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Eritrea: Leaked UNSC New Resolution

United Nations Security Council 

Eritrea: Leaked UNSC New Resolution

The comedy circus that is known as the Somalia-Eritrea Monitoring Group has been extended for another year, according to draft resolution adopted by UNSC this month.

The news comes as the UN monitoring group admitted in their latest report that it had found no evidence of Eritrean support for the Somali group al-Shabab, and after the SEMG's corrupt finance expert on Eritrea, Mr. Dinesh Mahtani, resigning when a leaked document written by him showed he was using his position to seek regime change in Eritrea.

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Eritrea: Leaked UNSC New Resolution Reviewed by Admin on 5:02 PM Rating: 5


  1. this true. If this is the case please verity and let us know.

  2. Which “organization” would you choose to upgrade the United Nations:

    (A) Al-Qaida

    (B) Boko-Haram
    (C) Woyane

    (D) Mexican Drug Cartel

    (E) ISIS

    (F) Any of the Above

  3. "sami"
    Once Agame Always Agame.

  4. Kondaf Agame. Meakorka Tsereg Kedmi Hateftef.

  5. Bad news for the regime and good news for the Eritrean people. It's seems like the dictator and his regime are about to be pushed of the cliff.

    HGDEF Adina Gidef

  6. Since when does Kondaf Agame care for Eritrean people?
    Once Agame Always Agame!

  7. PFDJ "friends" China voted in favor of extending SEMG's mission. Russia abstained from voting.

    Our leaders are useless. We need actions! Not lip service.

    Get Ethiopia out of our land or get out of the way and let someone else lead the country.

  8. Lets see which moron tries to blame to USA/CIA/Ethiopia for this one.

  9. Eritrea: UNSC document S/2014/757 & Resolution S/RES/2182 (2014) are now Public

    Resolution 2182 (2014)

    Adopted by the Security Council at its 7286th meeting, on

    24 October 2014

  10. Are you denying the role of the USA in pushing the false information against Eritrea?

  11. Please. There are never friends only interests in geopolitics.
    Plus these sanctions are toothless. Remember it was Russia which made sure the sanctions did not include mining revenue as your "friends" wanted. So Russia did help Eritrea.

  12. Few days ago weyane's soldiers have killed more than 600 innocent ethiopian people from Mezenger tribe, these inhuman way of killing people the ethiopian people determine to give Weyanes one way ticket to hell miseries, now let me ask you Defer blame, never same, and hager deki tsemokite sawa, we told many times this danger website for Weyanes and their agents however we this weyane unleashed their stray dogs. These troubles Weyanes are getting momentum these forces will engulf or eradicate weyanes and their trace of DNA from land ethiopiams.beggars and rowfate hell is coming soon to ther door steps. True Eritrean think on the bright side weyanes always are hasdat

  13. I think this is good lessen to Eritreans

  14. My would be (F) Any of the Above the match answer.

  15. We get a better lesson when the ass whole world was helping the derg regime: west, east, anyone was helping him to eliminate the Eritrean being. Final: fiasco. Eritreans prevail and get their INDEPENDENCE not gifted like many of the world by the resolution of 1960..
    We don't get surprised when us, un, au, eu help the puppet regime (wey ane) in ethiopia now, they did it already with derg.
    Finally of all: Eritreans will prevail deki haras anbessa as usual.

    Kullu gizie
    Awet Ne Haffash

  16. shame on you POE (president of Eritrea) ! You have isolated Eritrea, humiliated Eritreans, imprisoned our heros, jailed our spiritual leaders, forced out our young people, made the country crippled and corrupted and your final mission to surrender Eritrea under DMHIT is on target.

    Sham on you Eritreans who support this person.

  17. sham on you siding with the ageme. but also you are one of them.

  18. agame komal soon your masters will abandon. all those you abuse will destroy you all. your End is coming sooner than you think.

  19. You think the two ropes around your neck will ever be lifted unless you stop your destabilization policy is the joke of the year on your people and the only ways that you can get out of your own mess will be you the shabis but not UN or any body.

  20. Googleman,

    what are you talking about?

  21. Eliza, I advice you to listen to the Assena interview of Mewail Measho, former cyclist and member of 7th round national service. He left the country and he is in Tgray refugee camp. He tells the ugly truth of the regime which is killing our nation.
    Wake up!

  22. don't divert the situation from its main root.

