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Eritrea: A Gateway to Africa

Beautiful Eritrean landscape taken from the Semenawi Bahri area


By Yosef Tesfasilase,

ERITREA: A NEW NATION WITH THE OLDEST CIVILIZATION IN AFRICA. Eritrea is located on the Horn of Africa (North East Africa), and borders with Ethiopia on the south, Djibouti on the south-east, Sudan on the north-west, and Red Sea on the north along with Dahlak Archipelago and other small islands. Eritrea, with a land area of about 125.000 km2, is roughly the size of England, or the state of Pennsylvania, USA. The coastline measures around 1.200 km and off it there are over 350 islands, of which 210 comprise the area of the Dahlak Archipelago.

WEATHER & CLIMATE: ‘Three seasons in two hours’. There is no time of year that is particularly unsuitable for visiting Eritrea. Eritrea is located at the highest landmass of the African continent. Eritrea has a variety of climatic conditions. The country has three major zones- the central highlands, the coastal region, and western lowlands. Each zone has a different climatic condition. Asmara, the capital of city of Eritrea, has a wonderful climate all year around (average temperature roughly 59 Fahrenheit, 16 Celsius).

HISTORY: Eritrea was forcefully annexed by Ethiopia under the Emperor Haile Selassie. In April 1993, after 30 years of war with Ethiopian regime, Eritrean people have voted unanimously in favor of their independence. However, Eritrea might have been a new nation on map but it’s the oldest civilization in Africa.  Adulis was an ancient port of Red Sea coast and it was important in staging post in the trade between Mediterranean, southern Arabia, East Africa, and Indian Ocean before Ethiopia was discovered by King Menelik II. Today, many archaeologists are investigating to find an answer to ‘the buried civilization’.

DEMOGRAPHICS:  Eritrea has a roughly population of 6 million inhabitants. Although Eritrea has nine heterogeneous tribes but the fabric of the society is homogeneous by any standard. All nine tribes have lived in harmonious environments and have an utmost respect for each other since the cradle of civilization. The tribes that are Afro-Asiatic speaking communities of Cushitic branches: Tigrinya, Tigre, Afar, Rashaida, Saho, Bilen, and Beja. The rest tribes that are Nilo-Saharan communities: Kunama, and Nara. All Eritrean tribes, then and now, have put their Eritrean nationality as a first priority than their ethnicity. Perhaps it’s extremely difficult to fathom that homogeneous society-such as Eritrea-does exist in Africa continent in which tribalism conflicts are a way of life….

RELIGION & LANGUAGE:  Roughly 50% the population adheres to Christianity, Islam 48%, and while 2% of the population follows other religions including traditional African religion. The major languages are Tigrinya, Tigre, Arabic, and English. Also, in Eritrea there are other languages are spoken in Eritrea: Bilen, Afar, Kunama, Saho and etc.

INFRASTRUCTURE: Since Eritrean independence, the government has done a marvelous jobs in building a quality of roads, communications, dams, hospitals, colleges, and schools-primary and secondary. Even though under extreme hostile conditions at local level and international level which it was created by the belligerent Ethiopian regime, yet the Eritrean government has relentlessly been in making major improvement for the its people.

SAFETY: Eritrea is one of the safest countries in the world. The people of Eritrea are known for their superb hospitality and utmost tenderness-care when guests arrived in their country. A person could venture on the roads of Eritrea without any concern of safety because the whole lands of the country is safe to travel anytime. Many tourists have returned so many times to Eritrea because they feel safer than their own native land. Some of tourists are extremely happy in Eritrea that they have eventually decided to make it their permanent residency. Eritrea: the land of nobles, the land of extraordinary, and the land of beautiful people!


Eritrean train riding above the clouds

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Eritrea: A Gateway to Africa Reviewed by Admin on 2:05 AM Rating: 5



