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Ghebru Asrat is intentionally misleading the Ethiopian people about Eritrea

Gebru Asrat

Ghebru Asrat is intentionally misleading the Ethiopian people

Ghebru Asrat has written a new book titled “N’LILAWNETN DEMOCRACYN be ETHIOPIA”, in the year of 2014. I heard online radio featuring Ghebru Asrat discussing his book for Ethiopian developmental plan. His discussion coupled with the content of his book can be explained that 99 percent of the time has no any shred of evidence to base with for any intelligent discussion. He is implying that Eritrea is still under a legally bindings contract to Ethiopia. His intention as he exhibited himself was to mislead the Ethiopians into believing his baseless accusations about the sovereignty of the State of Eritrea and its territorial integrity are nothing more than none factually based what so ever. Based on the radio voice, he is unbelievably emotional and irrational person. From a legal standpoint, he has infringed on Eritrea’s national sovereignty with his legally naïve mental capacity.

His ignorance about the rule of law also made him completely and solely liable, by clearly inciting violence toward the people of Ethiopia against the Nation of Eritrea due to his untruthfulness about the entire history of Ethiopia and the State of Eritrea. Therefore, his book was written based from an emotional perspective and not on a well thought out bases. It does not have any worthy of a factual credible source of information.

Any reader who has time to read these slanderous allegations out of his talk and his book the sections that talks about Eritrea should understand that the intensions are an attempt to dismantle a legitimate National Sovereign government of the State of Eritrea. This fellow must learn to present facts before he attempt to openly talk against Shaebia as a separate entity as if not governing and representing the people of Eritrea. Here are brief facts about Eritrea: it become liberated by winning against all odds without the support of the whole world and officially joined the United Nation in 28 May 1993 and distinguished itself with full legal sovereignty right. Now Ghebru Asrat has written a book with large sections of the book has been allocated for the allegations toward Eritrea written from his own mind with no factual facts at all. In fact his arguments are derived from his dreams based on fantasy completely made up and derived from his mind. He said in the past the TPLF was driven through Marxist and Leninist ideology without any foundational belief of their own; based on those rhetoric’s and the different tribal issues of Eritrea he said that: now we understand to think the interest of Ethiopia must come first before Eretria’s peace, security and independence. He further said that he has legal evidence that Eritrea should remain legally bound to Ethiopia under the following premises: (a) he said: In 1889 there were a supposed talk between an Italian man and Emperor Menelik “when the Italians leave Eritrea they will hand Eritrea back to Ethiopia”. (b) All the border treats done between the Italians and Emperor Menelk in the 1900 was done with a supposed understanding when the Italians leave Eritrea they will hand back to Ethiopia. (c) The federal legal contract made between Ethiopia and Eritrea in 1952 he said it was legally and binding with a supposed understanding that Ethiopia must get access to Red Sea. Let me help you Ghebru Asrat once for all: When the status of a country achieves national sovereign legal right and established within the United Nation’s by consent and acceptance, it cannot be undone by one mentally emotional person’s wish. Eritrea’s sovereignty is legally based not emotionally based, and now Ghebru Asrat by his own action it is a proof that he does not believe the independence of Eritrea thus his foundational thinking was negative and exhibited during the video discussion that he is full of hatred toward the Eritreans. His defense about Eritrea’s legally binding to Ethiopia as he discussed them according to the above listed under (a) (b) (c) respectively, the items under (a) and (b) can be sum up as laughable to say the least that there was a supposed talk between the colonizers (Italians) and Emperor Menelik that when the Italians leave Eritrea they will hand back to Ethiopia. I can only ask that: where there any time line known when the Italians will go back to their homes? Or simply they were teasing Emperor Menelik in order to accomplish their agenda meaning to expand their colony by taking over the whole Ethiopia? His third legal evidence shown under (c) the Federal legal contract between Eritrea and Ethiopia was done in 1952. When Haile Sellasie ripped up the contractual agreement, Ethiopia was unable full fill the contract agreement and terminated before the due date was to occur by Hailesellasie; thus at that moment he made the 10 years contract Null and Void. By writing this book Ghebru Asrat exposed himself by following his predecessor’s past footsteps in fabricating lies as the six Tigrayans who translated different religious books and oral traditions put together and called it the “Kebre-Negest make-belief historical legend of King Solomon and Queen Sheba. To my surprise, he even never once mentioned or apologized for the 70,000 Eritrean victims who were rooted out from Ethiopia associated with tremendous human right violations they suffered, stolen all their assets and wealth with tremendous psychological and physical damages inflicted on them. I believe the majority of Ethiopian people will never accept these gross human violations to Eritreans except the minority group of the Weyani Tigrai And Company. In fact, he simply is confusing the Ethiopian people by parroting the Algeria treaty made between Eritrea and Ethiopia as he repeatedly said “it lacks the substance about Ethiopia’s real interest which has never been addressed that is an access to the sea”. During the armed struggle as some witnesses echoed he was even been overheard when he stated “the Red Sea of Eritrea is actually Ethiopian Red Sea”. Those emotional Weyani Groups like Ghebru Asrat must be publically criticized and scrutinized their loose personalities, in competencies and their fraudulent speaking against the peace loving Eritreans. Ghebru Asrat intention when writing this book shows that his goal was quite obviously to mislead the Ethiopian people so then their thinking will be limited from not having any creative ideas that could help Ethiopia toward developmental programs and to overcome negative ideas against corruptions. Instead of writing with fraudulent intent he is wishing that Ethiopians to become busy with useless and illegal talks and no time for the investigations which are needed at this time to identify people like him and label them as the parasites and diseases of Ethiopia which they are.

