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Ethiopian Blogger Files $120 Million Countersuit Against Saudi Billionaire and Ethiopian Regime

Elias Kifle (R) meeting with the de facto Ethiopian opposition leader, Professor Berhanu Nega

Ethiopian Blogger Files $120 Million Countersuit Against Saudi Billionaire Al Amoudi and Ethiopian Government 

By Zegabi,

A U.S.-based blogger who operates a popular Ethiopian news and opinion website has filed a $120 million counter lawsuit against the Government of Ethiopia, a major U.S. lawfirm named DLA Piper, Saudi billionaire Mohammed Al Amoudi and others on Monday morning.

The blogger, Mr. Elias Kifle, who writes on, filed the suit in Atlanta at the U.S. District Court for Northern Georgia District.

The suit names DLA Piper, Mr Mohammed Al Amoudi and his partner Mr Jemal Ahmed, Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia Mr Debretsion Gebremichael, Ethiopian government’s chief of security Mr Getachew Assefa, and the Government of Ethiopia.

In his suit, Mr Kifle alleges “civil rights violations,” “abuse of process,” and “economic harm.” He accuses the defendants of serially harassing him, hindering his constitutionally protected work, causing emotional distress to his family, and causing severe economic harm to him.

Mr Kifle also accuses DLA Piper, a large law firm with 4,000 lawyers, of extortion, racketeering and a relentless campaign of harassment on behalf of the Ethiopian government and its supporters.

The suit is a counterclaim to a defamation suit that was filed against Mr Kifle by Al Amoudi’s partner Jemal Ahmed, who owns large farms in Ethiopia and exports farm products to Saudi Arabia through his companies, Saudi Star and Horizon Plantations. Mr Ahmed accused Mr Kifle of falsely reporting that he is engaged in human trafficking and grabbing of land from small farmers.

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Ethiopian Blogger Files $120 Million Countersuit Against Saudi Billionaire and Ethiopian Regime Reviewed by Admin on 12:00 AM Rating: 5


  1. "He accuses the defendants of serially harassing him, hindering his constitutionally protected work, causing emotional distress to his family, and causing severe economic harm to him."
    That is how a racist scum ends up:Jobless, Hopeless, Loser, Poor, Distressed, Scared. Elias used to bash the Ethiopian regime only because he hates the ethnic group from which Elias believes the upper echelon of the regime comes from. And look where he ended up!! Depressed, poor, Hopeless, loser, socially segregated, closed at home, and STARVING!!

  2. Yacob you sound like one angry hopeless weyane cadre.
    I do not think he is racist, rather it's you tigrayans, the few and privileged, can not coexist with the rest of ethiopian people. . While weyane is looting ethiopia.the rest continue to live in misery , yes Many ethiopians like Elias cannot travel back to their home land, while you tigrayans became ethiopian airlines best customers. It wasn't long a go that donkeys were your means of transportation. Enjoy ethiopia for now. Time will come soon when you parasite weyane get kicked out from ethiopia And finally Ethiopians will start to enjoy and live peacefully in their own country .

  3. I think they have given away all the donkeys to their Brothers up in the north for they couldn't afford to run one single airplane as a sovereign country. I would call this a charitable act instead!!!

  4. All the donkeys the amharas donated to us , we gladly shipped them back, you should know that, you and your family were among the many unwanted asses.

  5. I am talking about the donkeys the Tigreans gave away to you....not the amharas. As you said it above the tigreans were only using donkeys not long ago but as they have meteorically advanced to use airplanes currently it was a good decision to give them away to where they are needed most. As the tigreans are advancing into a modern era, there is a country next door which is going back to the stone ages swiftly. Its citizens are trekking on foot to neighboring countries by paying thousands of dollars for that.....they pay to travel on foot! what a conundrum is that dear?
    So I hope the donkeys would be very much acclaimed in Eritreya where travelling by coaches and airplanes is soon becoming a memory of the past.

  6. Day dreamer! Wedi may telamit! I don't need your crooked donkey but the property you looted as if you were thrown in the malls of Dubai! "Weyanena lbgihatu Duwai atiyu" - How come a retarded whose Dubai is only across the border to the north think of donating the most valuable asset he can ever imagine of owning? By the way, are you one of the shekalo &/or lemano who, after been transformed in Eritrea go back home but then fear of any wicked attempt by their villagers and even family members who would either still or do some curse (a kind of juju) to them. I had a friend (Tigrayan) who worked for my family's field for a few years. He was totally changed and never like when he left his village near Tembien. At one time, his parents urged him to visit - something he had never contemplated about. He confided with me that he would borrow some old, rotten clothes from new comers (Tigrayans) as his was already thrown away, so that he could wear them when he goes to visit his parents. Guess why he did that?I know you know it more than me as it is a common practice with you guys. He did it so that he can not look oddly rich lest he be attacked covertly or overtly - anything from begging him to performing some wicked Satanic prayers on him. I was shocked when I first heard it and actually teased him for having such a view. I even told some of his friends as a joke, who then asserted the same thing.

