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Eritrea: Lets keep our eyes on the prize

Hands off Eritrea!

Eritrea: Lets keep our eyes on the prize

By Hillal,

Imagine that, 200 tanks and motorized vehicles were in a hot pursuit to annihilate you. Bombing and machine gunning you nonstop to hasten your demise. Batteries of artillery in the thousands were used simultaneously for maximum effect to turn the frontlines into an inferno.

Squadrons of Mig 21 fighters were shooting their missiles and dropping Napalm and cluster bombs. RPGs were shoot as if they mere bullets. In short, it was a rain of fire and hell on Earth. A Soviet war plan that is intended to incinerate the target area and designed to make certain that no living thing survives the onslaught.

Through sheer determination, gallantry, bravery and heroic acts, you managed to defend yourself, cut the enemy lines at their weakest points, entice the enemy to follow you with confidence and bravado to the trap you set for him for the final kill and stay alive with you command and control intact and your human and material fighting potential undegraded and ready to fight another day.

While this shock and awe type of war was being waged, the Eritrean masses were all part and parcel of the war effort. Seeing the people and the fighters fight in unison and in tandem, in these death defying loop sided war, makes you a firm believer that a people's revolution can't be defeated despite the enemy's superiority in armaments and size of its fighting force.

Eritreans were able to see beyond the horizon. They believed always that there was the sun behind the clouds. They were also aware that the struggle would be long and bitter, but their victory was certain. Compared to the challenges we went through during the armed struggle, our challenges today are just mere hiccups.

I am ecstatic and I am in a state of a political Nirvana. Starting with Fenkil, Wukaw 30, Independence Day, Bologna 40, Sawa 6th youth festival and 27th graduation and our festivals are rekindling the Eritrean spirit and Eritrean nationalism far and wide.

Above all, we paused to say thanks and pay tribute to our fallen heroes/heroines and renewed our vows and commitments to build the Eritrea of our dreams and worthy of our martyrs sacrifices.

To our delight and amusement we are watching the Eritrean traitors, enemies and detractors in disarray and in a state of mental anguish, pain and paranoia. These stinking political corpses are at war against the Eritrean people, nation and government. Like a drug addict desperately seeking his daily fix, badmouthing Eritrea is their career of choice and Isaias seems to be their drug of choice.

Like the bankrupt Greek merchant in the Greek proverb that is in the habit of moving his dwindling savings from one bank to the other banks to conceal his misfortune, the apostles of doom and gloom modus operandi are more or less the same - if not Isaias, it's the gov't; if not the govt, it's the EDF; if not the EDF, it's Shaebia; if not Shaebia, it's Sawa; if not Sawa, it's the YPFDJ; if not YPFDJ, it's our mothers ....etc..etc

Demonizing, defaming, discrediting and vilifying Eritrea, its people and govt is their blood sport. Anything and everything Eritrean is a fair game. Like a patient suffering from Schizophrenia they do it out in the open with no feeling of shame, guilt, rationality and self respect. For them, illusion is reality and once they set their own standards of reality different from accepted societal ones, than they are in the loony land and a place of no return.

War is a disaster. The human and material losses are drastic. It has the ability to tear down the fabric of a nation. It can affect the psychological makeup of the people and can destabilize a nation. There is a possibility for a nation to fail and even disintegrate. Thus, no one in the right frame of mind wants a war of any kind.

Like in the process of churning where the "churn" is suspended and swung back and forth until the foam, water, butter milk and butter are separated, the Weyanne war of aggression against Eritrea, despite all its undesirable side effects, had shown us like a mirror who is who in the Eritrean order of things. Thus, no Eritrean can be fooled by the wolves in sheep clothes, false apostles and messengers of doom and gloom and the Judases selling Eritrea for some Shekels.

We are watching with dismay and horror the mushrooming of the creation of failed and failing states around us. Destabilizing nations is the new form of warfare perfected by the western contractors and intel agencies. Embassies are converted into command centers and local nationals are hired to implement their evil agendas.

Economic sabotage, dis/misinformation and fabricating and manufacturing lies and deceit are parts of the game plan. With the corporate media becoming a propaganda tool of the state and special interest groups, manufacturing consent becomes so easy.

NGOs, regional and international organizations and institution are all infiltrated and financed by the powers that be. NGOs are in the frontlines working to destabilize nations.Wars are now described as humanitarian intervention, food is used as a weapon of war and NGO CEOs are the same advocates of war of past and present administrations.