In any event, here is a list of the ways that must be transmitted to Ghebru Asrat that his book is written to mislead Eritrean and Ethiopian people as follows:

  1. The words, statements and paragraphs related to the Nation of Eritrea and the State of Eritrea with unsupported claims are illegal and his high level of incompetency is a request that “we Eritreans should be interested to even consider legal inquiry”.

  2. Ghebru Asrat, claimed that the ownership of the Red-Sea is Ethiopia’s. That includes aspects of his personality and behavior that he is emotional which demonstrate that he has no intelligence at all. He dramatically showed his incompetency as it was exhibited during the interview with Ghebre Ghebremedhin; no intelligence and completely illegal baseless claims what so ever. Therefore, his performance during the interview is the proof that his accuracy should always be called into question, purely emotional with no proper literacy or mental stability.

  3. During the interview, he is trying to make us believe as if he is offering us with something brand new information by stating that in1889 there were a supposed talk between an Italian man and Emperor Menelik that: “when the Italians leave Eritrea they will hand Eritrea back to Emperor Menelik”. What he is saying is as if the Italians were on vacation in a resort Island named ERITREA with a legal contract between Italians and the Land Lord Emperor Menelik. In fact much of what has been written is garbage. We should not spend our time to even consider his written nonsense.

  4. He is only offering himself as the only expert than all his Tigrayan entourages and trying to advocate as he put it “the interest of Ethiopia’s need which is: access to the Red Sea by any means”.

  5. He represents his work as the new discovery from Mekele on Ethiopian Interest access to the Red-Sea which Ethiopia never had a sea so then blaming and accusing Eritrea which is illegal expression against the sovereignty of the Nation the State of Eritrea which could ultimately lead to liability litigation.

  6. Now we can ask (a) based on his writing and the performance of his interview, what was his personal beliefs during the armed struggle for national liberation and independence of Eritrea from its colonizers? (b) What was his behavioral activity that was exhibited after the independence of Eritrea? Again he is claiming that the “Interest of Ethiopia Access to the Red-Sea” must be taken into consideration at the cost of Eritrea’s sovereignty. In this regard he equates his belief and behavior are not in coherence (harmony) but only exchanged to emotions without ever once considering the legal ramifications against his written material full of inaccurate information.

  7. Here is an advice to Ghebru Asrat: instead of putting in written form like fairytales that have been supposedly discussed between an Italian guy and the Emperor of Ethiopia; you must think the reality of today without your bolsters lies. You must work to word Peaceful Financial Resolution between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Eritrean victims must receive full compensation for all the damages that resulted from the wrongful of Ethiopia’s atrocities that happened from June 2000 till today. Now Ghebru Asrat when you said you are following your emotions instead your intelligence as you admitted during the interview when you said “politics are not religions” then we Eritreans are observing you that you are not thinking in terms of peace on the behalf of the Ethiopian people. Again we advise you to tell your government to pay Eritrea the fair financial restitution and leave Badme the illegally occupied land by Ethiopian military within very short time. When Ethiopia signs a peaceful financial resolution, then immediately will follow the normalcy relationship between two brotherly neighbors Ethiopia and Eritrea. This kind of thinking can overcome the financial injustice that have incurred for many Eritreans. This would lead most Eritrean’s belief that Ethiopia is moving in a forward direction toward peaceful financial resolution. When Ghebru Asrat learns to think that peace is more valuable than war, then he could better understand the Eritrean perspective and he would realize that it is the ultimate necessary component for developmental plan for Ethiopia, otherwise Eritrea will hold Ethiopia responsible for all the damages occurred after the year of 2000 and also will legally seek to recover all costs for damages it suffered every day that will not stop until a signed peaceful financial resolution executed agreement is reached.

  8. Lastly, Ghebru Asrat and his publisher must be informed that it is in their best interest to remove those books from the shelves that are being put for sale out of circulation within short period of time.

Yemane Tsegay M.S
Aerospace Engineer/Legal Advocate

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Ghebru Asrat is intentionally misleading the Ethiopian people about Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 8:50 AM Rating: 5


  1. Thank you Yemane for your wonderful Article.
    The denkoro Gebru Asrat thought that he has written a book, but every Ethiopian should know that the criminal Gebru has copied ( put together ) the 40 years Woyane's Kale Gubae ( it is a collection or summary all over woyane meeting discussions to mastermind) the Ethiopian people and his servants.
    Criminal Gebru has no clue about the Eritrean people he really could not talk about Eritrea that he is sick with a "repetitive lies could result a strong truth" that was blended from the Tigrean Manifesto which now a days is loosing ( Bankrupt).
    Criminal Gebru is Zikesere Negadi ( Bankrupt Trader ) he is giving his last witness of the woyane elite shrewdness and its last say before going hell.
    Eritrea has gone once for all we do not allow you to call our beloved country with your stinky mouth.

  2. 10/10/2014

    In responding to the SMEG report, for the first time ever the Eritrean
    government disclosed its revenue in relation to the 2% income tax
    imposed on Eritreans living abroad and it claimed that the, “aggregate
    RRT collected in the past four years did not exceed 73 million US

    The regime in Asmara don't care about the Eritrean peoples request. It only responds to a big stick.

