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Media's Negative Depiction of Eritrea is based on Lies: Canadian Human Rights Lawyer

Lloyd Lipsett, an international human rights lawyer

Media's Negative Depiction of Eritrea is based on Lies: Lloyd Lipsett

During a June 5th subcommittee hearing on International Human Rights in Canada, Lloyd Lipsett, a human rights lawyer who visited Eritrea on two occasions, informed government officials that the human rights violations and negative characterization that the media reports of Eritrea does not align with the investigation he conducted in the country. Lipsett said:

"First, there are some differences between external reports and from what I was able to observe on the ground. Frankly, I expected a more militarized and overtly repressive environment than I witnessed in Asmara and at the mine (Nevsun's Bisha mine) site. I acknowledge my investigation did not delve into civil and political rights issues that are reported about Eritrea. But my first and second impressions of the country, and particularly of the mine site, do not concord with the characterization of Eritrea as the North Korea of Africa."

When Nina Grewal, an MP of the Conservative Party asked Lipsett to expand on his findings of the discrepancies he witnessed with the media's negative characterization and reports of human rights issues with the realities in Eritrea, Lipsett explained:

"As I mentioned, I have read many of these reports before going to Eritrea, and I expected to see more overt oppression as you see in other one party states, and I didn't see that. And the people who i've spoken to, both formally and informally, did not observe the traits of people who were fearful."  

Despite numerous tourists, journalists, diplomats and human rights observers who visited Eritrea drawing similar conclusions as Lipsett's statements, the outrageous defamation of Eritrea in the media will go unabated largely for political reasons, which calls into question what is press freedom if these "free presses'" false accusations of certain countries always aligns with the political moods of their respective governments?

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Media's Negative Depiction of Eritrea is based on Lies: Canadian Human Rights Lawyer Reviewed by Admin on 3:58 PM Rating: 5


  1. this is anather bad news to the HUMAN RIGHT organization created by U S A so the world is witnnesing now the truth now the propoganda by the USA MADE human right is sinking like asinking boat

  2. Eritrea is a prison country to Eritreans.
    Thousands of Eritreans underground prisons.
    In an indefinet national service.
    No freedom of movement.
    Inforced labour.
    In the name of national service sexual abuse to the women.
    Shoot to kill when the Eritreans escaping from this national service.
    All these questions must be asked to the Eritreans.
    This guy is not Eritrean and he lucks ethics he must be bribed.
    His company nevson there are lots of members of national service who are
    working with out payment he knows,some of them they flee to other countries.
    But to this guy it is a mater of interest not mater of human rights.
    But Eritreans in their own country are not living like human beings.
    No body expects a regim with out constitution to treat the people like
    There are lots of human beings like this person lucking the truth.
    But Eritrea is hell to Eritreans.
    1.Forced labour.
    2.indefineat national service
    5.An elected president.
    6.Slavery of Eritreans now whom are working with out payment to Nevson etc.
    God save our country and our people from brutal Isias Afeworki and
    for whom lie to him for their own interest.

  3. The so called HRW, Amnesty and Roeters etc and not forgetting the Martin Plaut's, the Dan Connell's, the shiela's and all their conspirators are now naked, they should hung their head in shame. Their aim was to destroy Eritrea and Eritreans but their lies, deciet and corocodile tears have gone to the gutter.
    Cannadain Government is a disgrace to peace loving Nation, hope the Canadian people vote out these government for its transigence on other countries affairs and mainly so for lying to Canadian people.
    Awet Nhafash!!!

  4. Lloyd Lipsett report paid for by Nevsun Resources Ltd.

    Remember his analysis is based on the current situation (2013-2014) and not when majority of the slaves were used (2009-2012).


    Mr. Lipsett is clear that he has no clue what happened in the past. He does not content the HRW report.

    Mr. Lipsett visited Eritrea for a total of 10 days.

    No one asked the fundamental question. How does
    one get discharged from National Service?

  5. What happen to the Crazies or cruizes or Rora, what can you say now? I am sure the bubble has burst and you are left speechless!! lol I see you confused and wondering what to write and say! well take a cue from your dead mentors

  6. Time for E R I T R E A to shine !

    The bloodshed of our people is not gone to no avail !

  7. 1. Eritrea sent 2000 troops to support the ICU. Who said that? Where is Z
    Cruise and his lackeys.
    2. Eritrea's plane delivered weapons to Al-Shebab. Who said that? Where
    is Z Cruise and his lackeys.
    3. Eritrea plotted to bomb the AU building. Who said that. Where is Z
    Cruise and his lackeys.
    Because of all these fabricated allegation Eritrea has been sanctioned twice. It is none other than weyane to be punished for the endless human rights violation. Human rights violation raises concerns in fully corrupted Ethiopia where the rule of jungle applied and weyane officials get richer and the poor keep scavenging from the dumpster.
    The aim of all these smear campaigns are to justify an aggression against Eritrea. However Eritrea said the ridiculous allegations by weyane and United States would be regard as a Chuwawa barking at the moon.
    It is the time for United states and some western countries to behave rationally. Eritrea demanded an end to what it called false allegations by weyane and the United States which it described as a last ditch effort in the face of the promising future and soaring spirit of Eritrea.

