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Eritrea: The Making of a Nation

Eritrea is developing 1,680 modern homes and shops in Asmara's Sembel, Space 2001 and Halibet districts 

Eritrea: The Making of a Nation

By Hillal,

The making of a nation is difficult. If it were easy, the African nation making horror stories, tragedies and nightmares would have been a thing of the past. But, if we make history as our guide, it isn't an African only and only dilemma.

The American Civil War, French, Soviet, Chinese revolutions, European wars, Latin American military Juntas, Asian wars, coups and revolutions and the Arab feudal monarchs are all parts of the mosaic of nation building heartaches.

Today in the name of freedom, liberty and democracy destabilizing nations is the modus operandi of the powers that be. The Color, Twitter, Facebook and the so called Arab Spring revolutions are becoming the recipes for disaster for the targeted nations and peoples.

Studying the Eritrean experience gives us a glimpse at the painful struggle we went through in the first 15 years of the armed struggle. Eritreans had to fight Eritreans to make certain that the correct political line was followed to assure the destiny of a future united, strong, democratic, progressive, dynamic, assertive and self reliant Eritrea

US international policy makers tried to make the nation making agenda as their top policy priority. They failed miserably at implementing it. Today, the mere mention of it sends shock waves down the spines of all the American policy makers.

Declaring independence, waving a national flag, writing a constitution, conducting electrons and having a parliament aren't in themselves sufficient enough to build a nation which is united, democratic, strong and stable. A nation requires a leadership of high caliber that can lead and has the ability to listen to the heart beats of the masses.

A certain degree of economic development and a vibrant middle class are the key ingredients for democracy to flourish and to be nurtured. These requirements should be augmented by the increased level of political awareness of the masses. Without these preconditions in place talking about democracy is just an exercise in futility.

Timing is everything. No one with the right frame of mind in Eritrea is against the implementation of the lofty ideals and programs that are enshrined in the National Charter and the constitution. After all, the long protracted struggle for our liberation than and now is to make these ideals a reality on the ground.

We have a clear understanding of where we were, where we are now and where we are going, and what type of a nation we want to build. Above all, we definitely know who our friends and enemies are. The Eritrea of our dreams and worthy of our Martyrs sacrifices is a work in progress.

First and foremost though, the security and stability of the nation had to be secured. If a cloud of war is hovering above and the security of the nation is uncertain, speaking about democracy and civil liberties would be just an academic exercise.

Any Kind of political, economic, social, cultural and security changes we introduce in the country should be based on the subjective and objective parameters of the nation. Change for the sake of change, cosmetic change to look politically correct or be part of the pact, change prescribed by external powers or copying political models as they are from other experiences are not part of the Eritrean/Shaebia political culture.

Learning from other experiences is a noble trait but it could be effective only and only if our own rich experiences be it political, economic, social, cultural and security cultural dimensions are given paramount importance. The time has come not only for Eritrea but for all of Africa to have our own African agenda.

Democracy and good governance aren't European or American private domains. Their claims of being the champions of human rights and rule of law are blatant lies. Today, thanks to the Neocons megaphone and gunboat diplomacy, the internet, Wikileaks, Snowden and Bradley there is nothing left for the imagination. The financial meltdown and the corporate media becoming a propaganda organ of the state and special interest groups makes our doubts more authentic

Every African nation should devise its own model suitable to its internal dynamics. Especially, today when the loft ideal of liberty, democracy, justice, rule of law and human dignity are used as a cover up to intimidate, harass, bully, exploit, rape and molest nations it's urgency becomes more poignant.

The wisdom of multi party democracy, conduciveness of participatory democracy, creation of a political class and a robust system of checks and balances in an African contexts should be studied. A new democracy with African roots, by Africans, for Africans and of Africans is what Africa and Africans need..

Those that are in the habit of preaching us about these lofty ideals - the powers that be and their NGO merchants of misery - are always after their own economic and security interests and have none of Africa's best interest at heart. Greed, domination and hegemony are the tentacles of the morally and ethically bankrupt Unipolar and globalized world.

