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Eritrea: Wars are Decided on Land and not in the Air

Wars are Decided on Land and not in the Air

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis, London, 19, 2014

In response to my article, someone who is ignorant about the nature of war and whether or not it is decided in the air or on land has uttered defeatist views by saying that he does not think Eritrea has any competent pilots or a functioning MIG29 left to speak of to confront the TPLF armed forces. Similarly, another person has also tried in vain to give the false impression that I am writing to defend the Eritrean government, and to promote hatred against the TPLF government and war between Eritrea and Ethiopia. This person is so foolish that he is not even capable of reading what is written on the wall, and does not appear to understand the difference between the oppressed Eritrean people and the PFDJ government, or that I always speak and write for and on behalf of the former and not the latter.

Let me now explain why I say so.

In my article, I have unambiguously stated that ‘War is a Double-Edged Sword’. It has a devastating effect on you if you start it, and it has equally devastating consequences if others start it against you. Accordingly, I have advocated that democrats must stringently oppose war in all its manifestations. However, if war is imposed on you by your lunatic enemies, there is no other alternative except to fight back bravely to defend the dignity and sovereignty of your country and the national honour of your people.

It must be clearly understood by all Eritreans that Eritrea, first and foremost, belongs to the oppressed Eritrean people and not to the PFDJ clique running Eritrea today. Thus, irrespective of what the PFDJ regime does or does not do, if attacked the Eritrean people must defend their country at any cost and teach the aggressors a valuable and unforgettable lesson as they have done in the past. For the alternative to not fighting is surrender. But appeasement and capitulation are not and cannot be options for the heroic and freedom-loving people of Eritrea when the country is invaded.

Let thus the coward, defeatist and collaborationist Eritreans and their Woyane mentors know that whether or not a country possesses capable pilots and MIG fighters, one thing is true: throughout history wars have been decided on land and not in the air. Likewise, those who come out on top are the determined people with a just cause, never the aggressors and expansionists. The Vietnamese and Eritrean people’s struggles against the foreign occupation of their respective lands is the living witness of this plain truth.

Finally, let the TPLF expansionists refresh their memories: Eritrea is a land which has produced determined and heroic freedom fighters who are even capable of capturing Russian- and American-made tanks using simple Kalashnikov rifles and of bringing down jetfighters using machine guns, not even anti-aircraft guns. So the TPLF rulers of Ethiopia are advised to think twice about every move they make against Eritrea and its people.

Let Eritrean independence shine forever!

Eritrean Soldier 

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  1. our country eritrea has already failed .the red sea Afars are alrady decided and agreed with their people to be independent from eritrea.What are we talking now.Isays has already killed our country.eritrea is on the verge to collapse .please lets not foolish our selves.Our country does not have hope any more.

  2. If war breaks out, it will be the end of Weyane! It will do them in.

  3. Come home and advice your dictator.Ethiopia has clearly stated ,

    never in the defense side again.Only one chance has given to your dictator.You will remain to write history.Ethiopia has totally tired of defending the terrorist sent by Eritrea.You need to be Ethiopian to understand this.What you write will be documented as history.Enjoy western city of course you my also refuge in Ethiopia,Sudan,Libya,Israel even Somalia who knows,no one can believe Internet.

  4. I agree with you dear MadoteEritrea, and i support the expression Drs. Tsegezab's pointed: "The Vietnamese and Eritrean people’s struggles against the foreign occupation of their respective lands is the living witness of this plain truth"

    It's just a true History

  5. what about we Ethiopian never colonized by any one in our history? what the Vietnam General say? he say we Vietnam should learn from Ethiopians how they defeat foreign occupation like Italy. any way you Eritreans the only people colonized by black people.