    The steel snake Eritrea - a spectacular railway line in East Africa

    Eritrea, unknown country in the Horn of Africa. Here is one of the most spectacular rail routes from the port city of Massawa winds more than 2,300 meters uphill to Asmara, the capital of Eritrea. It was once the lifeline of the country, regular rail operation, it no longer exists but for a long time.
    Eritrea, a small country in East Africa, offers tourists a sensational railway - one of the finest in the world. It combines the location on the Red Sea port city of Massawa to the capital, Asmara, the highest in Africa, nearly 2,400 feet above the sea. For the Italian colonial Asmara should be converted into a most beautiful city in Africa - of course with rail connection.
    The 30s are considered the golden age of the city and the railroad.Up to 38 trains a day were between the sea and Asmara road. The narrow-gauge railway should help under Mussolini, to develop the new Roman Empire "Africa Orientale Italiana to Tripoli. Among the Italians, Eritrea has been expanded into one of the most industrialized states in Africa.
    They also brought a railcar with a so-called Littorina. Driving time from Massawa to Asmara shortened compared to the steam train from 10 to just four hours.
    still be found everywhere witness the former glory of the time, especially in architecture - many buildings in Asmara were built in the Art Deco style. 1941 defeated the English Italy. Eritrea came under British administration. Early 60s Eritrea was annexed by Ethiopia, then the longest war of independence began in recent African history. Mid-70s drove the last train.
    The narrow gauge railway was once a symbol of Eritrea have been strength. Now tracks and sleepers have been torn out - they were outstandingly suitable for the construction of bunkers and shelters.After 30 years of independence, war of the State of Eritrea in 1993 proclaimed. Railway veterans began to build the old track again.Since 2002, she is now passable. Regular train service does not exist. The only tourist trains can be chartered and steam from time to time up to the Abyssinian highlands. (Link to this beautiful picture gallery episode 700 ... )

  2. thank you sir ! Your article its self is breathtaking . What a Nice way to introduce Eritrea . I will definitely use it to share with my non - Eritrean friends.

  3. Pear of the Rea SeaJuly 29, 2014 at 6:11 AM

    Eritrea is as they used to call it "The Pearl of the Red Sea." That is why since time immemorial it was always being invaded because everyone wants a piece of it.

  4. Good article! it makes sense when you are focused in your own business and country instead of talking shit about Ethiopia.

  5. Eritrea, a gateway to hell rather.And yes, there was no civilization whatsoever in the land called Eritrea now. There is almost no indigenous population in that land. Almost all Eritreans are new comers from different corners of Africa(mainly Ethiopia) and the middles east.

  6. He is Agame. He used to sell beles in Asmera. He also moonlighted as a lemani. That is his history.

  7. You tell us. You are the one who have left your duty and abandoned the country! What were the projects you were assigned to? Everyone else knows about their country! A satellite picture shows what has been done in the past 23 years. Given what has been done while the country is strangulated by enemies is remarkable!

    Let alone now, Shaebia has been building the country even when Eritrea was not a country. Shaebia has even taught your organization (Weyane) how to develop your land even while you are fighting for your rights. Today, you chose to be enemies. Traitors!

    Tell your bosses that it is to everyone's advantage if the border is demarcated without any more delay, instead! You cannot impose instability and then level the accusation that enough has not been done!

  8. Abe,
    More prisons, destruction of our culture and economy….

  9. I agree with everything you mentioned in your article, except “INFRASTRUCTURE”. The mafia group has done nothing to improve the lives of our people. They just made it worst and worst and worst…..
    The reason why you need a law abiding government (not like a lawless like the mafia group of PFDJ) is that to build roads, hospitals, schools and to make sure those facilities and institutions are used to prompt economic growth and stability within its citizens. In our case, those facilities and institutions are being used as a propaganda machines as if the mafia group is doing something extraordinary.
    Had the mafia group haven’t controlled every aspect of our people’s lives, by now Eritrea would been just like Singapore or Dubai. We are blessed with a hardworking people and fertile land. However, we are cursed to have this kind of leadership, a leadership that lives by lies, defamation, blames and accusations.
    May god eradicate this human flesh eating bacteria called PFDJ (People’s Front for Destruction and Jailing).

  10. I wander how much the Eritrean youth are stupid??????, instead of living in the safest country in the world .......... they are run to hell country call Ethiopia...........

  11. Selamat madote,
    There is an article on about the coming african leaders "summit" at the white house hosted by the one and only mr. Obama.
    I found this interesting and would like to see it posted here for discussions if possible.
    " There are a lot of countries that are generating a lot of income, have a lot of natural resources, but aren't putting that money back into villages to educate childern. There are a lot of countries where the leaders have a lot of resources, but the money is not going back to provide health clinics for young mothers." Obama

  12. Gasha,
    Indeed gasha to the reality of present day Eritrea,
    clueless ,your only logic was to look in to satellite pics. I bet you left Eritrea cross-boarder/illegally and have never went back since. Weather the boarder is demarcated or not doesn't make much of a difference.The boarder with Sudan,Somalia....has never been fully demarcated and they are at peace. Cheap excuse .

