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The Pathological Anatomy of So Called Eritrean 'Opposition' in Winnipeg

Aaron Berhane, an Ethiopian regime sympathizer, has been selling lies to the Canadian regime about Eritrea on behalf of Ethiopia.  (Credit: NationalPost)

The Pathological Anatomy of So Called Eritrean 'Opposition' in Winnipeg

By Awet H.,

In a June 22nd 2014 CBC interview, a representative from Hidmona, a bandwagon Eritrean Human Rights activists registered in Manitoba, stated that the closure of the Eritrean Consulate in Toronto was way overdue. He, along with his coteries seize the opportunity to demand the government of Canada close the consulate altogether.

The paradoxical request is not short of the comico-tragic nature of the group that masked as a Human Rights Organization that attempts to politicize and divide the existing communities and use them as a spring board to sway any opposition against the Eritrean government. The process though of the alleged Human Rights activity is highly politicized and in an unusual oxymoron directed to destroy their very own communities and existing Eritrean Consulate Services.

Let us see some of the practices witnessed in the last 3 years by the above group:

  • Started their opposition by demonizing the very nature of their own communities and branding the communities as sources and funders of terrorism and/or terrorism linked organizations

  • Attacked prominent community leaders on a personal basis

  •  Introduced the notion of anti-Semitism against their own community and people, put Canadian Eritrean organizations at risk by introducing notions of hate and crime

  • The founders of these organization and many of its members are the beneficiaries of the 2% diaspora tax and product of the free education that they generously received in Eritrea with the help of the Eritrean Diaspora but now calling their benefactors as sources of terrorism

  • Crossed several times the line of political activism and jumped in to anti-Eritrean politics by requesting to close the mining industry for the purpose of weakening Eritrea economically;  support brain drain and human trafficking

  • Allowed “Eritrean masked” Ethiopian regime organizations and individuals to act within them and direct their political actions and reactions in order to harm Eritrea and Eritrean interests

  • Requested the closure of the Eritrean Consulate in Toronto in total disregard of the harm on the services of many Canadian Eritreans who receive services ranging from simple family visit, legal matters, property claim and burial of family members

  • Used white lies to demonize community leaders and members by misrepresenting the Eritrean community from a cohesive, hard working and law abiding to a polarized, divided and source of hate and terrorism

  •  Attempted to sabotage all community events, Independence and Memorial Day celebrations, Festivals, and seminars by threatening the locations of the events with violence and scaremongering by likening the events with “terrorism and terrorism linked fundraising activities”

  •  Feed the local media with false accusations and manufactured evidence while hiding their true identity and real facts with the perfect excuse of ‘arbitrary harm on their family’

  • They put community leaders and organizations members on high risk by filling false papers, documents and facts

  • They falsely claim families of the 2% tax evaders are subject to extra – judicial pressure; distorting community leaders role’s and real service to communities

  • Have converted their own ethno-cultural communities to places of communal distrust and social isolation and marginalization

  • Have cut the ties and network of newcomers and members with a significant impact to cross members assistance and collective youth raising, with detrimental effects on inter-generational tension and putting at risk the healthy cross–cultural growth of our youth

  • By continuous demonization of the traditional communities, they have cut the youth from collective cultural activities, sports, music and have instilled the notion that as Eritrean Canadians we are linked to terrorism

  • Strong Supporters of the UN arms embargo against Eritrea in total disregard of the continuous militarization and mobilization of Ethiopia and favoring the arms balance to Ethiopia’s interests . Ignoring the risks for the Eritrean Defence Forces and Eritrea’s ability to self defence.

  • Never condemned the continuous Ethiopian occupation of Eritrean territory and never advocated for any Canadian intervention or International action to ensure that Eritrean history of securing national issues goes along all political stripes. In complete opposition and disrespect of the Eritrean people deal on a daily basis with the Occupier Ethiopia and organize events and frequent visits to Ethiopia

  • Never condemned the destruction of the Eritrean Community in Sweden by like-minded arsonists

  • Openly supporting acts of gangsterism in their own Embassies around the world and acting as gangsters by demonstrating in front of community members residences; spreading fear of terrorism to Canadians by distributing flyers in residential areas where community members live

  • Requested that Eritrean Musicians Korchach and musical groups be removed from a hotel where he was resting as they misinformed hotel owners as having sheltered terrorists

  • Attempted repeatedly to demonize prominent Eritrean leaders and respected Independence era leaders as people that should be inadmissible in Canada due to acts of subversion

  • Imposed an unwarranted alert on CBSA that Eritrean Musicians come to Canada to assist fundraising terrorists; making it challenging and difficult for musical events and putting our prominent and famous Eritrean musicians targets of interrogation and suspicion

  • Requested the total ban of entry to famous Eritrean musicians in to Canada

  • and many more

Eritrean Canadians by now realized the dubious alliance of these like-minded defectors who abandoned their people in pursuit of their personal agendas. They spend every waking minute churning out accusations to denigrate Eritrean communities and organisations in Winnipeg.

