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Eritrea’s path to success

Eritrea views education as key to its long term success. Photo: Students in Asmara

Eritrea’s path to success

By: Berhane Woldu

Since WWR II the world has experienced extraordinary growth. In Africa however, according to statistical report, there are 7 million more hungry Africans, 30 million more illiterate people; 10 million more families without homes 40 million more unemployed persons than there were 20 years ago. There are 240 million human beings in Africa without the necessities of life, and this is when the region is richer and more stable than ever. Its true there has been growth in Africa but also incredible poverty and misery. High growth and so much misery how do you reconcile those two statements?

Africa is a very fascinating diverse continent, rich in mineral and human resources that are being wasted. There is extraordinary wealth and riches, and incredible poverty. The slums of the urban areas are appalling and rural areas are worse. African leaders have ensured that Democracy couldn’t work. The power is often in the hands of “minority regimes” that hold the wealth of the nation. Citizens are marginalized and factionalized in various ways; fractured political constituencies, barriers against unified working-class, exploitation of ethnic conflicts. The high level of inequality which is the highest in the world is an invitation for chaos. This inequality has not just come from heavens.

Growing part of the population suffering from the serious inequities of the society, would “secretly sigh for a more equal distribution of life’s blessings; but, if they had democratic power they would do more than sigh. Madison

To the contrary, Eritrea’s struggle for independence had matured into a cohesive national society. The Eritrean People’s liberation Front (EPLF) tolerated no discrimination of ethnicity, or religious divides. It was inclusive, equal, indiscriminate egalitarian social structure that fostered environment conducive for intellectual, laymen, women the entire society to work collectively in order to achieve their goal for independence in unity. This is the culture the EPLF cultivated and has afforded Eritrea its might. The Western countries are very much opposed to Eritrea’s independence and bitterly hate and condemn it with punitive actions.

Eritrea has isolated and addressed the causes of foreign influences and dominance. One such example is expanding education to all as a national priority to develop human capital. Educational reform in-conjunction with socioeconomic reforms and equalization of opportunities for the nation’s population are imperative if wealth creation is to benefit more than just a few cosmopolitan elites like in Nairobi, Addis Abeba or Johannesburg.

Eritrea is developing domestic industries, putting in place policies that work to meet indigenous needs-with a mindset of equal distribution of wealth. To that end Eritrea applies the “Philosophy of Self-reliance” and has increased production of goods for domestic needs and reduced inequality.

The basic principle being that the people of Eritrea should be the prime beneficiary of the country’s resources. Comparing rich people to poor people within countries in Africa the gap is much sharper one can conclude it will take a miracle to narrow wealth gap.

In Eritrea the income differences are minimal wealth is widely spread, land ownership is equitable with legally defendable property rights. Home ownership is widely spread if one states that 90% of the population owns its home; it might not be far-flung from the truth. The integrating extralegal land use into the formal property system giving squatters legal title is an example of the Government’s commitment to social justice. Eritrea is well ahead of many African countries in health, education, infrastructure and women’s rights. Village development programs are impressive. Income has increased, technology and electrification has transformed villages. Life expectancy and adult literacy rates have increased significantly. Infant mortality rate is low. Villages are egalitarian and self-governing with planed agricultural diversification and agricultural researches where by a farmer could seek help for pests or seeds that have high yields. Water reservoirs are in place drip irrigation system is commonly used. Private farm cooperatives have flourished. There are roads to transport farmer’s goods to the urban areas. The people have strong relations among them and high sense of support for one another. There is no taxation on the villagers, no property tax, and no income tax.

The social safety net programs are in place. The government provides broad national benefits for unemployment, sickness, and disability, nationalized health care, and universally free public education. Pro-labor legislation is in place lifetime job security “cradle to grave” are ways of Social redistribution and equitable share of national wealth. In most of the African countries with so much wealth in natural resources the population lives in miserable poverty with vast income inequality.  

What is striking about Eritrea is that old, young, male and female are actively engaged in the national development activities. These are signs of economic growth you can’t put GDP numbers to certify; this is popular self-determination. Eritrea as a nation has set its priorities and it is using its national wealth for economic emancipation navigating a pragmatic path towards substantial and perceptible improvement in attaining to become high income country.

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Eritrea’s path to success Reviewed by Admin on 9:30 AM Rating: 5


  1. kkkkkkkk you got to be kidding. Most of them kids in the picture might be right now in sudan, ethiopia or libya as refugees.

  2. Stop diverting issues! If you can not read and understand the content of the article, I recommend you to go to school. qondaf woyane! jealous!

  3. Let us read this article very carefully and try to analyze the facts on the ground very fairly without jumping to a decision. I believe some of the facts mentioned above are correct but there are points very exaggerated f.e 90% of the house ownership etc. For instance If the above facts are all correct why are people leaving our country like mushroom? I left my country five years ago. When I first came from Ethiopia, most of the facts mentioned above were correct. Now from what I hear there are critical issues to be dealt with without 'kelealem'.

