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False news about Eritrea is good news for the West

Eritreans demonstrating against the unjust and illegal UN sanctions against Eritrea

False news about Eritrea is good news for the West

By Omar Bihmidine

The West has long tried to tear apart Eritrea by imposing sanctions, propagandizing against it, funding dissenters, and showing support for inimical neighbors. To the West’s dismay, it is still alive, indefatigable and powerful. What is the secret, then? It has to remind us of the Vietnam. As a unique country, Eritrea is shaping itself instead of letting the West shape it. Even though most leaders of Eritrea have either Marxist leanings or Socialist ones, they rarely raise that for the public. It is as though the nation was telling us that suffice to know that social justice, self-reliance and unity are their ideology. It is something universal. Possibly, this is the secret to being unique. This uniqueness fills the West with repugnance.

According to one of the most distinguished thinkers in Eritrea Elias Amare, “ Eritrea registered success, substantial achievements, in what the United Nations defines as ‘Millennium Development Goals’, in particular ensuring free primary education for all; ensuring women’s emancipation and equality of women in all fields.” What is remarkable about Eritrea is that instead of calling itself a Marxist or a Socialist country, it calls on everyone to go and see by themselves. What people always discover is that the country is full of educated, well-informed and ambitious people who work more than they talk.

Out of sour grapes, the West continues to blame Eritrea for being hermitical and closed to the rest of the world. Yet, the experiences of visitors tell a completely different story about the country. What visitors see is education, ambition, hope, diligent work, planning, and preparing for the future. In all respects, it is a country of sound development. Contrary to what the West propagandize, such as calling the country “oppressed and militarized”, we can spot schools, colleges, rural medical units, cancer clinics, solid roads piercing mountains and many food security projects. It is normal that the West is saying bad things about it.

Eritrea has made remarkable strides. Despite lacking dignity because of propaganda, it has made strides in fighting illiteracy, improving life expectancy, and boosting all social indicators. Now all Eritreans benefit from free healthcare at a time when only a few countries provide this all over the world. The simple fact that Eritrea is doing much for its people and showing no care for the West justifies the fact that it is demonized, sidelined and feared nowadays. For the West, the country is stubborn because it does not welcome any loans. It rather believes in the power of self-help. So, what does the country want exactly? Simply, it wants respect and equal treatment.

Eritrea is a clog in the West’s machine for the simple reason that nearly all parts of Africa are under the control of the West. Why is Eritrea trying to be the exception, then? That is exactly what makes it unique. It is different from other African countries in that since it gained its independence, it has begun to ensure that the resources be used to cater to all the needs of its own people. This is the policy that the West can stand not manifesting itself in Africa! This is why media war is being waged on Eritrea. Given that Africa owns 50 percent of the world’s nature resources, the West is doing its utmost to control Eritrea just like other African countries.

That stealing is almost absent from the Eritrean leadership is a blow to the West. It is particularly because corruption is what foreign powers use to enslave countries. As we know, corrupt leaders do nothing for their people. All they care about is their families, friends and the Empire.

It is now clear that the West fears that the rest of African countries will go after the Eritrean fashion. In response, some foreign powers have now accused Eritrea of funding terrorism in Somalia. Yet, this policy of the West has gained much notoriety. Just think of what happened to Iraq, Libya and Syria. The West is now busy confusing people about the county and making them like the ones who are not deserving of love and hate those who are worth supporting. Owing to the propaganda, the opposition is growing stronger.

The media is also playing its dirty trick. The BBC and Al-Jazeera are tarnishing the image of the country to bring about rebellion. False news is good news for the West. In the face of disinformation on all sides, Eritrea is working diligently towards sound development. Rarely does mass media mention the remarkable strides the country has made. Day after day, it is serving as a model for Africa. Fortunately,  Eritrea is acutely aware of the monstrous adversary, which the West. Yet, it still needs support from other countries so that it survives the propaganda and plunge into the world of development. 
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  1. May the Good Lord hear their prayer!

  2. Adetat emo yemesgina sala dekina adina natsa koyna....higy kea rahwan kisaneti kikewin yisilia ...nety husum zihasbelan neta brikty adeyin netom brukat hizban kea aynomin afomyin yihazelna.

  3. As an Ethiopian, I wish the best for Eritrea. Unfortunately those countries you listed Iraq, Libya and Syria have been invaded and attacked by the U.S. I understand the tactics of the west to destroy the image of a country before destroying the actual country. I hope Ethiopia is not involved in any warfare with any country, but I also hope Eritrea doesn't get invaded by the U.S over false allegations of terrorist links.

  4. ghosT, i do appreciate and admire your courage to tell a spade a spade...we, in Eritrea, believe most of the ethiopian brothers think negatively on Eritrea and its government and to see and hear another ethiopian fellow admiring and wishing all the best luck for eritreans and the government, it's really amazing...i hope other ethiopian will have the same courage and guts you've and come out and's time for ethiopians and eritreans work, hand in hand, united for their own countries...enough bloodshed, enough hatred propaganda, enough...enough...may the New Year 2015 bring a lasting peace for both people and countries in particular and to the whole world in general.

