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540 Ethiopians Massacred in Western Ethiopia over Regime's Land Grab Policy

Amhara People in Western Ethiopia

540 Ethiopians Massacred in Western Ethiopia over Regime's Land Grab Policy

By Diplomat,

The Voice of America (VOA) Amharic Service, on its October 21 special program, reports the killing of over 540 people, mostly from the Amhara ethnic group, in a conflict with the Mezenger people in the Gambella region of Western Ethiopia.

The gruesome massacre that started in the town of Meti, Godere zone on September 10th was a direct consequence of the ill-fated land grab policy of the Ethiopian government.

According to the VOA, the under reported massacre specifically started when government started to forcefully evict Mezenger people from their ancestral land in order to give it away to a recently retired TPLF Generals for “investment” purposes and the illegal campaign of selling lands that ensued following the arrival of hundreds of ‘Tirgrayans‘ as ‘workers‘ to the TPLF ‘investors‘.

As expected, the main stream media and right groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch turned a deaf ear to the extraordinary massacre of Ethiopians by the regime.

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540 Ethiopians Massacred in Western Ethiopia over Regime's Land Grab Policy Reviewed by Admin on 5:01 PM Rating: 5


  1. And what does this had to do with us???

  2. entay daá deqi ere yimesla eten anisti, ergxegnatat dikhum atum seb,

  3. yes you are agame, you don't care about the other ethnic groups. dirty agame.

  4. of course you are agame so you don't care about the amhara.

  5. You are absolutely right, they do look like 'deki ere'. Didn't you know? it is a new fashion in Tigray to look like Eritrean. Dance, sing, dress, talk like an Eritrean is the current fashion in Tigray. Sahasah, kodar, toguar agame dedebit!!!!

  6. Wizee, injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere! MLK?


  8. What about the injustice in Eritrea? There is not a single nation that the people are in worse condition than Eritrea.

  9. ati gual tigageyi alekhi.
    netom kalót daa'constitutional right tewahibwom baélom nibaélom yigedesu ember ane daá entay hillfi aleni.
    qicha tiray lemidki brundo/tre siga ti'hsemi aleki, hamed daa' biloo' atum hasusat. tigray ab mibraq africa zela hanti ethiopiawit jedah koyna ala mo visa terekhibkis edi'lki fetni daa, gize tegelbita tegaru eritreawian agrad/maids/ yidelyu alewu.
    dehan ayt'hreqi daá gual ere shukor abay maákor, tezeylo addis ababa eri bekentu ke adetatki 'ztikhoreelu keliee'srah dema shrmutna aleki kem memarexi re.ayiyo.
    ibrahim hadish agame./zegnetey slezqeyerku eyu.

  10. they might be some of the new eritrean domestic workers /maids/ in tigray, hahaha ata kondaf agame, agame endabelka libkha tefióo, entekhone nebokha hiteto kabey ena elka, ab wushti second mereb kitshager eikha. kid sebáy entekhonka hiteto alo do abokha wala nsinai kulitu khisheyit kedu alo, kid arkibelu waga kulit wesikha ala, hanti nay abokha hanti natka, nay nabrakhum wuhsnet tirekb ekha, dahray nab tigray mexiekha felegnamo koinka bhanti kulit ktnebr eikha.

  11. That's exactly my point, i don't know if this Ethiopians of amhara origin protested the woyane occupation of sovereign Eritrean territory uprooting and killing the innocent Nationals; but i will not sit quiet and look the other way; amhara are people too, you know? Thank you for siding with truth over prejudices!

  12. abetye ezgio,
    tegedasi nethiopiawian dima konka ata nefahito!! nay nebska giber, adikha titefiee'ala, tom zhabukha khmintilukha eyom, wala kemóo eikha ti'deli, guhaf endikha,

  13. My neighbour to the south; i don't know how you found it necessary ti speak on behalf of my good friend wizee, but i found your comment rather peculiar for no Nation let alone Ethiopian will boast about giving a country(Eritrea) away in its entirety- Sea and Land, and cry over a hamlet the size of madote islet. The plains of badme (150 sqkm) that you tried to create facts on the ground are no longer in your vocabulary and soon too will be the town of badme. Kokobay is encircled, can you make a move? DEMHIT did cross-border HIT, how are you fairing frailed friend ?

  14. qrare suwa:)))
    i have to confess that i found your approach is better than many in this forum, atlist you do not bad mouth as much, and i read your comments, most of the time, they are OK for an eritrean person, but you still need to get yourself corrected that, the issue of badme is a dead issue, for your own good:))) all agreements have been nullified, so it is not only badme now we have regretted it to give you a country in a silver plate so think about it. we might come back to claim what is ours naturally:((((::))))) it will be your turn to be land nocked, what do you think?

  15. i forgot .
    why are you relaying on dem-hit, are you admitting that you do not have your own forces to face weyanti, my mistake 110,000 of them are in mai aini, shimelaba refugee camps, the rest are on vacation in sudan :))) again it will be considered a suicide if you shoot even by a mistake/barqo/ you'll be devastated with the out come, you do not believe me, ask your mad dog wedi medhin haftna aka bokasa he'll tell you the truth. badme no badme your existence is in question as far as you do not stop harboring against tegaru.

  16. Dankalawi Eritrea AfarOctober 29, 2014 at 2:00 AM

    They are Ethic Amhara but even f they are Tegaro or Eritreans still they are human been you know eveybody call Amharic Speakers Amahar so
    this is result of land grabing nest is Tegaro.

  17. I agree that is why i said leave badme now and prosper today. Accept the blenders you made and aplogize with compensation to the people you have wronged, and as always, as forgiving as we are will say let bygone be bygone; but we will never forget. Ever vigilant!

    As to why DEMHIT? With my limited amharic, allow me to say Hskokn B'eshok.
    However it may take it is a known fact the mudgale will be poached out 'Ms LeqotaA!'

    On the one 10k shimAlba residents, more could have been said, but again no Eritrean wwherever it may be will never abandon his/her love of Eritrea and her children. But the 'unknown' souls you have tormented and abused, will find a name and will be vindicated.

    On my light use of the word agame, just look at it as a salad dressing; I for one have no disrespect for jeganu InderTa tegaru, Ere Nmukuanu Harisu dyu enyo etee tigraway?

    The ever enthusiastic kolA tigray is always much missed, what she lucks in communication she makes it up in effort.

    Krare suwa? You probably borrowed it from the amatuare diplomat at the U.S. embassy; i would be bitter too if i was confined to the premise of my post. Roosevelt st. In asmara takes you to setanta otto, just pass the embassy there is santa ana high and behind it radio marina, PIA' hood. Ironically you embassy use to be right in front of it, its vacant now.
    Remember the cherry tomatoes?

  18. (Out of context)

    RIP Col. Mengistu Haile Mariam!
    An honorable enemy who ordered a respectful burial to one of our
    heroic martyrs killed during the 'successful commando operation'
    in the International Asmara Airport.
    A noble implicit act that meant he also respected the rest of our
    An honorable enemy indeed! RIP.


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