  4. With all due respect, Gasha, you do not seem to have any idea about facts on the ground.
    The bright future of our nation is inevitable, thanks to the many hardworking nationals who have the vision and tenacity to march despite all kinds of obstacles/lies thrown at people.
    I hope you are not one of those who do nothing but, expect everything from the nation who has been hard done for decades by external powers.
    As a true Eritrean national one should ask him/her-self as to what or how to contribute to help speed up the progress our beloved Eritrea is making!
    Long live free and prosperous Eritrea!

  5. All the above facts are true, and it is normal for people to look for a better or bitter life outside your country. Migration didn't start in Eritrea. People were and are moving, and migrating around the continent since century. Let alone the developing countries like Eritrea Africa, people were and are migrating from Europe to USA, Africa, Asia etc. and vise versa. Migration is not an issue, which can not influence Eritrea and people. It is personal choice.

    The 90% own their houses is true, I would say rather 100%. It depends on were you live. In Eritrea in villages they own house whether it is a hut, hedmo, villa etc. The nomads have their own way of living and they live in tents. So, it depends on which lifestyles you are accustomed too live.
    But if I compare villages with cities or towns there is shortage of houses in big cities.The standard of living is changing fast, and as a result many people who were living in villages moved to cities. There is shortage of houses and it is acceptable. It is a matter of time and it will be resolved. There is shortage of houses/residences around the continent let alone in Eritrea. I really don't know in which part of the continent you are living.

  6. Eritrea is on the right path. I have absolutely no doubt.

  7. Egzeeeeoo, abay tigraySeptember 7, 2014 at 2:17 PM

    Don forget to breath once in a while just so can irritae us regularly :) otherwise you'll turn BLUE and the DROP like a KISHA-DINISH whlie wising/waiting for that to happen :)

  8. If there in Ethiopia. Then they shouldn't be there cause that's were they belong they are maybe father and mother Ethiopia but born in Eritrea but it's just what you agame is saying

  9. Correction: they should be there*

  10. Egzeeeeoo, abay tigraySeptember 7, 2014 at 2:33 PM

    Just look at this embaba dimeslu HIGHLY EDUCATED ERITRAWYAN (david shinn) and then....
    Take a look at the INFERIORITY complex RIDDLED, self hating AGAME peasants(david shinn) ,the chosen ones,the top 1% sons&daughters of the african super powers, the kids of 12% growthers, busterds of the wenenty africa economy, the kids of africa map redrawers, economy & change bringers aka the woy anes, & udge for yourself & CLOSE your BIG mouth !

  11. Aythazelu ze hawey, suruhu yigebir alo , not peronal ;)
    Midinigar, mishikat, miliman, mihissad nay kedemom, abu kaa nyewu huzuy :)

    Look down there...¥¥¥ cadres at work, & he is one of them !

  12. The one and only thing you should do is - pick up your phone and call to your family in Eritrea (if you have one) then ask them when was the last time they had electrical power or when was the last time they had clean running water. Mr Zerqaq, in today's Eritrea, there is no water, electricity, medicine..... Nothing is functioning in that country.

  13. zerqaq ? Let me guess, this word is used in ONLY tgray
    am-azin ! LOL

  14. Agames are good on copying Eritrean names, songs, dialect and how to dress and dance..etc so why do not BE MEN ENOUGH, AVOID DEPENDANCE to copy Eritreans of OUR SELF-RELIANCE ??? Why not ??? Damn ! LOL

  15. 90%? 100%? Why are you ppl lying? NONE of the members in my direct family own a house in Eritrea.
    In fact z rent is exactly what is killing us. I've nothing against realistic positive news abt Eritrea but pls
    don't hide from the fact that our ppl are suffering both in and out of Eritrea. THAT is why we have an opposition
    and until all Eritreans learn to work together politically, there can be no tangible changes. Excluding dissenting voices,
    excluding criticism and the right to question those in power is what hinders our progress. We must embark upon
    a non-ethnic-based multi-party system SOON, a multi-party sytem wherein these various parties work together
    for a better Eritrea. Amongst other things we need a feminist party, a party for our enviromental and ecological concerns and then there are the gross violation of human rights issues which are not being addressed by the present
    regime. We can not continue to imprison and thus silence or exile dissenting voices, there is a v VALID thing
    called CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM and LISTENING to otherly views and perspectives and THIS is is what marks
    a great and civilised society.

    Awet n'Hafash!