  3. Yemane Tsegay M.S ????????????

    Aerospace Engineer/Legal Advocate ???????????

    Is English your working language? I stopped reading your Article after going through two paragraphs. It is a crazy world... to have forbearance to Aerospace Engineer/Legal Advocate in the likes of you.

  4. I won't spend my time thinking about this individual who also introduce himself as parasites, bimbi, fly, and mosquito.

  5. Now you know that are you sleeping better? I hope you do, cause this should give you a peace of mind. 73/4? Lousy amount if you ask me.

  6. Since when did Ethiopia own Eritrea? Eritrea from the starting point before the Italian Colonization, Eritrea was a free nation with its own Government system at that time the name of Eritrea was Mereb Negash, and Bahri Negash so basically King of the Sea until 1899 when Italian Colonize Bahri Negash they change the name from Bahri Negash to Italia Eritrea up until 1960's from the UN federate Eritrea with Ethiopia from 1960's - 1991 Eritrea was part of Ethiopia in document but not in Humanity so from 1960 the Deki Bahri Negash took an arm to fight for their beloved hidmona (Eritrea) even though it took them 30 yrs to win for Eritrea Independence but they didn't stop in Asmara they took it all the way to Addis Abeba that mean first of all they recapture their home, second they came to Addis kick and made Mengistu to run away from Addis to Zimbabwe. so by that Eritrea won every right at home and at the International level. So Gebru get your stupid history right. so if you want to know the history of Eritrea from the starting point read the history biography of Ras Woldemicael Selemon.

  7. Woy'ane the Yankee lapdogs are crumbling and now they want to repeat history again. If the Ethiopian people listen to this Bone-Headed loco, This time we Eritrean we will never back down. one will fall and the other will rise. ENOUGH!.

    And when an enemy threaten your existence, u have no choice but to end them. there is no Blasphemy in that, all the fights u do are necessary to defend your sovereign state at all cost. period!

    No one loves war, but what to do with this warmongering Hyenas (woyane) all they care is to creat Abay Tigrai Manifesto and they will do anything to achieve that. but that ain't gonna happen. tetsemimnakum ena, gn woyane hasadat akilkum eu, u always daydream and always Banging The Drums Of War. this woy'ane chifra they don't even care about their own people's lives, all they care is destruction of Eritrea. they never learn.

    This Rabid Dog (Ghebru Asrat) always says, ''K'NDZI Z'WESEDE Y'WSED ETI WAR K'QTSL EU'' eu z'bil. Well, he doesn't give a sh!t about this people, cuz those people who will be thrown into the fire, most of them are from the Oromo, Ogaden, gambela and so on. woyane all they care is to achieve Abay Tigrai Manifesto,(which is daydreaming of course).

    If u want war, and war u shall get, but if u wish for peace then peace we shall give u, as simple as that. If the Ethiopian people choose peace, well hallelujah. but if war then its time to lock n' load the Tavor, B/c beyond a certain point there is no return., This point has to be reached and that is to eliminate the enemy period.

    When it comes to our Beloved Eritrea, Our course of action is STRAIGHT as an ARROW. and that means remain on the side of ur border or all hell will break loose upon you.

    All the war-propaganda this bone-head is prayn/preaching for, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people like this warmongering hyena who are not to join the fight they created, except to watch it on their flat screen tv from afar. E'zis aygermn do?.

  8. እንግሊሽ፡ቁሩብ፡ምፅሀፍ፡ስለዝኮአልካ፡መን፡ኢንጅነር፡መንዩ፡ዶክተር፡ትፈርድ፡ጀሚርካ።
    ፕሮፊስር፡ were were ፡እንግሊዘኛ፡ብምፍላጥ፡ጥራይ፡እንተትከውን፡ኔሩ፡ብሙልኡ፡፡ናይ፡አሜሪካ፡ሕዝቢ፡ዩኒቨርስቲ፡ምወደአ፡ኔሩ።

  9. The article may be too hard to you to grasp!

  10. አኔ፡ውሒድ፡እብል፡አለኩ፡2% ንስካ፡እንታይ፡ገዲሱካ፡ብዛእባ፡ኤርትራ።ናትካ፡ናይ፡ኢትዮጽያ፡ሽግር፡ዘይውዳእ፡ስለዘሎካ፡እስካ፡ብዛእቡ፡ሕሰብ፡ብዛእባ፡ኤርትራ፡ደቅ፡ኢሬ፡አለው፡ሱቅ፡ኢልካ፡አብዝኮነ፡ቦታ፡ጠብሎቅ፡አይትበል።

  11. So 2% is enough so you can continue the suffering of our people? The UN is continuing it's sanction on your papa Assias, Who you going to blame on that? Ayak Assias is in trouble hawuna.

  12. Genuine Eritreans,
    The relentless flurry of articles the cabals of the con artist isaias afewerqi are spawning in the social media is pure subterfuge, predicated upon relieving the mounting pressure on the wicked rascal to leave the country by rechanneling the perception of Eritreans into external danger. Reject the futile attempt and escalate the pressure to boiling point.
    please, understand the cause of the problem of which our country and people are going through, and it is the conspiracy woven and hatched by woyane within and woyane without.
    Again, I must remind you that even Woldeab Woldemariam had initially spoken for abai tigrai. It was stiff opposition from the genuine Eritreans that forced him to recant his monster idea.
    By the way, no one is bigger than Eritrea, and therefore, dead or alive, he/she ought to be subjected to worthy criticism.