  23. Mexican Drug Cartel....The UN doesn't even follow its charter. It is a tool for the powerful to assert their will on the less fortunate...hence the drug cartel seems to fit their organization. If if it was about world peace..they would have arrested over half of the dictators during one of their summits.

  24. All of them without exception !

  25. Why should He feel ashamed, when He knows that plan 'B'
    i..e. To decompose Weyane and its manipulators for good,
    using Weyane's own megalomaniac manners is working/
    functioning in a perfect way?

    N.B. Shaebian plan 'B' is totally a new concept of warfare never applied before in any of the past wars.

    Hint: The Red Ant Approach.

  26. Former cyclist refugee in Tigray?
    From hassina or ?
    You must be kidding!

  27. Nobody will blame them.....we know that they're playing our game.

  28. Isias is from tigray can verify it.

  29. GUdam,
    Where is Meles the Frog?

    Are you that s...l...o...w ? History already repeated.

  30. Meles is Back for just Halloween time.
    He has message from Mengistu for all Agames.

  31. Are we going to listen to 100,000 martyrs who defended the motherland or the self centered hadami Mewail?
    Idiot, the question is not about PIA or Shaebia, it is about the Motherland Eritrea against the stupid UN Corporatiion who trampled upon our rights for 60 years. Stop bulshitting with Assenna's hired agents.
    We will Never Kneel Down!

  32. You are the one who is dead who needs closure. May be check your background. No self respecting Eritrean will listen to Assenna, Asmarino, or Awate. They are hired agents paid to divide Eritreans based on Region & Religion. We're not going to fall for their dirty games. All what we care about, at this moment, is how to preserve Eritrea and defeat Woyane AT ANY COST.

  33. idiotic Habesha of 3000 years inqoqlish,
    UN and its owners have been there for 69 years, be it with Haile qorit, Mengistu or Woyane. Learn where "Mama Ethiopia" of yours is heading.
    On the other hand, no UN has prevented us from our objectives or our independence. Our economic independence will follow in the right time.
    Denqoro Habesha, it is the relative peace in your country and your own people that matter, not foreigner UN.

  34. I'm sure you've learned what rope on whose neck is wrapped around. You think tge auN will save your ass!
    እያረሩ መሳቅ ይሉታል ወገኖችህ!

  35. May be you can lead us to total destruction, bro!
    Tranquillo! Slow but steady wins the race! No need to jump up & down like a rabbit. Follow Gobiye!
    It is not the first time the UN sabotaged our rights and won't be the last. We will walk on our own pace, in the right time and space. Until then, do your part, not thru your heart, in emotions but using your head!

  36. ata hadami Kede'A stop lying with your shithole

    just as yesterday you still a house Kede'A, and thus have no right to call yourself Eritrean

  37. true idiot kkkk and he says it with pride "UN Secretary....World Bank" kkk and i bet you're going to claim how you've never been colonised???? kkkkk

  38. sorry to correct the time (69 years) but they've been there since Menelik the 2nd... who do you think put Haile Selassi into power?

  39. retarded girl don't worry about as we always believe by our self that why we did not colonize by any one.

  40. Cruse, i don't feel shame since will be the mission of my life to support Shaebia and Eritrean people if i ever will see anyone to touch Her (Eritrea), Shaebia is the unique strong peoples power whi is defending Eritrea from agame at the moment, i don't believe on those bunch who sit in mekele, i can't think they are good will people since they sit with our enemy.
    Male Shaebia, yom Shaebia, fejir Shaebia.

  41. wedi agame don't include in this scheme the other ethiopians states (oromo, gambella, amhara's, ogaden, welayta, even some tigrayans) to let you out from disaster, they hate you all, if you were brilliant we could see differences from the past ethiopian rulers, you're just repeating the same error derg, haile sallyse did, i don't see any different end from what they get for you, look all the above ethiopian groups they hate much one can survive with fair of being slaughtered one day/night.

  42. Jeginawu Menge!!!!!!!

  43. True comrade Aman, action, what Eritrea needs of her citizens is action: intellectual, manual..not talks and specially those prone to divide us. Then forget also those who sit in mekele and pretend to bring something good to our people. How this can happen when they sit with those who hate the real existence of Eritrea and Eritreans? How i can support those "eritreans" who beg the west to sanction their homeland? Isn't my sister, my mother, my nephew, my country men/women as whole paying the consequence of it?
    Shall i share the same idea with this sell-out people?
    b Eritran hezban zemetsani, weyleu, wala agame yekun, wala sheyati addu yekun, any.

