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The End Is Near for the Ethiopian Regime

The End Is Near for the Ethiopian Regime

By Hillal,

The Tigrayan revolution is a total failure. The march from Dedebit to Dedebit had already began. Dedebit is the birthplace of the TPLF and certainly it would be its final resting place i.e. if the Tigrayans are kind enough to allow it.

Tigray is at a crossroads now. The dream of Abbay Tigray is dead and buried thanks to the wise, experienced and farsighted Eritrean leadership. The Enver Hoxa, Albanian communist dogma following political adolescents had to be brought back to the real world of modern politics kicking and screaming against their will.

After the Eritreans handed the keys to the Menelik Palace to the thankless Weyannes, what followed next was an Ethiopian nightmare. Ethiopians had to endure the indignity of being ruled by the uncultured peasants - a minority of a minority Tribal Junta suffering from an inferiority complex laden mindset with no moral or ethical compass.

Ethiopia became a de facto a Tigrayan colony. Ethiopians become aliens in their own homeland. Everything and anything in Ethiopia were put on the chopping block. Women and children were sold to the lowest bidder. Land was leased for US $ 1.38/hectare/year/century -a deal of the century indeed.

A claim of an economy at 12% annual growth per annum, on an auto pilot and on cloud nine turned out to be a voodoo economics existing only in the figment of their imaginations. The reality on the ground was the mushrooming of toxic condos, perennial shortage of water and electricity, National Bank full of fake gold and an Apparatchik on a looting spree of more than 12 billion dollars.

Ethnic Apartheid and Article 39 became the laws of the land. Ethiopia become balkanized into ethnic enclaves and Bantu lands. The divide and rule policy of the colonizers were applied mercilessly in Ethiopia to weaken and squash dissent against the barbaric leadership by the Ethiopian people.

Ethnic conflicts were systematically encouraged, genocidal massacres became tactical acts of deterrence, mass resettlements became political tools, food aid and rape became weapons of war and hunting political opponents like wild animals became routine signature actions.

The Ethiopians had made their choices clear in the 2005 elections. They voted enemies to throw the Tribal Junta out of power. 200 youngsters had to be slaughtered in the streets of Addis in a broad day light while the international media cameras were recording the events. Even, the US Humvees were used to terrorize the peaceful demonstrators.

50,000 young Ethiopians were imprisoned in the Dedesa concentration camp. They were saved by contaminated blades purposely to infect them with the deadly HIV virus and many were eaten by alligators. The deafening silence of the international community was astounding.

Oromo forests were torched and multi-nationals were given a free hand to operate without environmental safety standards. Today, the environmental degradation of Oromia is a national emergency. The Oromia waters and springs are contaminated and people are getting sick.

The crimes against humanity rap sheet of the Tribal Junta is long. As if the Gambella and Ogaden massacres weren't enough, the Ogaden camels were injected with toxic serum to destroy the fabric of the Somali society. Tigrayan prostitutes infected with the deadly HIV virus were sent to the "Mahel Ager" as a population control method.

War of aggression against Eritrea was declared to win some Ethiopian die hard nationalists and as a cover up to its atrocities and barbaric acts. It was a disaster that took the lives of hundreds of thousands of young recruits used as "Fenji regatches". The tragedy is that the coward peasant Weyanne commanders were shooting at the young recruits from behind and sending them to their early deaths.

The most cruel of them all is the feeding of all Ethiopian children born after the Border War with salt mined in Tigray without the proper international standards. These were meant to hurt the Eritrean economy. Eritrean salt mined from the sea has Iodine added to it as per the international standards. The Ethiopian Iodine deficiency epidemic is out of control now.

The government in Addis isn't an Ethiopian government but a surrogate, puppet and stooge of the powers that be. It has none of the Ethiopia's best interests at heart. It's ink on an intensive care pampered and taken care of by the foreign powers and special interest groups. When we find that the US ambassador to Ethiopia is the US Viceroy in Addis, it's doubly troubling.

Ethiopians are saying now enough is enough. Peaceful and armed struggles are engulfing the nation far and wide. The Ethiopian volcano is ready to explode. The Tribal Junta had made enemies left and right - Ethiopians and neighboring nations alike. All are waiting for the most opportune time to settle their own scores. The final outcome of the gathering Ethiopian peoples is difficult to predict.

Ethiopian democratic and progressive forces and all stakeholders in the future of Ethiopia need to unite and coordinate their activities and devise and draw a road map. Without a unified action plan and with the Tribal Junta's poisonous political intrigues and machinations driving the nation into Armageddon the end game could be catastrophic. The ethnically cleansed military makes the outcome more precarious.

Everybody knows that we are in a transition period. Change is coming and it could be violent or not violent depending on the wisdom and farsightedness of those that love Ethiopia. For the Tribal Junta losing power means the final nail in their coffin. Thus, the removal of this political cancer is of paramount importance by any means necessary. The people of Tigray have to decide and abandon the sinking Tribal Junta ship and join the silent Ethiopian majority. The TPDM is the answer to this noble call for action.