  13. You wondering why your Idol PIA is not invited?
    he is a terrorist.he does not fulfill the basics, not even symbolic constitution.

  14. Well my friend at leat you know it's hell !
    That is a good place to start to reconcile
    With REALITY .
    The next step of course to stay on your own forums and social medias and reconcile with your cousins the amharas and oromos and live hapily ever after instead of this nonsense bigidi silemariam of eritreans!
    Good luck dear, & my best to abebe and gemechu ;)

  15. Wrong Abe,
    Our President is not invited because Eritrea has nothing to do with those lawless countries who are invited for a wihp from the very uppset BigBrother whoes splashed dollars are not used properly.
    Eritrea is self-reliant as you well know :)

  16. Infact the weyani regime is so anaware, that is 15 years using a difficult and expensive gateways instead have it at a sustainable cost through Eritrea´s.They prefer far strangers instead their close neighbours..That´s the stupidity of a man without conscience..

  17. This is my second day on this site to read articles about what is happening Ethiopia from Eritreans - just for the sake of different source. I was bored with the Ethiopian sites.

    However, I am really disgusted at the comments of fellow Eritreans and just want to comment on this behavior.

    For every comment by an Ethiopian all your responses are Agame, Lemani..... this is quite embarassing to come from you guys while your brothers and sisters are begging in our country. well, we were relatively poor while you had the leftovers of Italians and previalges during the emperors regime. However, while you spent over half a century talking about being a best bread in Africa, we did our home work and are in a much better conditions than you. I ca prove this with skinny refugee camp kids and people in queue at the UNHCR with flies all over their faces.

    How can an entire nation spend time insulting others and not be able discuss ideas? Come on guys for goods sake write meaningful things.

    How can you deny that the so called 'lementis' are saving your ass from the Bedewin's... slaughtering. yet you officially support Egypt's historic right over Nile.

    your human organ trade with them is actually doing well. it is understandable if you try to keep the market open.

    Wishing you all death in Sinai desert and to end up in Meditraniean shark belly.

    Cursed people!

  18. I agree with you Abe, he does not and that is what makes Eritrea unique.
    Aside drom that thou, i thought the wording is degrading at best, is shows that the black man in the white house has his masters symptoms, i was embaressed when i read it, specially africa,,,,village,,,,,children,,,,clinics and at the same time,,,,income,,,,resource,,,,and leaders who own those resources,,,,,,from haile slassie to moamer aren't the west banks ripping the peoples resources?
    PIA is no a pimp and Eritreans no Hoes, the reason for non-invite.
    But just as sam has said is it u.s vs. China while the owners of africa beg for crams,
    That is what makes me wonder and i appreciate yout input.

  19. Are you helping the country, by bigmouthing?

  20. Waoh, that´s amazing, you save other´s ass when your (i don´t know how many millions of ethiopians are starving with hunger) and you pretend to help Eritreans, ehm..if so was sayed by Scandinavians as rich peoples would be credible, how a nation that can´t feed it self and today is getting Aid from all over? Be rational and do good for your kins and that would be for the Eritreans I´m sure they are able to think for them selves as they abandoned 17 years ago any Aid from no´s hard to swallow but true..


  22. You are interfering in our business. If you don't like to see any shit about Ethiopia go to Ethiopia website and discuss how to restore the shit image of your mama Ethiopia. Bit If you keep meddling in Eritrean website, life could never be rosy for you. Just to remind you in tigrigna adage, "Adgi Zigebereka Si Teyqi Gibero."

  23. You think building a nation is like building Arebia Agame. When Shaebia liberated Eritrea on May, 24 1991 the country was totally destroyed by the brutal Dergue regime. The GOE began to build the nation from scrap. In 23 years the GOE has been done fantastic job. Every village has clinic, school and clean water. A lot of asphalted and dirty roads. The agriculture sector is modernized. I'm a living witness, when I visited my family village after many year, I was shock and I couldn't recognized the village at all. Some of relatives was joking and said to me, we are not Hagei anymore.

  24. You are echoing woyane agenda. Woyane refused to demarcate the boarder because they want to have access to the sea to create the great Tigrai. Are you hallucinating or pretending asleep? How many times Ethiopia invade Somalia? Also,Ethiopia is violating Sudan's sovereignty in Gedarif area and Kenya's sovereignty in Moyale area. Ethiopia is the belligerent country in the horn. It is time for Ethiopia to pay the price.