    Mogos netom nezi ziegenet kewhebuni zetesewu u Jeganu Semaetatna..

    Wetru Awet Ne Hafash

  44. Just listen to his interview and come back to me. If you have functioning head you will understand how our country is in a drain hole.

  45. Spike in Eritreans fleeing into EthiopiaMore than 200 risk their lives every day, UN says, crossing a heavily-fortified border between arch enemy states.

  46. Shabia died long time ago when heros like petros solomon, haile, sheriff, uqube, the two Asters....went to concentration camp. Now you are ruled by HiGDEF juntas and DEMHIT.

  47. EriRat what's up? You still in a denial mode?

  48. how did you know they hate as? are you doing research? or simply you accept the propaganda of Ethiopian opposition and Shabiya? let me ask you if people hate weyanie why it is in power for more than 23 years?

  49. just suppressing poor people who can't defend themselves, but wait you remember what you did to the oromo university students when they make riot? Do you remember what you did to the whole ethiopian mass after the 2005 cheated election result? use exactly what haile selasi did, you did what dergue did.
    You know what end both of them did? What do you expect for you different if you behave the same way? Why you pretend ethiopians love you when you seed hate among all?

  50. I never listen to disgruntled traitors.
    Whatever he may have to say won't be different from the decade old Weyane dictated script.
    "Our country"? Which country are you alluding to?

  51. Shaebia will never die, it's not a party, group or a mere sports club, it's people and the 'soul' of the past, present and future generations to come.

    The people you have mentioned are human carcasses who were supposed to be eliminated the day they were arrested, they are kept alive to show Shaebia's greatness.
    e.g. The 60 high ranked Ethiopians massacred
    within an hour or two in one day?!

  52. That is very easy to answer. It's in power thanks for its prostitution and the money billions of dollars it gets for its dirty proxy services.
    The Ethiopian people have been choked by hunger and misery for long years and presently they are being purposely showered by fake promises of wealth and abundance.
    They are being bought.

  53. I don't know where your country is but mine is Eritrea. The Eritrea I'm born at, the Eritrea my father's, mothers, brothers and sisters paid an ultimate price is under attack not only by external woyane but internal woyane s. You are the supporter of the domestic enemies who are terrorizing our nation. Look at where we are Today!

  54. Now I know you are agame pretending Eritrean.

  55. up here a lot, how's it down there Cursed Rat? I though you undrstood that by now, i'm always denying liers Cursed Rat.

  56. That's all? Yes, I'm an Agame but due to my good luck, I'm a Shaebian Agame.

    Now back to your phantasmagoria aka jailbirds....they once were active members of Shaebia but alas! Lucifer/Satan was also one of the heavenly angels. Judas Iscariot was one of the 12 Apostles.
    As a traitor, you surly know what treason means but I doubt that you know what sedition is...(offense of organizing or encouraging opposition to govt. in a manner, speech/writing...that falls short of the more dangerous offenses constituting treason).

    Have fun and read about:
    Thomas Cromwell, was a principal adviser to England's Henry VIII.
    Louis-Jean Malvy, once a French minister of the interior.
    Emilio De Bono, Italian general minister of state of Benito Mussolini.
    Quisling Vidkung, Norwegian minister of state.
    Thomas Seymour, high admiral of England.
    I could go on to list more to make you understand that the GoE is saintly in comparison to other nations history of handling traitors, but it's futile...I need only tell you that, Shaebia is for ever and any one who opposes it falls in between a sledge hammer and an anvil.

  57. A worthy question/statement you ever posed:
    "Look at where we are today!?".

    I possess the privilege or am in a position to tell you: Today we are at decisive crossbar, a penultimate step of a long tortuous ladder made of multidimensional conspiracies, tougher than the hurdles we faced during our glorious liberation struggle.

    History will testify again:
    Never in the history of conflicts, a war was won by the few in number defeat a million times larger opponents equipped only with perseverance and a strong will and courage.

    Viva Shaebia! Long live PIA !

  58. you always repeat, it's the same comment you gave to Alec you. with a different person. someone did this someone did that, there is always someone to betray his or her country. so what, we are here for eritrea no matter what. i know you trying so hard to divide by saying Assena said this and that, who cares. only the ageme. don't waste your time and mine until the end we are SHEBIA.

  59. kkkkk, always run in the past when the rope coming knocking on your door.

  60. No his not, but you are.


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