  6. Yes Eritreans will fight back and for sure defeat the invading army. The question we need to ask is, however, how did we get up to this point that Ethiopia dares threaten our people and country day in and day out.
    - Complete degrading of EPLF, the army and youth by mismanagement and internal power struggle of the so called leaders.
    - Our leaders don't allow young leaders to emerge and assume power
    - The notion that you can force people to fight on all fronts (economic, social, political and military). The patriots ( I don't mean the Wertu Awet N'Hafash kind of patriots that you see in the Festivals abroad but the patriots who took up arms to defend their people and country by paying the ultimate price) never needed and won't need coercion to defend their country. I think they always forget what the willing Eritreans, which were few in number, were able to accomplish in the heroic battles of 6th offensive.
    - The notion that they only know what is good for the country.
    - Kill the dream of young Eritreans. Get educated, find job, build house, get married and get children are now unattainable dreams for every young Eritrean in the country. Or tell me some one you know who could achieve this in Eritrea. You can be an engineer, a medical doctor, a teacher or a nurse you will not achieve this basic personal goals in the country.

    Here are the reasons that weaken us embolden Weyana to make such threats.

  7. War is not a walk in the park, but if imposed upon us, we Eritreans never hesitate from defending our sovereignity and diginity. Can any government or any African country coordinate larger offensive than the Derg's Red Star (6th offensive), and we all know what the result of that offensive was. I am not surprised to hear any Woyane or Amhara saying this, but to hear some low self esteem Eritrean traitors suporting a war on Eritrea is beyond my imagination. " SIGA SIWUAT" - We will fight them with the same ferocity we fight the enemy that comes to attack us

  8. ወዲ-ዓጋመ፡- እምበርዶ ይርዳኣካ እዩ-ኢትዮጵያ ትኣምነላ ዲኻ? እምበኣር ኢትዮጵያ 6 ዓመት ብጥልያን ተገዚኣ ተቀጥቂጣ፡ን ዉቤ-ኣባሓጎኻ ታሪኽ ክገድፍ ነይሩዎ ግን ንመን ንሓንጎል ኣድጊ ዝዀኑ-ከም በዓል ወያነ በዘይካ ምስራቅ- ምንቋት ካልእ እንዶ ዘይብሎም ሓልዮት የለን ንህዝቢ ይኹን ንሃገር፡ ወዲ-ዓጋመ በጃኻ ደረጃኻ ሓሉ፡ እትዮጵያ ብጥምየት ትሳቀ ዘላ ሕሰቡላ ሰሪቅኩም ጥራሓ ኣትሪ- ፍኩማ፡፡ ብግዜ ዉቤ ኣምሓሩ እንታይ ይብሉኹም ነሮም ይመስለካ ብሽምኩም ኣይጽውኹምን ነሮም ኣንተ ቅማላም-ትግሬ ክሳብ ሕጂ ከምኣ ኰይና ተሪፋ።

  9. I agree with everything you said except the part of war nowadays is controlled by Air not Land. If that wasnt the case gaddafi would still be in power...

  10. Mr Agame did read that Ethiopia never colonized also best known by femine and aid let remind you

  11. Tarik yedagagem iyu, betaemi iyu zegerem, begego om aymaharun iyom, ember haqi zehaze wedi haras nebri's ab a iyu zello..

  12. Rethoric Ethiopia nevet volonized is a stincky propoganda.
    1. A confused Ethiopian would dream, Eritrea or Asab is part of Ethiopia. In his/hers little brain, he or she never understand what that means. In that case Ethiopia would be colonized. Haileselasie, Mengistu and Meles with his hidden agenda are 3 idiots just to mention.
    2. Others, like wedi Agame with their identity crises never know (underdtand) that they belong ither to Ethiopia? Abay Tigray, have not idea at all what they are doing. They are hit and hopp. Regarding Ethiopias History, they have not a clue at all. It's not worth to kill your time to them to explain what happened in past. They wouldn't understand any way.
    Respect the rule of law instead of betting a war drum. That's the only way for peace

  13. This is simply disgusting. Don't you have a tiny humanity and moral left in you to use such pictures!!!
    Very shameful! I wish people like you would experience what these poor kids went through.
    See the noble Eritreans had even Sympathy with the Zemach that were sent to kill them. That is why EPLF was treating POWs with respect and dignity.
    However, guy like you are simply far away what is Eritrean. You are the same or even worse than the idiot you are trying to offend.

  14. If that is the case why May 16 is your Independence day? from whom you get your Independence? who is your colonizers?
    I never hear or read the Abay Tigray concept from Tegaru, but Eritreans talking too much about Abay Tigray. why? I think no need to separate from Ethiopia but if we want it is our constitutional right we can do it at any time.

