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Obama’s Legacy or African Summit

U.S. President Barack Obama

Obama’s Legacy or African Summit  

By: Berhane Woldu

A summit has been called by President Barack Obama the 44th president of the USA to be held in August 2014 for dialogue with most African leaders leaving some out of the summit Eritrea being one. China and Japan have had previously conducted such a gathering with no exclusion; inclusive of all African nation.

As this is the first of such gathering for an American president one can say it’s a historic opportunity for Obama’s legacy. However; President Obama is a lame duck president with no time to legislate or change the status quo; with a 41% approval rating and, 33% of Americans grading him as the worst president since WWII (Quinnipiac poll). Nevertheless, we will see if The African Summit would help his legacy. As has been published at various time and now known as a common knowledge one can infer that Obama has no power to influence the American people or congress.

In February 2008 president Obama made a speech where he stated that the influence of money in politics, partisanship and bickering was ending. “Hope and Change” was coming “Value of Community” these were the promises he made and campaigned as a post-partisan. However partisan leadership is what Obama has implemented. Furthermore; Mr. Obama’s passivity, being less personally engaged in foreign policy matters and avoiding US foreign entanglement and his retreat has put his legacy in jeopardy.

Vladimir Putin who has understood American passivity has acted decisively in Crimea and Ukraine Chinese, have clashed with Vietnam in the South China Sea, and are increasingly provoking vis-à-vis Japan over claims to the Daioyu/Senkaku Islands. North Koreans and various terrorist offshoots have likewise factored the perceived American withdrawal from the world into their own strategies. In the Middle East the Israeli Palestinian peace agreement has not moved an inch Gaza and Israelis cities are in disarray the region have turned into a war zone. Iraqi is in constant turmoil divided between Sh’ia, Sunni and Kurds. Libya remains a divided country with different functions fighting each other and the American embassy evacuating from Libya.  Syria’s Assad seems to be winning the war against his foes. Christians in the Middle East are in danger and being evicted from their home land. Egypt, an American partner for decades has openly announced that it is reaching out to Russia at a time when Moscow is increasingly seen in the West as a threat to international stability. India has backed away from closer cooperation with Washington, as its traditional relations with Moscow have remained warm; India was one of the few countries voicing outspoken support for Russia's takeover of the Crimea.  The BRICS nation’s inception and formation of a New Development Bank with 50 billion dollar and Contingency Reserve Arrangement of 100 billion dollar has ended the monopoly of the Western finical dominance and has shown the weakness of the US economical superiority.  Finally, world leaders have become increasingly worried that American passivity will encourage Moscow and China to assert their power.

Obama’s retreat and indifference as the leader of the free world has become the awareness and observations. Decreased America international assertiveness has irreversible harm to Americas International standing as the world’s only superpower.

In the domestic arena- Obama campaigned as a post-partisan but his leadership was those of a partisan. Signature achievement like the Affordable Care Act, Obama negotiated with Republicans, making deals with congressional committees, cutting deals with interest groups like "Big Pharmacy and Insurance Companies" offering up cuts to Social Security benefits to demonstrate "seriousness" as a deficit-cutter.  Obama's dream for a presidential legacy is to strike a "grand bargain" with Republicans and the austerity lobby to slash trillions of dollars in social programs, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and pretty much acting like business as usual politician, not a post-partisan.

In his first term; Obama had two major domestic policy he had been dealing with; the final shape of the economy and the fate of the Affordable Care Act. His trillion dollar stimulus (subsidy to the rich) avoided the fall of the banking system, but it didn’t bring the economy back to speed. Obama’s economic policies have dragged Americans through a painful recovery, with high unemployment, stagnant wages, and cuts to public sector employment. Obama-care is sizeable and copious. An extraordinary political capital wasted to pass it. Obama-care is an important growth of the welfare state for which Obama will be remembered. If the Affordable Care Act expands insurance to all Americans slows costs and moves our health care system to the likes of Canada or Western Europe; then Obama will be remembered as one of the great leaders for his accomplishment like FDR with the implementation of the Social Security Act and what followed. But if it doesn’t succeed Affordable Care Act will be remembered as a bill that temporarily bailed out the Insurance Companies; a slip-up, liability and stain on his presidency.  If the economy remains stagnant and a failed Affordable health care Obama domestic legacy will be known second-rate at best.

