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Eritrea is going to make Russia turn against Ethiopia:

Eritrean Foreign Minister, Osman Saleh, with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, in Moscow  - Feb 18, 2014

Eritrea is going to make Russia turn against Ethiopia:, the Wahhabi-inspired website that wants to impose Sharia law and the Arabic language on Eritreans is at it again with their shenanigans. According to their recent Gedab News, which many Eritreans have come to jokingly refer to as "Geldam (idiot) News", Chinese diplomats are allegedly upset at President Isaias Afwerki (PIA) for attempting to 'ignite a superpower confrontation' in the region after the president stated Russia should play an active role in securing peace and security in the region. Awate wrote:

Gedab News learned that recently Chinese diplomats met the Eritrean president and protested against the Eritrean government’s attempts to ignite a superpower confrontation in its conflict with Ethiopia......That call for Russia’s involvement, and a call for the Cold War era confrontation didn’t please the Chinese who passed their disapproval to the Eritrean president. But the Eritrean president is still pursuing his strategy to involve the Russians in Eritrea’s regional conflicts.

In other words, Awate is implying PIA has the power to influence the Russian Federation to do his bidding in the Horn of Africa region, and that this is somehow upsetting the Chinese, who happen to enjoy excellent relations with the Russians.

Of course, the Chinese have no leverage with the Russians, so they must come to PIA to voice their concerns, right Awate?

As much as Eritreans like to see the so-called opposition turn PIA into something of a mythical legend or the Michael Jordan of the political world, he does not have magical powers to make countries do as he commands, let alone 'ignite a confrontation' with two superpowers who enjoy excellent relations with one another.

But then again, this is This is the same website that claimed PIA is dead only to find out days later he magically resurrected to state reports of his death were greatly exaggerated on ERI-TV. So it's possible they could genuinely believe PIA is some supernatural being that can not only come back from the dead, but also Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo his way to making nations do as he pleases.

On a serious note, Russia and Eritrea have improved their relations of late, and this is clearly upsetting Awate and their Ethiopian handlers. I'm sure even they know what they wrote is complete nonsense. They probably wrote it with the goal of trying to cause confusion and friction between both countries by hinting Russia's Horn of Africa policy goes through Asmara. Simply put, the article is a poor man's attempt at reverse psychology.

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  1. It said he ATTEMPT to ignite confrontation among the superpowers, isn't it typical "PIA".
    By the way did you forget that you claimed Ali Abdu to be seen in streets of Asmara, while every other Eritrean websites claimed he was in Australia seeking asylum.

  2. I would like to believe the news of Gedab rather thjatn yours. Who by the way would go in to Crimea and talk with russians if it is not the drunkard PIA?!

  3. Really ? Then why are u here , on this Magnificent website ? Not only is the website Geldam, So are u .

  4. Why are u here then? Go believe your geldam news. Lol

  5. I can't believe my eyesJuly 15, 2014 at 5:43 AM

    I can't believe my eyes! An Awate article shows up on Madote. What is this world coming to? Don't you know awate (dedeb news) has zero credibility and tirelessely works to undermine Eritrea. We are talking about a website that published articles saying PIA was dead because he hadn't appeared on TV.
    Gigantic error!

  6. A few years ago we had no opposition, I guess now we do. The regime and it's supporters are desperate. Just this week:
    Awate news
    Canada closing HGDEF
    Failure festival in Bologna.
    G-7 opposition arrested
    Electricity in Eritrea non-existing.....

    HGDEF adina Gidef
    Awet N' Hafash

  7. I wish if she could!!!!!

  8. I never believe what is or was broadcasted in cnc, bcb, aljezima ect..Immagine an unknow web site called never..Viva an alternative, invetig action,,,,, ect..

  9. We still don't have opposition only corrupted idiots good for nothing.

  10. never reported a bout PIA death but reported about ALi Abdu showing in asmara street:)

  11. The is not an Eritrean website. I am not surprised if they write articles against Eritrea and people. It is already confirmed that the website is sponsored by our famous enemies. The aim of the website is spreading white lies and falsified propagandas about Eritrea and People. I would rather condemn this website using Awate's name for the website. Instead I would like to give name as Hassona Aiga website.

    How can some one who is sponsored by the criminals and brutal states and serving for self interest use the name of our hero's. It is just pretending "Pseudo" Eritrean website.

  12. That is the reality bro

  13. is not a news agency but rather a propaganda outlet that encourages genocide and promotes the perpetrators as defenders of democracy and freedom. I never visit, I am sorry for those who still use it as their reliable source of information.

  14. Surely true bro, they are BRAINWASHED CORPORATION.

  15. Do we really have leverage on Russia ??? except we buy their killing machines !! they would love to sell us more of those kill machines. it is big business ◕‿◕

  16. Wasn't Russian that were helping Derg to bomb our people? Weren't they the ones that were supporting Ethiopian Regimes? How come they are our friends now?