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The Pathological Anatomy of So Called Eritrean 'Opposition' in Winnipeg Reviewed by Admin on 12:23 AM Rating: 5


  1. You are all cornered, what are you going to do?
    And I am sure it's only the beginning!

  2. I dont understand how weak and greed human is. Be him wherever from, but to destroy a country and people's life is just unbearable and disgusting ! I feel sorry for such arrogant people who have had a very bad upraising.

  3. the beginning of what? this began a while ago mate unless you were born yesterday i mean that literally.

  4. In my opinion, it is a mistake to give any opposition, a.k.a, "traitors" or "weyane dogs" this kind of publicity. That is what they seek. It is best to ignore them. They are upto no good.

  5. Is the guy in the picture a pastor or a refugee subsidy attendant? he don't seem proud rather a foxy, humiliated. Meskin

  6. Cane, kur'sus is what he looks like to me and BelaE too.

  7. It seem yesterday they told us there is no such as opposition not they are crying what the opposition is doing to expose the regime in Eritrea.
    To stop the continues suffering of our people the 2% collection by the regime must be stopped not only by Canada but other countries as well.

    Viva deleyti fithi in Canada.

  8. Sey my God that is country 101 ,I will try to explain to you what 2 % mean I am thinking you are Eriteran 1 ,support your country defense force 2 ,support your country civil work
    If you do not want service from your country you do not have to pay one more thing if you live in Canda even you have dual citizen ship you do not have to pay in Canda since 2012 but please don't tell us we don't have this we don't have that because every thing cost money government = people, just because you collect welfare don't some one some where don't pay it !!!

  9. There are almost thousands of Ethiopians who claim to be Eritreans on the side of the Eritrean opposition and this will never work on the oppositions fever because the Eritrean people are quite smart to know who is who in the opposition , can you imagine any Eritrean who pray for the Eritrean people to be sanctioned. I personally would love to have change in Eritrea in a legal terms which benefits the Eritrean people like implementing constitution and a fair trail for these in prison as well as free speech in a way that benefits the Eritrean people. But people like amanuel Eyasu , Selam kidan and others are only interested on their masters order not the eritrean peoples interest .

  10. So for you it's okay, for an normal extension of the passport or the expose of a birth certificate (most eritrean abroad dont need more), to pay two percent of your total income...

    I would like to know your opinion on proportionality?

    Other questions to you:

    1) what other service they offer to the diaspora

    2) if its our duty as eritrean citizens to pay this tax/fees.....where is our right as tax payers to know, what happens with the other words, why they dont publish a state budget?

  11. The one in the photo above is an Ethiopian Tigraway decent to Canada, he is not from Eritrea. So, how can he advocate on behalf of Eritrea and people? He is the arch enemy of the Eritrean people serving for his own interest and woyane regime. Majority of the so called "opposition" are not Eritreans.
    I am not sure if he is your relative or you belong to them. Follow the link below find his blog and his followers.

    He is the owner of the website called

  12. you are funny .you just strip off his identiry because he stood against a dictator .

  13. "I
    am thinking you are Eritrean 1, support your country defense force 2, support
    your country civil work”

    Eritrean supports EDF and want to participate in the development of the country
    .If you are trying to tell us that 2% are used to support EDF and in the development
    programs of the country .show me facts on the ground .The country is going down
    .No electricity ,No water ,No food supply ...the list goes on and on

    is being 23 years of false promises and lies, now it is time DIA to step down
    and face trial.

  14. I think you are duped and delusional, not to mention denial; empty threat and defametion will get you no where. As stated hundred times you dont have to and nobody will force you to contribute or pay, its totally at your discretion, and if you live and are previlaged to hold your new country's passport or validating documentations the better for you. As you often ask, let me ask you where you live and how old you are, above all how much a year do you make? You dont have to answer, the reason i asked you however is:
    @ if you live in Eritrea it does not apply to you.
    @ If you are under 18 years of age it does not apply to you.
    @ If you are unemployed, i.e. a student, disabled and so on it does not apply to you. So give it a rest and dont try to deny, defame and threaten people who do not subscribe to your ill-wishes.