Dictator Meles Zenawi with his son

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The End Is Near for the Ethiopian Regime Reviewed by Admin on 3:04 PM Rating: 5


  1. The shoe worn by Meles(in the above picture) is sheda and probably donated by the EPLF. Just mentioning.

  2. Good observation!

  3. Aye, nata gedifas nay hamata!!! How abou the PFDJ? Is it heading towards the heaven?
    Bologna has proven that the mafia group in Eritrea (PFDJ) is out of a touch with its people. Inside Eritrea, everybody is cursing the regime and its leaders.
    Weyanne may go back to dedebit, the shifta group in Eritrea will be going to hell soon.
    Awet N'hafash

  4. If the TPLF goes back to dedebit, at least they have introduced a constitutional leadership unlike the rubbish leadership of the PFDJ, which still rules by the rule of the jangle. When Meles passed away, the supporters of the mafia group PFDJ were chanting the disintegration of Ethiopia. The result was the opposite.
    I don’t like the TPLF because of what they did to our people who were living in Ethiopia. However, truth is truth. There is a big difference between TPLF and PFDJ. TPLF has transformed Ethiopia in all its economic aspects while the gangsters in Eritrea killed everything.
    May god have mercy upon our beloved country!!!

  5. suk belu afafat ERITREA is going for word THE CAMEL IS MARSHING THE DOG IS BARKING

  6. Here is the signs that indicate whose “End is near”
    A leadership that is unable to provide basic necessities (Electricity+water+food)
    A leadership that has more prisons than schools
    A leadership that is hated by 95% of its citizens
    A leadership that is totally isolated by its neighbors due to diplomatic inabilities
    A leadership that is recognized by exodus of its youths
    A leadership that turned the whole nation into hell
    A leadership that is led by one man
    A leadership that plummeted the whole nation into 90% unemployed
    A leadership that conscripts the elderly (above 50 below 75 years old)
    A leadership that rules by dances and drums
    I am tired, I can list hundreds of points. However, I will let an Eritrean donkey continue the list…..
    In case you don’t know the answer, it is PFDJ (People’s Front For Destruction and Jamming)

  7. I sense all kind of signs about a regime that's about to come down. All the talk about Ethiopia is empty barrel. Who is going to change the Weyane regime. They just $ucked up one of the opposition leaders from a foreign country. That is a straight not weaknes.

    HGDEF is falling very fast!

  8. BRACE for IMPACT dedebit, its comin & its comin FAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Madote Family, Incase you didn't know or lost touch reality...Take a moment to go over development index for Eritrea (skyrocketing)...Click

  10. Who cares about ethiopia lets worry about eritrea

  11. Why is the Chihuahua watching his son pee? Is that a symbolic gesture?
    Anyway, the Weyane reign is coming to an end soon and Agames are stuck between a rock and a hard place.
    Agame are hated both in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

  12. you right but how come with these blinded communist vision, HGDFs

  13. are you kidding or just making the morons, PFDJs

  14. The uniform, stolen.

  15. man dis photo is freaking funny lol

  16. Atayo wedi hawom n tsadkan ka ? Beizaka Amnearegawi leifotwo aitzarebe izi kulu agninayo zelenak salla itui gegna hzwai gnbar oyu.huzui dima balena neberia neber la gebernayo inena.

  17. Hi agamino 90 million of the Ethiopian people still live under emmargency food aid if it is transforming good luck but Ethiopia is down by agame

  18. Go hell qomal get education first

  19. I think Hilal must be from mars. He mentioned shortage of electricity and water in Ethiopia. What about in ERITREA? Wey seb dekey kan nezi hizbi Eritrea kemey geyrkum ekum denkoro geyrkumo.
    Even when Massawa was librated in 1990, with the exception of few days, derg never darkned the streets of Asmara. And now no electricity for days...

  20. My shampagne is ready ...the final count down is starting. wiil be the happiest day of my life..addios woyane malelit hilmi aby tgray.

  21. Ayee zey himamka resni, yblu lebamat.
    Look to your side and you will observe one dying animal I think you can guess who it is.

  22. is it a coincidence or its just meles,s family tradition to take a picture while taking a leak ... lol b/c i also saw a photo of meles's daughter peeing somewhere on side of the road man what a great tradition lol

  23. u r right, we are not lucky enough to see our dreams come true, but thanx to the dictator he purposely is disintegrating the ppl from Asmara and deliberately using scare tactics and intimidations those who can make difference to the nation have left. Who is left in Asmara now is those who do not know to spell their names correctly even using their own language. PI is one of them, he has been against education, against development such as construction. Look how the infrastructure of Asmara is purposely neglected and destroyed. No maintenance no water no electricity no bread to eat. Our government is half dead yet they try to lie to us while thousands are leaving the bad guy behind. I do now if flee is the solution but young is getting out at an alarming rate and few are preaching us the opposite. If continue like this, the nation is dead. PI is number one enemy of the state of Eritrea. His eradication or assassination could cause a huge difference in turning the page of Eritrean socio-economic course. Of course to the right direction. PI delusional economic policy is an out dated, even those who fabricate the communist system are not using this old and damped ideology. My anticipation on this all nation mishandling crises by few unkempt and uneducated individuals will initiate another cue style uprising. Because as we discuss the issue at the moment there are many who do same thing within the nation itself. It sounds like the PFDJ has reached in its maximum stage of nation destruction, that trigger the free fall for this undemocratic notorious party.