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  1. Give me liberty, or give me death Patrick Henry
    You can build as many houses or roads or factories or Sawa you want without the basic freedom it does not mean anything.

  2. They don;t have any thing to show because they dot;t have one and look at the above abandoned building they try to boast about.

  3. Haleka:
    Amen to that. The country is in such a disarray, the regime is running around writing false information.

    The state is a failed state.....the future seems like as bad as a future of a country can be.

  4. Ata hataf hateftef tebel tefelto zaybelka. I bought one for my self and family,the construction is going well, we have promise they will finish building the property with in 6-8 Months if all goes well.

  5. Madote is allowing all enemies of Eritrea to belittle what our warsays at home sweating for. I wonder why?

  6. I don't think you have enemies you are talking about, instead you are your own enemies that created by your dictator Isayas Afom and the die hard supporters like you bro.

  7. Just out of brotherly concern, ...have you noticed at the look of the structure? It looks unbelievably slim and flimsy which can easily collapse at a push of one strong man. Can you imagine this skeleton sustaining all the weight of the blocks, wood works, irons and the people who are going to be residing inside them?? Please think twice before risking the lives of yourself and your family. What is going on in Eritrea??
    I can clearly see now why the bloggers in this website are so excessively and unnecessarily focused in writing shit about Ethiopia just because they have nothing meaningful they can write about Eritrea, and when they do they can only expose such an embarrassing architecture and construction taking place in the 21st century Eritrea. Gud bel Gonder!!

  8. There are three flags on top of the structures. Can you see them?

    Curious observation also reveals that the flags don't resemble Eritrean. Unlike Eritrean flag, they seem to have solid horizontal strips both at the top and bottom.

    Also far behind on the background on the right hand side are what look like a reddish iron tower and a whitish building structures. I am a little suspicious of the authenticity of the picture.

  9. Selamat Haleka;
    I prioritize development than democracy because the conditions conducive to democracy can and do emerge and the process of modernization, according to abundant empirical evidence, advances them. Modernization is a syndrome of social changes linked to industrialization. Once set in motion, it tends to penetrate all aspect of life, bringing occupational specialization, urbanization, rising educational levels, rising life expectancy, reducing maternal and infant mortality, modernizing agriculture sector and rapid growth. These create a self- reinforcing process that transforms social life and political institutions, bringing rising mass participation in politics and in the long run making the establishment of constitution, multi-party and election. However, right now the people of Eritrea preferred basic necessities than insignificant democracy.

  10. That is what the Eritrean ppl have at present, or you talking about S.Sudan,C.A.R,Libya,Iraq,Syria,Ethiopia....?

  11. I just got back two weeks ago I visit the construction sight,so Shut up you idiot! the structure above is for the cold storage in Massawa.

  12. MR Manny H wow what a funny woyane boy cyvber terrorist, i though your mental capcity is zero to add to yoru misery you can not see clear structure from an abandond building! eh born woyane loqmats, lekbat, hasawi and hasad die woyane with uncertainity.

  13. Madote starting recycling news! Lol

  14. Do you agree with this logic?
    The logic is: before democracy development comes. It is not realistic. Development only comes by creating a democratic political atmospher. It is putting the cart before the horse to say "development before democracy"

  15. The logic is: before democracy development comes. It is not realistic. Development only comes by creating a democratic political atmospher. It is putting the cart before the horse to say "development before democracy"

  16. Are you strong? If yes, go and push the structure. Let us see you bring it down!

  17. You are the one who said so, why don't you write a detailed explanation for your opinion, first? What is development in the first place? How are development and democracy related as cause and effect? What are the factors or characteristics of democracy that results in development? May be you should give us examples of countries/societies that "had democracy" first and "got development" as a result, from history. It would also be good if you could give us examples of countries/societies that "developed" first but their "development" could not "bring democracy." How do you "create a democratic political atmosphere?" Please educate us.