  25. True, we are among the highest aid recipients. But is it because Eritrea doesn't want that it is not receiving? No! because no one except your Arab masters (just for the kidneys and cheap prostitutes) is willing to give you.

    The billions of dollars are coming one after another as a result of the smart diplomatic relations done by our government. Look how your leadership is outsmarted and out of the game in the political and diplomatic arena.

    So, go get for Ethiopian electricity and agricultural products in Sudan because you are not welcome here. Oh btw, you were bragging about Asseb and our country crumbling when the war started, the fish, the port bla bla and Meles told that you can keep your camels there if you wish. That is what exactly you are doing now while Djbouti is making billions with its port plus we are constructing five major high ways to other ports,you are out of the game, and the fish, they are eating you in Mediterranean not the other way round.

  26. self-reliant my ass!

  27. No more Ethiopia Pride. It is sold to Saudis, Somalis, Indians and Chinese. You are everywhere mixed with all worlds race singing abroad for your 'neberegn' TIZITA are left rutless like nomads. Woyane destroyed your Ethiopianess long ago.

  28. Go and pay Djibouti Billions a year with your aid money. Eritrea is never to have you as customers for a single coin. You are our enemies and not friends. Do your "diplomatic" silemariam for your stomach but never get intimidated of the Eritrean Pride who is not in a position to sell Hagere Warsay Ykalo for Chinese, Indians, Saudis like you guys do, bid Oromos fertile land for anyone with dollars. Go home where you belong your instead, yewetet znb !

  29. You do not need to comfirm what I said, because WE DO IT FOR OUR OWN and not to make any Master happy like you do :)
    Why are you still here anyway? lol

  30. It is Eritreans that are doing the silemariam in Mekele and shimelba. Send me a link to video of an Agame begging in Asmera right now and I will do the same for ten slaves here.

    we to know that you are our enemies and with dragged the f*** out of you from our land just because "we didn't like the colors of your eyes."

    OMG I can't stop loving TPLF for what it did to you subhumans. by the way I am yeweter zimb coz there is milk here.

    all the things you wanted to loot from Ethiopia are heading in a different direction now. no coffe, no taf, no electricity, .... no nothing for kedaeti Italian dogs. Just keep on selling human organs and fed your poor mom whose son was killed while fighting for the so called "freedom"

  31. You said, "Obeying to internatinal rules doesn't make us under the mastry of anyone." I don't know what you are talking about but one thing is for sure that Ethiopia is illegally occupying Eritrean territory. You continued your insult when you said, " Tell me what your dictator does in Libya, Quatar,,,, I call it ass licking." Really! that is really news to Eritreans. You see if we want to kiss as we would have done it long ago and it would be a super power, USA. Finally you said, ".. we have build the very big economy in just over twenty years." WOW big economy! what is your definition of BIG is, I wonder. Based on information available your country ranks at the bottom of human index. Your economy depends on hand out from USA and EU. In fact over 60% of your budget is a foreign AID! Ethiopia is basically a beggar nation. And please don't confuse begging to diplomatic skills. It makes you look stupid.

  32. Dear Agame Nefsi! please don't even think of showing any picture of anyone begging least of all our brothers (sorry Neighbors) Eritreans in Tigray.
    We should not follow the path of stupidity and decadence like the Eritreans did for centuries and centuries. They used to brag and boast that they are superhuman and not as stupid as Tigreans, ...that they are rich and affluent unlike the beggar Tigreans, that they are this and that....the list goes on and on. What made them look relatively enjoying better life than the tigreans was not because of their intelligence or hardworking, but purely due to the fact that they had the opportunity to be slaves of their foreign masters and had the chance to get some left overs to eat and salvages to wear. The tigreans spent most of their time defending Eritrea and ethiopia from the aggression of foreigners for centuries and centuries. Besides Hailesilassie used to favor Eritreans at the cost of Tigreans because of his misguided policy which was designed to attract and win the hearts and minds of those eritreans who stayed away from emama Ethiopia for decades and decades, and he tried to spoil them with so much privileges both economically and educationally. But now things have changed, when eritreans are left on their own they don't even know what to do with their hard won freedom, instead they are choosing life in exile than in their own country. They feel their freedom has already become unbearable burden and they would wish to shun it at any cost. Look what their hard won freedom has brought them: Starvation, Back to slavery, retardation, lack of proper education, Beggars everywhere, and the nation being at the verge of Collapse.
    So my brother, Agame, we don't need to travel the road of vulgarity, arrogance and chauvinism like what they have all the time been doing...for it surely would lead into total misery and destruction. Instead we should feel sympathy for them and extend our hands to help them at any cost...and this can bring blessing to our people and country.