  15. that way we say our main enemy is poverty and ignorance and we are working hard to over came poverty. but what you doing deki hade libom to over came poverty and ignorance?

  16. I believe, I am an Ethiopian from Tigray.
    yes we fight for 5 year against one of your colonizer but we never colonized by any one.

  17. "belongs to the oppressed Eritrean people and not to the PFDJ clique running Eritrea today."

    Dr Tsegezab weather you call them clique or what so ever you have to remember that no body will save Eritrea from enemy at this time except the Eritrean government/PFDJ period and our people know that so dont waist your time spreading your hate while you got no one else to replace PFDJ. Dont forget it either right now it is PFDJ followed by PFDJ II in the near future.

  18. Wake up and consider Minelik's Adwa victory a lucky jackpot (lottery) win, for fate decided to let the Italians enter the war without being fully prepared, they thought that they would win easily.

    In 1936 it was another story, they corrected their mistake and occupied/colonized Ethiopia until 1941.

    As a typical agame, you will deny it or say that the 5 years of Italian occupation are considered PAGUMEN years i.e. countless years (not valid).

  19. What in the world is going on? How did the article make it to Madote? The right arm of the dictatorial regime.

    If war breaks out it's the end of the regime. The people who are capable of defending the country have fled the country. Whoever is left will turn the guy to DIA.

    The regime and it's cult leader must go. The Eritrean people themselves are not capable of doing it so here we go an external force coming to liberate the suffering people.

    It is what it is...Thank you to Assias we have been weaken, it won't take two days for the Ethiopian army to run over us.

  20. Qondaf woyane! Move and serve your lords! kedemti!
    You don't have Ethiopian people agenda, let alone to be threat to Eritrea and People.
    The problem of you is that you don't learn from your history. Every government holding power in Ethiopia is just killing and massacring its own citizen. A failed state Ethiopia can not defend herself independently, let alone to attack Eritrea. She is the servants of USA and others, and waits orders to accomplishes her duties.

  21. Timali Kem Lomi, Lomi Kem Timali

    Jigna Warsay & Yikealo

  22. I agree completely with you. Not sure if he is Eritrean or human being at at all. It is shameful and disgraceful to show this kind of pictures. I hope madote moderates and prevent this kind of heart breaking and in humane picture from appearing on the website.

  23. I think what you are saying is "after me there shall be 'Romady'." but go ahead and get married we are counting on.

  24. İ don't think the Woyanes with their puppet PM will be foolish enough to attack us. They may be able to remove the dictator but then what? They pretty well know Eritreans might not be good at fighting back when it comes out rights against our home grown dictator but will never accept an external invation. But we are where we are because of the intentional campaign of weakening our military by the office rats Tegaru maffia in Asmara (Issayas, 2x Yemane , Hagos Kisha, Abraham Kassa st). Eritrea of Eritreans!!!!!!

  25. Dear Drs. Tsegezab,

    I agree with some of your analysis. However, I completely disagree with your view of "wars being won on the ground and not on the air. Tough that was the case 20-years ago today air superiority is everything. It is
    where wars are lost and won before they are even engaged on the ground. As the "new" saying goes, whoever controls the air space controls the battlefield on the ground. Todays fixed and rotary air craft systems are highly capable and lethal than ever before. The need to fly low and engage a target for extended period of time has been eliminated by the advent of smart bombs that are guided by GPS and other electronic systems that hit their intended target with 100 percent accuracy. This fact alone completely removes the chances of a pilot being shot down by “a machine gun/anti-aircraft battery systems”.

    For instance lets take the war in Vietnam as a case in point, since you mentioned it your article. During that war the USAF was able to hit less than half its targets and had to resort to carpet bombing by flying low in enemy strong hold areas to engage their targets. This obviously was risky and during such acts many fighter jets were lost while completing sorties. They were also limited to carrying out sorties during daylight hours due to limited visibility during the night time missions, however, today with the advent of night vision systems and heat sensors pilots in air crafts can get a visual and engage enemy targets before the enemy even knows what is coming at them.