    Remember, we are not talking about inanimate things such as capacitors, resistors, current, electric potential and the like here. These give you the expected function they are designed/engineered to do. Human beings are much more complex and are unpredictable more often than they are. Their collective actions and interactions are exceedingly more complex when taken together. Even more complexities come from the fact that these collective beings do not always and everywhere act the same way. This means that the same actions, choices, implementation of programs, etc do not always give you the same result in the same country's history nor do they produce the same outcome in two different countries even if the countries may have similar situations.

    I am eager to learn from your explanation.

  18. Really? Where is the freedom, the respect of fundamental human rights and dignity when thousands upon thousands of our people are randomly arrested for years without any proof what so ever in countless prisons all over the country without having a single day in court under independent judiciary system?

  19. Really, we do not have enemies? We should celebrate! Thanks for telling us.

    Our enemies are the ones who tell us they are not our enemies after telling us they want to possess our ports and made a dash for one of them in the final our of the last war, the ones who are still refusing to do as they promised in the treaty they signed, the ones who raped, looted, demolished our infrastructure and our martyrs' graves. Our enemies are those who humiliated and deported our people through battle fronts (so that their own brothers and sisters kill them) after dispossessing them of their life earnings. They are the ones who dreamed and begged their bosses to impose sanctions on our country. They are you and your organization--the Weyane!

    You must be a fool to tell us who our enemies are! You think we will not identify our enemies after what they have done to us? Asha Hamasienay entebelukhas haqi mesiluka? The hopeless fools that have collaborated with the Weyane hope that the Weyane will one day drive them to power on their tanks.

    Issaias Afeworki may be your enemy. I am sure he gives you nightmares day and night!

    Die-hard supporters you said? You are right we do not compromise with our sovereignty!

    Give up guys! You cannot convince us to rise against our own government. Move out of our territories, that is much more easier!

  20. The above self response it intended to you Haimanot. There is nothing less worse than being mentally enslaved and morally corrupted in this world. Our people's sacrifice for 50 years was not to achieve a nation of a single man's show.

  21. We are waiting for your cause and effect gashas asked you to clarifay for us, but i guess you got nothing right? you better take your none sense esle where. hataf

  22. What are you a fortune teller? disarray? you wish it was a disarray, as you have nothing better to say about Eritrea. Because you and your elk are caught up in a web hate and negativity about anything that is Eritrea.

    If a past is, as they say, a gauge to what the future holds for a nation and its people, then Eritrea and Eritreans have shown time and time again that we overcome the odds. That is clear as a day light, for any one who is genuine, to see and observe.

    Mark my word people like you will eventually put their tail between their legs and come around.

    Eritrean at a minimum will wish a better future for the country and people, regardless of the current situation and his/her political stand. shame on people who wish us harm and gloom.

  23. lol you telling me that your condominium with a pool of shit next to it because there is no sewage system is 21st century standard? Mr. you even know what you are taking about? DEDEB!

  24. Soveriegnty comes first and foremost. We need to let those who still safeguard and build the country have their chance to complete what they have started as far as they are willing to sweat and even die serving the country unlike those who scream from neighboring countries. For their mistakes? Yes all who try make mistakes to the opposite of those who sit aside and chitchat, we do not have any guarantee that they are better than those at place.
    Stop underestimating Eritrean People's intelligence, the people knows why we are suffering.

  25. If you really believe of whatever you "Priest" Yohannes.......

    freedom means the respect of God given human dignity, and live without any fear, intimidation and repression by power abusing state officials.(woyanes), ...

    Why not leave Eritrea alone! Demarcate the borders and move on with their VERY RICH Ethiopia, so that Eritrean people deal with the insider matters?
    Why does woyane keep Eritrea HOSTAGE? And why are you and the cruize want to put the cart before the horse? Before woyane take his fingers out of Eritrean matters and keep clean, Eritrea has no choice but to stick to whatever we have at home to DEATH !