  24. Shemale gual zenawiJuly 28, 2014 at 6:01 PM

    I hear ya bro, but was semhal really born a boy? Now she is a shemale?
    Plz enlighten me my neighbor across the good mareb :)

  25. Begging will smith to dig a hole for you is DEVELOPMENT ?
    But then again it's better zan silemariam door to door ,so go figure ;)

  26. I think it is Ethiopia . When half of your people depende on food aid and your main capital taking care of by IMF very sure it is Ethiopia .

  27. There is nothing worthwhile talking about Eritrea,It is legally bankrupt,dead, kaput.

  28. Perfect pic.
    HIGDEF dogs must be on the receiving end.
    Thanks to brilliance of selfless leadership of Melse and EPRDF, Ethiopia is at peace and flourishing like never before.
    Sadly,Eritrea under the leadership of Essayas and HIGDEF,emptied of its productive youth is heading the opposite direction.Those who dispute/deny this vivid fact are hallucinating.
    I think Hillal has Eritrea in his mind when he wrote this article.

  29. sheyat hager wedi keren aytewelden, seraqi agame

  30. Ambabi, thanks a lot for your honest reply. Honestly,the situation in Eritrea is just comparing black and white and yet we still have individuals who are accompanying our customers to its graveyard by supporting the killer cancer called PFDJ (People's Front for Destruction and Jamming).

  31. Correction: please read our country, not customers.

  32. In a several months to come, the outcome of Ethiopia is going to be slowly deterioration in the military apparatus. For example, from the mid-rank of officers to Colonel officers are slowly going to defect to the oppositions groups are going to be the air-force with mid-rank officers. Third, world is going to hear house arrests on lower-mid officials and also certain TPLF members. Finally, the top few from politburo officials are slowly going to make a run in name of Westerner Hospitals for special treatments. JUST A MAYHEM AND CATASTROPHIC SITUATIONS IS ON WAY....GOD BLESS MY BELOVED ERITREA.


    1) ". . . purposely is disintegrating the ppl from Asmara,"
    " . . . infrastructure of Asmara is purposely neglected and destroyed,"

    What is your explanation as to why the PFDJ is doing that on purpose? What does it gain by doing so?

    Coming back under a different name? ". . .

    2) ". . . those who can make difference to the nation have left. Who is left in Asmara now is those who do not know to spell their names correctly even using their own language."

    a) intimidations=intimidation, no "s"
    b) "I do now if flee is the solution" = I do no know if fleeing is the solution
    c) damped = dumped; the usage of the word is wrong anyway; discarded ideology is better
    d) out dated = outdated (one word)
    e) cue = coup
    f) nation mishandling crises = ?
    g) do same thing = do the same thing
    h) cue style uprising = uprising (unnecessary words)
    i) Who is left in Asmara now is those . . . = Those who are left in Asmara are . . .
    j) turning the page of Eritrean socio-economic course = ?
    k) Of course to the right direction. Not a sentence!
    l) Your last two sentences need to be rewritten.

    No, start all over again and rewrite the whole thing again. You have misspelled many words. You have included several meaningless words and phrases. Some of your sentences are incomplete, thus do not convey a complete idea. There are many more mistakes.

    Most of all this must be a dream or wish. When you rewrite, you should mention that it is so. Expressions like, I wish that . . . , I often dream that . . . should be helpful.

    Since you cannot spell either, I wonder where you are now? In Mekele?

  34. Tesfu nuEq da baelka alekayo; if you can not tell the difference you must be either a dergu boy or a sell out or agame qondaf.

  35. Not he is in mekele, he is a graduate from lekatit
    12 univercity, where by cheating is a norm.

  36. Yap, a family tradition ;)

  37. Wow, this is really good news for Ethiopia. Knowing that Meles, Azieb, Sebhat, Brhane, Samuel and Sium care so much for Renaissance dam, Ethiopia has more than enough funds to complete the dam successfully by only getting say half billion from each of these six individuals. Isn't this good news Madote? Importantly, once higdef despot is out of power, Eritrea will go to business with Ethiopia where we will sell them port use and we will buy about 3000 to 4000 Megawatts of Electricity all transactions at market price and both peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia will live happily ever after.

  38. Wow, you have out done yourself on this one bro/sis HILLAL , very insightfull and supported with factual predicments and a timely piece i may add.
    Looking frwd to read more from ya, thankyou lots!

  39. Woooooooooooohoooooo u guys found me a good memory of the dead meles!!! i will put his pic on my screen saver. what about when he was shitting? that would be one of the best .lol.

  40. there is a fight between eritrean solidiers around shiraro what is the reason

  41. american and european diplomatic sources are giving declaration this dayas that there will erupt a civil war in eritrea.Isayas is in out let for him self.

  42. Top 3 Worlds fastest growing economies...

    1) NIGER


    3) MALI.

    Congrats ETHIOPIA !!!!!!!!!!

  43. shiraro? gizaE tshrewa inokha LOL

  44. selling everything Ethiopian is never growth not in the long run. You guys are neocolonized for good :)

  45. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 29, 2014 at 4:26 AM

    Hillal, just one question...