    If you control the air space you can simply take out the enemy’s command and control systems. You can also support your ground forces at will. You can further set up your command and control operation directly over the theater and plan and coordinate your attacks in real time. You can also jam and interfere with your enemy's communication systems by interfering with their communication systems with high intensity signals.

    Dear Dr. Your position on the air warfare is completely based on archaic information and it will be a miscalculation and a grave mistake for Eritrea to engage Ethiopia with a poor and nonexistent Air Force for its future will depend on it.

  26. Respect the rule of law. Stop your dirty games for serving others. Try to self sufficient. You have 5 big lakes and fertile land. Try to usr them instead of begin day in day out.


    The victim could possibly be your own immediate cuisine.
    Fyi, during the great famine , the governor of Wolo was none other than H.E.Dejazmach Solomon Abraha,brother of Ato Afeworki Abraha and Issayas Afeworki 's uncle.

  28. Ye Issayas BariawochAugust 19, 2014 at 12:37 PM

    Don't panic while you shabians are about to die by your own, why Ethiopia need to fight with already dead so called Country?. Instead we will keep you with no peace no war situation and isolated you until the Eritrean peoples bring the right person to lead them. But until that I wish you good luck from the bottom of my heart.

  29. CONGRATULATIONS ALL!!!!Some foreign national has certified to this dud that Eritrea is in fact governed by a democratic system.The hundreds of thousands fleeing the country are WRONG.

  30. This amature historian thinks Eritrean history starts in 1991, The good and bad history of Ethiopia has nothing to do with Eritrea.

  31. Hey Guys chill ,why you are shlting on your pants? Ethiopia is not gonna start a war with you, we have a bigger enemy, that is poverty and we have been fighting it for the last 10 years. The fight against poverty is the most challenging fight we have involved in, challenging but rewarding.
    As long as you mind your buisness as long as you are not mobilizing and organizing rebels and terrorists , you will be fine.

  32. O Drs Tsegezab !!
    No one wins on a War at the END every one is a loser. So, a war is not a solution. Did Ethiopia declared war on Eritrea ? I don't think so .It is ONLY the Pm of Ethiopia has responded on a question and answer session. So let's wait until we see further actions on the ground. But in the mean time, If you consider yourself as a justice seeker Eritrean, It would have been better to work against the oppressor instead of spending you time and Energy on a hypothetical war !!

  33. Nevermind , the trench minded doctor.He is of the past.

    Let's not forget the main purpose of this propaganda, divert the people from real issues.Issues such as democracy and economy.

  34. Black ppl ?
    Wushtukum zelim mukhuaNu miflat hade kum neger eyu!
    As far as colonizing, you just go back & read history & know the difference b/n federation and colony!
    Damn ass Ethiopians been & will be damn asses for ever!
    They were given Eritrea on a silver platter; what did they do? Lost it forever & now want federation again! Lol
    Funny ppl are always funny!!!

  35. Indeed ethiopia is the most neocolonized country in the world,nothing is worse in being raped by ngo and world bank

  36. Gadafi did not have power on ground. By Land, the writer means dedicated and determined people who make miracles in defence of their sovereignty. Gadafi had too many loopholes on land.

  37. Read Anderbrhan Welde Giorgis' s book, he gives valuable insight into the difference the freat EPLF and its succesor PFDJ.

    As well as many meetings he's had with Isaias. After a while, it becomes clear he is more interested in his regime's interest than the countries national interest.

    He even once, under the influence, said, "I know you call me Agame behind my back. I will show you! The same way I brought this country up, I will bring it down."

    Isaias was vying for a U.S. air force and naval presence in Eritrea and the deal almost came to fruition. However, his unwillingness to release two Eritreans working for the U.S. embassy resulted in strained relations that have resulted in the choosing of Ethiopia and Kenya for their military presence and these unjust sanctions. The book is very informative and quite sad that one man is destroying the dreams of freedom, justice, and democracy that the martyrs cherished so much.