  15. What are you talking about?

    Many of the eritrean in the diaspora still have the eritrean passport, and only the eritrean passport.

    And evertime if they try to extend their passport, because they have to, the employees from the embassy/consulate ask for the 2 percent. If they dont pay, they dont get the extension. they even keep the passport til the people pay it.

    .....Even from the people, who live on welfare, they expect the 2 percent....

    I knew an old women, who lives really modest from simple work, such as cleaning- and by her last passport extension, the guys from the embassy told her, that she had to paid for the last years. 2 percent for each year since the last passport extension.

    But you know what she told these guys, she will pay the fee but not the 2 percent. either the give her passport with the extension or they can keep it.....

    dont lie, you know exactly how it works

    anyway, if its our duty as eritrean citizens to pay this tax/fees.....where is our right as tax payers to know, what happens with the other words, why they dont publish a state budget?

  16. Ariel Ariel I assume you went to collage okay how much it cost you? Do you have a sick family member? Do you use a road how much you pay for toll? Gussie what all this is in Eritera is free ,You see our defense force they live .it's bad enough they guard your country from in and out enemy and they have to go thru this pathetic thinking believe me if you are proper audit it will be explain to you most my country people are trying to develop their nation against all odd your intellect be positive and help mine and your country people instead (washing your dirty linen in public) and waste your knowledge is not get us no where rather than being a laughing stock

  17. how much do the EDF need to survive for a single day they safeguard the soverign state in trenches? lets say 20,30 nakfa (to say the least) for food and medication, calculate that with 15 years, does that tell you something?
    Add to that the infrastructures, colleges (ther food and school material, teachers salary), free education, medication and the doctors and all personel salary, martyrs family, how much does it cost to run all the said projects? Embassy employees Does 2% cover all these? I doubt it.

  18. Thank you Zeragi skin head :), for the Links. He is really doing a great job.

  19. I couldn't say it any better.
    I am not totally against paing tax if it is for the well being of my country, but in this case it's different because we have only duties but not rites, we have no legit government and it's not transparent.

  20. first of all, its not just about paying this 2 percent. I would assume that the majority of the eritrean diaspora will not have a single problem to pay
    this 2 percent.

    it's not like that, that the diaspora would like to have a participation in regard of how the GOE should spend the money..

    but the majority want to know, for what exactly the GOE spend the taxes/fees/ and of course mining money too. statement like, GOE bought xxx machines, or xxx not enough und totally unproffesional.

    how I write before, its not only about the taxation of the diaspora. It has something to do, how the GOE act. the GOE can not expect from its citzien that they comply with their obligation, but not care on its on responsibilities. its just easy, citizens pay taxes and GOE inform citizens, for what they spend it.....

    I m sorry, but I dont get it, why the GOE dont publish a state budget? Whats wrong on that

    we need transparency and accountability, but much more: PROFESSIONALISM

  21. you
    bring a good point here.all EDF expenses for the 15 years was
    supposed to go to other economic sector ,if DIA was a wise leader. We
    were not supposed to go to war with Ethiopia .War is expensive ,let
    alone Eritrea other countries with strong economy can not afford a
    war for so long .In addition war is wastage of resources and human
    life.but DIA thinks that he can only survive in power by managing
    crises . he had to broke a war with all our neighbor countries and
    blame it on America.

  22. If you cant participate for helping your country. leave those working hard eritreans alone. by the way kubur pia earned the position. eritrea is not for sale. hailesilase, mengistu n meles all wished to fail our strugle.but eritrea shine always.god (alah) bless the people n the nation of eritrea.

  23. Guests agree with you, we all should contribute any thing to get this lossers of the street. I would totally don't for this cause.

  24. Why asmarino cut the main words out of the whole speach. What Durue said at the time is the same message Shaebia told him. He was only a messenger of the group. So why make it as if he was the one "God Given Profecy" from above? We have the whole tape of the speech. Asmarino cut most of the contents to make it fit to their propaganda but mind you Debub is not for sale !

  25. You belong there woyane, enjoy his company
    Eritrea is safe on your absence.

  26. You are woyane and I know you want to join Eritrea by any means. But sorry you have spilled your milk on a sand, and burned your candle at both ends already my friend.