  26. Ain't that what Isaias Afewerki said in 1990 in an interview with Sagim.
    Now they are trying to say different.

  27. Bla Bla Bla, that is all you have in your bank,nothing that have substance.There is nothing wrong arresting those do not fallow the law,it happens in Eritrea,USA,UK.....who the hell you want to protect and serve the country, hire ppl from China or bring back the dead,who sacrificed for Eritrea to finish the job?

  28. You could have been counted as a hero, if would not run away for free bed and breakfast to the west,instead creating one for yourself and others at home.

  29. You might be a rocket scientist but far away from being realistic. Lesson 101 of life: Eritrea is in Africa, a 3rd world country, where priority one happens to be, how to get an assured dinner at the end of the day.
    Forget democracy, cart/horse, egg/chicken... and learn from: drarei keihazku iilal ayreayenen iyu, belet zbii.

    I had told you, you're too qualified to mess yourself with a poor country's affairs, you have your own high entourage in Huston or Florida, stick with them.

  30. Keep blaming the Woyanes, USA, and the international community as as a whole is not going to take as any where. Habaie kuslus habaie fewsu y'blu abotat. Postponing the much debated and ratified constitution, suspending the People's National Assembly , and not allowing an independent judiciary system which operates under the constitution has nothing to do with border issue. It is all crooked lame excuse to monopolize power by Hgdef elites. Our people's sacrifice was not to be ruled by the rule of the jungle, rather to be dignified, and to be governed under the people's rule of law. Stop pointing fingers to others for every thing goes wrong at home. Again habaie kuslus habaie fewsu.

  31. You don't have the right to judge me, and I don't have the right to judge you either.

  32. Gasha, in the early days of the then Eriteans arriving in addis; one such Eritrean was over heard thinking out loud and wondering " mis men eya t'zareb, mis volkswagon,.mis goma? his impression of the then ethiopians still has not changed and forces you to wonder out loud saying what the good Eritrean has said many years ago.
    Today ethiopia is a failed state under woyane,
    Woyane culli's are dazed and confused,
    Ethiopians are saying enough with the genocidal minority enept junta.
    Hunger is on the horizon again remenisant of the end of haile slassie-mariam time.
    Ethiopians are trekking in droves to sudan, libya, senai, djiboutti, yemen and beirut; lossing limps, organs even the skin on their back,
    Those that made it to safety are traumatized and incapacitated, can not and will not function as productive citizens in any host country.
    Ethiopia is divided along religion, ethnic, region and affiliation lines.
    The demoralization project implimented 23 years now is ready for the next step.
    Destiblization is about to be implimented, the sleepers will be awoken soon and get to work.
    Crisis is inevitable, civil war is about to ensue.
    Intervation is in the plans.....
    The sleepers will shout revolution and hijack the peoples cause...once in control...
    Normalization will be declared and they will claim order is restored,,,
    Ethiopians by millions are fed up with their decaying living condintions.
    A savior is chosen,,,
    Andy might play a key role in what is to come after the revolution.
    In short woyanes shelf life has expired and woyane is in retreat, trying to run away with military hardware, and any material it sees will allow it to survive in the home base.
    As a last ditch effort woyane will try to mend and beg for peace with Eritrea.,,,
    Stay tuned truth lovers..

  33. Unless you are paid blogger, I care less to see your comments again.

  34. You see how I tricked them! I dodnt mention who said that comment and many thought it was some one against Eritrea. The person who said that was Issayas Afeowrki in 1985.
    you see a lot of people dont even read what Issayas said in 1985. I will post it the whole interview.

  35. meriet, the person who said that was Issayas Afeworki in 1985. The reason I didnt say who was behind the comment is I expected you and like you would say against that comment.

  36. Gashs,
    The person who said that was Issayas Afeworki in 1985. your comment should be directed to him not to me ;)

  37. Oh yes, it is directed to you. You brought it whether you wanted to trick discussants or not. I directed it to you because you brought this out for discussion. I am interested in what you think about it.

