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The West Supports Criminal Behavior of Eritrean 'Opposition' Members

Afeworki Brhane flipping off Eritreans after several of his EYSC partners
were arrested for attempting to vandalize the Eritrean Embassy in Washington D.C. - 01/29/13

The West Supports Criminal Behavior of Eritrean 'Opposition' Members 

By Alenalki,

Nowadays we are witnessing the term “human rights” are given a whole new meaning by those so called human right activists (hooligans) who propagate, preach and advocate for “democracy”, “freedom of expression” and “Human rights”.

We have learned that the same legitimate Human Rights Organizations, in the diaspora communities mobilizing a group of individuals which is preferably profiled criminals, people from the bottom of society or socially excluded individuals, labeling them as “Pro-democracy activists” or “Human Rights Activists” assist the organization they represent with funds and resources to win a certain predetermined politically motivated purpose /violence.

Reportedly in the west countries those hooligans have already cost taxpayers millions. Recent we have witnessed the arson, assault in the Eritrean communities in Sweden and vandalism of miscellaneous Eritrean community center facilities around the world. This primitive actions was executed by the same hooligans carrying out case for organizations who are presenting themselves as human rights defenders. How can this brutal terrorist act be justified by Human Rights Organizations?

Interesting that the same Human Rights Organizations advocating for “Human rights” counteracts its own purpose and principles, by searching, mobilizing & supporting individuals and groups which are profiled criminals and hooligans in the diaspora communities.

Past experience has taught us that this criminals who lives in the diaspora, will not make any significant impact concerning Eritrea’s political road map and the nation building process in Eritrea. They may possibly prolong the development and reconstruction of the country! But nothing else!!! And Eritrea know very well how to deal with this kind of criminals created by the west and supported by mainstream media!

In the long, what makes this crime and behavior as social phenomenon problem and a very dangerous game is, those individuals and groups lives and acts in the western countries. And the question is, are we in west prepared to deal with those hoodlums? When they turns against their clients (Uncle Tom) agenda or become an uncontrollable monsters. Because this is exactly what we are preparing to create today and there is no doubt that this day, when things will go out of control will come!

EYSC thugs being arrested after they attempted to vandalize the Eritrean Embassy in D.C. Photo: Sophia Tesfamariam/Embassy Staff
EYSC members arrested by D.C. police for attempting to vandalize the Eritrean Embassy in Washington D.C. - 1/29/13 - Photo Sophia Tesfamariam/Embassy Staff

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The West Supports Criminal Behavior of Eritrean 'Opposition' Members Reviewed by Admin on 2:10 AM Rating: 5


  1. PFDJ supporters in Bologna photo taken by me.

  2. These people were arrested and now have criminal records. Not that they had jobs before (they are all unemployed) but now they have a record.
    That is the right way to deal with them. Turn them over to law enforcement.
    On the whole though, I think it is a mistake to keep writing about them. They seek publicity and we are giving it to them inadvertently. We are playing into their hands.
    They don't number that many. They are just loud. The best way to deal with them is ignore or turn them over to the authorities. But let us not keep writing about them and given them undue legitimacy.

  3. Victims of YPFDJ gangsters; photo taken by me

  4. YPFDJ gangsters in their camp at Bologna

  5. Tesfabirhan WR:
    Do you have a job? You are probably an unemployed idiot who is paid by Weyane to hang around Eritrean websites all day.
    Your name is on every website. Why don't you go get a job!

  6. Get a job Tesfabirhan. Stop hanging around Eritrean websites around the clock.

  7. YPFDj gangsters on duty

  8. Your name is on every website. Do you work?
    My assignment for you is to go get a job.
    You can't possibly hold a job if you hang around websites 24 hours a day.

  9. this is my job Go get a job. I am here because this is my job. Though you wrongly placed the comment

  10. I am here because it is my job. But why you are chasing me in all the websites that I visit? can't you get a job by yourself. Go and get a job Go get a job.

