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President Isaias Afwerki receives credentials of Ambassadors of China and Qatar [Video]

Ambassador Qiu Xuejun with President Isaias Afwerki

President receives credentials of Ambassadors of Qatar and the PRC

By Shabait

President Isaias Afwerki today received the credentials of the new Ambassadors of Qatar to Eritrea, Mr. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Humeidi, and Mr. Qiu Xuejun of the People’s Republic of China. The ceremony took place at Denden Hall here in the capital.

In the ceremony, the President asserted Eritrea’s readiness to further enhance the existing close Eritrean-Qatari ties. The Qatari Ambassador on his part explained that he would exert efforts to further expand and strengthen the prevailing relations between the two countries in all domains.

In the same vein, upon receiving the credentials of Ambassador Qiu Xuejun of the People’s Republic of China, President Isaias commended the impressive economic stride that the PRC had registered and expressed conviction that such achievement lays firm groundwork for the Chinese government to make significant contribution as regards major regional and international issues.

Noting that Eritrean-Chinese relations lies on solid ground, as well as shared values and views, President Isaias said that bilateral ties has registered significant pace, and expressed conviction that it attain higher stage in the years ahead.

In remarks he made on the occasion, Ambassador Qiu Xuejun highly appraised the heroic struggle of the Eritrean people for liberation and national independence. He further noted that they are presently engaged in endeavors to develop a national economy based on social justice.

The Ambassador also told Erina following the presentation of credentials that he would exert persistent effort to further deepen and enhance Eritrean-Chinese relations.

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  1. Its been said....Continue ur struggle and the end you seek will be achieved. Honor, acclaim, and recognition are all possible outcomes for u if you do not quit. Despite slow progress, our determination and sustained efforts will lead us to steadily forward. we do not give up!!...

    Long Live the People/Shaebia/Eritrea!!!....

  2. In absence of good news from a dying regim with his Tigraway head, reciving ambassadors where in all countries around the world is not a news at all, is a headline in HGDEF propoganda outlets, what a world we live in.


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