  13. እዝ፡ሐወይ፡ንሙካኑ፡ጥኡይስ፡ኢካ።

  14. Gebru Ass Rat is living in the past. Can someone know his head and bring him back to 21 century!

  15. እስካ፡ትብሎ፡ጥራይ፡ከይኮነ፡አብርእሱ፡አሻሐት፡ሰይጣን፡ስለዘለዋ፡ንኡኡ፡ማይጨሎት፡ጥራይ፡ኢዩ፡ዝጠቅሞ።፡ነዚ፡ኢዩ፡ቀይ፡ባሕሪ፡መፅዩ፡ክጥመቅ፡ዝደለየ።

  16. the arrogance of their obsession is incredible!! i mean just wondering speaking to all those Ethiopians who believe this bullcrap - at all this point when Eritrea is going back and forward does the Eritrean people have a say? i mean for a book that title “Sovereignty and Democracy in Ethiopia” to ignore the basic feature & characteristic of democracy (at list ideologically) is not just misleading it hypocritical. this fundamental Ethiopian believe (merta ember hizbas aydlenan) is not just a recurring characteristic, which has a genocidal elements at its core but it always seem to be a feature that comes up always in their dying days- Haile Selassie said the same things before his end, Mengistu said the same things before his end, well i guess it must be about time for this twisted hearted disease, otherwise know as TPLF Agame to leave, bye bye you will not be missed

  17. There is no way we can do with Gebru Asrat. Gebru Asrat is a narcissist person and he is a difficult person to deal with because if you are telling him the truth he will never trust you. Narcissists are just that. Gebru has many reasons why he is this
    way. He has no self-confidence. He lies what others did and he is hiding everything about himself because he doesn’t want anyone to know him. And thus why, if you confront him, he is always in constant denial.

    Personally, I had good knowledge about Gebru Asrat since I met him at Adi Humeday close to Dedebit in 1986. I 've experienced him pretty well until my deportation from Ethiopia in 1998. I know he will drive you into a frenzy. It is better to this person not to count on him for anything too serious.

    There have been numerous dirty politics practiced by equally dirty politicians in Ethiopia. One of the dirty politicians was Tamirate Layne. This person was worse than Gebru and others politicians on the Eritrean case. But many people don’t know his dirty tricks. If one politician is capable of dirty tricks or dereliction of duty, then he may all be equally capable of some wrongdoing.

  18. how stupid are you? "suffering of 'our' people?".... "The UN is continuing it's sanction on your papa Assias"- so the sanction is exclusively on one person?, agame why do you always try to be Eritrean- do not say 'ours' as we you've taught a whole new generation of Eritreans how we are not e-hawat, your inferiority complex however is clear in how lost you are even showing in your writing that you complaining even when the government decided as you said to show it after the SMEG report, if you requested it please show as your evidence and also how they denied you - as i also requested the Eritrean government to tell me which hand the PIA used to clean himself in the toilet and they also denied me

  19. who is this? what happen to Z Cures

  20. Scroll through all the pages about Ethiopia on this site, and then you will understand what obsession is all about. You guys can't go a couple of days without posting about Ethiopia, yet I am suppose to believe that Ethiopians are obsessed about eritreans?

  21. .....ዳዊት፡መጺካ፡እንቆእ፡ደሀን፡መፃካ።

  22. Your 2% revenue is being used by the regime as salary for DEMHIT so if you hate (Agame) that much stop paying.

  23. መኮነን
    ኤሰያስ ናይ ደምሒት እምበር ናይ ኤርትራ ፕረስደንት ኣይኮነን።,

  24. ያ፡ልክእ፡ኢካ፡ትብሎ፡ዘለካ፡ግና።

  25. እንታይ፡ገዲስኩም፡2%ዋላ፡፡ከፊልና፡አይከፈልና፡እዚኦም፡ጨነውቲ፡አጋሜ፡እንታይ፡ጫው፡ጫው፡ትብሉ፡ዝለኩም።

  26. ኦንታ፡አጋሜ፡ዝሀተካ፡ንምንታይ፡ኢዩ፡ርእስኩም፡ዘህመኩም፡ኢሳያስ፡ምስተብሐለ?????

  27. Why? Isn't. Agame a definition of selfhating zealots?

  28. እት፡ህቶካ፡አይተረደአኒን?

  29. "Were were,"
    Did your "Shift" and "?" key boards of your computer got stuck?
    It seems all you wrote is ?????????
    I am not sure if you or Ghebru Asrat is more irrelevant.

  30. as you could see, the commenter was not saying what its saying now "Gezae" rather it was saying as i copied it "Where Is Z Cruise >> መኮንን • 2 minutes ago" so i was confused as it did not sound like "Where Is Z Cruise" Madote why does this keep happening with this name, "Where Is Z Cruise ( > )መኮንን • 2 minutes ago",

  31. the same here, the commenters name was saying "Where Is Z Cruise"

  32. Mr. Mokonnen may peace be upon him; our father, and to some grandfather and still to some great grandfather ; the honorable WoldeAb WoldeMariam (WolWol) should not be mentioned let alone likened with these self-hating disgraced personalities as gebru.

    What you may have misunderstood and has left you with a grudge is a strategical alliance was formed between the two fronts in our struggle for independence, therefore, it's not only in the heyday of our struggle, but also to the day of our independence, that this strategy was employed and materialised as a result the consummation of a free and sovereign Eritrea.