Barack Obama's second-term agenda gun control and immigration are in the spotlight on Capitol Hill. In a feel of what is in store, Democratic gun legislation has arrived on the Senate floor facing an aggressive Republican effort to block it. Unlike his foreign policy challenges Obama can’t flee his domestic agenda. He has to deal with the countries business, debt-ceiling, gun control, liberalizing Immigration law, aid to the poor, raise taxes on the rich, the auto-budget cut and defense budget. Obama will need to win 17 more Republican seats to take over the Republican’s control of the House and control both chambers of congress and pass bills. If that is the case (which is unlikely) he will be remembered as one who converted from a lame duck to a “soaring eagle”.    

Obama promises never kept “community is American Value”, “change” “economic racial equalities” “spread of Democracy” were his promise none of it transpire. As stated above during Obama’s presidency and leadership the World has turned into war zone and US economy is in appalling shape. President Obama has no mandate from the American people or the political will or capital to assist the African leaders in the sphere of economic development or to enhance good governance to think otherwise will only negate the course of history.

In summation; Russia’s decisive annexation of Crimea and involvement in Ukraine is what is to come of future Russian competitive power. The new financial institution initiative by the BRICS nations and the Chinese Yuan-dim-sum bonds has reduced the dependence on dollar and euro and certainly change the role of IMF and the World Bank in the near future. Chinas aggressive investment and trade policy in Africa is a sign of Africa’s sizeable market potential and the decline of Europe’s dominance and American political influence. African leaders and people needs are partnership in investments and trade. International corporations and markets are the unseen arbiters of power today and not leaders like Obama. As a matter of fact it’s much more important for the African Leaders to get a hearing before corporate investors at an Economic or Investors Forum than to appear at summit with a president.

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Obama’s Legacy or African Summit Reviewed by Admin on 4:57 PM Rating: 5


  1. Legacy ? What legacy !
    This is one JUMBULA that is ready to go down in history as the worst of the 44s!
    By that i mean (nay-jew-bambula), as americans are waking up to the intents of the jews, draging the US into an all out war with IRAN, & this clueless man is right smack in the middle of it all.but so far has avoided that senario & some believe it'sthe work of former defence minister from behind the scene.
    As for me my first ever vote in the US was a BUST or a total waste of my time, NEVER AGAIN !!!

    As for ''for another black man as a president " i think he put a cap on that really fast!
    (Nice going My dear kenyan bro) :)

  2. Any one believe that Obama is the real USA president is fooling him/her self. his first term real president was David Axelrod and his second term president is John Carry. Obama can't pretend any more it is too obvious and David Axelrod had bragged half jokily whether he was adviser or the president even according Axelrod's daughter who had first hand knowledge who was the final decision maker in the white House oval office.

  3. Obama’s Legacy is:
    Killing Iraqis more than George W. Bush
    Killing Afghanis more than George W. Bush
    Killing Pakistanis using drones more than George W. Bush
    Killing Somalis using Drones and Woyane more than George W. Bush
    Killing Palestinian women and children by providing F16 to Apartheid Israel more than George W. Bush
    Sanctioning Eritrea on behalf of Woyane
    Failures in Iran, N. Korea, Libya, Syria, Egypt, … Ukraine? oops ...
    He finally got a bitch slap in the face by Putin,
    and Now Inviting African leaders for dinner if only if they are Ebola Free!
    This president is already in the books as the worst of all House Negros!

  4. Hahaha, comment of the year :)

  5. Everybody has to read this! We should see the impact for development vis a vis the politics,affiliation, economy's strength and social development (by keeping the strong progressive traditional practices). Awareness raising is important to our future Africa. No need of tribal dispute, respect and tolerate religion differences. Political power is usually undermined by the poor standard of living. In order to overcome this we need to educate ourselves and adapt emotional intelligence. Narrow our differences and try to work together. We have enough resources. There are potentials. Why are external forces influence us? Why not we awake!! Let me borrow what I heard 'we live other people dreams'.
    It is true. To avoid poverty we have to stop war. I remember once our lecturer said in class 'what is Kenya for Kenyans. Theft, jealousy and lies are the worst enemy of human beings.

  6. eritrea is already a failed state. So why Us bothers for a failed state.Isayas and his few handful ediots are now in frustration.there is no place to go and to hide.

  7. " Isayas is already in frustration.Even he is in a state of great confusion.These days he is accompanied by many of his subordinates .Some times he is activating like a mentally ill person some times like a child .this is the result of great frustration.sources indicate that he never get rest while sleeping .He is sleeping daily in differnt compunds and rooms." US INTELLIGENT SERVICE

  8. Hahahaha weyane dog on high gear with their dream .
    How is Uzi qomal. Sahsah hizbi Tigray AmneAregawi ytkebelkum ...... Sle. Marim do ybl alo

  9. Haaaaa
    I am loving how the regime and it's supporters are scrambling and getting all cornered.

    You just mad because your baba Assias was not invited. You can't force someone to invite you to their house. He is not welcome, PERIOD. He is isolated and lonely. He has not place in the summit. He only has one friend and that is Bashir. Even Qatar has giving up on the man.