    If you're so against Tigrayans, how do feel about Tigrayan

    outlaw and despot Ato IA and whAt he's done to my country

    thanks to his Hasad saboteur ways...

    Search for 'ISAIAS AFEWERKI TEMBIEN' on Youtube and tell me what to


    Perhaps just 'endless feseria habesha'?


    We need political parties with sound economic agendas.

    We don't need anymore parties based on ethnicity.


    Hiji's dekhimae :-(

  46. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 29, 2014 at 4:42 AM

    1) Where do you get all this information from Hillal, Amharic newspapers?

    Your writing is acceptably good and informative,

    2a) Why not gain credit and win acclaim for your work by writing in your

    real name? b) Are you Eritrean?

    3) Where can I read Amanuel Asrat's and Dawt Isaak's writings if I I can't

    read in Tigrigna?

    4) Are you allowed to tell us about BS that goes on within Eritrea's

    borders? eg The dumping of nuclear toxic waste in Dankalia?

    5) What odes Hillal mean?

    Interesting article:-) though not really objective so it

    reads like gvt propaganda. Keep writing anyway Hillal.


  47. Bologna, SAWA, May 24 etc. only proved Eritrea is till going strong. I wonder why you wished otherwise.

  48. Sell them port? we will sell your sour first if you are a sellout already. Even that is hard for us if you are Eritrean! surprising you are ready to sell the ports

  49. You think Derg time is better?

  50. Is this some kind of Agame tradition to watch your kid urinate?
    Do they photograph their kids taking a dump too? Utterly disgusting!
    Who gave Meles the shidas he is wearing? It was courtesty of EPLF. Made in Nakfa.

  51. Absolutely wrong! Are you saying papa issayas, Hagos kisha, Yemane monkey and yemane charley are hated in Eritrea. I bet you are wrong. These four children of the proud agame people are ruling eritra and they are very much loved by every eritrean.

  52. Correction bro! PFDJ stands for :- People's Front for Destruction and Jailing! not Jamming.

  53. Hakegna Wedi KerenJuly 29, 2014 at 7:10 AM

    Your statstics sucks man. You seem to like 90%. Are you sure you are Wedi Keren?? Mihret yewridelka!

  54. MIS KEMAKI KEMEY KIRHIWJuly 29, 2014 at 7:18 AM


  55. wedi keren aka smerrr, in reality msmar Weyane, not bad as a list but not good enough to darken the bright features of Shaebia and the fire tested durability of PFDJ.

  56. can you handle our discussion based on facts though. We can topple PI with facts that the ass hole PFDJ could barely handle.

  57. Selamat RTG;
    WhenI read your outdated preaching about the Eritrean leadership country of origin, I said, all the same shit with different day. The Eritrean leadership has been building the nation for the past 23 years. Do you think all your mentors from the puke lickers club are Eritreans? The hatred of GOE that consume you will undo you. As Yacob, I believe Eritreanism is by participating in the nation building and by defending Eritrea's sovereignty and libertry against warmongers.
    I can tell from the content of your article, you are a genuine Agame.

  58. Adal,
    Is this in lire or US $? Wow I never new Ethiopia has become so reach.Why the hale are they planning to achieve middle income by 2025 when they had already surpassed it.
    You see Adal, people like you listen and worship the hardcore Neftegna such as Tamagn too much, you spell out every word they write and preach every thing they say,Aren't you ashamed?
    What kind of sickness is it ?the other day Madote came up with an article that worships former masters Italia,and got resounding support from most participant of this forum.You hate those who treat you as equal and love and worship to those who enslave you and treat you like a dirt? how sad.

  59. It depends of how a person is dedicated to whatever he does and not necessarily where from he is. Let them be from Japan they are Eritreans as far as they believe it. We have many tgrayans who died for Eritrean Liberation and once upon a time you had thousands of Eritreans who died for "mama" Ethiopia :)

  60. Gotcha, Jamming is ETHIOPIAN Trade Mark LOL

  61. Meles seems to be very caring for his children. Look at how much happy Meles is in this photo accompanying his kid. His three kids must miss him now.
    BTW, How many kids does Mr. Isaias have? People say that he has one children in almost every western country from different ladies. Many of these children even do not know that wedi afom is their father.

  62. izi ikua zeytdekhmi...weshlakh agame

  63. He was child imposter porno lol

  64. Do you think Eritreans hate Agames or you mean the minor regime in power? It´s different eh, don´t forget that Eritreans gaves in past many jobs to humble tegrayans in all Eritrea.

  65. Rawha a comment is a statement, to stand need evidence, i don´t know how many years you have, but reading your comments I can guess it, as a naive teenager, if I made a mistake, then you better stop commenting, is that reflects your thoughts. Rather read the articles and comments, i´m sure you might learn something, instead evidently show your attitude with distructive and nonesense comments, remember, this web is followed by attentive Eritrean persons, whom you need to convince showing evidence not insulting or blaming.

  66. Abe, chat kimeshal ende zare?

  67. keep dreaming, you have done that for decades :)

  68. That comment was a 'satire' as those are the worlds top 3 pooooorest contries on the face of the earth in 2014 .

  69. wow!!!!!!!! this article must right by a genes Eritrean graduate from Nakfa university............. keep dreaming .........