    By the way, you should put a link or some kind of reference so that people can sea for themselves you have quoted him correctly and in what context he said it.

  38. They are just "nifas mis zinefeso nifes" kind.
    I forgive them because they don't know what they are doing! Familiar proverb ain't it?

  39. Why don't you say enemies of Hgdef!
    Because Eritran Higdefn kebdin hikon iyom.
    Stop playing in a lost war.

  40. You can come up with whatever name you like or keep repeating every single word of the deceptive regime. I do care less.

  41. Oh dear! you have a very long list of wishes for ethiopia!! Unfortunately all these wishes are just happening next door at the moment...guess where... Bingo!!! you are absolutely right.
    You also said "Ethiopians are trekking in droves to sudan, libya, senai, djiboutti, yemen and beirut; lossing limps, organs even the skin on their back,"
    But I am just wondering why these poor ethiopians are only trekking to Sudan Djibouti, libya etc and why not to Eritrea while tens of thousands of Eritreans are marching to Ethiopia? Some say there are more than 100,000 Eritrean Refugees (I mean investors) in Ethiopia as of yet, but I don't think that is true.

    Have you noticed one common thing b/n the woyanes controlling Eritrea like Hagos kisha, papa issayasas, both yemanes and the woyanes controlling emama Ethiopia? They are both leading Failed states!! kkkk

  42. I see that you are a truth lover and healings begins when you accept what ails you.
    In deed ethiopia under woyane is a failed state.
    Eritreans are prudent and we dont enjoy rubbing salt on an open wound.
    We dont parade around the thousands yellow card holders around as a trophy. And we dont indulge in others misary,
    As thinking ans full function citizens of the world we see our realities beyond the horizone we dont dwell on insignificant skrimishes.
    It however and somehow is a great matter for you to perpetually tally a number that defy any sane elementary algebra.
    You have 100000 today but yesterday it was a million, and we shall see what you will say
    But at least you and i agree that
    Ethiopia is a failed state under woyane.

  43. Fused! It's 2014 Sir, in 1985 PIA's concern and concentration was on how to decimate the enemy.

  44. You sounded larger than life itself,
    ....................... a man of great conscience
    When you said u don't dwell
    .........................on insignificant skirmishes.
    Only to be taken aback your lack of wisdom
    To regard the yesterday Eritreans in Ethiopia refugees by the million
    They were neither refugees
    .........................nor seekers of asylum
    For they were enjoying life
    .........................with Ethiopians in tandem
    But the eritreans of today
    .........................that are sheltering in Ethiopia
    who are leading abject life
    ........................although better than in eritrya
    They are only refugees
    .......................and seekers of sanctuary
    who run away from home break loose from misery
    They are not regarded as citizens

    ........................nor can they enjoy equlity
    For they refused it before
    ...................thinking they were better and mighty.
    Only to be surprised by the
    ...................burden of their freedom.
    knowing not what to do with it
    ..................they only wish it was abandoned.
    So my brother Forto
    ..................a graduate from sawa
    I hope you understand now failed is Eritrya.

  45. These days you are being called Rora, eh? Never mind, but how is "nifas mis zinefeso nifes" fit to the people who expressed their opinion? If ZCruz has proved anything, it is that the people whom he and his former little friend (including his current little friend called Rora) used to call papagallo, can and do have their own opinion! Nothing more!

    You seem confused that your opponents do not seem to fit the frame you have made for them. This should tell you how wrong you are and if you do intend to reach an understanding in the matter you are talking about you should just start discussing their opinion.

    Listen, it is only because we do not want to follow your agenda we do not discuss some points. If you should know, you or anyone else need not have the same stand on anything. The only thing needed as you discuss Eritrean issues is that you are sincere about being Eritrean, true to your opinion, respectful and mature. Exchange of ideas in this case, is supposed to bring us together to a common understanding on the welfare of our nation. Reason would dictate that those who love their country and people are discrete in what they write in a public forum, they forward constructive ideas instead of destructive one, they uplift the morale of their compatriots instead of demoralize, they respect their nation instead of publicly abusing its name and history, . . . , they do everything positive for their nation instead of denigrating it.