  10. Look*

  11. The news is completely fake.

  12. This hatew ketew will only make sense the day day "eritrea borders ukraine"..
    That is what it had said in black & white before it was retracted (updated) !
    The author needs to go back to 4th grade &study geography & if u believe such news, you may join his damn ass !

    Another point that proves this as garbage is " ertrean diplomates abroad confirmed " ... Who,what,where ?
    & this imaginary diplomat broke such BIG JUICY gossep b4 his superiors in ASMARA ?... Lmao !

    What i DO belive,

    It is a woyane fabrication just in time to distact what is happening at the summit & elsewhere ( take the spotlight offtheir backs as it's making main stream meia that ethiopans are protesting and ANGRYYYYYYY !!!

  13. How do you know?
    Do u see him daily? Are u his gered (khedamy)?
    You have to see the man often to come to this ASS-umption :) where as the average erritawi sees this man once or twice a year , ( opposite to the mic/camera prostitutes down there ( you know who) !
    With that SHOOO nefat AGAME !!!

  14. It depends what & which method you use to measure the eritrean progress :)

    If you're AGAME you have to put your barefoot one after the other, & go Und Hulet, Sost, you will collapse in rocky no mans land with nothin but eshock & rocks & no water ( xept for one or two holes courtesy of WILL smith ) you're DEAD before you begin measuring !

    If you're using the US inches & foot bcoz it's cooooool, YOU FAILED befoe yo begin, as converting & mathimatical calculations are needed @ it's unlikely your forte so we understand!

    If you're stuck on ethiopan calendar ( it is some TEN yrs backward as it's leaders & victims) WE understand that too it's 2014 in ERITEA & you've JUST passed the millenium !

    Look up failed states & get slaped awake with reality NUMB skull!

  15. Lol I agree with berhe listen to this radio interviewing in the public of Washington D.C. I agree with berhe he spoke the truth Africa-summit is a joke it's good that president Isaias Afwerki didn't join his the best president other Africans presidents can't Handel there country and follow what the US says

  16. President Obama's legacy is on life support. I don't think the Africa summit is going to safe it. The reason is two fold. First Obama is incompetent. Second he is dealing with incompetent African leaders. BLIND LEADING A BLIND.
    OBAMA is the most lawless, partisan, divisive, immoral dictator who is willing to cheat, steal and lie in order to maintain power and reward his partners in crime. He is a dictator. He had used and continue to use presidential executive power illegally. He is currently being sued by the Republican party for abuse of power and breaking the law in the implementation of OBAMA CARE. A significant population of americans want him impeached.
    OBAMA CARE was passed without a single republican vote. Democratic law makers passed it without reading what is in it. MOST AMERICANS ARE AGAINST OBAMACARE. ITS ULTIMATE GOAL IS FOR THE GOV TO RUN 100% OF HEALTH CARE. Which is SOCIALISM. Socialism is totally foreign to americans and majority of them hate socialism. OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST AT HEART. OBAMA CARE IS BAD FOR AMERICA. WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT OBAMA FORCES EVERY AMERICAN TO HAVE A HEALTH INSURANCE. IF NOT YOU WILL PAY A FINE. If you are healthy and you would rather pay for health care when you need it. That is not acceptable.

  17. Obama is a joke! I can't believe I contributed money to this guy and volunteered for his campaign. What a waste of time that was.

  18. We hate Agames. Agames are Lementi. Yerdaekum

  19. I couldn't have said it any better ... Obama is indeed "House Nigger" !!!! serving Zionist Jews !!!!

  20. lemani tigraway. "sile Mariam" ilka tinebir.

  21. Eritrew?
    Suffering from Identity crisis?
    If you know your roots,if you ask your mum,you wouldn't dare say the dirt things you vomiting.
    Class less Idiot.