  27. They are not oppostition, they are cofused individuals traitors and losers.

  28. Yes they are everywhere, mingling among our newcomers, calling themselves Eritreans, they are in our meetings and our festivities, in camps working very hard to infiltrate sickness like itchy disorders (AbeQ) and TB infection, watching eagerly to attack our young beauties and our sawafruit youngadults, very sad to have such ugly creatures in our neighborhood. WATCH OUT DEQI EREY !

  29. Clean YOUR DIRTY ROOM FIRST! AND TELL ME YOUR IQ! You are educated more than your intelligence. How big is the size of your brain. Qondaf woyane!
    Yes he is doing well for his country Ethiopia and woyane as he belongs to them. How can he write the truth about Eritrea and people.

  30. Jemmy,

    We are aware of the expenses to run the country. We know teachers have to get paid, nurses, public servants, police force..... Have to get paid. Despite my passionate dislike the government, I am not against 2%. I pay my 2% and that's why you see me here express my right to oppose the government.
    My main point here is, the country should not only depend on 2% tax to go forward. It is like a jobless depending on welfare. That person would never get up and get a job. Ask Eri Lion, kirki, Golden about this. They are more experianced and experts.
    The country should find another way to generate revenue and to maintain the welbeing of the people. One of our most assets is hour human resource. The question that comes to wise people mind is - are we using our human resources efficiently ?? Let me tell you about two of my friends that are still in the service. The first one is the most technical/technological gifted person I ever know. He could fix and modify anything in Amy electrical or electromechanical machine. When the war started, he was just start working in a privet company and they took him and to the service (which I say it is the survival of the nation). After the war, they didn't release him and kept him. The person had talent and a dream to start his own business in modifying electrictro mechanical parts.
    I met him over a year ago and talked to him about his situation. He is demoralized, give up, have no money and wasting his time and his talent. The only thing he does now is fixing the millitary cars and trucks. By the way, he built a solar water heater at a young age and that heater was so efficient.
    The second one architect and Construction CAD expert. This person he wants his own business and doesn't want to work for the government. He his national service, participated in badme war, then he comeback to service working for government and become fed up of wasting his time (according to what he told me). He used to spend his time in the office doing almost nothing. He asked me to send him a laptop and some other materials which I did and he started a side business in drafting and drawing... He got busted him and jailed him for few and got released with warning. This person do not want himself work in any governmental place. All he want is to open his own business in construction field, employee people and live his dream. The list is long, this is just an example on how we are wasting human resources.
    If you leave people to exercise their right to do business, imagine how many people will get jobs and how many people would transform themselves to middle class. Government can not create jobs, it is privet people that can create jobs. The only thing the government has to do is protect the nation from enemy, maintain security and so on.

  31. you are funny .coz I don't support a dictator you automatically strip my nationality .I have as equal right as DIA to decide about my country future.
    I have a common sense to analysis ,what is good and bad in the country .If you are Pro the Eritrean ppl you have to stand with the ppl instead of blindly supporting one individual are trading the Eritrean ppl right for DIA power hunger.

  32. My Room is very clean :) . Regarding your room, your name says it all. Lol Zeragie, you are just a Clown.

    But here a question,... Were you born as a clown or you developed it when you got an injection from shaebia?
    But you know I like it when you get crazy .....Hereby I demote you Zeragito!! From now on you are the minister of entertainment Ha ha ha :)

  33. እንቋዕ ልብኹም ሓጎሰኩም፡፡ ውድበ 30 እርይራይ። ሸራሙጥ ስርዓተ ኣዲስ ኣበባ

  34. It sounds Deleyti fthi in Winnipeg smashed the nail where it hurts.Crocodile tear from the most brutal iron fist dictator team. Viva Deleyti fthi of Winnipeg. Hgdef should know they are and will be challenged everywhere.

  35. Drue Gigna, Wedi hizbi. We love you.

  36. Really???? It is nonsense, immature, and stupidity to criticize the background/personality of those activists. It would be more mature, intelligent, and fruitful if we criticize their writing contents, facts
    and arguments which they bring out in their writings. In any measure, their approaches are more intelligent and civilized than your low/cheap shot. No wonder why they become very impactful and credible than your unfounded accusation.

