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Sudan on high alert after Israeli threats: official

Field Marshal Omar al-Bashir

Sudan on high alert after Israeli threats: official

By StarAfrica,

Sudan has put all its military and security organs on high alert, expecting new Israeli attack on the Sudanese territory, senior Sudanese official revealed.

The foreign affairs minister Ali karti said told the Sudanese daily newspaper (Next day) published on Sunday that the Sudanese government has taken seriously the Israeli allegations of Sudan’s support to the Islamic Movement of Hamas.

The intelligence and the military and all other concerned bodies have been put on high alert to deal with any Israeli aggression on our territory Mr. Karti confirmed.

We will do whatever we can to defend ourselves and we call on the people to take caution he warned.

Israeli pro-governmental media reports have accused Khartoum of arming the Hamas movement in the current war between Hamas and Israel army in Gaza strip in the Palestinian territories.

Meanwhile the Sudanese armed Forces spokesman Colonel Alswarmy Khalid Saad has confirmed to the press in Khartoum on Sunday, that the Sudanese military has taken the Israeli threat seriously and prepared to combat any attack.

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  1. Boy i tell ya, this jews are pushing their luck & out living their appeal of a ' promised land ' may be hitler was on to something :)
    Yestedays egypt,todays sudan, tomoorow it's erireans & we havent forgotten the open support of the fake jews across the mareb during 1998-2001) !
    May the good lord set a blaze the crime scene to his demise, & wipe his his past & stArt with a clean slate somewhere else AMEN !

  2. Zionist Jews go to hell. Fake Kazarian tribes of eastern Europe, non-Semitic white people who claim to be Jews and by illegally occupying the land of Palestine they want to rule the world by controlling the financial institutions of all sovereign nations, including the control the U.S. dollar.... guess who prints dollars thru Federal Reserve? yes ...Zionist Jews. Who controls the "Central Banks" of 99% of all nations in the world? ...Jews do..... except they don't control Sudan, Eritrea, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Iran and Cuba... so they pay western politicians to put sanction on those nations thru false accusations.... so that they can overthrow the leadership of those nations and put puppet regime in place and rape the wealth of those forsaken nations such us Iraq, Libya, and now Syria... Sudan??? and the list goes on. Ohh... and the 6,000,000 Jews in holocaust etc... it is the a tale of the century, as fiction as Harry Potter.... of course... few Kazarian Jews died... but 24,000,000 Russian civilians died too... the Jew tale is only a tale Hollywood and the media can fabricate a story like that.... and guess who controls Hollywood and the media "Routers"... yes you guessed it.... war mongering Zionist Jews and their cronies.


  4. Stop writing rubbish. Denying the Holocaust is simply idiotic. What you are writing is simply racist, anti-Semitic and does not help the people of Palestine who are suffering under the Israeli occupation and brutality.


  5. I guess you are either complete insane or one of the Weyane thugs, who come to Eritrean websites with evil intentions. Your intention could be that who ever reads your nonsense, would assume that we Eritreans have similar opinions. Thereby, confirming weyane's unfounded allegations against Eritrea and Eritreans.
    By the way, I wonder why the webmaster does not delete such harmful comments

  6. Agree with you Fadayeen.

  7. I don't think Fedayeen is anti-Semitic because i'm sure he's mostly likely a Semitic speaker himself (85% Eritreans are).

    But I agree, what he wrote is a bit extreme and unnecessary.

    To be honest, I hate Hamas (an Islamic terrorist group that hates anyone who isn't a Wahhabi Muslim) and Israeli's regime equally. They both deserve each other. Let them sort out their issues. Both of them (Palestinians and Israelis) worked equally against the Eritrean people by supporting Ethiopia during our struggle, so I can give a damn about them.

    If this was happening to Eritreans, we would hardly even make the news, let alone have boycotts and condemnations against Ethiopia and other measures.

  8. There is no god, heaven/hell or any afterlife, so spend the life you have now wisely. When you die, you will be nothing more than a distant memory.

  9. I don't think Palestinians where in a position ,to be on the way of Eritrean freedom in any way, but I am willing to know if they where .What have done Hamas to you ,they may be terrorist to the Israel,but they are freedom fighters to their people.When Palestinians unable to farm their land,no water ,electricity and goods of all kind no availability what you expect them to do ?

  10. FYI, Hamas have Christian members and was founded by Mosad to undermine Fatah.

  11. There are such thing happen but in Ogaden just right now by weyane . No holocaust in Europe false

  12. Fuck juwsh niger do not twist trueth Hamas is freedom fighter for their land but in this juwsh controlled mass media those little head like easily observed and spill what. Zionist said.