  16. I don't really agree on self defense. This is a forum to discuss openly. What makes you happy makes me too!
    Yes I agree with you. Propagating the facts for those who blindly blame is my motto. When comparing with what has been done and what is remaining, what has been done for the well being of the people is great! The electricity problem is not an issue to me. I have lived without electricity, running water and toilet for three years. The running of young energetic people worries me a lot. As mentioned above the trend is good! Okey.

  17. In the situation were Eritrea is right now and looking objectively the last 15 years, the actual output is formidable if not unique, no other people nor country is able to afford what Eritreans overcome, resisting against all hindrances..Try to look it this way or ask if others could bear such might help

  18. you're on cracks for sure... what opposition, you mean your agame cousins - how's your wife? you don't even know you're contradicting your self..."a multi-party system wherein these various parties work together" ... one thing i'm 15000% against is a F****ing feminist party - i know now you are the really enemy of the Eritrean people (at the root of the European social problem is this F****ing feminist party/ ideology )- do you really understand what you just said you stupid... people like you and your whole blood line should be murdered with your heart put in display - you twisted hearted bastard

  19. "Habae kusulus habae medihanitu yibilu Tegaru". If what you written is true it is good but why the number of refuge cross from your country to as increase day to day? it should be Hinikakot as PIA once say.

  20. The problem Cane Libero, they don't have the ability or that gray substance to see all these things you said from all directions.

  21. Well said Asli.

  22. EriRat why don't you drink cool aid you welfare queen. You are showing your HeShe attitude in this Eritrean forum. You are not in San Francisco gay street forum, you are in Madote forum and I command you to act Eritrean.

  23. Cane Libero, the hindrance you are mentioning is a self inflicted hindrance and the government is the one to be blamed.

  24. I'm not convinced you are convinced of what you state, I would believe you if you have some point to rectify to suggest about what has been done. But if you failed everything what the Eritrean Leadership did in the past 23 years, you're not Honest and not rationale as a person as well and even if you propose some fresh option, you would be not credible.
    Imagine if you have some one in front of you and debate about a certain argument, concrete things with evidence, should convince you, and vice versa. Or try to be a judge you need to be objective (professional ethics) Denying everything as non existante, you risk your credibility and unfairness in front of your conscious.

  25. lool i think you already had all the AID... what? was speaking in agame tongue to hard for you ...SHEHE... don't worry i'll be slow & easy with you... but 'San Francisco gay street forum' .. come down now, no one is asking you about your personal sexual preferences, however in the wise words of my forefathers 'leba's keyhatekayo enasah' .....this is so funny, you really made my day... an agame is going to teach an Eritrean in how to be an Eritrean - the real twilight zone loool... you don't like it, it's almost unholy for you to see an Eritrean speaking and writing in your tongue. see how nasty and despicable it is, not only to be an agame but to speak & write like one? ... if you know this to be an Eritrean form, then what are you doing at a place where you're not invited or even welcomed? ... but true to your nature just like your fathers begging outside even at a wedding you're not invited... erdaka

  26. In the campaign of bad painting Eritrea, there are two types of persons: those who err for a lack of information or knowledge and those who willingly deny the reality. Last time in a table with friends i come to know that a certain people who not been in Eritrea the last 15 years or so, was blaming that nothing have been done after independence. How it can be accepted a declaration of this type. it's completely false

  27. at least you are transparent; we see your likes everywhere but more often at dedebit jr. high.

  28. stop writing with different screen names oh snake, i understand you've forked tongued but i can see you... wedi Agame = Asli Gual Bahrenegas = Where is Z Cruise are just the few name with the same origin addresses ....

  29. Wedi agame is real Agame from the hero people of Agame land.
    when I see most comment from 'Where is Z Cruise', he heat too much for Ethiopian especially Tegaru and Eritrean gov. So I guess he is Amuche. So i invite this song for Where is Z Cruise

  30. Wow!
    Qondaf woyane! move to your website. You don't have mandate to comment on behalf of Eritrea and people, since you don't belong to them.

  31. Is there another Eritrea that lies in the imagination of the Authot of this article and the YPFDJ tourists? LOL

  32. You are 24/7 behind PC and you are adopted for that, just to fabricate lies and hatred to Eritrea and people. As a result your gray matter is already eroded and not functioning properly, because of negativity.

  33. Feminism is a philosophy, a mindset and what's more it's good for you Erilion. Let me give u good examples of societies which have made great progress thanks to the fact that their women have spoken and been heard:- Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Incase you don't already know Scandinavia possesses the world's most advanced form of feminism and regard for women's rights. Now look at Iraq, Iran, Ethiopia, Afghanistan see the problem now?
    It IS possible for various political parties to work together inorder to advance NATIONAL POLITICS to a more holistic view.
    I am Eritrean so don't go Agame-hater on me.
    Feminism is the next stage of Eritrean politics for many reasons, one of them being that because FGM has been made illegal in Eritrea, our women will be thinking and behaving differently in the near future. They will be better educated, they will have other expectations than those our mothers had and what's more they'll be more sexually liberated. All this will have an effect on our men. I believe that we may even stop warrring and become more peaceful as a people.