    The question is then what is eating gebru and co? Do the likes of gebru.honestly believe what they say?
    What is gebru trying to sell here?

    Gebru, just as the many exTPLF members know and believes that he along his fellow tplfites had been short changed by EPLF; technically they feel they had been used as 'fenji regach!' Hence, whatever much it costs, however long it takes the war effort should not be abandoned. These ia not between militaries of the two Nations but resources, economies and capabilities to withstand one over the other, and of course the now infamous 'man of mice and fly'.

    Gebru's inside is an active volcano, a boiling lava, with each bubble an internal organ is turned into charred matter. Full of 'Dahka' as in a smokers lung. And it won't be long before it reaches the pinnacle and all of his being turns into ashes.

    Second is do the likes of gebru really believe what they are saying? Simply, no! For they know our being as a Nation and people did not start with the arrival of one priest sappatto ; Bahri Negassi and Mereb Mlash has been in existance long before 1888. Then, why do the likes of gebru pick and choose historic dates and events that convolute documented facts? To hoodwink their audiences and advance their warped view of a made up history. TPLF was stillborn and after 17 years utter denial, it was buried six feet under in 1991. Gebru had grown believing he was a white man, and suddenly by the magic of the mirror, he has come to realise it ain't so. Accepting what you are is a very dumning thing, and the demons will fight to the end.

    What is gebru trying to sell? Definitely a "book", but what kind of a book? It's often said a movie does no justice to a book, and it is an old adage not to judge a book by it's cover; but a book by gebru, as an author, narrator and a cover picture, one can safely and confidently state that hell has frozen over!

    In conclusion, there is however one good thing that could come out of all this, and it is that the majority of Ethiopians including the tigray people will realize, when it comes to access to the sea, it can only come at the good will of the Eritrean people. May be without realising it gebru asrat, in absurdity of all things absurd has convinced Ethiopians to abandon woyane and it's hate filled mindset and embrace truth and prosperity for perpetual peace!

    "Nnebari selam Zkales ghedli
    KTgobtu tFtNu bHaylee
    Bdho Bdho!!!'

  33. Dear ato yemane.

    Warning: I am an Ethiopian, I might differ.

    At this time,
    I am reading Mr. gebru’s book, and I found it informative as well as the thoughtfulness of the author is clearly displayed in every page so far.

    My take
    from your article is that, as you did not read the book to begin with, and for that, knowingly you fail your readers on the ground of credibility for your shortcomings by harshly criticising someone’s hard work, evidently you chose not to base your argumentative article on the objectives and details of mr. gebru’s book, but his interviews.

    It is understandable that, based on speculative information that you are trying to express your personal frustration on your former country and its leaders, However,your hypothetical recounting of ato gebru’s book is based on idle talk on your quarter and from your desire to vent your resentment and mistrust towards anything that is Ethiopian.


    as you stated in your foot note that you are an aeronautics engineer, it tells me that, you are an educated and well informed individual, not necessarily in socio-politics though, however it is sad to witness your intellectual dishonesty on being part of senseless rivalry, which is destroying the future of our productive youth from both side, for this i urge you to reassess your erratic stand which magnifies the unnecessary vulnerability of the abesha people, those people deserves to live a normal life, have everything what a normal life can offer, please try to play a role and have part in narrowing the ever growing gap between this brotherly people.

    On mr. gebru’s book there is no where that states against the sovereignty and the nationhood of the state of Eritrea, but to the contrary of your assumption this guy is saying that the Eritrean struggle for independence have taken so many lives and achieved their independence and he said that he respects it, nevertheless the question of sea outlet is covered in detail, again nowhere in the book states that, to recuperate asab or any port by force but based on a legal and historical documents, that exists in the archives which you are supposed to search and educate yourself.

    as you can notice majority of the people in this forum are over reacting escorted by your hollow rhetoric, for instance what alec you /Fiona/ and Micael’s unfounded history lectures, nothing but disturbing and baseless those kind of comments are so mortifying to their own peers and to all of us as fellow human beings, what i mean by this is that, those kids are left
    to infatuate with the idea of war and war machines as if they have been
    designed to be just that way, they have no choice but to stay bitter and formless in their thoughts, this is nowhere near patriotism but hopelessness, furthermore i invite you to look at the comments following my post and you might get a better understanding of what i am trying to hint, it is all about hate, and mistrust, that has been implanted in those young creatures mind to eat them from within.

    in conclusion
    it is best for all concerned to think in terms of saving lives and improving
    the livelihood of our people. saying this i am not claiming that my side is
    purely innocent and not contributing to the mess but as an Ethiopian individuali am here inviting all concerned to stop advocating and exaggerating/ directly or indirectly issues that may lead our poor people in to un necessary war.


  34. I never claimed to be eritrean, matter of fact I claimed to be ethiopian in another post I made before. As far as me finding this site, I searched something about Ethiopia and it led me to this site (to my point).

  35. mekonon
    Agamie ziblu Amharu equa eiom.
    I am sure you are from Amhara tribe, your Tigrigna is not correct. in any case you can do what you want , but you are so un civilized , from which tribe you are.
    where are you cleaning the floor of rich European family .
    How a slave like you can insult the Agame who have defend their dignity from all enemies , Arabs , Europeans .
    please read History.
    don't insult people , who never consider you .