It seems like every adjective in the political dictionary is used to melain Eritrea ad nauseum. But, a wise observer has the right to ask also why is Eritrea always in the eyes of the storm of the powers that be who are in the habit of bombing, droning, bullying, intimidating, harassing, colonizing, exploiting and raping nations.

The answer seems to be self evident. Eritrea was not supposed to be born. Its destiny was decided long time ago by the vultures. Eritreans defied the will of the monsters and never knelt down and fought against all odds and overcome insurmountable challenges to become masters of their own destiny.

A destiny written in blood, sweat, tears and sacrifices is a destiny that is certain to give birth to a unified, democratic, progressive, assertive, dynamic and self reliant Eritrea with an independent economic, political and diplomatic visions of its own. Rising like a Phoenix from the sand and standing like a Citadel on the Red Sea coast.

"La musica della notte" the music of the night, was the response/were the words of wisdom given by a calm, cool and collected Asmarino, when asked by a group of Italian journalists visiting Eritrea in the mid 70s for the causes of or reasons for the nightly sounds of gunfire in the outskirts of the city of Asmara.

The Eritrean camel is marching unfazed by the incessant screams, barking and howling of mad dogs of treason, enemies and detractors of Eritrea. The Eritrean God works in mysterious ways. As always, the Treason Mafia, will never disappoint us. This time they came with a novel idea. A Weyanne sponsored Eritrean Treason Mafia's Smerr G-A-Y parade in Bologna. The abuse and misuse of the traitors by all those with sinister agendas against Eritrea is mind boggling.

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Eritrea: Lets keep our eyes on the prize Reviewed by Admin on 2:30 PM Rating: 5


  1. It is true we suffered a lot. No one is questioning it. And yet, we the people of Eritrea are passing through a second stage of suffering due to the heinous , cruel and lawless leadership of the mafia group called PFDJ.

    Honestly, the source of the demonizing, defaming, discrediting and vilifying of Eritrea is as the result of the current leadership’s inability to rule and administer the nation. Why are we hiding the truth? The mafia PFDJ group has abandoned it’s vows and commitments and turned the country as worst as the hell.

    At this time, the good thing is the majority of Eritreans (95%) inside and outside the country know the truth and that is the main problem of Eritrea is the mafia PFDJ group lead by the self-appointed Esseyas Afeworki, our times Adolf Hitler.

    The Eritrean people is saying “You fool me once shame on you; you fool me for 23 years shame on me”

  2. Oh yeah!!! Esseyas= no electricity+ no water+ no food + no job+ no hope+ no peace+ no rule of law + more prisons and prisoners+ youth exodus+ lies and blames the USA and CIA for his failure….

  3. Haile , Whare is your constructive opinion on the author's writing and analysis? You rationally jumped into a blaming and finger pointing which indicates you have nothing to offer but to drum up or wish to advance your bankrupted hidden agenda in disgrace .

  4. Tuesday Woldeab, constructive opinions can only be given to a leadership that rules by law.Secondly, I am not finger pointing, that is the reality, a reality known by 3 years old child.

  5. Aityao haile intai konka tafr inka? Bisru ko salla shabia ina izi kulu zina agninayo inena. Baarrsina ko minim laineberenan. Beizka amenearegawi leifotwo aitzarebe.

  6. Aren't you worse in calling names, vandalising, laying on wests door step, admiring enemies, stabbing your brotheron back, black mailing to serve enemies. ............
    Shermutas geza geza tikuhkuh

  7. Respect thw rule of law. A final and binding Algers agreement. Dont come with endless lies and scapegoats. Dont create unfounded and UNJUST sanctions. ........... Eritrea have a reason to blame CIA. But most of all, we dont need your cheap propoganda defending CIA.
    Zelalemawi kibrn zikrn N'sematatna

  8. You must be from Ethiopia also known as agame get lost bitch Eritrea is not like your Ethiopia shit hole we have lots of water that we can even flood the USA we have electricity and we peace not like your Ethiopia civilians get shot by police we have food not like your Ethiopia ppl who starve to death each day we have job not like your Ethiopia ppl who millions flee to Saudi or other country and claim to be Eritrean. We have hope we have law not like your Ethiopia with no law ppl getting killed not safe to walk and get your wallet or cloth stolen and about prison WTF do you think we shouldn't have prison for bad ppl before we didn't have prison but when your Ethiopian ppl started fleeing to Eritrea they spread this bad stuff and look at your country Ethiopia got lots of prison the problem is 80% are criminals and can't put them all in prison it won't fit you dumb bitch. Long live PIA AwetNehafsh