  38. To wedi agame from dirt land tigrai,
    for your information, your ethiopia was ruled by Italy. While your emperor jump ship and left the people ethiopia to be ruled By colonial master Italy. Us, Britain and league of nation now United nation came to the rescue of your dirt land .But your, bogus history claims emperor defeated Italy. What a shame!:, and the same super powers and league of nation voted for eritrea to be annexed with ethiopia. To the same ethiopia who just got its independence from Italy, incredible. !
    This is the fact

  39. said... "never hear or read the Abay Tigray concept from Tegaru", then here is your dream map made by your Agame Tegaru. Did i just say dream...?? let me add that ..this is a foolish nigger's dream. Get the fuck out of this Eritrean website Agame nigger !!!!!!

  40. We all know history. We all know your coward king fled out of Ethiopia fearing for his life because Italy occupied Ethiopia. You Agames were also occupied by Ethiopia & that's why u joined your teachers the mighty EPLF. Agames can not be trusted, u will go back to the bottom where u belong for being evil.

  41. When did Vetnamis came to your house and talk to your shekati Beles dad? Where is your reference?
    You can full to your brothers but not Eritreans.

  42. Why do you celebrate Adwa War as your independence day??? :)
    Why are your MERKATO, PIAZZA, KAZANCHIS.... ETC called after Italian colonizers languages ??
    Forget Itali of yesteryears. You are doomed as modern slaves to Indians, Chinese and your BigBrother for handouts. The reason why everyone of yours leaders take an order from the master to fight Eritrea..
    You cannot help it.
    Learn about your history bastd ! LOL LOL LOL

  43. Woyana is stronger and well prepared than ever, not like the 1998 sudden war. this will be a war that would turn the hamasienya in a minority within eritrea...

  44. Yes lebam wedey Weyane can go to h............Isayas too

  45. We never celebrate independent day since we never colonize unlike other
    Africa by any one but we celebrate Adwa war as victory day.

  46. Fish you don't know zegazb G/giorgis he is desperate attention seeker. He is a lifetime isolated individual, outcast, and semi demented, he is immoral who is unpatriotic, his behavior is unmanly and he shamelessly strive for vain to placate men who humiliated and treated him like a dog, any way he is lower than a dog

  47. Tenes: your information would be a good favor for someone who is sincere and with some open mindedness. Zegaziab doesn't care what is air force what is ground force all he cares is the attention and entertainment he is getting now. please don't waste your time entertaining this ignorant, bankrupt individual. He is trying to appease the dictator in asmara in case he calls him for some post vacated by increased abandonment the party killing Eritrea.

  48. Congratulations Zegazeab you won the sympathy of those who for years dispise you and ostracize you. You are lukewarm and never been clear with what your opinion is. You are a swear enemy of PFDJ, you are a die hard supporter of the government in eritrea, you go to ethiopia you come back with a complete anti wayane sentiment, you are weird and wacko in behavior i wonder what your category would be in psychology. You were a longstanding critique of EPLF and now you knocking every door to reconcile with hgdef, my english is limited but even my tigrigna wouldn't be enough to express my wrath and frustration on you. senef your behavior is not expected from a man you strive in vain to placate men who humiliated you and treated you like a dog. No eritrean, not a single one supported ethiopian invasion of eritrea but you chose to play the card that hgdf notoriously plays to defame and undermine eritrean resistance and defiance of this lawless and cruel dictator in Asmara. you spent the whole period patriots took to uproot ethiopian colony in the streets of amsterdam and rotterdam you never been any where near to a war that eritrea waged for its independence, now shamelessly tried to teach us where war is decided in the air or on land. you have no idea what war is and i know for sure you do not care what would happen to Eritrea if anything goes wrong you are irresponsible and disgraceful child of the respected family of aboy w.Giorgis.

  49. Tekelm; isayas iko agame iyu ilomo.

  50. Fareon might have been upset with the asshole Wedi Agame guy...he may have lost his control and published that picture...though i don't know him, i'm sure he's regretting...

  51. If you know the meaning of TPLF then you have a little bit hint. The abrivation doesn't include the hole Ethiopia. Libi Tigray

  52. TPLF is not PFDJ prophecy. Agame dog, they don't need you advocacy. Only the worst looser on planet can leak TPLF:s ass

  53. TPDM, EPPF,and G7PF are more than enough to deal with lousy and puppet weyane.

  54. anta kebti , kedem neti seytan goytaka ISSAYAS atenkeko ika , selementay zemerete KALASHEN KOFFE hizu mes weyane keywagae-------------

  55. anta kebti , eti resahe goytaka ayeketelen ayhereden diyu ?