  70. Hilal, kkkkkkkkkkkk in which planet do you live? You must be Either ignorant or mercenary of higdef

  71. While Jailing and Destroying are Eritrean Hallmark.

  72. Jamming might be Ethiopian Trade MarK
    While Jailing is an Eritrean Hallmark

    Jamming is nothing when compared to Jailing
    Destroying is even worse while people are wailing

    Tell your masters bro, the nation is collapsing
    As the youth are in exodus fleeing in every direction

    It is neither a conjecture, not even a heresy
    For it is all over the place for anyone to clearly see.

    Eritrea is a tiny country with very small population
    Who paid dearly to be recognized as a nation

    But now they are at a total loss, not knowing what to be done
    Their freedom has become a burden they are trying to get it undone.

  73. Ask Endargachew, who is at "SHERATON HOTEL" King size bed with two beautiful ladies on his right and left, while we speak LOL LOL

  74. Correction...endure the indignity

  75. correction ......endure the indignity

  76. correction.....endure the indignity of being ruled by the uncultured peaants

  77. Hagos Damm head, what are you going to do with the port then? Always empty.!

  78. No worry for us. We know what we do with OUR portsss :) Go and pay Djibouti Billions of Dollars for import genetic maize and export your cancer positive coffe LOL

  79. True but sabotage/intentional destruction of
    the enemy's purpose, envy, petty 'Hin'/vengence and pure evil are
    human nature to some. If Isaias truly loves Eritrea,
    why hasn't he solved the problem with Badme peacefully and swiftly? As far as I am concerned,
    NS with Badme as its premise is just another
    hidden agenda to enslave the Eritrea people. Pls correct
    me if I am wrong.

  80. SELAMAWIT EritrawitJuly 30, 2014 at 1:58 AM

    Very sad but true...
    But we can fix all this and more by representing all of Eritrea's
    ethnic groups fairly in Parliament and refocusing on building
    a real democracy.

  81. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 30, 2014 at 2:03 AM

    If what you say is true and good for the nation of Eritrea, why do
    write under a pseudonym Hillal? Is it a sign of selflessness
    or are you (justifiably) afraid? Just asking...

  82. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 30, 2014 at 2:26 AM

    Thanks Hillal but-

    1) Asmera Post Office has been closed
    for some 3-4 weeks now, ppl don't have electricity like
    they shld and well, I just don't like IA's stubborness and
    unco-operative behaviour. What's more I am (as you yourself suggest) deeply disturbed by our ppl's suffering.

    2) I have the right to express my thoughts and opinions
    however petty they may seem to you. Bc when ppl,
    all ppl, say and do what they think is right for their nation
    that is aq process called 'nation building'. Perhaps
    I am too avant-garde/ahead of my time for you?

    3) Yes, it is v contradictory to call for parties to be based on ideology and not ethnicity while calling IA out for being a Tigrayan, you're perfectly right, that's why I've asked for an anti-discrimination law to be put in place within our legal system at home in Eritrea. I am using The Swedish Model as an example. It's not fool-proof but
    it's more modern than ours.

    4) Regarding the Tigrayan/Tigrigna dichotomy
    &/similarities, these are things I know little of and
    could care even less about. But we must acknowledge
    and confront this mess which we were all born into. Plus just a
    few weeks ago Madote published an article about Ras Alula
    and Co. I read that sh** but as soon as I make reference to it with regard to today's politics, ppl like you want to bite my head off. Blame Madote goddamit! :-)

    4) Are Tigrayans indigenous to Eritrea? No! Perhaps you'd let Dan Connel lead us too? Just saying...

    5) 24 years of misery, hell, propaganda and censorship Hillal. Think about it.

    Nevertheless, I hope that a good day Hillal.

  83. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 30, 2014 at 3:01 AM

    You merely change the name from TPLF to TPDM and voila It's a solution, mish do? Clearly, you yourself are Tigrayan and out to ruin the Eritrean ppl's right to democracy and justice Hillal.

    Your thinking is frighteningly warped, real Eritreans like BAHLBI KIFLU AMER have spoken
    out about what is happening Eritrea.

    See a psychiatrist Hillal. What you write is not politically objective, it is

    Is there anyone else around here who can see what is going on here?
    TIGRAYANS calling Eritreans 'TIGRAYANS' inorder to discredit us online.
    TIGRAYANS seeking refugee status by claiming to be Eritreans at UNHCR offices inorder to be resettled in Europe/USA...
    TIGRAYANS fouling up and leading us back into darkness time and time again owing to their incompetence/envy/murder? IDK.

  84. Zem, if you understand Arabic, the meaning of Hilal name is Crescent and you know where Al-Hilal the Crescent is.

  85. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 30, 2014 at 4:59 AM

    Hillal, forgive me but are you ill?

    You start your article but pointing out that 'The Tigrayan

    Revolution is a total failure' yet end the same article with the words

    'TPDM is the answer to this noble call for action'.

    Is there something I don't understand about the mind of

    someone who admits a mistake yet in the same breath suggests


    people repeat the same mistake?