  36. Dear friend, your polite manner is commendable and since you are reading the 'book" as we speak, happy reading.
    You couldn't have been any bold when you stated your Ethiopian citizenship, again a welcome change.
    You had engaged so many in so many different topics, albeit in amharic and on my part, i can't make head or tail of it cause my amharic is limited.
    But one thing that we as Eritreans and you as Ethiopian should do is, not feel our neighbourliness is in anyways different than that of the other neighbours our respective countries share: the Sudan and Djibouti being the ones.

    We are not in a rivalry or some kind of competition but antagonizing over one's right to exist and the other's desire to deny and possess what was not to begin with.

    You want Eritrea with/out Eritreans, but failed miserably and once again you are telling us you will have your day. In the language of your forefathers ' beso alchebeTn' once again!

    As to gebru, he should have written children's book and should have it titled: "gebru k'fuE meGabru!" As in "Tenkologna Kebede"

  37. Emancipate yourself
    from mental slavery!
    all i can say is: lets learn to see things from different angle, which serves us as respectfull human beings.

  38. አኔ፡መንነተይ፡ምፍላጥ፡እንተደሊካ።ወድ፡ኢሪ፡ኢያ።

  39. ኤርትራዊ፡ብተፈላለየ፡አንግል፡ምርአይ፡ይክእሉ፡ኢዩም፡ጥራይ፡እዚኦም፡ተ

  40. You mean all agame websites do not write articles about eritrea. Please tell me another lie. Go vomit at your favorite agame site, because you stink.

  41. Mr. "kesheger"

    If you are reaching out to Eritreans as an individual, you should know we do not have hatred towards individual Tigrayans nor other Ethiopians. However, you have seen that we express our anger towards those who try to justify their government's refusal to abide by the binding agreement (often with repulsing excuses) it has entered with the aim of weakening and destroying our nation.

    From what you write (although I often doubt your seriousness), I can tell that you are one of those who advocate that the people of the disputed (no more disputed!) areas know which ones belong to Eritrea and which ones belong to Ethiopia and therefore should decide on the fate of the disputed (once again, no more disputed!) land. This is a mere delay mechanism intended to frustrate Eritreans and nullify the EEBC decisions. All that kind of idea should have been exercised before 1997-1998 during the talks between the Eritrean and Tigrayan/Ethiopian committees before the war and before the Algiers Treaty. Your delegation was not even ready to talk.

    You know that thousands of lives perished to reach where we are today. The Algiers agreement that established the EEBC went through painstaking processes to rich where we are. We know all this is about the ego of your leaders which has been damaged by the decisions (check wikileaks) and is an attempt to extract what they have not achieved through war and the court of law by causing hardship on Eritrea and Eritreans. This is hostile--your government is adding to the injury it has caused to our people and to our nation every day it is delaying implementing the EEBC decision and through its machinations with the help of its bosses in the UN.

    I think what you should do is to tell your leaders to stop all this nonsense so that the two brotherly people can continue with their peaceful lives. Seriously speaking, you have more chance convincing your government to give up the current stance towards Eritrea by first implementing the EEBC (vacate all occupied Eritrean territories) than convincing Eritreans with whatever arguments you have here.

    P.S. Also, tell your government to stop using the Red Sea as a political tool to garner support from its population and all of you, stop coveting our Red Sea!

  42. Once again your racist, hateful and nonsensical argument is here. "Escalate the pressure to boiling point!" Dream on! To whose advantage? To the Weyane and to you the "opposition" who are waiting to be driven to power on top of their tank?

    I have no doubt that the Eritrean people do not even consider you in their thought let alone as an alternative to governance!

    On a positive note, It is good that you tell us about your nonsensical arguments for you let everyone know who you are as individuals and as a group!

  43. get out you agame sheyanie

  44. Eliza,
    The people of Agame region in Tigray as the majority of Ethiopians were under the worst backward feudal rulers for hundreds of years and the result they were exposed to poverty, ignorance and disease. At the present they are free people and are striving to get rid of poverty and ignorance, whilst, we, Eritreans in the contrast at the present we are under a worst dictatorial regime which is equivalent to the old Ethiopian feudal rulers. Eritrean youth, under the pretext of National service are being enslaved by the feudal rulers of PFDJ. The land of Eritrean people is confiscated by the government to be given to the loyalists of the regime. My dear, even what we were thinking it is only the work of Agame "Belles" is being sold by Eritrean women and children.
    Long live king of kings AssyAss Afwerqi Abraha

  45. Excellent-good articulated replay/ with content

  46. EriRat- what the heck are you saying? Why you try to involve me between you and your uncle ghosT

  47. Deki Erey:
    My wife and I are planning to travel to Eritrea with two of our kids (6 and 8). We got a good deal via Turkish airline. We are staying with family members for about six weeks.

    With the electric, water and other necessity shortages we here in our country I am a little concern, especially for my young kids . Any suggestions or tips from anyone? Any tips that would make our trip to Eritrea pleasant is appreciated.

  48. Yemane tsegay,
    Suggestion No.8 ( removing the books from shelves) is funny. Gebru is an ethiopia and he is defending his country according to his vision.I dont think that is wrrong. His book makes in fact clear that we have issue which we need to iron out with our ethiopian neighbours

  49. I think you just got angry because i said agame. this can make you angry because your one of them.

  50. Shaebia, they should kill this mad man.

  51. It's the other way my friend.

  52. Z curse its not my fault if every Agame comment that written appears as yours, i really do not understand it, its as if my computer just put your your brothers and your wife's family into one classification as Z curse: birds of the feather fly together - you know what i mean!