  33. How is it that talking shit about Ethiopia is your own business and you are accusing me of interfering in your business??
    Can't you find any better business that can help resolve the myriads of problems in your own country? If you don't have enough to talk about your current Eritrea, you can say something about the good old days your fathers had when they were serving their Italian masters as Askari, cook, gurads, maids etc. I think that would be better.

  34. Just to remind you, this is Eritrean forum which is established for Eritreans to share constructive ideas and resolve any minor difference among us. You are uninvited agame. You don't belong to this forum. If you want defend your mama Ethiopia do it in Aiga website. My dad were serving the Eritrean people. He was the best urban fighter. He was mowing hasusat agame (spies) in Eritrea.

  35. No thx, resah nokual maakoru, gae gae faggot !

  36. ለባማት ዶ ዓያሹ ይበዝሑ ኢለ ክሓተካ ያእቆብ ቃሊ
    እንተ ፈሊጥካዮ እቲ መልሲ እንተኾይንካ መስተውዓሊ
    እንተኾነስ እንድዒ ግዳ ተጠራጢረ መንነትካ
    እንካብቶም ዓያሹ ከይትኸውን ዝባኣስካ ዝገደድካ
    ታሪኾም ዘይፈልጡ ባዓል ዱካ ወዲ ዱካ
    አቦይ ጅግና ነይሩ ኢልካ ክትዛረብ ቁሩብ እንተይሓፈርካ
    ምስ ደቂ ኣጋመ ገጢሙ ክስዕር ያኢ አቦኻ
    ቁሩብ ታሪኽ ዘይትፈልጥ አበይ ዲኻ ግዲ ዓቢኻ?
    በል እስኪ ተዛረብ መልሲ እንተለካ
    ታሪኽ እናጠቀስካ ሃለውለው ገዲፍካ (እናተወከስካ)
    ሓቂ እንተለዎ ክንሪኦ ምላሽካ
    አበ ዪ ገጢሙ ምስ አጋመ አቦኻ??

  37. Good article, but as usual people that went to see the gate way of Africa screwed their money by the new airlines you people been barking OLYMPIC. Kkkkkk why has madote has not reported it yet???
    Ladies and gentlemen- Olympic airways that took Our people to Eritrea didn't show up to returned them back. It is not existed on the route to Eritrea. People are buying return ticket with Egyptian Air to return to their homes.
    Where is the Government of Eritrea???.

  38. Brother george, reason and agame in tge same sentence? An oximoron is dulled by the likes of this hasadat and their hate and envy is indeed eating them from with in. Just look how many of em come here and cry a river. Just as you said they beleive succumbing to whomever is a dipolomatic tactic and a fiscal budget based on aid is something of a genius.
    They know they will never be seen as par yo Eritreans and they find themselves in a never ending predicment.
    We all agree that Ethiopia is a failed state under woyane.
    Woyane has nowhere to run, north, south, west east,
    Woyane has made itself an island by warring with, Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia, kenya and now with South Sudan,
    Woyane in 23 years time has deatroyed the pride and united Ethiopia sentiment.
    Ethiopia has no Ethiopian but forcefully gathered Nationals,
    TPLF has miserably failed to continue as a viable organization,,,corruption is rampart and to adhers to "each for his own while you can' believe.
    In short the doom is near and the likes of the agame above see no hope.
    And where there is no hope there is no action, that is why they crowd Eritrean website and engage in decieving themselves.
    Imagine a person from that part of our continent to stand tall and proud, while curled up like an unborn child streching his/her hands out for elms.
    Irony self-reliance is a taboo, only in the aiga land and the shame of Africa Athyopia.

  39. These beggars agame obsessed with Eritrea and its people. Even if you say to them Yirdaekum they don't get. Now, the the knot is getting tight around their scabby throat. They are begging GOE for safe haven in case if the people of Ethiopia kicked their ass from the power.

  40. I don't think your numbers are right but I will take them as they are for the sake of argument.

    I thought our economy was the six largest in Africa, and the third fastest growing in the world next to China and India?

    Is it because all African nations (including your refugee factory) are not begging that they are not getting what we are getting from the international community? I don't think so.... You know why.