    You are the people who're leading us into the dark ages.

    I take back what I said earlier about your writing.

    Kindly stop your criminal behaviour.

  86. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 30, 2014 at 5:02 AM

    I am Eritrean and Hamasien at that but I will never return to

    Eritrea as long as sick ppl like yourself continue to murder,

    enslave, imprison and smear my ppl's right to a democratic



  87. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 30, 2014 at 5:05 AM


    Wedi 'contra mura' ikha.

  88. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 30, 2014 at 5:11 AM

    It's our own Eritrea that is dying hawey.

    There are 90 million Ethiopians, they can die...

    But 8-9 million of us against drones, nano technology

    and what not? We don't have a chance in hell.

    Call for IA to step down,

    democracy to be implemented

    and hopefully we'll see positive changes.

    What used to be ESEPA under derguE is now the

    ERITREAN democractic (?) opposition.

    What used to be MARIAM GHEBI is now ILAIRO...


  89. Excellent article! Good job Hillal!

  90. You are wrong! But no need to waste time on an Agame troll.

  91. Totally agree with you. By causing destruction he is making everthing external that way he doesn 't deal with internal issues.

    Why else would Assias start a war with all neighbors?

    It seems the fall of the regime is around the corner.

  92. You are a fool! Ethiopia has an intense election coming next year. What does Eritrea have, no elections. Eritreans have no rights because their is no constitution. Ethiopia has made more progress that Eritrea will ever achieve in 200 years. Each region in Ethiopia alone can compare to have much more development than all of Eritrea. Neo colonialism? It is called business. Every powerful country allows open economy where anyone in the world can start a business. The only ones still colonized is Eritrea. They still have Italian factories running the show. There are very few Eritreans who own and run their own businesses. Ethiopia on the other hand has many Ethiopians who own and run their own busineses, and they enjoy open compeititon with many of the world who open busineses in ethiopia. Instead of talking about Ethiopia all the time, focus on your own country. When is shabia going to step down? 15% of the countries population has already left. At the rate, 25% will be gone in the next 10 years. Is abraham afwerki going to be your new King or will you select your government through democracy. Stop living in the 70s and come to the present. The war against communism is over. You are your own country now, If that is going to be your only accomplishment, than freedom would have been wasted

  93. Why do you think Isayas who gave 40 years of his young age to Free Eritrea have a hidden agenda to enslave Eritreans?Have some commonsense.If what you say is true, why should he stand tall and proud and still fight all enemies of Eritrea and build the country together with his people with confidence? No one in history have struggled with balls like Isayas Afeworki. He won all insider and outsider enemies with full dedication. The only mistake he did on his entire life is that he trusted Meles. He would have learned from the living History of Raesi Woldemichael who been betrayed by the tgray people, the reason all our zigzag and dangerous roads of Eritrea called as LBI TGRAY.. Another worst mistake is also the sellouts who colaborate with woyane and encourage our young to leave the country for their excuse " to harm Isayas " by their actions they helped woyane to fulfill their dreams to distabilise our unity and integrity by exposing our young to tgray they are still suffering of various horrible situation in refugee camps they make them pay the price from smashing their heads, selling their ID cards to tgrayans, selling them to trafficers to endup on Badouins hands to sell their kidneys. It is a well planed and no more secret that all started in Tgray refugee camps. We have heared Meron's report in Egypt/Sinai asking the suffering young to return to Ethiopia. She said it is safe in Ethiopia, as if they never been there themselves:) But I still have the faith that Ethiopian people would wake up sometime and learn from their ancestors ugly mistakes and try to mend the broken connection between the two people and work for peaceful resolution. For Woyane have shown thier inability with wrong policy and still blinded by foreign powers' aid for temporary gain. They do not really understand what the US does is all for US interest and not for the people of Ethiopia. They have done it on Iraq, Egypt, Libya... all leaders been US puppets and we have seen how they themselves ended up :)

  94. Hailal,

    While I agree about the end game for TPLF I hold reservation with your analysis of TPDM being the answer to the future of Ethiopia. TPLF is getting weaker because of the struggle being waged by Ethiopians living in Ethiopia and Abroad. As far as Ethiopians are concerned TPDM is another TPLF. If you think the Ethiopian people will support TPDM you are a fool. First of all TPDM was created to keep Isayas in power and not to instigate or bring change in Ethiopia.

  95. Sellie for sake of good, you can convince as. As humble persons will say ok, but what then will be your answer to what kirkir say down this comment? Of course he mention just one case..

  96. Ya i recognize to be racist toward ignorancy, and specily to those who come to master Eritreans forgetting they refuse the masters, can you imagine if they expect something from their servants?

  97. Rahwa,

    I am not Hillal. Please read my message to you again.Why don't you try to sort things out? For your own sake!

    Nobody is objecting to expressing your ideas. However, if you are interested in solving problems, you will have to sort the priority of issues relative to each other and in the bigger context of the country and global conditions! You seem to be disturbed by relatively less important issues whenever the enemies list them to demoralize Eritreans and people like you are their victim! Most of what they say are lies! You will do yourself a big favor if you focus on the independence and sovereignty of the country!