  11. I am here to expose you and crash you. This is my job and I am doing a right job which I am satisfied with. Do not worry about me.

  12. Tesfabirhan WR
    If this is your job, is Weyane paying for your living expenses?

  13. Employed By WeyaneJuly 18, 2014 at 2:49 AM

    Most of those people like Tesfabirhan WR whose job it is to hang around Eritrean websites 24 hours a day and harass Eritreans were recently hired by Weyane.
    He answered that this is his job. If this is his job, guess who is paying for his living expenses?????

  14. Trtarieka dika. Entay dea awyatka nab alem tesimie? Hatitkani meliselka. Ayagebkan. Hiteteni. Kaliot entay geberu. Zihatetkani kimiliselak dliuw eye ajoka aytifrah.

    Woyane do gele aytibel. I am an Eritrean who is looking Justice and rule of law.

  15. aletawi Go get a Job. Racist, Divide and Rule policika do tetegbir aleka. Enkae dea aletka zeyfilet aybelkani.

    Ajoka, woyane, asnebetay do gele aytibel. Neti YPFDJ zimerho asha eyu maletka yu.

    Zeynekhe HGDEF. Nikhah ske.

    Nekihna elkum Woyane do America tiblu nerkum hji kea ab Anseba do weridka. Kenkihaka ye. I am the product of Nakfa Cadre School ok. I will teach you not be a follower but a real cadre who works for the people.

  16. Aletawi Go Get a Job, nsa diya akmika? Akiluka ab tserfi. Hsur tihti hagerawi, Fokis. Kemakan wedi kemakan teakakibom abey kikedu.

  17. Niay trah Asha entetibleni keman mis amharelka. You are insulting the whole Anseba people. Asteiwl eka. Neay diletka. may be haku kitsiref alewo ziblo sebat sletirekib. By why all the Anseba people? Why?

    Insult me, say me what ever you want for me personally. I can be an idiot for you ok. But to say Idiot/stupid the whole Anseba people is your Racist approach, the Nazist.


  18. I have visited many websites (of course I am 24 on internet), by the way I am in vacation, do not worry, I am a student), but non insulted me like you using Racist words. Shame to for having you as a visiter.

    Racist, Nazist!!


  20. Mino:- you are from tigray and tryed to creat a problem among ppl. serv your agame ppl. stop your kondaf aferfer.

  21. kondaf Tesfabirhan if you are a man of principl come and fight do not try to be hero outside the country. komal agame

  22. Here I am Alemayehu. Fighting is every where. You and me met because it is a ground to fight. You know how much PFDJ spends to win over this IT war, the cyber war. I am one which I have to be defeated if you can.

    Don't externalize. I am an Eritrean, do not give me other identity, or do not be a regionalist like the Go get a Job, now Mino, what ever it is.

    You are fighting me in the right place, but I will be the winner because I am a justice seeker.

  23. Within minutes, Go get a job, Mino, Micoo, Employ an employee, Ajokum eba mekitu hibrukhum keykeyerkum. Entay weriduka ata Micoo. Ewae,

    Meninetka zeykones kalatka eyu zinebir. Himak kalat zergihka hzbi abaeiska, tserifka abey eyu eti kalat kikeyid.

    For those who are coming to read, even the nicknames will be changed take-care

  24. Sile Mariam Mariam TihabkumJuly 18, 2014 at 4:18 AM

    Tesfabirhan WR's favorite profession of his ancestors was begging. If he is not paid by Weyane Tigray may be he begs for a living.
    Gereanenya and Geretsadkan do like to shake the cup and ask for spare change.

  25. You are better than Mino. Micoo gele mele. But I am not better in begging than PFDJ, the 2% extortion collector. Serihe keynebir wetihader do gele do enabele beyen kof ele kiserih.