    And your stupid brother forto sawa below was opening his dirty mouth over Ethiopia being failed state under woyane. Is that why we have been given the role to help Somalia, South Sudan, Ruwanda, Brundi, Liberia, Sera Lione,,, restore peace, order and set up democratic governance institutions. Is that why we are still holding the so called your land. Btw, as you know your leaders were not after the land. Your wish was to loot the the resources and that was blocked once and for all. No resources!!!

    I can't believe you called us shame to Africa, when your tinny country with only 5 or 6 million people produces that largest refugee population. We better call them food to the Mediterranean sharks if they scape the abattoirs on the way there.

    A country whose entire national football team disappears in Kenya. It is not even in USA or EU. MeHferti!

  41. "stand tall and proud"
    "will never be seen as par yo Eritreans"
    "better pasta eaters"
    "best race in Africa"

    bla bla bla. these are all Eritrean in their nature. We never have and will try to present ourselves better than others. We let our works speak.

  42. the Gae Gae resah is you with no water or electricity in Asmara. I heard you people smell like shit in queues for water. and also say may may may tekatselku when the Bedewins open your stomach for your kindeys while you are still alive.

  43. We have heared it from Meles before, where is he now?

  44. check this one silly you

  45. Agame. You are One but you make a lot of noise like Nay GuHaf Hamema.... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ....
    I need ear plugs damn ! LOL

  46. Afka atsrikha iba lomis, dHan yiEtewu shmelba LOL

  47. Don't you guys get it? how can you be so STUPID nation. I just listed the reasons why our state is not failed and rather it is yours. and you still say the same thing.

    Is that why there is over 22bn USD FDI in our country? our solidiers are in more than five contries. building largest dam in Africa, railways in the city and to Djibouti (not to port Asseb) 5 major cross country highways, our own port in Tajura (this part screws you the most, doesn't it). Btw, Djibouti just proposed economic and political integration with Ethiopia.

    A failed state is yours with no constitution, fiscal policy, annual budget, university, no water, no electricity..... just refugees.

  48. Lam si ms HaradiA bHabar may tseti..:)

  49. KirKir is funny but TRUE ! lol


  50. Thank You ! What is missing between you and us is ----A GREAT WALL OF CHINA ! My hat on my hand I tell you this "Dehna hun gorobet" Adios ! Bye !

  51. Dehna hunu bro.

    one last thing though. we have confiscated your properties here but you are allowed take you poor brothers and sisters here. Amche!!

  52. Typical foolish Eritrean stubbornness.
    what is true is that we have cheap Eri prostitutes in the refugee camps. They moan Esu Esu when we do them. sometimes we give them to our soldiers for bravery in war fields.

  53. Not new, you have done it for decades. You say it PROUDLY too without any shame. Evil creature, you know nothing better than destroy people's life.
    GOD IS GOOD !!!

  54. Lam si ms HaradiA may tseti :)

  55. And even if we build that wall I'm sure you will not stop bothering us. Al Beshir was here a couple of times with message your beggar dictator. you guys go as far as Egypt to oppose our dams, erkusat! we are going to build it anyway coz you have no role in politics or diplomacy of the region.

  56. But sorry you cannot own "tajura" to help you call --ETHIOPIA THE GATEWAY TO AFRICA KIKIKIKI.....

  57. This is not true dear. I just went as low as your brothers who are good for nothing but insulting people. I was trying to bitter just to respond. and it is hurting me more than these stone heads. Yikirta!

  58. Hope you get sweeped off from the face of earth, when the Damned Dam burst LOL

  59. You not the one to tell me what happened to me in your stinking camps. I am a victim and had to carry sick creature inside me after a gang of your ugly brothers raped me in tgray. You force me cry more with all your big-mouthing over here. You are born wild and ugly and God is there to watch your crimes. May you burn in hell.

  60. I'm sorry about what happened to you if it is true.

  61. Jacob Cali, forto Anchiwa, Eri Rat.... Talk to me about Olympics Airways that screwed our people who went to the gate of Africa.

  62. can wash and try to look good but that never change the fact that you are mentally still struggling, the fact that you come to a website that is Eritrean and trying to show that you better than Eritrean and trying to humiliate Eritreans. And talking about arab masters? who is the number one slave in this Arab countries? the recent history is enough. You think by bringing the issue of a organ trade in here will get the the nerve of Eritreans, you see, you need to know what and Eritrean mean first. and about prostitution, have you been to Dubai? I have and again i will not go to detail here. you can try my friend but after all what it shows is you still trying to proove that you are a better human being than Eritreans.

    let me break it to you. you are human being all right, and i have no doubt of that , in fact we are the same, the difference is I don't try to prove anything, but you keep on doing that. the evidence is every where. wake up tigrai people leave it alone, we are sorry for the past and if you still try to prove to an Eritrean anything it just shows your mental capacity, hence your inferiority complex.