  56. The Italians had weapons that were not even comparable to the Ethiopians. They also used mustard gas which is one of the worst things you can do during war. History shows Eritrean being colonized from one country to the next. Although I agree, Ethiopia's Government is terrible. Many of their issues could be resolved, but do to corrupt leaders it is not.

  57. What was it then " HTSNOT" ?

  58. You are regurgitating the fiction haile selase propagated to eclipse his historic cowardly act of deserting his country when the fascists invaded Ethiopia.
    The whole world knows that he fled his country , was a refugee in London. If it were for him, the fascists would have stayed in Ethiopia for ever. It was an accident of history, the war among the imperialists, that he returned piggybacked on the British Forces.
    Obviously, you are a parrot and not an intelligent person. Had you been otherwise, you wouldn't accept the fiction purposely perpetrated by the traitor in order to conceal the national treason he committed.
    By the way, the British did not return him in recognition of his worth for Ethiopia but for themselves. Like any of other kings they were crowning as they leave their ex-colonies in the Middle East, North Africa etc., he was a backdoor, means, for them to get in and continue exploiting the down trodden people and the country's natural resources.

  59. Wedi Agame, you really are clueless individual. where do you get May 16 from? Do you mean to say, May 24? Well, if that is the case, that is the day we broke yours and your handlers back and left you morally and politically decapitated. Remember your woyane leaders used to come to Asmara for best advice, until their handler lured them with money and power.
    Also, please don't forget the time Italia colonized your raggedy ass country, regardless how long. colonization is colonization no more no less.

  60. "yeAdwa dil" ma ass LOL

  61. You moro, you call yourself intellectua, but as they say you are "moron of the intellectual". Yes right cause and courage is key to success. That said, to say sophisticated military hardware has nothing to do in battle fields is utter ignorance. Please do not repeat the mistakes that lunatic president of yours committed in in 1998. When concerned eritrean advised the president to arm our defence forces, he arrogantly told them "those frog like fighter jets that ethiopia purchase will do nothing. Well I know what they have done to our poorly armed soldiers. They have fought with gallant and courage empty handed.

  62. 27 supper power countries, 700 sufuticated Air planes, media propoganda, destroying infrastructure. ... plus ground forces.It took more than 8 months to bring him down. 27-1, you can't compare to weyane. Would you? ??

  63. To err is human but to stubbornly wallow for ever in the mire of your mistake is irrational. Therefore,the doctor should be congratulated for his turn around to denounce the con artist and impostor, isaias afewerqi. I hope Sofia Tesfamariam and other misguided souls follow his footsteps before the fast sinking ship of usurper hits the bottom, by which time a stigma of national treason will be permanently fastened on their backs.
    However, we must also be aware of the danger posed by an amorphous Umbrella Organization against the impostor, for the establishing of which is being championed by Amaniel Eyassu and others.
    The problem of the amorphous Umbrella Organization ultimately rests on its faulty premise that any one join it , including the Trojan Horses of the villain woyane, the villain woyane who has unabashedly distinguished itself as the mortal enemy of our people and our country by:
    1. laying claim on our country in a Manifesto it put out in 1977
    2. inhumanely deporting hundreds of thousands of our people from every corner of Ethiopia
    3. driving out by force hundreds of thousands of our people from their land, Badme, with tacit approval of the impostor isaias Afewerqi
    4. illegal occupation of our land, Badme, in breach of the EEBC decision
    5. desecrating the remains of our Martyrs
    6. wonton destruction of our ancient historical artifacts
    7. spawning and fostering ethnic and religious polarizations and antagonism among our people
    8. underwriting for its Trojan Horses a constitution that calls for the disintegration of our country through sham referendums
    And we must never forget that the core of the Trojan Horses are the very elements that, through the mediation of the now defunct soviet union, had accepted limited autonomy for Eritrea under Ethiopian rule during dergi era. In this connection, I like to remind you of the other evil, Dr. Medhanie Tesfazion, who was the main liaison during the soviet mediation, and who still works against Eritrea in close collaboration with woyane.
    However, since all the Trojan Horses have accepted the Constitution that the villain woyane underwritten, which stipulates the disintegration of Eritrea, we must take as a foregone conclusion that they are all the same, Ethiopians/woyanes, and therefore, enemies of Eritrea and its Sovereignty.
    Besides,----> this is extremely crucial---- despite their theatrical and make belief antagonism, the goal of the impostor and woyane is the same with respect to the the destruction of our Sovereignty and demise of our people. We must not be deceived by their treacherous words, which are geared at breaking our backbones by pitting us against each other. We must wise up by looking at the evil fruits of their actions.
    The inference is very clear, we the genuine Eritreans, must reject the amorphous Umbrella Organization for which Amaniel Eyassu and his groups are clamoring. Instead, we must build an Eritrean organization that is absolutely and adamantly independent.