  9. Esseyas ima abzuy yeley, sraH inihewo iju,
    ms medeQ ikha tnager lnilekha atayo....
    shhhht.-- what a lang ! LOL

  10. Esseyas le hamzuy labzuy aybiliy.... sra beztobetal

    ha ha ha kemey zbele mekera iyu antum sebat..! LOL

  11. lay Arsikha ima gber. Naynas yqrekha LOL

  12. It is true, who lies to Eritrean youth to migrate?
    Who mistreated Eritreans so they were desperate enough to die in lampedusa?
    Who pretends to save them so they are the hero in name?
    Who gives false propaganda via
    Who tries to discredit day and night Eritrean heroes and our president?
    The answer is take your pick call yourself AGAME or WOYANE.

  13. Haile, does your woyane mafia rule by law?

  14. There is one common element we all know for sure. A fact which is holding Eritrea hostage; a final and binding agreement supposed to be implemented. It is not because of the state department. That ruling belongs to the Eritrean people. Not implementing it amounts to holding the government to stay at war footing and strangulation. GOE tightens is belt in protecting the country then the poverty pips and hired guns come out and tell you to blame yourself (GOE). It is a miracle and make an Eritrean proud how we managed to go on despite the relentless sabotage,
    Media campaign, woman crowning, false accusations etc. Remember in 2000, Woyane and their handlers gave Eritrea 6 month of survival without Ethiopia. Saying that the country would collapse. Yes the US government is responsible for the miserable the people went through form the get go. From federation to 30 year of bloodshed to holding the implementation of the border ruling. You can not fool the people who live it. No amount Almoudi lobbying will change facts on the ground.

  15. At least they are better than the PFDJ. I know it is hard to swallow the truth.

  16. Here is my conclusion to all of you. To those who are in favor of this article, if you think life in Eritrea is good under the drunkard wedi medhin berad, go to Eritrea and be lifetime slave.

    To those who are against this article or the drunkard wedi medhin berad go to the boarders of Ethiopia or Sudan and Eritrea boarders and carry on a gun and fight.

    All of you don't be the heroes of words. Abotatkum entay yiblu meslekum ezom dekey "Zeykurmtuka si hutsa kortimelu"

  17. ida haftey, did you say who lies? I think an Eritrean cat would been better in answering this question. Wedi medhin berand enber men dea?

  18. Adey Haimanot,

    Well said!!! Eziatom kulu endafeletu eyom moytom!!! I just came back from Eritrea a week ago, and what I observed is simply a dead hope and country. "Asha dehan alo zemed asha kefiewo alo" tebahilu kedem.

  19. You must be a math professor at dedebit U. Your numbers do not add-up let alone your spelling of WARsai!
    Using your own arguement;
    Rent $ 0
    Food $ 0
    Cloth $0
    Utilities $0
    Transportation $ 0
    Total out of pocket expenses $0
    Bonus $ 500
    How you may say?
    WARSAI does not live at home, Gereb eyu gez'U kalashin kea alato
    Beg for a minimum wage job and tell me who the slave is, you are an embarresment to the many survivers of the slavery holocaust.

  20. Forto sawa, I am not asking you your grades when you were in elementary school. We never seen in the world where people live for free. I can see you inside your mother's wombs to get a free milk.

  21. ኣንታይ ዳኣላ 'ዛ ደምበ ሃመማ ወሪሮማ?ማዕዶት ባን ግበርዎም ነዞም ሓሳዳት ዓጋመ፡ ፍሊት ፍሊት ነዘውትር ደቂ እሬይ፡፡

  22. Antum sebat kab meas eyu seb nab adgi tekeyru!!! The writer says "Let's get our eyes on the prize"?
    What prize? More prisons? Unable to feed our people? 90percent unemployment? Slavery? No rule of law? Disintegration of families? No basic necessities? No elections?No private sectors that are the blood vains of development? No due process of law?

    I wish those in favor of this unfair and unbalanced article weren't born. You are worshippers of one man rule.