    Eritreans were not beggars by the way. Kidim nSewra kinibil bebikrub abtom halefti teatatiyu, hazeni, nSewra kiblu eye zibleka zeleku, hji gina lemidemo fekediu Ertrawi zelewo enakedu kilimnu tewaridom. Ab canada ko hjis kindenay keyliminu, No to offical beggars elom yom.

    As far as a student I am a beggar and what I beg is for my living. Ajoka bezis kalie enteleka dea. But, I am not paid, i said NO before for the one who asked me.

    Do you want anymore clarificatio you want from me. Abti zibelwon zemtsaekiwon do dea keytikatiu. Develop debating on ideas, be free from insulting. If insulting is your capacity, lemideyo eye anes, kalie entelekhum.

  26. There are some retarded fools on here with their stupid conspiracy comments.

    I can see you are quiet un-educated in the world! With a brain like a pea, your response is not surprising!

  27. What do you mean that's your job.
    What an idiot, who signs your check? Weyane?
    You are unwanted guest here
    Why don't you go back to assena and dedebit. Com That way no one will hear from you and smell your garbage.
    Cheers loosers.

  28. Your ideology can be used by any untrained element, and without proper intelligence back up. It is the work of a regular mafia and gangsters outfit. You are trained more then your intelligence.
    No stone must be left unturned to catch the criminals so called "oppositions".

  29. Shame on Madote.
    Our enemy is Ethiopia not these folks who want human rights.

  30. I think you missed the content of the article, it is about the "opposition" Eritreans who are using human rights slogan as a shield for self interest.
    Read the paragraph below from the article above.

    "Reportedly in the west countries those hooligans have already cost taxpayers millions. Recent we have witnessed the arson, assault in the Eritrean communities in Sweden and vandalism of miscellaneous Eritrean community center facilities around the world. This primitive actions was executed by the same hooligans carrying out case for organizations who are presenting themselves as human rights defenders. How can this brutal terrorist act be justified by Human Rights Organizations?"

  31. You can hide and vandalise in darkness. But you can't hide and sabutate among people. But you were hiding behind your camera and sending to the front line the stupid ones. They should know who you are.

  32. ALEMAYEHU? never heard alemayehu eritrean name hahahahaha. You must be recruited Hgdef mercenary. God help Eritrea. gelekum amharu gelekum tegaru.

  33. 'opposition'? more like a bunch of retarded individuals not worth of the air they breath in. I agree, no need to get their sorry a$$ publicity they desperately crave.


  35. we have so many enemy to weeken eritrea and eritreans why you are one of them by insulting our leader and ppl? your bro is your bro do not insulting but if you have ability chalenge with in poletics.

  36. How about you start from yourself. Tell all the truth. How about the biggest Nazi ever, USA. How about you start exposing Ethipia war against Eritrea. How about that? Anybody can do what you are doing but it takes a man to do something about it. You have been insulting Eritreans. So show us what you got. Don't talk/write BE about it.

  37. You said, "... But I am not better in begging than PFDJ, the 2% extortion collector." So, according to you collecting tax is begging? I take it you live in Europe where it is mandatory that you pay tax? So European countries are beggars?

  38. You said, "am an Eritrean who is looking Justice and rule of law." What are about Eritrea? Eritrea is looking for justice from the UNJUST UN sanction. What are you doing about that? We, Eritreans are waiting for your response TES.

  39. You smell agame agame ..
    You have nothing of Anseba, FEGER! LOL.
    Your tigrigna is exposing you
    I challenge you now,
    Iske sebar english bgoni gedifka btigrigna tezareb.