    Your people, our people, are suffering because of the hostility of Ethiopia and its desire to control/reverse Eritrean independence, not because of the reason you have listed. It is also because powerful and influential countries assist it in doing so. You should be mad at the Ethiopian leaders (the Weyane) and their powerful imperialists for not accepting and implementing the EEBC decision and keeping on a belligerent stance towards our country!

    I did not talk to you about "Tigray or Tigrigna." Those words are not even part of my vocabulary.

    As to the case that you are too avant-garde for me, no, I think you are too BACKWARD! Why do you dwell on a person's ethnicity then?

    Dan Connel--What? What are you talking about?

    Please heed my brotherly advice, withdraw from the destructive way of following issues about Eritrea. You need to care about your own sanity first.

  98. ak47: Not a coincidence at all, it is known as :
    "Like Father Like Son"

  99. Thanks to Meles,this is today's Ethiopia.

  100. Very hard to call it Ethiopia anylonger because the country has become everybodies, the people are mixed with whoelse and the ownership is never Ethiopian but the donators. Dont you guys call it Ethiopia.
    No pride with the fake growth bubble that we see is well thought. It is like to put new clothes on an adoptive child:)

  101. I remember your words use into a sentence...YOU are the very same Agazit Gual Tgray now claimed and to playing Eritrean and Hamsien too. Your "Kontra Mura" ..words are the same Abashawl grown Gual Hrkam LOL

  102. 'Terai MeAkorka's borom-borom' belet t'adey meAray! :-)

  103. Bc he's a shentam too!

    Like father like son...

  104. Let's hope so Sista Moon :-)

  105. Isaias too is woyane as far as I am concerned.
    Let me tell you all abt his "dedication" to Eritrea:-

    ASTER FESSAHATSION 1st ever woman member
    of Eritrean Parliament -imprisoned/gone...we don't know.

    DAWIT ISAAK- adovocate of ERITREAN DEMOCRACY gone/ dead/imprisoned/executed
    we simply don't know even tho we

    NON-ELECT despot and his Tigrayan cronies

    (Y Ghebremeskel & Y Ghebreab.)

    WE SAY THAT HAVE A gvt in Eritrea BUT THIS

    IS NOT GOVERNANCE! This Brothas & Sisters


    Every out-spoken natural Eritrean hero/heroine HAS BEEN silenced,
    killed, imprisoned, exiled eg Ruth Simone, Dawit Isaak etc

    Another strange thing, do u ever see LUUL GHEBREAB on Twitter? Why?
    Twitter? Why? TYRANNY, intimidation & CONTROL-FREAK by ISAIAS is why, Brothas and Sisters! The only ppl from the Eritrean "gvt" allowed to Tweet FROM ERITREA is the Tigrayan @Hawelti!

    The only other ppl from Eritrean gvt who tweet openly are the ambassadors, why?

    Artists/writers & poets who have left Eritrea since 2001 thanks to ato
    IA's reluctance to excercise THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF
    EXPRESSION/SPEECH in Eritrea:-





    to name just a few of them.

    These ppl cd have all contributed to the growth of their nation (& infact have
    already done so) BUT HASAD IA
    isn't for a modern and enlightened Eritrea, HASAD baAl petty HIN IA is only for an ignorant,
    illiterate and cowardly Eritrea that jumps

    at every word from his BACKWARD,regressive

    GUAIYLACRATIC REIGN (the ageold, the darkest,

    the murderous and self-agrandising

    TIGRAYAN usurption of ERITREAN SWEAT)!


    IMPRISON him and his criminal cronies TODAY.

  106. PPL, whoever HILLAL is you can be sure that he/she belongs to the diseased Tigrayan tribal junta mentality.

    Bc basically THE JIST of this QomaTa article is 'TPLF failed miserably

    due to their adgi mentality, ignorance, degeneracy and ineptitude so

    now let's

    TPDM do the rest!'.


  107. Sorry I meant to write -"NS with BADME as its pretext" not 'premise'

  108. Logic, bc ISAIAS is a PARANOID Tigrayan warlord
    who's sole interests are megalomania and reaping
    the credit for the hard work of others?

    Where are my ERITREAN brothers and sisters while he sits
    there drunk as Ras Alula on the corrupting power
    that has always corrupted him.

    We want want and deserve elections and a new leader, it's like someone said the other day,


  109. Ofcourse he trusted Meles Silly, they were Tigrayan 'brothers in arms'!

    Do u get it yet?

  110. SELAMAWIT EritrawitJuly 31, 2014 at 3:43 AM

    The only PFDJ members who're going to heaven are those who believed in democracy and our constitution but I really don't know
    if heaven likes murder & murderers.....

  111. That article was supposed to show us what sellouts

    those men were but it only ended up showing us


    to sacrifice hundreds and thousands of helpless

    civilians for the sake of one's own glory and

    POWER to the throne). Madmen the lot of them

    but because MOST East Africans prefrontal lobes

    aren't fully developed yet nobody can see it and so

    ETHIOPIANS & ERITREANS continue to die in meaningless wars century after century.

    fleeing for milleniums possibly.

    "PEACE = prosperity" RT GHERMAI

  112. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 31, 2014 at 4:07 AM

    Right on my man, the more Eritreans sit down to think about Eritrea

    the more we develop and evolve.