  23. Ida gualey,
    Aytegagekhn. Izi kulu menEsey ewe Hamedn Asan beliUwo terifu zelo bsenki itom ajokha kab Ertra Trah wutsaE imber KNHIGIZEKA ina zbelu FETENTI azmadn aErukhn zgeberuwo gega nmishifan MENGSTI MENGSTI iyu bedilu ilom inte CHederu gebenom nmishfan iyu za gualey. Ember TenQi nay hzbna mbisibas mkhnyat intay mukhanu keyfeleTu zHagezu sle zkhonu nay Hlina qsanet siinom yeElebTu alewu. Itom zgodelu deqi gn nbetesebom godilomom zeHzn iyu. itom "atina Adi selam" inabelu bgizyawi bliCH-liCH tetalilom zelewu deqi gn mesarHi Amerika k-khonu, antsar Hageromn Hzbomn dew kblu, ymlmelu kem zelewu gena ayterediOmn zelo. Kulen Hagerat TeQmen zHliwalu kserHa inkelewa nHna Ertrawyan ke nTeQmna zeynibigeselu mkhnyat intay alo?
    Eritra waga ntsuhat Harbegnatatna iya. TeQmna, kbretnan mHlaw malet kbri Hagernan Banderanan aHlifna zeymihab iyu. kaliE trgum yeblun.
    ksadkum Haf abilkum "ANE ERITRAWI IYE !" Ktblu zebqEkhum semaEtatna Hdrom akhbiru, bselamn qsanetn ktnebru za gualey nfiEti.

  24. Anti KHli ! ab mahtsen adeU koynu zTebu htsan aywelednan.
    grm iba zeymesl felsefa.

  25. Imberke zwedey Afu meliU Obama tmali tmali negiruna indiyu. Neti teKHelaKHali Hayli nay Ertra faH kemzbl ZkhuEluwo kgebru natu luuKHat kulom (Ethiopia, EU, USA) tEzaz amaHalalifu kezelo KEYHAFERE negiruna indiyu. Nezi imo intay mKHnyat delinalu ?

  26. Well said! Haye deke Ere let us be united as we used to be. Let us not forget our martyrs.

  27. Harfaf agame HASSADJuly 18, 2014 at 2:43 PM

    Po, eritreawi dehan yieto tigrignakhum tserya ahHAha....
    Ati , cameback a week ago LOL

  28. responsible Eritrean patriotJuly 20, 2014 at 3:41 AM

    when you talk about mad dogs of treason it sound like a dergue ideologue screaming to kill political enemies. tone it down. you dont have to sound like a prosecutor in a show trial. they are just opposition not the four horsemen of the apocalypse. if they are in the pay of foreign intelligence then calmly state that. you dont have to work yourself up to a feverish frenzy. not all people are stupid. we know whats right and wrong. this is not 1917 Russian revolution. just stay calm. highlight your grievances and try not to sound crazy. your speech evokes comparisons with Vyshinsky, who was Stalins procurator general in the Moscow show trials of alleged Trotskyists who were accused of plotting to overthrow the state. he also called people mad dogs before sentencing them to be shot in the back of the head and be the way all of them were exonerated by the USSR in the 1980s as innocent, my point is that just because we have enemies, it doesnt justify to encourage terror to be unleashed, otherwise we would be emulating the dergue, who we fought because of their injustice. there is no need to whip up unjustified fear and panic among Eritreans in order to generate a causus belli to purge enemies, real or imagined. there is no need to portray such a paranoid vision to readers in order to justify your agenda to eliminate all traitors once for all. promote your political aims without involving fear and persecution. try to use your brain and make solid arguments. dear author, whatever is your political and personal agenda, it does not give you the right to sell a storyline of fear so you may have legitimacy to eliminate opponents and to have legitimacy to start hunting people. you are a nobody . you have no right to justify a terror. people want peace, not a wave of terror and round ups and imprisonements. politics is not a game, it is real life. so have some decency and tone down the political rhetoric. we know the west has a hidden agenda and that ngos and media have vested interest. so what. deal with it and fight them. there are many ways to fight this. unleashing fear and terror and killing innocents is not one of them. let us learn from history, especially our own. we cannot afford for extremists to infiltrate our political space so they can advance their careers. not at the cost of the Eritrean people. these oppositions can be exposed in a peaceful way. there is no need to exploit it to justify wide ranging overhauls and policy. And dont mention an Eritrean god as there is only one God. what kind of amatuerish article is this on a serious website. God bless Eritrea.

  29. Truth, it's not the Gov. Of Eritrea, it's us that we're telling you Weyanes...yes you're the cheapest thing that can ever exist...'coz you're serving and leaking the weyane's ass.

  30. so why don't you join them...anyway since you're a part of them, do not comment on Eritrea/eritreans.

  31. Dear Hillal & Adimn Madote Eritrea nothing to add to the Article, fantastic. Thanks..hillena nehezbi yehabo iyu zebahal..bezeterefe kabti, kabzi metsika kem nefahito tekeyayirka, zegebere neger buzuh yellen, tarik temeliska meray yehayish..
    Awet Ne Haffash.

  32. Are sure not from 2 years old?


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