  63. That is not true! in fact if you see my first comment, it all starts with my view on how Eritreans handle conversation and argument.

    The problem is if for instance I comment on Eritrean foreign policy or its relation with its neighbors, no single one of you defend your idea by conversation or civilized way. You just say you are saying this and that because you are agame, subhuman, like other Africans and not smart enough like us Eritreans bla bla....

    there is Amharic saying that goes "eshohin be eshoh' I know I sound stupid but I was trying to fit in the league - the way you guys do it. insult anyone who opposes you!

    thanks for being better than the others here.

  64. That exactly what we are saying, then again how would you understand us when you are comfortably numb? An addict denys that he/she has addiction problem, and you are the same in a state of denial.
    Pasta is new to you? How about lasagna, do you know ministrone and macorroni too?
    Y Y!

  65. አንታ እዞም ሃገር ለባም ሰብ ዘይብሎም
    ኢድ ካብ አፍ ዘይፈልዩ ሰባት ተባሂሎም
    አፍካ አጽሪኻ ኢሉኒ ሓደ ካባእቶም
    አዝዪ ዘደንግጽ ጽን ኢልካ ክትሰምዖም
    አፍካ አጽሪኻ ዝብል መአስ ተዛሪበ
    ኢደይ ዩ ጽሒፉ ቃላት እናኸተበ
    እንተ ቲ አሽካዕላል ብዛዕባ ሽመልባ
    ሓቅነት የብሉን ዋላ ሓንቲ ሓባ
    እንተ ቲ ድኅንነት ዝተመነኻሎም
    ውዒሎም ይእተው ሕማቅ አይርከቦም
    እንታይ ግዳስ ከይኾኑ ኣባና ኣፅሊሎም
    በየናይ ሓሊፉ ህግደፍ ከይረኽቦም::

    ይበል ይበል ግጥሚ ወዲ አጋመ!!!

  66. I couldn't understand your tigrigna men. It sucks. It is a typical Endirta dialect. Sorry ugum. You don't belong her.

  67. ሃለውለው ግዳ ዘይትገድፍ ያእኮብ ካሊ
    ሓቂን ሓሶትን ዘይትኽእል ክትፈሊ
    ብብዝሒ ዘረባ እንተዝቅየር ሓቂ
    አሎካንዶ ኣያኻ ኢሳያስ አፎርቂ
    ክቅደድ ዝውዕል ከም አረጊት ጨርቂ
    መን ግዳስ ከይአምኖ ዝበለ እንተበለ
    እንትርፊ ውሑዳት ከማኻ ዝበለ
    ዓለም ለባም እያ አይኮነትን ዓሻ
    ሓሶታት ትሰምዕ ናይ ክሻ ወዲ ክሻ (ሐጎስ ክሻ)
    ኢትዮጵያ ወሪራ ኢልካ ዝተዛረብካ
    ፈቲኻ አይኮነን ኣመል ዮ ኾይኑካ
    ከመይ ኢልካ ክትገድፎ ውርሲ ናይ ኣቦታትካ
    ክትኣልሙ ትውዕሉ ሓሶት ከም ፋብሪካ
    ዓቢ ሕማም ዩ ምሕረት የውርደልካ
    ንሓቂ ክትቀርባ ካብ ሓሶት ወጺእካ

  68. Deqi Eri;
    This forum is infested with Dedebit flies (agames). I live in California and I will send you a fly swatter soon. One swatter is enough to kill fifty Dedebit flies.

  69. WOW! Now you misspelled my name. I ain't Jacob Cali. I'm a bonafide Eritrean and I spell my name Yacob. Jacob is an Eritrean wannabe ugum. He is a demented person. In the case of Olympics Airways, it is not a new phenomenon an airways to file bankruptcy. Even in USA many airlines filed for bankruptcy. I feel sorry for you to be a laughing matter for disgraced woyane. You seems to me that you decided to be a traitor for life. By the way, I forgot to tell you that your friend doesn't believe in Eritrea independence and he has uncured regionalism illness.