    Madote: why does this keep happening? is it just to me or what? its really annoying and i have made comments on this issue a number of times, so why does it keep happening? i know they are all kins but we need to separate them maybe its time to just tattoo with a number in the forehead!

  53. Mr Kesheger, firstly you may find Ato Gebru's book informative...that's good for beginner people like you....secondly i disagree with you that most of the negative comments on this forum is not because of " your hollow rhetoric..".. you really need to understand these twisted mind people ( WEYANE)...and moreover your hero Ato Ghebru...he's a great person in creating and spreading hate and animosity between the two a leading figure, he should have tried to calm down and cool the anger that existed between these 2-people...instead he was adding fuel on Mr. Kesheger we know what Ato Ghebru is and what are his motives are

  54. -ass Rat LOL
    Bella wedi Adey :)
    You still have a lot to learn from the horse mouth Ass Rat
    "because of the color of your eyes" .....LOL

  55. Lol give me your adress so i Will send you your medication.

  56. Regardless long as you don't consider staying there your whole life, you don't have to worry about anything. Tell your kids to watch out for the traffic coz there are a lot of bad drivers. Others than that I am sure they will enjoy the country side of the nation and Massawa.
    PS. Don't for get to take with you all necessary medicines.

  57. As long as you don't consider staying there your whole life........

  58. I never said they did or did not. You are assuming I said that. My question to you is, why do you guys have so many topics about Ethiopia? Isn't there other countries in the region of Eritrea? Yet you guys love talking about Ethiopia. I just wondered why? That's all. You should also treat people with respect instead of calling them "agame" and immediately insulting them as soon as they ask you a question.

  59. Why should I? Isn't this topic about my country? LOl

  60. That's not me, by the way.

  61. እንታይ፡ዝብል፡ዘሎ፡እዚ፡አጋሜ???

  62. ጎጃሜው፡ገብሩ፡አስራት፡ብዛእባ፡ኤርትራዩ፡ዝዛረብ፡ዘሎ፡ዋላስ፡ብዛእባ፡አጋሜ????

  63. EriRat, you getting dumber dumber. Why don't you get a job instead of smoking weed everyday? I can give you tel numbers where they offer help to junk like you. Kkkkkk

  64. To ghost,
    that's my way of showing my affection, how much I love agame people, you have to call spade a spade.. so that's why I call dirty inferior, pathological lairs people, Agames.
    Their is a reason why my forefathers named a road after you people. Libi tigrai.
    So if we eritreans and ethiopian talk about you weyane exit from power it's because we don't like you. Frankly speaking.

  65. እንታይ፡ብጠጠው፡ዝሞተ፡ሰብ፡እንታይ፡ግበር፡ትብልዮ፡ለኪ።

  66. Gele amHarU gEle tEgaru.......sEb maDote.

  67. It happens sometimes. A glitch of some sort with the Disqus thing, I believe. It sorts itself out assigning a post to its appropriate author later.

  68. We don't need to talk behind this bankrupted agame, is giving him voice and "kebret" in our web site, kedem zeterese..

  69. Do you see how much your agame wife has influenced you by your comment? So the whole issue with not meeting up with me is not just because you’re not man enough but mainly due to being too agame to buy me coffee in our date?
    Well you know me and you know that I always take care of my business to the point that you want me to teach you about the bees & the birds!

    So do not worry I’ll take care of both us and we could even go to a restaurant and share a happy
    meal. I guess the hotairdynamic is not rising up well!

    P.s. clearly it should be me who should get you help, but how twisted hearted are you to try to connect me with ‘help’, who you know from your own experience and as a good example could
    not help a junky like you

  70. You know where I live and if you are man enough to come by - I give you my word, which you know I never break that I’ll show you my mastery in the
    kitchen, I’ll make you a legendary the best Rich Man’s food (shiro) you ever had, its gives you balls!!

  71. kkkkk "I Guess It Takes One To Know One"

    (Where(I) Is(am) Z Cursed Rat • 2 days ago

    Gebru Ass Rat is living in the past. Can someone know his head and bring him back to 21 century!)

  72. EriRat, I will be glad to meet you face to face when the time is right. Don't worry about paying the restaurant bill, I am Eritrean and I will show you Eritrean hospitality.

  73. Yankee lapdogs.good one kkkkkkkkkkkk

  74. You must be hard headed like a rock. First of, no one is talking about Ethiopia, we are talking about the weyane Ethiopia. Second, why would we talk about others countries. You are the hostile neighbors to us, who still invaded our land. It is a curse to have you as neighbors. Dumb ass.

  75. Bella Michael for your point and even for the arab description..bravo

  76. he just mad because i call his brother agame. kkkkkk

  77. because your father written a book about Eritrea not Ethiopia dummy. you people...

  78. You are simply phony. If you were not, you would have stood up for Naizgi kflu, a veteran EPLF fighter, when the con artists and impostor denied his remains a decent burial in his native country.
    It is not enough to verbalize in general terms " Nnebari selam Zkales Ghedli...... " , if you are truly what you say, you have to fight also for our people in general and Heroes in particular whom the con artist and usurper isaias afeweerqi humiliated. Remember, you cannot fight in the abstract ( general ) but in particular.
    You have to fight for the implementation of our constitution and restoration of our Baito which the con artist willfully abolished. Stop being a parrot and apologist of this hoax and fraudulent president. Such a hoax and corrupt person in our highest office is not positive example for our young generation.
    It is not enough to talk of what our external eternal enemies are plotting on our country and people, you must understand the cause of our weakness that motivated them to dream of hurting us at this time. Have you ever heard of our good old adage, Qdmi W'hij, Megedi W' hij Tsreg. The cause of current weakness is none other than the con artist isaias afeweerqi. You must join us removing him and his cabals, if you are in deed what you say.