  17. Wasn't Russian=Weren't Russians


    Are you trying to attract readers? is the center of elites not a damn shit of YES DIA as you said. It is very good that this news has ignited your dead soul blood.

    Well done This is the end of era.

  19. Well he did attract you so I guess that answers your question.

  20. Canada hasn't closed the consulate. Bologna festival was attended by thousands. Who cares about G-7? That's an Ethiopian affair and electricity would be fixed if we came up with solutions rather than complain about it from the comforts of our homes. Remember less talk, more action.

  21. Truth,

    You got lost. Probably you lost the battle ground and came-up with this news. If I am here, I have a mission and that is to crush the website of the the PFDJites.


  22. I was there Truth you know that. The PFDJ attendants were only 1500-2000 (1/7th of the expected).

    Go back to and fight with us. here are innocent damn PFDJites who are not trained to challenge but to follow.

  23. Reytat's ya daero yniknik. KIr kir kir....

  24. So awate (radio woyane) is scared to death when Eritrea visit Russia?
    Where was awate when Ethiopia invite Susan Race and David Shin to belittle Eritrea?

  25. yah, the YPFDJites, the dump students of monkey as per the Nazi pedagogy.

  26. who cares about numbers except awate and company?
    you have not left any stone unturned to belittle anything Eritrean.
    Something wrong with your self-esteem.

  27. Arabic is ufficial language in eritrea and islam is the religeon of the majority of eritrea (

  28. Tibil aleka

  29. You know why PFDJ hate numbers? because this is what they will get if they go on with numbers within the administration they have.

    facts of Eritrean statistical datas under PFDJ policy outcome within the last 23 years

    Approximately 37 percent (or 1.31 million) of the poor live under extreme poverty, i.e., below the food poverty line.

    About 65 percent of the population in rural areas of the country is
    unable to obtain sufficient food (in terms of calorie intake) and other
    essential goods and services.

    With food assistance, about 53 percent of the population lack access
    to a minimal basket of consumption goods. Further, the study shows that
    about 50 percent of households require food aid even in good years,
    while 80 percent depend on it in years of poor harvests.

    Poverty incidences show significant variation between Zobas where
    the Northern Red Sea and Anseba have the highest poverty incidence
    followed by Southern Red Sea.

    Urban poverty is more serious than originally thought. About 33
    percent of the poor or (0.78 million) live in urban areas. The incidence
    is more pervasive in small towns with a very high percentage of the
    population below the poverty line.

    Poverty is strongly related to lack of basic needs in education
    (especially literacy level of head of household) and health services and
    access to cultivable land.

    In rural areas, the poor households cultivate only 0.9 hectares of
    land, less than the average of 1.1 ha for each household, are less able
    to diversify their agricultural production and are thus more susceptible
    to economic shocks.

    The poor, in particular the rural poor, have larger families
    (average of 6 persons) compared to only 4.2 persons for the non-poor.
    The average family size in Eritrea is 5.1 persons.

    About 30% of households are headed by women (of which 18% are
    widowed); on average female employees earn less than half that of males
    and the majority of poor women in the rural areas are engaged in
    low-paying manual labor in construction and agriculture. Furthermore,
    female-headed households cultivate fewer plots and have fewer household
    assets including livestock than do male-headed households. Rural women
    are less likely to be literate and numerate and about 40% leave school
    at an early stage due to marriage. Rural women often do not receive
    antenatal care and suffer from poor nutrition.

  30. Amiche ,This Tigrigna is too deep for you.Do you want me to translate it in your mother tongue,Amharic?

  31. You sound to me that you are a rookie woyane recruit from Awasa group. If you recognize the woyane's clone as a opposition group, you are suffering from political hysteria. The GOE and its supporters are in stronger position than ever to defend Eritrea. You are wasting your crack time to repeat an outdated smear campaign about Eritrea.

  32. That is all you guys can dream about. Dream about crushing anything Eritreans own! Why all this mongering or hallucinating? We know who you are and what you are recruited for. No need to spit it out. Just go back to your beggar recruiters and get your daily handouts...It is getting dark and you may not get your lunch tomorrow if you are not in time for your tomorrow's assignment.

  33. A farmer in VacationJuly 15, 2014 at 7:43 PM

    Too Much Gebrish, You should kill yourself if you really believe about that. I dont know how you go to sleep knowing that is true.

  34. A farmer in VacationJuly 15, 2014 at 7:45 PM

    0.5 measurement for Human, you are too bamboozled. May the Lord save you. Amen

  35. Farmer in VacationJuly 15, 2014 at 7:47 PM

    Forgive but never forget.

  36. loooooool, thsi aint no elites place, get the f out of her, this is a grass roots platforms.