  34. Are circumcised? Just honest question? Answer if you want if not i understand.

  35. eway hasot loool,bogog. A country without electricity,water,food kkkkkkkkkk.getskum trhaq hasewti. no one believes you kkkkkk. I come here to laugh your stupid idiot bunch of lies. Every one knows you to what extent you hgdef mendefs can lie. Qorchach tetaEsu tblu eko ekum nskum kkkkkkkkk fooeeee getskum trhaq. seb jebjeb melhas terifkum abza adi. Eritrawiyan deqi hager gn atsnitkum atum resehat.

  36. higiwn hzbawighmbar abaiSeptember 8, 2014 at 9:37 PM

    Hrrrr daaa belu imber adnas laaali iya zela , iten temaharo kof ilenoo zelwa tawlan iti kflin itii akadadna shikorat zkona ztemeya do ymesla, bmay, electric ztesheghera do ymesla, ata bsbs agame drbay, hateftef aytbel, mushmush. Abey imo Eritrawi bhaili, kemaka Eritrawi yblnan ata funfun agame, kosal inda mogele...

  37. higiwn hzbawighmbar abaiSeptember 8, 2014 at 9:48 PM

    Suk bel kelbi, kid nbaaah, wof, wof, wof, afari, hataf,

  38. let me clarify some points and apologize before I reply to the subject, when I wrote the replay originally, the screen name where different (maybe a bug with Madote or the computer I was using… so your screen name for your comment was the snake’s screen name and the snake’s comments
    where under wedi agame’s screen name….maybe my computer could not tell the difference between the same kind of people or as they say ‘birds of a feather flock together’….

  39. (Part 2 a little more controversial but I’m going to be
    honest) In regards to the sexual freedom among Eritreans I could only speak from my experience, so although people like Where Is Z cruise would love to tell you some bullshit about Eritrean girls, and me but as I honestly don’t know them I could only speak with limited understanding. In fact a kind of outsiders point of view, see I live in London and well Eritrean girls in London (also coming from all over Europe with 1 intention in a number of cases) are like most small communities have a very lively dark underground life, so in fact Eritreans both male & females are very very sexually active, I know you’re
    asking how do you know about the females then? Well maybe its because most of the people around me know how much I love my country and as they can’t get me on other things they all have this annoying tendency to show me videos and pictures
    of what they get up to with Eritrean girls since high school times – so you could imaging how many eri girls I’ve personally seen over the years, and I’ve
    meet some of these girls in normal life and the funny thing is Eritrean girls try to act like some little good girl – you know good penti – good student (high school / university) – good Christian / Muslim … (even from my own past personal experience, when I used to approach Eritrean girls like 2+ years ago, how they act and behave towards me thinking I’m from the Caribbean’s and then changing right in front of my face – even running away as soon as I tell them I’m in fact Eritrean )… but just because they are stupid enough to let some one record what they get up to in private, I never say anything to them or another person but there are some that get to me … (like this one: my British Pakistani friend
    just showed me last night a video in his phone of a small party I was invited to but did not attend with the star an eri girl from one of the universities in
    Liverpool … in the kitchen … 2 guys…in the sitting room in front of 5 people even though her 2 white friends had more sense)… loool. So I could tell you,
    Eritrean females are very sexually active, just not within the community and obviously vice versa so we could expect some negative long-term consequence especially among the diaspora community which eventually will effect the whole Eritrean society, image, culture in the future – which has already changed dramatically in just 24 years but the traditional model is still strong and alive which is why regardless of the gender at the end we still in most cases marry or have kids with Eritrean (lool sorry I could not help but to be honest lool) …..

    loool “I believe that we may even stop warrring and become more peaceful as a people.” Really okkk, do you think that we’ve some sort of sex problems? I think in fact we’ve always been the most sexual relaxed people in our part of Africa… so ‘sis’ if you really want to do it, just learn from your sisters, they are masters at it well know in London for it, just do not, do not let the ‘temporary’ BOYFRIEND record it, just in case your possibly future Eritrean husband get to see it…. So I hope this covers most of the point you where talking subduedly when you spoke about feminism been the next stage – but I hope you understand my point for feminism to be the next stage the whole nature of Eritreanism need to first change not just cultural but also at personal level, it took almost 200 years in the west so hope very far later than as you seem to hope sooner. (was not expecting to write this much but I know I’m still not totally clear….and really hate fake and pretentious people....

  40. " Kkkkkkkk i come here to laugh... Blablabla..."
    Glad we can help with that, coz life sure aint helping in that department atall. :)

  41. We saw in pic. only Girls so where is eritrean boys, I think they flee to other country.


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