    The unfortunate/fortunate part is (depends which side you are), the more you write this type of nonsense/accusation, the more you lose a ground, support and credibility, particularly among the young generation. As an Eritrean, I would NOT want to be associated with the type of leaders such as like you who does not have a civilized & intellectual approach/ discussions to the topics that matters to all of us. I would rather listen and learn from those who genuinely and consistently bring the truth and facts again and again regardless of their background, like the Winnipeg activist.

    That said, this generation needs to learn and know why our
    beloved country is in this mess regardless of the independence/freedom we acquired from 1991, name it from political to economic crises, human right violation, the exodus of the people, without hope and futurity for the younger generation, the list goes on… Without learning and nderstanding the root cause of these problems, we will not be able to get out of this mess and move forward. By the way, is this not what the activists, like Ghirmay trying to do, to show us where, when, and what went wrong? As far as I am concerned, their point of view and argument is more credible and worth to follow than your gibberish and unfounded accusation. That is why they are more trusted, heard, and impactful among fellow Eritreans and at international stage as well. The action taken by Canadian government is a live example for this.

    I have to say this before I finish my comment. Interestingly Mr. G. Ye-ibeyo is accused to be Agame, CIA funded, and stranger to Eritrean case when you are fully accepting his brothers as martyrs of Tegadalay cause, his cousins, nephews, nieces, aunts and uncles as pure Eritreans. Poor Ghirmay, he is stripped his identity because he was bold and spoke about the truth what brought us to this mess. Please wake up guys, if I
    can judge you in this manner, trust me you need to change your approaches and ways of argument to convince me and my generation.

    I look forward for your comments/articles that are written in more civilized and intelligent way so that the young generation can learn. Please don’t take it personally; this is a genuine comment to create a balanced
    and unbiased platform for all Eritreans who have a genuine interest in the bright futurity of our Eritrea.


  37. You have written more than you need to, thereby it does not require inteligence nor civility. You are denying the thousand selfless Tegadeltie from the grave to the living martyrs to glorify and give credence to those that work to not only reverse our hard won costly independence but want us to be a slave to a slave. I personally dont care much whether you hail from any side of our internationally recognized boarder as long as you believe, work and die for Eritrea and the future of its people in line with the EPLF's and now the PFDJ vision.
    Unless you are a stranger and advocate for eradication and termination of the people, there is no exvuse nor is there any logic to sentence your very people to death through unjust and racist santions under the guise of whatever human right violations. We have been not only sanction but also slated as a sacrificial lamb for the white man's ulterior motives and the negro frog that thinkth it is an oxen. Then, is it civility that makes you think you can totally deny a peoples history at that Eritrean, while we, the people, the owners and the makers of this history are standing and kicking?
    Agame no agame, does it really matter? For your information Agame are against woyane, but it dont really matter to us., that is their own affair and if it was upto me I would like to see the river mereb turn into pacific or atlatic ocean,.however even with that much divide they will peddle their way as they do to and the few legit Eritrean websites. Then again the dead pm use to say an hour of conversation with bTsay Isaias is equal to a full four year universty education.

  38. gets kremti !
    He seem to suffer of self-hate, damn.

  39. Challenged? Haha….how are you challenging them? Go to Eritrea to really challenge them and stop whining in the Diaspora and causing problems in our communities. They were fine until these idiot deleythi fthi showed up.

  40. What I call for Eritrean people are those who sweat day and night for betterment AT HOME
    What I call for Eritrean people are those who paid their young age fighting the enemy and STILL keep safeguarding what they sweat for.
    What I call for Eritrean people are those who work fullheartedly and learn from their mistakes AT HOME among their people.
    What I call for people of ERITREA are only those who NEVER and EVER knell down to the killers of own brothers and sisters for personal interest.
    What I call people are those who RESPECT our MARTYRS and stand tall and proud to SAFEGUARD Eritrea and not support those who stripp Eritrea with SANCTION,

  41. you are sweating day and night to support a dictator,and you are spending your young age at western country .You are not even fit to talk about Eritrea.
    we had done our part and still we are fighting again a dictator .When we were defending the country during the border war with Ethiopia ,you were calling us Hero and now because we are fighting agains a dictator we become traitors, Woyane .I RESPECT our MARTYRS ,I respect them not in words but action.I was fighting next to those fallen hero.They are always in my heart and that is why I stand against a dictator.I support my people not dictator.