    From what you write here, we can definitely conclude that ZCruz, you and others like you are interested in destruction only! That is the same job the Weyane is engaged in. How are you different from the Weyane? For all we know, you could be hired for this purpose somewhere around the world or in your home country Ethiopia.

  46. So, what does it show? You have not proved what you think you have proved at all. May be this is just a game for you. If you proved anything at all, you proved that the pro-government individuals in this forum do have their own opinion about matters regarding their country.

    You must be shocked to learn the truth, eh? By the way, I asked you for your opinion because I gave you the benefit of the doubt that at least this time, you may have something constructive and educational. However, it is obvious that you simply wanted an opportunity to insult your opponents, as usual.

    Sorry to disappoint you, pro-government participants do make their own opinion!

  47. You can't even stay with the topic at hand! What I wrote you is more than clear! You jump from topic to topic whenever your reasoning is shown to be unconvincing. It reminds me of "Ariel" and "Papagallo Hunter." In fact, your logic and tantrums seems to be at the level of the
    Weyane, which is equivalent to that of an Eritrean four-year-old's. You are one and the same-- Weyanes at best, traitors at worst! Isn't that why you are defending the Weyane?

    Ok, let's say you have good intentions and let's give you the benefit of the doubt. How do you intend to get rid of these "problems?" Get rid of Shaebia is not an acceptable answer. You will have to tell us how you get rid of Shaebia and implement the "remedies" to the "problems." I would like to know how you would deal with the Weyane in case they take advantage as you get rid of Shaebia. They won't is not an acceptable answer. If you really had been in the national service, you would know that a good soldier never underestimates the enemy!

    If you think that Eritreans cannot discern their enemies, then you are simply wasting your life. I hope you will redeem yourself!

  48. So, if these guys are all Weyanes what is keeping them from making peace with each other? Why are they leading two separate countries? Why did they go to war? You should really explain this to us. I will join your "movement" if you convince me. Just tell me where to register!

    Regardless of whether your claim is fact or not, the lack of logic itself reveals your racist stand. Such stinking thinking can come only from the Weyane. It is a fact that the Weyane "ideology" is based on that!

  49. Gasha!
    Ignoring your insults, did I read get rid of Shabia is not an acceptable answer! Dude wake up shabia is dead and it replaced it self with zombies. If anyone is going to defend Shabia it will be me, cause I and my whole family grew up with Shabia and worked and bleed for Shabia.
    I would like to see get rid of the cancer in Shabia and make the host healthy. And it will be done sooner or later.
    Btw you stick with Higdef (not Shabia) because you think that it's un replaceable ?Wake up the fight is between right and wrong, between good and evil and it's always that the good and the right wins, if you don't know that refer to our history for independence.

  50. Evading the questions once again. You will not stop from contradicting yourself. "shabia is dead" and then you are "going to save it. What is to be saved if it is dead! Wishful thinking!

    "Weyane! We, Eritreans say SHA-E-BIA, not Shabia. That is what you say in Ethiopia. Your aim is just causing chaos! Everyone has seen your irrational arguments. That is good! You have been exposed once again.

  51. Aye Gasha! You are indeed gasha to Eritrea coming every summer spending ks in Asmara, Massawa and Dekemhare drinking Aqua fresh and sleeping in the house that you buy it by you think this makes you Eritrean ? Am sure it makes you one of the cowards that flee from our struggle for freedom and now they think that by paying 2% they can be real eritreans.
    Btw I hear amiches pronouncing shabia as could be one of them.

  52. You left your homeland to be able to do the same as those who come to Eritrea during the summer?

    You are talking like a child now. You think you will make me silent because you showed me your childish behavior? Anes ente temaharka ile'mber, . . . And, you think you are going to make a revolution!


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