  70. Cali man, wizee is mad please don't upset him more, we need him to fly the new airbus about to arrive at the MIA.

  71. A RAT: INTERESTING!! I’m guessing that’s supposed to be
    directed at me…. Did you really think about this? Under the principle you tried to use but like a true hypercritic you never upheld ‘faire play’… 1st, it takes 1 to know 1, so if I’m 1 then you are also 1. The rat is a unique creature, as it has dual aspects to its nature, so different that they contradict each other, so maybe there is some truth in what you say! The different nature of these two ‘Eri / Agame’ rats:- in one aspect, the rat is one of the most loyal animals out of all the creatures of God. The rat is so loyal & true to its claim to its land that, it’s the last to leave even when its home is sinking. In fact the rat’s love for its home is so pure & true that the only way to remove it from its claim to its land is by totally exterminating it…. Good observations Where Is Z ID, Ok like you said, I’m an Eri rat and true to your hasad southern neighbours’ rat short sighted nature….

    …However, the rat is also a parasite, not just to others, the environment but also to its own community (if 1 rat got sick it’ll try, it has the desire/ trait to pass it, to all other rats around it). So much so that the main collaborator for the Black Death is yours truly. In fact the rat is so harmful & diseased ridden that its presences will eventually only lead to death and thus its image is always used to signify or in association with death. Its coward by nature and only does all its negatives drudge in hiding, out of sight – this days it has a big presence within the web but still out of sight, Its so bad to its own community and the rest of the environment, that in fact if it did not exist it would not be missed, as it would be batter for all. Now in honesty, and I open for others to question my analysis or conclusion that the latter aspect of this creature is found with yours truly: Where Is Z ID – even if you personally look in the mirror, you’ll find an Agame rat. So when are we, two of a kind rats going to meet? … Will reply to your other question later, … my first semi-off day off this week …

  72. Even if we allow him to fly the new airbus, he will tell us the new it ain't cozy because he believs "Wala Tibrer Ember Teil Eya...literally even though it is flying, it is a goat.

  73. Is this a good reason for you to cheer? Now I know who you are. I guess you are a happy camper just because you think Eritreans are stranded amid their travel. What a typical Weyane sellout. Well, sorry for you that such temporary problems are not going to last longer to give you and your handlers enough laughter. What a sadist.

  74. There is a well known curved and twisted road between Asmara and Keren. Our wise fathers named it Lbi Tigray for a reason. I followed all your posts and show a typical Meles-like chameleon portraits. I am sure you are not sorry from your heart when your former posts showed how sadist you are to make fun of human organs been traded in Sinai. You are buried with deep complexity. I always disagreed with my fellow Eritreans when they label wicked behaviors as Agaminos during the old times when my family generously hosted more than a dozen of them each summer when they came to work in our fields and looking after our animals and beg in the holidays, many of which they confiscated after they came back as their real nature. The first time I realized that I was wrong in defending my former beggars was when I witnessed the exhumation of our martyr's corpses who also fought for the 'beggars' freedom. This tells a lot about the wisdom of our forefathers. Yet, your posts only solidify the reason why Eritreans see you as sub humans. Only sub-humans can disturb the tombs of the dead. I guess you deserve more than just calling Agame. Agame malet 'ente temeyu klmnu ente xegebu dma kzemtu znebru krkuah zkonkum gorebet ikhum'. kabten zeytrsani hanti neger...hade leyti klte agame n adom zmlesu ab gezana ahdirnayom. adrirna medekesiom hibnayom (tenkobet menxef hibnayom). ab dege eyu zdkes ab barka. Siat 4 abilom tesiom chaw keybeuna keydom...guess what? ab enda encheyti zneberet kemey zbelet abay fas neratna serikoma keydom. In deed this is your identity. You don't have to be rich not to beg. You just need to have the mindset of self reliance so that you can work and feed yourself. Eritreans do not boast of been rich, but been proud not to beg from people. There is only One and One whom we beg and that is The Almighty God.
    BTW, I have been to Sheraro many times around 1997 about the time your soldiers were ready to invade. I saw thousands of them in the town of Sheraro. Every time I go, I used to be prepared with changes in my pocket to respond to the beggars who are really difficult to ignore owing to their artistic and melodious begging style (there must be a training center around there). Anyhow, I got so disgusted when one evening, I saw one of the most troubled ill looking beggars came to Sheraro hotel to enjoy beer. He was healthy. My Tigrain friend challenged me to recognize the person who was going to use my charitable money to enjoy beer. My emphasis is not for the beer but for the healthy youth who chose to be handicapped for begging purposes in the day and goes to the bars in the night. I could not believe what I saw until my friend called him and asked how the begging business was for the day.


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