  42. You win squat stupid, Eritrea and its leadership will live, while your likes will hide and die in your rat holes. If anything, I bet in my life you will never see Eritrea so be a good puppet to your masters. Deleyti fithi lol you are Sheyti adi Andinet.

  43. Please tell us your name and we shall make you our leader. I'm sure you are not afraid to give us your name since you are a "hero" who defended Eritrea during the boarder war with Ethiopia. Your name please?

  44. So what have you done to help the government in its effort to protect the nation from enemy, maintain security, and so on? What have you done to help Eritrea get out of this no war no peace situation so that your friend can do business freely? What have you done to protest against and to accuse the Ethiopian government to get out of our sovereign territory so that you and I can focus on investment and business?
    FYI (for your information), Eritrea, its people and government have never depended on the 2% tax. We weren't, aren't, and will never be dependent on it. Yes, the 2% diaspora tax is an important asset because it helps to pay for some of the things we would like to pay for. As you are well aware of, we Eritreans do not like to beg from others. We don't. We have a very young country in our hands and we would like to help it become self reliant by doing whatever WE can. The 2% diaspora tax should be and will always be there. Why is it not a crime when The United States is charging taxes to its citizens who are living in CANADA?
    Let me tell you what my top, number one reason is for paying my 2% tax. It makes me happy!!! It makes me feel complete. Yes, it makes me feel like I'm doing (no matter how small) at least something for my country. I still have a name (full name that I am proud of), I still have my country (a beautiful country to live in), I still have my flag (a flag that protects me). These are the things my enemies want to take from me but I still got it!!! I am a proud Eritrean! The 2% Tax that I am paying is not enough. So deal with it!!!

  45. This is really ridiculous, why would Ethiopians need to be on the side of the Eritrean opposition? Please be logical. Although working with Ethiopians was started by EPLF to fight ELF currently no Ethiopian is interested to do it and the Eritrean opposition are also capable enough to bring justice to the nation.

  46. Fundraising is needed to defend our communities from defamation, slander,and violent attacks by these thugs. The Canadian politicians may choose to look the other way, mainly because of the massive potash mining project in Eritrea. However, the legal system can deliver justice in the form of restraining orders, fines and arrests.

  47. Being an Eritrean is being a beggar these days but Arone Berhane is member of BET TIMHERTI SEWRA......!. Bot it doesnt matter for all of you MADOTE brown noses right?. An Eritrean is the only person in the world who prides for failure.....what a country of loosers and lunatics!!......Alas tho......THE DAY IS COMMING!!!....we are silently preparing a list and price will be paid!!!!!

  48. Expose weyane dogsJuly 15, 2014 at 6:18 AM

    This dude is a thief. I personally met him in Toronto. He was trying to mislead about PIA. I told him to f.. Off. I know my country and my gov.
    I have seen him in our summer festival in Toronto to prey on innocent people. Next time I see him among my people I will expose him.

  49. In humans and in general in Eritreans, "metlam, mekdae" are the scandal of the culture. I don't know this guys with what pretex are doing this to their own populations..
    Are they really Eritreans? I doubt.

  50. No wonder why you removed Ghirmay's picture ....he is kicking your ass.
    I thought you are smarter than this, even grade 1 kids know copyright. SHAME ON YOU!
    This is what I found:

    You have posted the following Winnipeg Free Press-owned image on your website:

    All of our editorial content is strictly protected by Canadian copyright law and cannot be republished without our permission. You did not seek nor obtain our permission to republish, and you do not have it. Our photograph of Ghirmay Yeibio must be removed from your website immediately.

    If you have any questions about this violation notice under the Copyright Act, you may contact the writer by return email, or at the following phone number:

  51. I wouldnt call them opposition they are some BITTER individuals of different reasons. I mean (Personally) make a gang of themselves, but because of their differences (except Isayas this, HGDEF that) they cannot come together.

  52. This the main cause for all distraction of Eritrean people and the path to the Ethiopian politician to use our disagreement .to tell you what Durue is a hero to the people of Eritrea regardless the ethnic group not to debub .there are a lot of Eritreans in meany prisons with out justices not only G15 please let's fight for the people of Eritrea ,for justices,for democracy and dignity of our nationality .we are Eritrean and be Eritrean forever victory to masse!

  53. The saddest part is the low class Canadian party in power Harper to use individuals haters idea and imply it without any idea or investigation about the population of Eritrea. Embarrassed to be Canadian, because of harper the puppet of obama.
    I love being Canadian, but it is shameful to be Canadian those days.


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