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The Appreciation night for the Success of Eritrean Festival Toronto concluded

Appreciation Night for the success of Eritrean Festival Toronto

 The Appreciation night for the Success of Eritrean Festival Toronto concluded with patriotic zeal & high spirit

The night was hosted by ENHOC for all those that volunteered for the 2014 Eritrean Festival Toronto, those that sponsored the festival, vocalist, photographers and Video-graphers, Eritrean Canadian sport organizers, ENHOC organizing committee during and prior to the event to make sure the success of the fiesta Eritrea in Toronto participatory was highly anticipated, dedication, willingness and higher participators of volunteers resulted to a very thriving festivities. The gratitude has been a wonderful evening with people filled hall came out to enjoy their successful accomplishment. The Festival Eritrea has been and always will be, the sign of our unity, steadfastness, our self-confidence, self reliance, Eritrean pride, our culture and  the fact of our   motto   (one people one heart (ሓደ ልቢ, ሐደ ህዝቢ)) and no matter what the complication or discrimination Eritrean Canadian have been facing in the last two years  again has been proofed by the resilient Eritrean that came out to show  their solidarity moreover to enjoy their true temperament and is a testimony whatever you throw at us will make us stronger - not break us.

The gratitude night started with a moment of silence to remember our fallen heroes & heroines, following by a delicious cultural dinner all you can eat,  refreshment, traditional coffee and beverages  served, further speaking by the ENHOC chairman Mr. Temesgen Tirfe in his remarks  the success of the festival Eritrea all over the world has been witnessing notably well hosted and more participatory  is the evidence “one people one heart (ሓደ ልቢ, ሐደ ህዝቢ)” and our unity is stronger than ever, all the programs was executed as planed thanks to the well organized volunteers,  in this case he address to all the volunteers and participants by congratulating them for the job well done and it is thanks to you all  phenomenal work resulted to a successful festival. We are sure that from here and on we vow that we will take the necessary steps toward enhancing our cultural revival, along with our community’s revitalization at higher broad to excel. Also speaking the Chair-woman  of HAMADE(N.U.EW) Toronto Ms. Titi  lauded for the collective effort, well organized to an exceptional festival  through active participation also she stated  they(HAMADE) will take essentials step to improve and expand through broad participatory, furthermore  Mr. Ahmed Iman the Head of Consular Affairs to Canada applauded to all volunteer, Mr. Ahmed underscored the significance of the event and commended once again to all those who made outstanding contribution in ensuring its effectiveness, all their expertise the brought forward to the extraordinary Festival Eritrea in the city of Toronto was admired by many &  the result is a testimony to your hard work Mr. Ahmed than concluded by congratulating to all Volunteers, Organizers and the Eritrean people at large for the successful achievement, last but not least the rest of the night right after all the  necessary important announcement made the dance floor was charged by the Eritrean pride dancing to a traditional music and modern all night. Excellent evening concluded with devoted enthusiasm.

On Behalf  of ENHOC Ontario

Once again thank you all Volunteers, Sponsors, Musician (Vocalist), HAMADE and all the different Organization and Individuals.  Your excellent participation is much appreciated

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The Appreciation night for the Success of Eritrean Festival Toronto concluded Reviewed by Admin on 1:36 AM Rating: 5


  1. Congrat. our brothers and sisters for the success you made for your festivals, as usual this year as before we witness all over the world, our Unity, steadfastness and self reliance Motto.
    Awet ne Haffash
    Glory to our Hero Martyrs