  7. Watch what you saying Weyane Slave.
    Elias is an outstanding human being. He is larger than life, brave, bar none the champion of Ethiopians in particular and East Africans in general.
    1. Selflessly, on a regular bases exposes the crime committed by the current Ethiopian Government. Most Ethiopians/east Africans don't have information of what is going on in Ethiopia since all media is controlled by the dictator/criminal ethio government.
    2. Fearlessly, calls a SPADE A SPADE. He is not afraid to stand up to power since he is always on the side of TRUTH and JUSTICE. Had it not for this God sent blessed, HEROIC, LOVER OF HIS PEOPLE, PATRIOTIC individual, millions of Ethiopian/east African would not have known how savage/sadistic/looter/murderer the Ethio gov is.
    Therefore, it is illegal for the defendants TO HARRASS HIM AND HIS FAMILY. Moreover hindering his work and inflicting severe emotional stress IS A CRIMNAL ACTIVITY. His civil right for sure has been violated.
    Elias good luck with the law suit. You have a superb case but you will need an excellent lawyer since the defendants have an unlimited amount of money which will grant them an ability to hire the best lawyer/s in the world.
    If you come up short on money, please do not hesitate to ask ONLINE the help of PATROTIC ETHIOPIANS AND EAST AFRICANS ALL OVER THE GLOBE.
    Regarding the lawsuit against you it does not seem to hold water. As it is a known fact that the government of Ethiopia and/or those closely associated with it are ENGAGED IN HUMAN TRAFFICING. LAND GRAB BY GOV OF ETHIO AND ITS ASSOCIATES IS A WELL KNOWN UNDISPUTABLE FACT.

  8. The donkeys amhara donated to us were you tigrayans .maybe the technology you are talking about is, an outdated flour mill tigrai finally got in the new millennium Again enjoy ethiopia now, once weyane parasites are removed from power, you will go back to your old culture, which is begging on the streets of asmara and addis ababa. Let me remind you, Your mama ethiopia is second poorest country in the world.

  9. I know what your wishes for Tigreans are, but whatever you wish for tigreans is sadly happening to you guys. You wish the tigreans to go back to begging in the streets of Asmara...but the streets of asmara are now being crowded by Eritrean beggars instead. It is rather poignant to see the eritrean people being reduced into beggars, refugees, and destitute due to your own foolishness and empty bravado....I personally don't wish anything like that to anyone least of all to eritreans, but you are only exacerbating your tragedy from bad to worse by your own making.
    Apart from giving you the old donkeys for your service, the brave tigreans can only pray on your behalf so that you start thinking and acting like human beings hoping one day you would wake up and say no to be ruled by monkeys like yemane. I hope you would appreciate how demeaning and dehumanizing it is when human beings chose to be led by their own chimps and monkeys instead of the far sighted and complex Amharas. I think you were much better off when the Amharas were ruling Eritrea. What do you think?

  10. Oh dear, so you had a tigrean friend who worked for your family. Now things have changed, 4 million eritreans are working for one Tigrean.

  11. who cares about Elias kifle.Dont we have a lot of issue we need to discuss.power ,food and water shortage in the county .

  12. All decent human being should be concerned about the prosecuted, abused and oppressed. INJUSTICE TO ONE IS INJUSTICE TO ALL. We need to place ourselves in there shoe. How do we feel if we are the prosecuted, abused and oppressed ones. We will feel very angry, depressed, outraged and even commit suicide.
    THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS MY FRIEND. Since Ethio gov oppositions, such us Elias, are the ENEMY of Ethio gov and Eri people are the ENEMY of Ethio gov then Ethiopian gov oppositions are the FRIEND of Eri people, such as GEDEM. In other wards, ELIAS IS A FRIEND OF GEDEM.
    First they came to kill the Jews(Bilen) and I didn't speak out b/c I was not a Jew(Bilen).
    Then they came to kill the communist(Tigre) and I didn't speak out b/c I was not a Communist(Tigre).
    Then they came to kill the trade unionist(Tigrinya) and I did not speak out b/c I was not a trade unionist(Tigrinya).
    Then they came to kill me(Saho) and there was no one left to speak out for me(Saho).
    Remember also that ethio gov is the enemy of eri gov and people. Ethio gov is the primary force behind the imposition of sanction on Eritrea by US, EU and foreign bodies. The SANCTION takes a heavy toll on Eri economy. Also, the no war/peace situation and the constant threat of ethio invasion of Eri, forces Eri gov to be in war footing at all times and spend disproportionately more money on Military and Weapons at the expense of investment in food/energy/water production.

  13. if you call your self decent human being ,why didn't you want to talk about 365 Eritreans who lost their lives in the sea,why dont you oppose the government when people were imprisoned ,tortured and killed. I agree with the saying
    INJUSTICE TO ONE IS INJUSTICE TO ALL .so lets expose the injustice in our country Eritrea

  14. Gedem the agame,
    Your attempt to divert your ethiopia current state, tells me that you are looser tigrayan. Right now ethiopians all over the world are protesting against your minority and genocidal regime. You can feel their rage, change is eminent very very soon in addis ababa.

  15. I reason I am not discussing the tragedy and suffering that is befalling on our people and the retarded, ignorant and demented dictator that is mismanaging and destroying Eri Ato issais is b/c the topic under discussion is ELIAS THE GREAT and the BRUTAL DEVILS AND MURDERERS THAT ARE HOUNDING HIM AND HIS FAMILY. DAVID VS GOLLIATH AND WE ALL NOW HOW THE STORY ENDS.
    The solution to our people's suffering is to get rid of the current Eri leadership. The problem is succession. Who is going to replace them? Do we have a mature opposition leadership ready to take the rein of power? I believe we need to consolidate all the opposition parties to one or two parties. The one or two opposition will need to explain there positions to and solicit ideas from WE THE PEOPLE INSIDE ERI AND DIASPORA. Once the kinks of the new constitution and form of government is worked out, the next step is TO MARCH TO ERI IN ORDER GET RID OF CURRENT ERI LEADERSHIP BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.


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