  37. I hope that wakes you up, it is about globalist hegamonist that are runing you to hate to liberate yourself from the mental shackles that you behold into.

  38. We all know that awate ,asmarino assena all others trash web sites Are financed ,funded and totally controlled by weyane. (Thanks to wikiliks )So it' does not come as surprise for them to post what their masters ordered them to do. It's so sad to see these cowards who thinks they're the solution to the eritrean problem, are actually enemy of the very people which they claim to have stood for.
    Down with the enemy of Eritrea!

  39. So in essence you don't believe in freedom of speech. Thanks for clarifying that up.

  40. There is no official language in Eritrea. The working languages, however, are Arabic, English and Tigrinya.

  41. Did you happen to count them with your fingers and toes? Unlike you, my intention is to not fight but debate. That's what conscious people do. And for the person impersonating me with the Truth name, be original and get another nick.

  42. Waoh tes you make us seem a smart writer..

  43. I do believe that is why I am inviting you in a place where we can enjoy full freedom. is a pfdj extension website and hence no freedom of speech but an ugly propaganda.

  44. ወዳጀ ብዓል ሎቕማጽ Tesfabrhan Weldegabir፣ እንዳ ሽዩጣት Saleh "Gadi" Johar & Saleh Younis ክተጸልም ምውዓል ከይኣኽለካስ፣ ኣብ ደንበ "መክት" ከኣን ደፊርካ?

    ካብ እዚ "ዓሪቑ" ዶስ "ጠሚዩ" ኢልካ ትባጭወሉ ዘለኻ ብሩኽ ህዝቢ፡ ሓላል መንግስትና፡ ብዘመራቕሖ እቲ ዝርካቡ መቑንን፣ ክትመሃር ንቺና China ተዘይትስደድስ፣ እዚ ኹሉ ብድኤ ኣይመሰማዕናልካን። ክድዓት ዶ ዋዛ፡ ገና ከዕወንውነክን ክነብር´ዩ።

    ኣብኡ እንከለና !
    ካብ ብመስጥራዊ ዕቃቤኡ፡ ዓለም ካብዘገርመ ውድብ ድዩኸ፡ እቲ ዝለቕለቕካዮ ጸብጽብ "ስታትስቲክስ" ሞሊቑ? KKK ዋላስ ብወያነ ኣቢሉ ዝምወል ፋብሪካ ነፍሒ፡ ከምዝቖጽረካ ንምምስካር፡ ብዕልኻ ሰናኒዕካዮ?

  45. did you copy that from western statistics and change etopia to ERITREA aye RETARDED QOMAL AGAMES YOU THINK PEOPLE IS AS RETARDED AS YOU ARE , YOU HAVE SHAME AH?

  46. And whom do you kill by those "killing machines" you buy from Russia? Just your own citizens, right?

  47. Agames have infested this website. You need an exterminator to come in and spray this place.
    Eritreans had a song back in the day when referring to Agames:

    "Izi Gezana Abi hidmo
    qunchi n tuqanin meliuwo"

    Qunchi and tuqan are Agames. Basically, they have infested our cities is what the song was saying. And now they have infested our websites.
    How do we get rid of these people??????

  48. Speak the truth!
    Who invited you to this website?
    How much do you weigh to crush PFDJItes website?
    Why do you hate the Eritrean people who are members of PFDJ?
    Why should you care about me as PFDJ, if I am not interested about other websites?
    Isn't my right to do what I want to do?

  49. You mean you are not interested to hear the good news about Eritrea and People?
    Majority of the news which are posted in this website are the developments in Eritrea and people.

  50. How so? If you post comments that go against the moderators view's, they're deleted. Awate is far from being a place where you can enjoy full freedom. Nevertheless attack the message not the messanger when it comes to such reports. Prove that it's propaganda, debate with facts and stop with the accusations and utter nonsense of putting your political agenda ahead of the truth. This is why PFDJ is still in power because quite frankly the opposition is useless and not to be taken serious.

  51. This is a statistical data that is available in the FOOD Security Strategy of the government of Eritrea. Search on internet this file (it is available on google in pdf format and you will see an extended report)

  52. kkkkkk, I am trained to be a cadre by PFDJ for the people of Eritrea and what I do is to challenge PFDJ for their demonic ideologies and policies. Ajoka, I am still a cadre but not follower but a challenger to PFDJ regime. I want a democratic Eritrean government who works based on rule of law and constitution. Till then I will continue to fight. If not, I am not a cadre.

  53. Stop calling people Amiche. An Eritrean is Eritrean no matter where he/she is born. It's not worth it and only helps the enemies.

  54. what's wrong with calling a spade spade, he is entitled to call me Agame(which I will be honored to) but I can't call him Amiche? What a Lopsided justice.


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