azekti nay mesel-albunetn hilkit meninetn nirekeb.dihri 30-40 amet eziA nay lomi Ertra nayIziOm nay lomi zegatata dya kitkewin weys nay kaleOt,ab niblelu medrek ena betsihna zelena.. nay metsaE.hilawunetna ab nihatelu ankes ena atina zelena...

  5. The Cuba of Africa!!!!

  6. With a pleasure to my people

  7. Madote I was about to ask you to get rid of this junk by "asgede". But do not. We sure can see how stupid and desperate the HASUS are. Besides, it good to know this guy and the handful Hasus that we see at EDAGA ENUADAT do not need enemies for they are their worst enemy. Leave the trash posted alone for we can use it as a binocular to see them up close and clear.

  8. YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaS!!!!

    You put it exactly the way it is.

    THANK YOU!!!

  9. monthly 4000 youths leaving the country, who we will be using the school?

  10. You must read too much of western news.

  11. ኣየ ማዶተ፡ እንታይ ኣለዎ ቁኑዕ ሓበረታ እንተሃብኩም ንኽብሪ ናይ ኣንባቢኹምን ንኽብሪ ናይዛ መርበብ ሓበረታኹምን፡፡
    እዚ ኣብ ስእሊ ኣምጺእኩሞ ዘለኹም ብ ካቶሊካዊት በተክሪስትያን ተገዚኡ፡ ንተመሃሮ ቤት-ትምህርቲ ሳን- ፍራንቸስኮ ጥዋለት ባጽዕ፡ ብሑሱር ዋጋ ዝተሽጠ ብችክለታታት እየን፡፡
    እዚ ቤ/ት እዚ ብ ካቶሊካዊት ቤ/ን ዝውነን ኮይኑ፡ ሓደ ካብቲ ብ ቡልጽነቱ ዝጥቀስ እዩ።

  12. That is right, every Eritrean works and toils to take Eritrea to next higher level. That is the noble and honorable Eritrean way. In Eritrea, the motto is "one for all and all for one" and that is what sets Eritreans apart from the rest Africa. Take the picture with pride and give gratitude to those who made it a reality.

    In case you have not read the footnote under the picture, this is what is said:

    "St. Francis of Assisi School in Massawa, Eritrea. A total of 800 bicycles, red for girls, yellow for boys, were purchased at 65 Euros each to provides its students for a fast and efficient method of commuting to school."

  13. If you were Harif enough you should have known that, these people are living in delusion, denial and self deception all the way making our beloved country a fertile land for dictatorship

  14. ብመን ተገዚአን?
    ንምንታይ ሙሉእ ሓበረታ ዘይግለጽ፡ ነገራት ምጥምዛዝ ንምንታይ ኣድለየ?
    ጉድለት ዘለዎ ሓበረታ፡ ከም ጌጋ ሓበሬታ እዩ ዝውሰድ፡ ብኣኻ ግና እንድዒ።

  15. By the way, I am giving gratitude to those who made it happen "Catholic church" which where deliberately being not mentioned in the picture.

  16. You are so blind can't even understand the merit of the article

  17. Rora please..troppo ab dekiq atiki, what really matters is the essence, (ቑምነገር) zehabe keman hibe zeyebel..Kullu Eritrawi aqmu yeheb..bebahli maletey iyu..Just watch what will come,
    አቲ ቕያ ቕጻሊ ኢዩ, ነዚ ሓሳዊ ዓለም ክነርእዮ ኢና..ኣጆኺ.

  18. ፅብቕቲ ስእሊ ሞኬ ዓርከይ..

  19. Well said Rora! I can't agree more. It is no a surprise to see the Higdef propagandists trying to mischief, and win the hearts and minds of the gullible ones in order to give a credit to the desperate regime.

  20. Both Rora and Ermias I wish you to be happy with the objective's rather than being critic! What is the end goal? Think of this like Cane said. There is a proverb in Amharic 'yeteme fechewe duketune ameche'. The Eritrean Government Policy is from whereever it comes whoever gives the given product should be used for the intended project. Implementing properly matters because in many countries aid comes for development project but the beneficiouries most of the time are not the people but opportunists. Let me give you an example there is no HIV/AIDS medicine factory in Eritrea. Our gov't was giving the medicine freely while other rich country are not practicing it. As a young woman I wish you to be very objective! Good luck!

  21. Nefu-At deQi Adey! Ajokhum, alokhu ab ghonukhum. Let us be more open to all constructive criticism of the governance of Eritrea by Eritreans. Let's not let the west divide us or come between us. Awet n'Hafash!

  22. Eritrea is indeed overcoming great obstacles and unreasonable opposition. The people of Eritrea are to be greatly commended for their persistence, courage and fortitude. Those of us living in other countries who love Eritrea and those of us who are children of Eritrea need to continue broadcasting positive messages about Eritrea and sharing the message of what Eritrea can and is achieving.

  23. Thank you for defending the truth, nothing but the truth, about Eritrea. Although Eritreans are people of small words and do not talk much, trust me Eritreans never forget people like you who were there telling the truth about Eritrea to the whole world. In our mind and our daily life, you are one of us and to us you are an "Eritrean".. The highest medal of honor we can bestow up on you is to give you a certificate of " Eritrean National". To us you are one of us, "An Eritrean"!

    What is the hidden power that attaches or attracts you to Eritrea anyway? The fact that you were born in Eritrea, could it be your "umbilical chord" is still not severed or cut! I honestly believe that is it!

    Thanks a million for what you are and who you are!

  24. Hidrom you are very fond to call justice seekers toothless barking dogs, but you know what there is very big difference between barking to prolong the tyrant rule of the criminal dictator and barking for justice and freedom.

  25. Ermias, stick on the concept and the specific issue! The donation is given to what purpose? To enrich the development work i.e to help the needy to attend the schooling without transportation hinderance. I think we agree on this concept. Why bother whoever gives? Don't be emotional and mix the issue with unnecessary justifications. Just think positive!

  26. Well, I am making a sensible and truthful comment, and I am not emotional as you might guess. This is a straight talk, and I speak out whenever stories are twisted and truth is masked. Peace!


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