  79. Your Tigrigna is bastard of the tembien dialect , hard to fathom. You better go to agame website where you will probably feel at home. By the way, are you related to isaias afeweerqi? Remember, he is also from tembien.

  80. This guy is in full HATRED for ERITREA we remember what he used to say to inflame WAR against our beloved country and to inject his poison to Ethiopians that Eritreans are saying this or that he is Devil Mad Man lives back in past this is not HISTORY becouse we know our history very well i have one question for TEGARU why you are the only Ethiopians visiting Eritreans website ?So what the hell you want from us again ???

  81. ትግሪኛካ፡bastard፡ንዝበልካዮ፡ተቀቡሌየለኩ።ግና፡ከምዚም፡ኮይኑ፡ከምዚ፡ካብ፡ትሸአተ፡ብሂራትና፡ውሽጢ፡ካብ፡ዝኮነ፡ብትግሪኛ፡እፍትን፡አለኩ።እስካ፡ትፅህፎ፡ዘለካ፡ካብ፡ብሄራትና፡ወፃኢ፡ስለዝኮነ፡መንነትካ፡ንምፍላይ፡ብዙህ፡ጊዜ፡ዘሀትት፡ኢዩ።

  82. he con artist isaias has been saying exactly what you are saying, that he is Eritrean, but his action is diametrically opposite, unEritrean, and surrounds himself with tegaru.

    In addition to your bastard language,by supporting his destructive action, you too make your true identity crystal clear . As you know, you can run but you can't hide.

    By the way, in the land of accursed tigrai, your libi always grows twi twai, but because what you claim and what you do are always contradictory, you are easily spotted. You can't get away with your malicious lies.

  83. Mr. Mokonnen, my apologies for delayed response, and first, i am not a grave digger especially of those dear and near martyrs of our blessed Eritrea.
    On the many heroes of our struggle; those no longer present physically and the physically present 'SuAut' including PIA, my respect and appreciation is more than heartfelt and beyond " phoney" , and a true source of inspirationand ssteadfastness in the face of adversary and ill-wishes and deeds.
    Mr. Mokonnen, we are no more in the business of fear and had long ago stopped 'mElay meghedi whij', we have held the bull by the horns and flipped it in mid air and have our knees on its neck on a choke-hold. No fugitive whij will steel our precious minerals and run away cross-border "safe haven" shishay guana kkewn. We have built our dams from toker, tekera fanko and so on; anseba, gash, mereb tekeze and felket to the north.
    But to come to your pressing question, for the sake of the families of the affected and for those of us indebted for the selfless dedication if the veterans and the so no veterans of the independence and the safeguarding of it; i choose not to comment on individual and particular events and mishaps, may Naizghi rest in peace and hisfamily and country celebrate him for his contributions.
    You see, Mr. Mokonnen that is why i said gebru is out of place and out of his leagues, he belongs in the aigaland of illusions and makebelieves and not with our heroes mentions.
    Yes, Nnebari Selam Zkales Ghedli....

  84. Sheyanie hahahahaha.....

  85. That was the reason I called you phony. The family of Naizgi Kflu need justice they have been denied by the con artist isaias afeweerqi who have been subjugating our people for more than twenty years with your support.
    Adding insult to their injury, you tell me that you withheld comment on the injustice for the sake of the unjustly treated? That is perverse!
    But again, I would not expect from you any justice, when I know full that you are supporting a con artist who has been fraudulently occupying the highest office of pour land unelected, willfully abolishing our Constitution and Baito( Congress); incarcerating senior EPLF officials in his underground dungeon without due process of law for more than ten years and is setting our country total annihilation.
    The reason you refused to talk on the plight of the remains of Naizgi Kflu is not what alleged but because you are inherently spineless, slavish stooge.
    But remember, your cowardly behavior is setting up for at least two embarrassing situations:
    1. The treacherous con artist will readily cast you away as soon your presence is some how disadvantageous to him. Learn from Naizgi Klflu and many others.
    2. The con artist will soon be behind bars by the evolving force of genuine Eritreans who will spite on your face as a traitor.
    You must understand, you are now in the ranks of the former Wedo Gebas because you are serving slavishly an Ethiopia wolf in sheep clothing. Mark My words!!

  86. Ghebru Asrat is a Woyane beggar and he cant think any different than the rest of them.
    The Woyane trick is very simple. All Woyanes, the living and the dead, are finding themselves increasingly isolated and target by the majority of Ethiopians, simply because they have been raping and murdering Ethiopians for 23 years. Woyanes are on a survival mission and the only way they figure they will survive the wrath of Ethiopians is by proving their Ethiopian identity and commitment to Ethiopia. Woyanes figure they can accomplish this goal by rallying Ethiopians and going after Eritrea. They are assuming that Eritreans will simply rollover and die. They also think that the outcome this time around would be different than the outcomes of the1961 to 1991 and 1998 to 2001 wars. They also assume Ethiopians and Eritreans have forgotten the death and destruction they endure.
    Mr. Asrat, how about you cross the border and find out if you are going to make it back home. Jackass Woyane dedeb


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