    Might is not right. Israel gov has commited a war crime and genocide against Palestinian people. NO JUSTIFICATION WHATSOEVER TO KILL INNOCENT CHILDREN/CIVILIAN/WOMEN. KILLING HELPLESS CIVILIANS UNDER UN PROTECTION IS UNHEARD OFF AND IS A WAR CRIME. PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU AND HIS SENIOR LEADERSHIP NEED TO BE TAKEN TO COURT FOR WAR CRIME. THE CURRENT ISRAEL GOV iIS A TERRORIST GOV. PEROID. I have nothing against Jews people especially those in US. Like any group of people are composed or the good and bad. My anger is towards the current Israel gov and the fanatic elite who support it. HAMAS was democratically elected in 2006 by Palestinian people. It represents Palestinian people whether Israel leadership like it or not. HAMAS soon after winning election did make a mistake, in my opinion, by saying something to the effect that they do not believe in the existence of Israel. Soon thereafter were labeled as a terrorist organization by USA and European union. However, over the last few years they had said they are willing to exist side by side by Israel. Like all of us, being humans, they initially made a mistake. Like all decent people they admitted their error and corrected it. MOST RECENTLY HAMAS LEADER SAID DURING HIS INTERVIEW BY A FAMOUS US JOURNALIST, THAT HAMAS and Palestinian people are willing to live side by side with Israel in a future independent free Palestinian nation composed of muslims, Christians and even Jews.

  14. Hamas, which follows the Wahhabi sect of Islam (the most extreme version of Islam that is responsible for all Islamic terrorism) Imposed the Sharia on the people of Gaza. By definition, that means they have zero respect for Christians or people of other faiths, as the Sharia's draconian and barbaric doctrine dictates these people are treated as inferior to Wahhabis.

    Yes I'm aware of Christian Palestinians, but I highly doubt they would support a religious sect (Wahhabi Islam) that views and treats them less than cattle. Wahhabis view other Muslims as being inferior to them, too. And they actively kill Shias, sufis and Sunnis who resist their strict interpretation of Islam.

    Wahhabi Islam is poison to the mind, it needs to be eradicated from this planet. To call this savage cult a religion is an insult to human intelligence.

  15. Not rubbish at all, the point is the Holocaust is questionable and the Jews agenda is in fact to control the world thru proxy wars... and central banks. FYI... there are few Jews that have Semitic blood, but 90+% of Jews in the world are just fake converts... eastern European "Kazarian" tribe. Read the book "The 13th Tribe"... written by one of them.

  16. Shhhh 'seary (grass) ' cool down pr ab my zhul tealekh, hmakh aytezaribena
    Ooooosssshhhhh !

  17. Eritrean Atheist, you just spiting out generic info available in the lame media. Just do yourself a favor and talk to Palestinian.

  18. They certainly were in a great position to support Eritreans. The PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization), which was backed by numerous Arab countries, supported Ethiopia's Derg regime. Israel also supported the Derg regime.

    Why do Eritreans care so much about Palestinians? Gaza city, although under illegal and cruel embargo, is far better than most African cities, including Asmara. The average Gaza citizen makes 6 times more money than the average Asmarino. Why care about people who are doing better than us when these Arabs have no sympathy for Eritrea and Eritreans?

  19. Dude why are you Jealous/envious of the Palestinian people. IS THAT BECAUSE YOU ARE ATHEIST? It is a SIN to be jealous/envious.
    A serious/good Christian or Muslim, will avoid Jealousy/envy like a plague. If you want to be cured from your disease please consider either one of the two main religions in our neck of the wood, East Africa.
    1 Corinthian 3:3; Being envious of someone who has something we do not have is Jealousy which is a SIN and is not a characteristics of a Christian.
    James 3: 14-15; But if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast and be false to the truth. This is not the wisdom that comes down from above, but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic.
    Prophet Allah said: "Beware of envy because indeed envy destroys good deeds in the same manner as fire destroys wood."
    Eritreans care about the Palestinians because they had been there and done that. As Eritreans were denied self determination/independence and freedom for many decades and were bombed/killed and maimed for their resistance, so were the Palestinians. Eritreans historic experience with oppression and subjugation makes it easy to have a genuine EMPATHY for Palestinians.

  20. Source of Wahhabism is Saudi Arabia. It started in the 1700's. It adheres to the strictest form of Islam. Most muslims in the world, including in Palestine, don't practice this strict form of Islam. Once Saudi Arabia started to get rich from oil money starting in the 1950's, it started to export Wahhabism throughout the globe by opening up schools. This schools were attractive, understandably so, to the very poor which Palestine has a lot of courtesy of Israel. It meant free schooling and three square meal a day. Without it most of the poor wouldn't have been schooled and fed well.
    Most of the well out and educated Palestinians will not fall for WAHHABISM.
    So the real enemy of Chirstians, Jews and Muslims is Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless, it remains an important ally of USA and ISRAEL. Why?


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