    To date, we've done nothing but die and suffer for our ppl, rights
    and land. Take a a look at Europe, NYO BETSIHOM, nehnna
    ghen hade gheZif sheba-A seraQi (DIA) ghenna Hazilnna 'shiriru' nebel.


  113. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 31, 2014 at 4:16 AM

    U yrself are of the uncultured peasants leading us back to

    the dark age time & time again. Kindly stop writing bc you clearly

    can't even think. Leave writing to those whose prefrontal lobes are

    FINALLY somewhat developed -----> me.

    WHY are my brothers. sisters and children fleeing decade after decadse while you guard the Red Sea whose ports you've rendered USELESS?

    Do Iraq, Iran & Doha ever thank the woman who goes mad eg me

    while you sit there thinking your evil and divisive thoughts.


    Write abt that you psychopath!

    S-eli gual Adey teshekimka Terai zeneT anta Asha Qetali hezbay,

    hebay lebi hebay Tigray!

  114. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 31, 2014 at 4:37 AM

    Va fankulo Chichilyanno!

  115. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 31, 2014 at 4:40 AM

    I don't need yr 'baria mentality' explained to me,

    how did your 'reach' father's country get

    'reach'/ rich Quart-Niggaberry Boy?

    Retard deQalla!

  116. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiJuly 31, 2014 at 4:43 AM

    I learned that phrase from my father,

    I myself grew up in

    the diaspora Humar wedi tsetseret!

    He also taught me to say,

    "Ne-Al A bukh!"

    Asli tederekh gual Hamassien iyae!

    Kid t'Haleb!

  117. kkkkk..evil eye....enemy comment

  118. I hope so!

  119. Beli Amlakh misakhi yikhun!

  120. Agames are desperate they are even faking to be Eritrean by all means. Good Luck Agame the end is near you.

  121. Free Adnargachew Tsige, all Ethiopian opposition party, all blogger and Journalists that are in prison outside of Addis Shinty.

  122. Where in Europe is this??

  123. Logic,
    At lease you knew your shortcomings is some logic's,
    Don't be jealous,with peace and some visionary Weyanay leadership any thing is possible. It could happen in Eritrea too.

  124. IGAD,
    The new trans Highway connecting Ethiopia,South Sudan,Kenya, Uganda, Djibouti and Somalia. Sadly Eritrea is not a party.

  125. Keep dreaming gay waHid !
    Did your father also call you Wediza antsifa qulich!!!
    He is right ! LOL LOL

  126. So why are they driving on the left side? They drive on the right side in Ethiopia. This must be in Kenya or Uganda.

    It is fine. Enqu'e feterelkum! There is no need to boast, though. It is known that the road is not being built with Ethiopian money. It is aid money. Don't forget it is a pay for the service Ethiopia does for the donors or that they expect it to do in the future!

    The topography of Eritrea is mountainous, so we cannot build and we do not need this kind of highway except in a few places. That need is not there yet. We build only when we need.

  127. Poor Abe:
    * Italian (Lire) money sign is NOT $.
    The official USA dollar sign is $.
    * You must think like woyane leaders, i.e., Ethiopia belongs to the few elite woyane, only then YES Ethiopia has become so rich and is beyond middle income before 2025.
    * In terms of who I worship is non of your business, just worry on who you worship.
    * Yes I am ashamed that people like yourself are allowed on madote.

  128. The purpose of the highway is to link these countries with the port of Djibouti. Why would it include Eritrea? We have our own ports--both linked to our population's need. Besides, we already have highways connecting Sudan, Djibouti and Ethiopia.

    Stop playing enqulilich asqenahuh like a child.

    More importantly, given that the cars are being driven in the left hand side and that the vegetation does not look like that of a tropical country such as Ethiopia, especially considering that the highway is supposed to be going from South Sudan, . . . the area in which this highway is passing through is unlikely to have such kind of vegetation. In fact, it is very unlikely that the highway is being built given that South Sudan is at war.

    One other thing, this kind of highway would possibly be built near Addis Ababa, not way out there in Gambela or Moyale regions (where is some greenery) where the highway would likely pass through. How do I know, look at the cars. Who would have these kinds of cars way out there? Where are the heavy trucks, the vans, buses, etc that you see in the countryside?

    Very childish!

  129. Google for photographs of Addis Abeba Gasha

    hawey. They've built highways and are in the midst

    of building a subway system.

  130. It's a territorial thing the majority of men do from time to time...

  131. u mean 'pretxt' not 'premise'...

  132. Rahwa Tesfai GhermaiAugust 1, 2014 at 2:39 AM

    I don't know why Isaias would/might do that to us,

    only he knows himself.

    I've been deeply disturbed & INFUENCED by

    negative cyber

    comments and videos like 'ISAIAS AFEWERKI


    He shld step down, (our?) ppl are vicious.

    Matter of fact, it's v likely that all that info is put

    out there by his own Tegaru brothers, possibly

    even his own relatives and family members.

    What do I know? All I know is that this stuff gives

    me the hebbie-jeebies. No wonder Ra Alula and


    always went running to DA MAN for protection...

    ... ... ... ...



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