  22. You idiot,since when does a prostitution pick and choose a customer?

  23. Look at the mirror, what do you see?
    Your self-hate eating you up, poor creature.

  24. AUDIO-
    Horn of Africa
    ኣምባሳደር ዴቪድ ሽን ብዛዕባ ዋዕላ መራሕቲ ኣሜሪካን ኣፍሪቃን ዝሃብዎ ሪኢቶ

  25. Self Defense:
    ----PIA blocked by the USA--but PIA invites Russia and China to the Red Sea:
    Welcome Back Cold War Era:
    Russian Naval Base in Aseb-a wish/dream or a timely Defensive Strategy?
    Russia to Take over the Remaining Potash Fields:
    China to take over Petrolium and Gas Exploration in Nothern Massawa!!!
    Asmara (HAN) August 4, 2014 – Defense and Security News update. In Eritrea, military, academic, business and media circles, there is breathless excitement about the rise of Russia and the US decline, they assume as its inevitable corollary. There is an announcement that Russia’s Defense Ministry will hold drills for reservists in all of the country’s military commands in August-October. Now comes yet another announcement, this time that Russia’s will be holding military exercises this week involving 100 aircraft in the west of the country near the Ukraine border. This kind of activity mean that Russia is saber-rattling or somehow threatening regional security and stability, while is getting ready for war with NATO. Russia also has another announcement, this time that Russia will be holding military exercises in Eritrea soon this year, according to the sources from Eritrean diplomat in Europe, who told Geeska Afrika Online.
    Such Eritrean water exercises are primarily designed to test the readiness of the Russian armed forces, and it is quite possible that this is indeed their main goal at this time is to have a base in Eritrean Red Sea ports, but one important side effect of such activity is to overwhelm the surveillance capabilities of the Russian defense forces in the Red Sea, after the Cold war
    Courtesy of Meskerem.Net
    Have your say!!!

  26. I am just speaking the truth brother. What are you talking about hate?

    Don't worry nothing is eating me up.
    Like I stated he didn't decline he was just not invited . If it is otherwise, make your argument and let us know

  27. We hate agames too. That 's why we want TPDM out of our country.

  28. The slave got a slave from Africa , we can't wait what would be their press lookalike
    Mr moon , to be honest those Americans have been around Africa for centuries but we didn't got any development from them except developed disease like aids and Ebola these disease we didn't hear them before but there is many conspiracy theory about them so having said that you look happy b/c E.p didn't invite but every Ethiopian king or queen hade been visited USA but still at rank 1 on pavority

  29. Abraham Isayas has bought in his name a house villa in north korea.South korean sources told the news.

  30. Akkkhhh toooof agameAugust 6, 2014 at 12:11 AM

    In due time they will be disposed off after ...
    "Unlish agame on agame is almost here :)

  31. Man shut the FUCK up

  32. I hope and pray that is true. it is about time for a change Eritrea get for the first time s/power on her side.

  33. Here we again, :)
    First it was all about issyas & now his son?
    BAD news for ya, they are both straight & married !
    Take your nokhual , DIRTY maakor elsewhere !

  34. You lollypop sucking so pathetic. Isaias sucks NO lollypops. That's all the US is offering here...nothing else!!!

  35. Dolphin Aklilu AdumerAugust 8, 2014 at 10:52 PM

    Great and living idea, Saba. If Africa is going to be for Africans, we should stop war and fundamentalism. Every nation has to work hard to prosper her own society. Though we are still very distant from reality; hope is the last thing that we lose, however.

  36. Whether we like it or not we should try to narrow the differences to avoid the internal disputes as mentioned above. How do we avoid it? Going back and see how war has tormented us. Even nature couldn't help us because our land is deteriorated of war. Our children are suffering of disease and the like. The youth are either away for better life and exposed to the worst situation or engaged in self deterioration, crimes, pretentious life by adapting the new technology without deep knowledge and think of their futurity.

    After saying this I come back to you. Yes working hard should be the motive in every sense. We should aware our youngsters to concentrate on their studies.
    Education is free!!! We should learn appreciation. We should be proud of what we have not we pretend to be others. If the basic things are at least to being fulfilled we should prepare ourselves for the betterment of our life by working hard. The tongue war is here in this forum. I always expect to see substantive ideas such as yours for example. No undermine or insult!! Everybody cannot be politician. Our capacity is different. Good heart is very crucial. 'Ene kemot serdo ayebekel attitude should be avoided. Enough is enough! Let us come together. 'yetebabere kende yashenefal!!!!
    I know talking talking is not enough but opening up to betterment of ourselves should come from us first. We should build our capacity now to live peacefully in the future. Future leaders come out if the situation is straightened out now. Ahune yaletezera teru fere kewedet yegeale bewala? I saw the fight between the Eritreans and the Sudanese youngsters to travel illegally to London. I laughed because this is the situation waiting if we don't think broadly now!


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