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Senior Egyptian ministers sign pledge to protect Nile River

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb

By Al-Masry Al-Youm

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb and other seven ministers and a number of media hosts, journalists and artists signed Monday a document pledging to protect the Nile water.

"In light of the fierce attack against the Nile River which is the lifeline for Egyptians and the gift of their presence, and out of respect for the Constitution of Egypt, to which we all swore and which recognizes the state's commitment to the protection of the Nile River, the preservation of the historic rights of Egypt in the [Nile], [instructs] rationalizing and optimizing the use of [Nile] water and avoid wasting or polluting it, stresses the right of every citizen in enjoying the Nile River and the prohibits violating its sanctity, I declare joining the Nile Guards Committee to protect the river from infringement," read the document.

"I will have a monitoring social role, will follow up the Nile's affairs, join the popular awareness campaign...and I swear not to contaminate or infringe it," the document added. 
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Senior Egyptian ministers sign pledge to protect Nile River Reviewed by Admin on 1:38 AM Rating: 5


  1. It's really difficult with whom to side, what we understand is that Egypt have all the right to be secured it's water, ethiopia's need to develop Herself (not weyane which is temporary) would be saveguard in a sustainable way not pretending a mega galactic project at the expense of environment threat..


  3. Pledges or threats of Egyptian Ministers to protect the Nile on the one side and the irresponsible adventurism in the name of Nile development of the Weyane on the other is not a mear PR but a real peril that could endanger the whole area.
    It should be seriously dealt with by no other but the inept UN. It is not a question of taking sides but a question of averting a disaster.
    It is not an ordinary crisis or Problem like the Somali, Lybian or Yemeni crisis where any Dick or Harry can play cat and mouth, destroy and build, cheat and be cheated.
    The Nile issue is an issue that can be easily exploited or interpreted as a Question of Life and Death by the warmongers to mobilize about 180million People on both countries.
    And that is excluding their allies and supporters.
    The Nile is a source of life and it would be a pure sacrilege to turn it into a source of death due to indifference and vain avidity.

  4. Egypt has a lot water undersurface. should spent and dig instead of looking around easy way as primitive. primitive is past and this idea already past too, so the plan of Ethiopia will fulfill by any means. but if Egypt lose the diplomacy period is the dangerous one...

  5. Nile is ethiopian. This stupid egyptians are just joking. How can they not understand the right of our ethiopian brothers to use their water for energy? I dont understand this stupid arab mentality. Egyptians can not prevent ethiopia from using its water by force. They just dont have the capacity. Ethiopia must be however vigilent about egyptinas because they will try all tricks to destabilize ethiopia. For isnatance they can stimulate ethiopian moslem to rise up. They can also use the oromo and somalian card like what they did to haileselassie and mengistu using the eritrean card. I think the recent defection of ethiopian pilots might be the work of egypt and some weak african countries who want to destroy ethiopia just because they hate weyanes. Byt for us , ethiopia is our second country and when it comes to conflict we will definitely support ethiopia.

  6. Are you serious you definitely protect Ethiopia...

  7. Whether you like it or not, the hydro-electric dam will be completed to benefit the people of the region.

  8. Horned indeed, I use 'petromax' for light and wood to cook in my village therefore personally don't care whether your damned hydro-electric project is completed or not. What concerns me like any other justice-peace minded persons is to avoid uncontrollable conflicts.
    You're like a hungry beast, you can't think nor imagine that is why you failed to understand my simple post.

  9. Don't worry. Diplomacy, which our tyrants are least equipped with, will help both Egypt and Ethiopia resolve their differences. Just focus on the flood of refugees fleeing from our beloved country trying to escape the PFDJ tyrants.

  10. No Ethiopia is your first and only country. You have given yourself away when you stated, "They can also use the oromo and somalian card like what they did to haileselassie and mengistu using the eritrean card." No Eritrean, not even the traitors, will state that Egypt had anything to do with Eritrean struggle for self determination. Eritrean freedom fighters had no outside help except at the initial stages. The circumstances prevailing later forced Eritrean freedom fighters to rely on their ingenuity and determination to defeat the enemy with its own weapons. Even Mengistu attested to that!

    This propaganda, the portrayal of Egypt as being behind Eritrean fight for independence, is totally false! We had enough reason to stand for our own rights!

  11. The use of cross-country rivers is regulated by international law and treaties. Water is essential to life. Thus the contention between Egypt and Ethiopia--the country from which the bulk of the flow to the Nile. No one will deny that all countries through which a river flows have the right to utilize the river for the benefit of their citizens and in a manner that does not infringe on the rights of the riparian nations.

    The challenge here is that Egyptians have totally depended on the Nile for their survival for thousands of years, while Ethiopians have been excluded from using the river that originates from the heart of their country. Until recently, Ethiopians could not muster the finance nor the
    know-how needed to use the Nile. In the interest of justice and fairness (including international law) it would be ideal to see the governments of Egypt and Ethiopia come to a usable agreement in which the people of both countries benefit from the river.

    It looks like Egyptians should expect a reasonable reduction in their share and should find ways in which they use their share more efficiently. Ethiopians have already taken matters in their own hand by building a dam across the Nile and other dams on its tributaries. Therefore,
    complaint from the Egyptian side should not be taken lightly if these actions cause significant reductions in the volume of water reaching Egypt.

    One thing I would like to mention is that it is likely that Meles and his organization (TPLF) opted to undertake this politically, diplomatically, and militarily risky endeavor so as to earn
    his organization and himself acceptance among the wider Ethiopian population. Readers will remember that elite Ethiopians were accusing him as an Eritrean agent! It seems that it has worked as many Ethiopiansapprove the projects on the Nile. Along with this project, the old
    propaganda that Egypt uses Eritrea to weaken Ethiopia so that Ethiopia would not touch the Nile was revived. It is now standard to hear this propaganda among Ethiopians!

    Another possible reason for rushing to build the dam on the Nile could be that Meles knew that he was dying and therefore a legacy to his name would be befitting his ambition as "a great Ethiopian leader."

  12. I agree with you meriet. It is very likely that there would be a confrontation if the Egyptians see their livelihood affected negatively. The consequences to this war-ravaged and war-fatigued region is devastating. The United Nations should engage or at least watch the situation closely.

  13. MO, which one is your first country then? I hope you are not going to say Eritrea... if you ask me, as an Eritrean if the conflict kicks off, I would be watching Weyane's ass getting kicked with my Budweiser..


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