  2. One people, One heart!
    What a strong community we have in Toronto.
    Awet n Hafash as always!

  3. Would any one expect the con artist usurper and impostor isaias afewerq admit complete fiasco and extend olive branches to his nemesis for the sake of the survival of the country and its people ?
    The answer is, fat No! He will continue to mount his evasive and illusive maneuvers---> drafting of a new constitution, woyane invasion, Russian friendship etc., to deceive and mislead his mumbo jumbo followers to continue their dankera---> Guaila, Dim Dim kobera,Derfi, SaAsa-et etc., till his final hour of reckoning arrives.
    But does he intuitively grasp his imminent fall?
    Yes, he does. But we must recall that his ultimate goal is not as some of the shallow guys, or woyane Trojan Horses, often blame him for, tyranny, but complete decimation of Eritrea and Eritreans using tyranny as a tool towards his end.
    Is there any precedence in our past history the con artist is following?
    Yes. He is emulating the General Napier collaborator, kasa, who, systematically deceiving Raasi Weldenkiel into laying down his arms, seized our country, subjugated our people and ransacked their properties.
    I know that you mumbo jumbos have no knowledge of the past, nor intelligence to sift through his treacheries and duplicities and see his monster purpose but let me present the following contradicting scenario which can stir and wake up even the idiots:
    Lately, the con artist usurper and impostor isaias afewerqi is telling you that the villain woyane is beating the drum of war against Eritrea. Here he seems that he is sounding alarms for Eritreans to defend their country. Yes,we all should be concerned and be ready to do our very best to repulse the villain.
    However, military victory cannot be borne out on subjectively expressed concern alone. Far and beyond, it needs a democratically elected leadership that abides by Will of the People as expressed in their Constitution; a leadership that abides by relevant International Law; a leadership that fosters the economy of the country, the confidence of the people, the morale of the Armed Forces etc.
    Unfortunately, none of the above are in existence in our country; it has been more than eighteen years since the con artist impostor usurped isaias afewerqi the Eritrean Government; turned the people into his subjects; by placing the young in perpetual Concentration Camps under the guise of National Service, forced them to flee their country in droves, thereby breaking the country's economic and defense backbones. Because of its ease of conversion into cash, he has been plundering the mining sector through his secret mafia organization headed by none other than his follow tigrawai, hagos kasha.
    Genuine Eritreans,
    Obviously, the con artist's alleged concern of woyane's beating drum of war against Eritrea does not equate with what he has been doing on the ground. It is simply a foxy concern.The fact that he has been inflicting the damages I have enumerated above, on the people, economy, armed forces etc., amply reflects what I have saying all along, that he is woyane within.
    However, we must never forget that his mumbo jumbos are the mirror image of the woyane Trojan Horses. History has destined us to fight these seemingly contraries but they are one and we must take them as one. Let us not be deluded by their alleged opposition against the usurper.

  4. You are either an agame and don't give a shit about the Eritrean people or you just brainless and can't think for yourself. You just consume what your ayay Assias feeds you.
    How the heck do you expect someone at a national service making 500nkf to survive when prices are as follow?

    Price per kilogram:
    Onion - 35 Nkf
    Tomato - 40 Nkf
    Potato - 30 Nkf
    Sugar - 45 Nkf
    Meat - 320 Nkf
    Shiro - 120 Nkf
    Berbere - 240 Nkf
    Brsn - 80 Nkf
    Oil (Sabah) = 630 Nkf
    Gas = 250Nkf
    Lamba(kerosine) = 55Nkf for 5 litres
    Tea Leaf = 27 Nkf for 100gm


  6. Africa/US Summit/China/Eritrea:
    For the ppl who hates PIA the way his leading Eritrea Learn from this guy he knows a lot

  7. One single leaf injera = 5:00 antique toilet paper( birrrr) in tigrai !
    No wonder every agame is dying to be TPDM, freee load eritrea one mo time :)

  8. Great video comrade and thanks for your witness..

  9. Dear Dawit,

    beside the personal hatred you have with the person of PIA. Do you see any difference how our country is doing comparing with our similar countries? Is that what in west world called nation performance index. Do you agree with some way Eritrea is doing or is completely a failed programme? Is just to know your level of rationality and objectivity. With this i'm not saying we are perfect in all domains, but sure there are unique things the country is doing, an evidence we can't deny.


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