  40. hmmmm..Tesfabrhan ilka shm ...LOL

  41. Alemayehu FARA we told you thousand times to change you nickname emptyhead. There is no any pride to call yourself that enemy name, if it is not your real name. Call yourself DENDEN, HABEN, DEJEN,,,, if you are ERITREAN, you and you comments not better than the crazy Tesfabrhan WR

  42. "....when the Ethiopian-Eritrean Claim Commission exposed him for starting the war, he meekly accepted their verdict and signed to pay Ethiopia $ 1000,000.00 for war reparation ? "



  44. Zey-temahare Seb Ayed-hin, Zey-te-weqre Met-han Ayet-hin is what our people would invoke to expose your utter ignorance. I am not sure how old you are but from what the foolish materials you write, it seems you are young new and stupid conscript , of whom wedi-medhn berad , the impostor, invariably takes advantage.
    However, let me help you liberate from your ignorance and stupidity: isaias afewerqi is agame, woyane through through. He was born in Tselot, Asmera from tegaru parents. His father, Afewerqi, came with his father, Abraha from tembien tigrai. All this happened towards the end of the 19 century.
    But who was isaias's grandfather, Abraha, and why did he come to our country?
    Abraha was a senior military official with the so called hatse yohannes. and he was one of the military officials who invaded and ransacked our country and slaughtered our people.
    But when the so called hatse yohannes went to Gojam, part of Ethiopia, to repulse the invading army of Dervishes from the Sudan, Abraha and the rest of the tegaru military officials who were wrecking havoc in our country also left to accompany yohannes in the war.
    yohannes did not last once the war commenced; he was very quickly identified and killed by the Dervishes, who beheaded him and took his head back to the Sudan as a token of their victory.
    Upon hearing the death of yohannes, his army in disarray retreated to tigrai where the senior military officials, in an attempt to inherit the vacated post of the king, began killing each other. Abraha fled and landed in our country where he lived as Wedi ArbaA.

  45. Dear Admi/writer
    I agree partially ur point, because you tried to convince readers by bringing good points, but when i told you that one of the prominent leaders of the present Eritrea Mr. Yemane's historys family, I really do not know what you are going to say. He Betrayed/ cheated Azieb Twelde and had relation with Weyni Tewelde and was red handed by Azieb tewelde. These are the people leading the ERITREAN revolution, betrayal and betrayal. The one who chetaed his beloved wife never regret to cheat anybody. Azieb shouted by flagging Weynis underwear in HAGER, bUT to no avail, Yemane came to be elected as CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF EPLF. Very surprising a cheater to be elected ad CC . Ok I am ready to say more if u wish.

  46. As I wrote it very emotionally, i have come with some mistakes. YEMANE GHEBREAB political adviser of DIA. HAGER is a place located in Sahel were DIMSI HAFASH was broadcasted.

  47. I think you have said enough, and if you are in possession of the so-called underware please discard it; victoria's secret people would like to keep it that way. Unless of course you are the either Azeb.

  48. Correction, not Ethiopia but woyane, go on.

  49. Just the usual DC ghetto niggers getting arrested on the street.... not news worthy at all.

  50. Back at you son of a bitch, Agame/Amhara niggers

  51. Mokhombia Titu Seb Yizareb Nenatu Aqemitu.
    You told to SMMT, "let me help you liberate from your ignorance and stupidity." But your stupidity is the worst one. As Yacob, I don't interrupt my enemy when he/she is making mistake, however when I read your nonsense criticism I tried to skipped over your article but I couldn't do it.
    I heard a lot of character assassination of PIA from disgruntled individuals like you for the past two decades. PIA has done more than anyone in Africa. He led the EPLF and successfully liberated Eritrea.
    "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." Martin Luter King JR.

  52. You don't need to ask him to speak tigrigna. Unlike the twisted heart tigrawot, the people of Eritrea is honest and generous, and therefore the tegaru call us Hasas Hamasein (hasas Eritrean). Now, this crack head Tesfabirhan WR in order to cover his identity he refrained from calling us hasas hamasein. He switched from hasas hamasein to halai anseba. He is a typical agame with uncured inferiority complex. As I mentioned several times these twisted heart interfere in our country affair. They are leech.