  64. i agree with your view to some extend, just to support your case you could simply use the Iraq war as an example - although maybe some might've forgotten the Iraq army was no walk over. however due to the US's modern technology the whole modern Iraq infrastructure and the army was destroyed or disoriented without the US setting foot and even giving the enemy a change to fight....

    in the Eritrea Ethiopia case however there are a number of differences between your example and the one i suggested with the Eritrea - Ethiopia cases which would've greater effect and influence on the outcome of the war .... yes the ethiopian could destroy our whole cities and all the developments we've achieved from the air. however war is not about how much of the other home you destroy its as always decided in the battle fields and those same differences that exists between the US going million of miles to fight a war in the Eri-ethiopia although initially advantage might be too Ethiopia but it would not be enough in a war- as wars are always decided by the heart of man and ultimately where Eritrea has one advantage for starters...

    ... anyhow i'm not sure that was what he meant when he said 'wars being won on the ground and not on the air", i got the impression its was the air wave - diplomacy / Propaganda / untrue image / fake Agame bloggers... those seeking for their Meritorious Manumission -- US-Africa summit

  65. Hilmy assab kostary eyu!August 22, 2014 at 12:36 AM

    Yifterelkum, mEshakin halemty!
    Duro hazinalkum already!
    Ayy anty assab, simeyom ba, afom hah elom meshakin
    Ebola keykhustrom, dengizlom ske !

  66. Koshem tebla nyeka rugum AGame rukhus menfes !
    Getskum tirhakh !

  67. I feel ashamed of our eritrean arrogance. There are much worse picture of eritreans who died in the Sina, Sahara desert which the international community does not show because of human dignity them. The time is not very far away that we Eritrean shall learn the reality through the hard way.

  68. But that time we were figthing for independenc but this time you HEGDEF will figth to keep Isaias in power and that is why the war is lost long before it starts.

  69. Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing economies is impressing friends and foes alike in its development. We have more pressing more important issues than fighting with our neighbors. We want to spend every dime we have in development and impress the world even more in our path to prosperity. Most of us sincerely wish the same for our Eritrean brothers and sisters. After saying this, if it comes to war between us, we will all loose. But it will hardly take us half a day to have coffee in Asmara. You may not believe it. I hope we will not come to this. We have better alternatives, living peacefully with each other. We using the money that could go to armaments to diverting it to build schools and hospitals, in Ethiopia's case using it in our showcase projects. In conclusion, no one benefits from war and let us avoid it. But, a note of warning, don't you dare try it with us unless you want us to have coffee in the palace of your president.
    Kejela Tuffa

  70. This is an Ethiopian. This forum truly reflects the mentality of some of you our neighbors in the north. Surely, with such thinking in terms of tribes, clans and ethnic groups one group feeling superior to the other an eighteenth nineteenth century backward thinking and surely people of such type are not ready for democracy at all. May be it is right in that you don't have a constitution as a constitution starts with the convention that all people are equal. I hope this mentality does not reflect the majority of Eritreans. Saying this, don't you think you should mind your business. Now you have your freedom you should be talking about your own affairs. Why the hatred and why bother bout Ethiopians? You always look for excuses to talk about us? Do you have some nostalgia Ethiopia? Hatred breeds hatred and no one benefits, and if you don't have good things to say about us why don't you keep quite. May God bless Eritrea and Eritreans.


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