  5. Kubur yekbreka meten nebsu husur yehsreka meten nebsu! Eziaten azina nekbren kdusan weledna bzeyka mrka mergem kab afen aywexien yu. kemakhum ziamesele defar derekegna gna sielen bzey aflton fkadn mexarefi gerkumo. kndti zehserkumen husurat mquankum gna bruh yu.
    cartoon terekibuley si kezi ba kemti ilka bsmen mishkat? bhgi zehtit neger u. Gna ab hgin wedi hgin nay Alem slezeyelewa beti kebid hgi Amlakh kemtkxiu fletu

  6. The PFDJ junta in Asmara will do everything to restore its power. It is not a new deal to export its internal problems to the West, specially to the US. 24 years has been counted since the government in Asmara talking about CIA and America. This strategy is chosen by the PFDJ and their master, Isaias, as a good instrument to cover up its political repression and cover up its failed economic policies in the country. These guys are using the same old tactic to repress its people again and again instead of recognizing their own problems and introduce reforms. Those who are giving their voices in support of the government, are who resides themselves and their kids in one of the Western or US cities. They are using the right of freedom of speech to encourage the government in Asmara to kill, displace, oppress ....etc their own people. Now new year is coming, as the political and economic situation in the country continues to worsen, the PFDJ political office should invest millions of money extracted form the people to organize demonstration in support of its own political agenda, its sole objective is to protect the power of the man in power, Isaias Afewerki,

  7. Fellow Eritreans don't be fool. In my era there was a gangister junta called 'china group'. Those days these guys were dangerous and again came in Mengistu regime youth were throwing stones from one kebele to another kebele and they were the one who were exposed and killed and their bodies were thrown at the streets of Addis. Woyene deported our people just because of some grieviances and/or interest of looting. Misplaced people and put the youth again in a difficult situation. Saction is another obstacle. Enough is enough. I don't see worthwhile sitting somewhere and becoming opposition group and destruct your own people. Let us open our eyes guys. 'Ede shenahit tsenahit' 'Beseferut kuna mesfer ayekerem. The solution is to come to our senses be united. 'Yetebabere kende yashenefal.!

  8. I know this fag who likes to justify his evil thoughts by mentioning Eritrean mothers like the pussy fag he is. He goes by the nick "Awash" in ethiopianreview website. Xuruy ugume ab Asmera z´abeye, wedi aray beles. May his Life be shortened.

  9. ኤርትራ፡ከማካ፡ዝመሰለ፡አየድልያን፡ኢዩ

  10. ከማካ፡ዝመሰለ፡ኤሬና፡እየድልያን፡ኢዩ

  11. ብዛእባ፡ኢሬና፡አይግድሰካን፡ኢዩ፡

  12. ናትኩም፡ሽግር፡ካብ፡ርእሲ፡ፀጉርሐ፡ይበዝህ።

  13. Madote Admin,

    On none related issue, I did read back in December last year, our mighty Gergera dam was near completion. Do you have any update on that accompanied by photos if you have?? Keep bringing the good news.... Happy New Year..,

  14. I affirm the wish that there will one day be peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia. There are innumerable family, cultural and historical links and both countries would be well served. I also believe that for this to happen there must be direct dialogue without manipulation or intervention by the United States or other nations seeking hegemonic control in the region.

  15. Yes, Eritrea has made remarkable strides. And yes, the Eritrean model of self-determination is certainly both a great example for other countries in Africa and equally a threat to those in the West who would seek hegemonic control in the region. The sharing of positive and accurate information about Eritrea is an important step we can take to counteract propaganda and intentional misinformation. May those of us who support Eritrea and the Eritrean people support each other in speaking the truth.

  16. what direct dialogue with Weyane while they occupy our sovereign land?

  17. ኣደታት ናይ ዓሰርተታት ኣሽሓት እሱራት
    ኣደታት ናይቶም መዓልታዊ ኣብ ፈቖዶ ምድረበዳን ባሕርን ዝሃልቁ ዘለዉ
    ኣደታት ናይ ኣብ ዶባት ዝርሸኑ ቆልዑ
    ኣደታት ብሰንኪ ደቀን ኣብ ወፍሪ ባርነት ምኻዶም ኣላዪ ዝሰኣና
    ኣደታት ኤርትራ ኤህ ተዘይ በላን ንሕጊግደፍ ተዘይረገማን መን ኤህ ክብልን ክረግምን መን መን መን።

  18. SM,

    The last sentence of your comment I read it as follows, "May those of us who support DIA and his totalitarian regime support each other in starving the truth".

  19. Is it because of the West that
    We have tenth of thousands behind prison bars without a day in free court.
    We don't have constitution
    we don't have institutional government
    We don't have elections
    we don't have freedom of faith, expression, movement etc. etc.

  20. Ghost, are you eating chat or are you crazy ?
    I hope US will save eritrea by invading it. we need it. are you crazy? The president has been terrorizing us for the last 20 years . If invasion is the solution, i will support it.

  21. sahle,
    kkkkkkkkkkkkk we had a donkey and his name was sahle. By the way, do you know isayas is more ethiopia than ghosT? what are you talking about ?

  22. Liberty this is your wish and not of the one in the pictures. I know Adey Hirity the one in the picture and she said to you mendehalaki!!!


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