  53. In Tigray Hasas means Fool.

  54. Are you out of your mind ???? You nick is your worst enemy...gahtaf ! lol

  55. Asmayt,
    Yemane get more popular when you bring the story in open air LOL
    Remember who ? Clinton affair ? (You already spit the word "DIA") we know that you are one of those wannabe oppos, kbret anstiyo aytewardi abti zlemedkyo gberyo TESETERI ! LOL

  56. Hasas (faHshaw) agame Hbri adgi iske belo
    ma wardambo LOL

  57. Come on, hypocrite!
    Please change your irish sounding nickname.

  58. ewiy, natkas nbeynu iyu
    mCHwti, mqrti, bellina gualerey kefiuka diyu?
    kem gele aynet lol

  59. Mino why do not u go on the qomal sahsah hizbi Tigray web site

  60. Can you please correct Dawit Meconen's version of History?
    Forto ....I would personally want to know the an adulterated version of History you talking about? Challenge him with facts.... enlighten us :)

    The general cover-ups you writing here will not change the facts.

  61. Evidence is in the AirJuly 19, 2014 at 1:43 PM

    You ca google the Evidence but just in case here is an excerpt:

    A. The Commission awards Ethiopia the following compensation for Eritrea’s violations of the jus in bello:

    1. US$11,000,000 for death, physical injury, disappearance, forced labor and conscription of Ethiopian civilians;

    2. US$2,000,000 for failing to prevent rape of known and unknown victims in Irob, Dalul and Elidar Weredas;

    3. US$13,900,000 for looting, and destruction of and damage to houses;

    4. US$20,195,000 for damage, destruction and looting in Zalambessa;

    5. US$2,500,000 for death, injury and property damage in Mekele;

    6. US$315,000 for looting of and damage to government buildings and infrastructure;

    7. US$4,500,000 for looting, destruction and damage to religious institutions;

    8. US$3,216,000 for seizure and looting of the Saba Dimensional Stones Share Company;

    9. US$7,500,000 for mistreatment of Ethiopian prisoners of war;

    10. US$2,000,000 for failure to protect Ethiopian civilians in Eritrea from threats and violence;

    11. US$1,500,000 for failure to ensure Ethiopian civilians in Eritrea access to employment;

    12. US$50,000 for failure to ensure that Ethiopian civilians in Eritrea
    were able to receive medical care to the same extent as Eritrean

    13. US$2,000,000 for wrongful detention and abusive treatment of Ethiopian civilians in Eritrean custody;

    14. US$1,500,000 for harsh treatment of Ethiopian civilians at the Hawshaite detention camp;

    15. US$10,000,000 for detaining significant numbers of Ethiopian civilians under harsh conditions during and after May 2000;

    16. US$500,000 for deaths and injuries suffered by detainees at Wi’a Camp;

    17. US$2,000,000 for failure to protect the property of Ethiopian detainees expelled from Eritrea;

    18. US$1,000,000 for failure to protect the property of other departing Ethiopians; and

    19. US$1,100,000 for failing to ensure the safe and humane repatriation
    of departing Ethiopians in transports that were not conducted or
    supervised by the ICRC.

    B. The Commission awards Ethiopia the following compensation for Eritrea’s violations of the jus ad bellum:

    1. US$45,000,000 for human suffering and lost income associated with internal displacement of persons;

    2. US$8,500,000 for Ethiopian civilian deaths and injuries;

    3. US$6,000,000 for damage to civilian property, primarily from shelling;

    4. US$3,500,000 for damage to public buildings and infrastructure;

    5. US$2,500,000 for looting, destruction and damage to religious institutions;

    6. US$5,605,000 for destruction in Zalambessa;

    7. US$1,500,000 for deaths and injuries caused by landmines;

    8. US$250,000 for destruction of Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Bureau facilities in Adigrat;

    9. US$162,500 for damage to other government facilities on the Central Front;

    10. US$75,000 for other government losses on the Central Front;

    11. US$125,000 for looting of property from the Relief Society of Tigray;

    12. US$150,000 for damage in Adi Goshu;

    13. US$625,000 for shelling damage in Sheraro;

    14. US$65,000 for damage caused by the attack on the Mekele airport;

    15. US$4,000,000 for profits lost by Ethiopian Airlines;

    16. US$1,703,020 for failing to provide Ethiopian Airlines access to its bank accounts at the Bank of Eritrea; and

    17. US$7,500,000 for reconstruction and assistance to internally displacedpersons.

    C. As determined at the liability phase, the Commission considers its
    finding that Eritrea violated the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic
    Relations by arresting and detaining the Ethiopian Chargé d’Affaires and
    by violating official Ethiopian diplomatic correspondence and
    interfering with the functioning of the Ethiopian diplomatic mission to
    be appropriate reparation.

  62. I will be more than happy to share what I know, and in no way will i consider you ignorant and stupid deserving libration and enlightenment from me. Considering the limiting factors of this medium, i will first like to ask you which aspect of history are we talking about? Is it Abraha wedi arb'a or the whole mereb mlash, as ethinical and geographical composition.
    Yohaness was decapitated in 1889 however long before that Areza and TseAzega mequan'ntee mereb mlash had indeed with varying circumstances and occassions had traveled to quala tenbein and beyond.
    As the italians were consolediting their expansion and power over bahre negassi; Abraha, dawit meconen's wedi arbA has indeed had joined my enemy's enemy camp to resist the white man's moruding invading army.
    After the defeat of the habesha land, it was only natural to return to the farm he had left unattended. And as you can imagine Hazega to Tselot is a horse rides away, once again going back like the many to his roots.
    More to come time permitting.

  63. These scum who break the law, physically assault elderly women and vandalize diplomatic outposts and private property should be deported.

  64. You can make 200 miles long list of NONESENSE, how about harasement, bombardment of all cities Hirgigo Power Plant, Asmara Airport, Our Mayrtyrs graves, Barentu.....etc ? How about all Eritrean belongings woyane snatched from our Amches who been forced to leave the country emptyhanded?
    How about about???
    Isayas NEVER signed your mambo jumbo, idiot!

  65. Sheger ke kefisi, ab seddet koynka serah entesienkas, just you go and discredit, zellon zeyellen neketetselem..Betaemi iyu zehezen..nay iziom menaeseyat..

  66. Evidence is in the AirJuly 20, 2014 at 1:23 PM

    It seems you are the one who should be called an .... . Be rest assured no one is going to write you 200 miles long list .....lo...l.

    And what you shouting nonsense (nonEsense) is a an excerpt from Eritrea-Ethiopia claims commission, it is not my own invention. And somebody from GOE have signed it, & same applies to Ethiopian Gov't.

    Yes, the things you said were also considered you may read it under Eritrean awards, on the link below.

    I am not saying PIA signed, but since you are so intelligent you can extrapolate ... who on earth will sign a document in Eritrea, with out the approval of ...

  67. Afeworki Brhane, idka akib AREGIT qolA LOL

  68. komal agame afka zeytekeb shimka endakeyeayerka eritrean ketmesel tefeten, lemane agame.

  69. Ata sebey ANSEBA do entay alena eyu wesi gumamma ansebtay

  70. This article need a special garbage bin! None sense!

  71. The Eritrean regime will no longer have a safe haven! Good job freedom fighters! We will break their heads., like what we did them in Israel! This regime and it's supporters will have to pay a heavy price! And we are determined to make them pay it! Rubbish people! This are blood suckers! They suck the blood of poor Eritreans!

  72. We want have our home, our villages, our traditional customs back! We want run our life like we want! bullshit Eritrea unity fuck of Unity in the puppets mouth! We want even our regional autonomy, I don't want see any longer whom I never vote for to govern me! I have the right to have my Land back! The assholes have a dirty history and I challenge they are not from us!
    I don't care with the name Eritrea what I care is freedom of my self and my people!!! Enough is enough!!! Isaias and his Generals from his region should only run their region! For what they did to other regions sooner or later will pay it!!!! You can call me regionalist, I am proud with that!


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