  8. Thanks Madote & Mr. Lloyd Lipsett for your visit and testimonial of the truth in the ground, while about the lie orchestrated by enemies we know that is called:
    I N V E N T I N G R E A L I T Y that doesn't exist nowhere in Eritrea.

    truth will prevail always

  9. This mist be thé best joke. As Eritrean I don't need a Canadian or any human right org. to confirm about the human right abuses going on in the country. I my self is a first hand witness of it. Do you really think HGDEF will let this guy talking with everyone in Asmara freely? And many of our people afraid to talk even with other Eritreans let alone with a white guy, who was probably followed by security people. Who knows this guy may have been sponsored by Canadian mining company to say good thing about them. The bottom line is that we Eritrwans already know what is going on in our country. Even the Catholic priests are feed by by now , and wrote the 35 pages of government crisisim with the title "Where is your brother". Hopefully the other religion leaders. Even though I am not Catholic I can proudly say I stand with the those 4 priests who spoke up against the maffia regim even though they still live in the country.

  10. Ok Adhanom. Y said y will be a witness and the four Eritrean Catholic bishops are witnesses too! How many Eritreans represent these people? Y don't have to be Catholic to support this. If y believe in it that is up to you. The Eritrean Government represent the whole Eritreans. This gov't has stand to its people and worked out which is proved Internationally i.e. for the betterment of the people eg. in infrastructure and now is working on the economy. Whenever there is fault the citizens have the right to stand for it and also take the responsibility when there is fault done by the citizen themselves. The main concern here is we have to fight to counter attack and the mentality developed because of false allegation on us is scaring. If trust and confidence of Eritreans nation as a whole is deemed y and the four bishops are also included. Have we contributed to the betterment our children, brothers, sisters to help them concentrate on their education? Have we really advised them o become themselves?
    I want to quote once an expatriate commented on Eritrea. It was in 1994 that he said at the moment Eritrea has only human capacity and to take out the minerals it needs a lot of preparation. We have complaint on the long national service it was necessary at those years. Now many are getting short courses and are working. The minerals are coming out. Let us be patient!!!!!!!

  11. It is only all we are first hand witness. We have brothers who work on busha. Non of Them told me they are working at gun point. Sto Adhanom do not misimform people thank you!!!!

  12. People like adhanom are allergic to any good news that comes of Eritrea, no matter true or false, they are the ones to stand against and scream their lungs off. We are used to it nKHid Tray !!!!

  13. War of Words at its worst can and is manupulate to serve an Agenda of the perpertrator to an end game of total control of the masses Mind and Will to resist and fight for their democratic Just Rights to Self Rule and Govern themselve.

    It has always being foundimentaly in shrined in US Military's Army Manual 33.1 of the US Defence. To win unwinnable wars by spending less finance and own casualties by us of Media propaganda to Demoralize the opposing force or Target group in order to perpetually enslave a Nations its people and resource.

    It's notable to mention that Eritrea has faced numerous acquisations in order to sway foriegn punlic opinions about a nation one know nothing about to justify a millitary incursion. If anything fails to bring about the masses on Target Nation to be imbroiled in internal turmoil and cinflict among themselves so that to an end game where the perpertrator of the real conflict appear to come as a savour and a blessing.

    Medias manipulation of false reporting service to alleviate the need for millitary incursion to a sovereign states by aggression and manipulating the mind of the masses.

    This manupulaton of the mind is critical to an end game of agression of the perpertrator targeting a nation or a group that oppose it by: ATTAKING AND SABOTAGING its TARGET NATION or GROUP by dimonizing and defarmation of ttuth of its: RELIGIOUS ORDER, EDUCATION SYSTEM, SOCIAL SOCIETY, POLICAL STRACTURE, LABOUR RELATIONS and LAW or simply put "RESPLL".

    In case of Eritrea its Government and people at home and diaspora we had face the brunt of it all. Its through understaning of our past history of our armed struggle for freedom from oppression and out will to uphold the most sacred of all our pledge promise to our fallen hereos and Martyrs to self rule, Govern and be Self reliant Nation with an independent Political, Social and Economic stance throuhh strong unity that we are able and defiantly determined United people that we are and able to rebuf such inhumain and Unjust Psychological warfare agaist us.

    "The biggest war is the MIND"

    Nkhid Tiray
    Birhane iyu kidmena
    Awet Nhafash
    (C) EriStaruk

  14. wedinakfa, they are correspondents of agaminos and hassona website. How can they comment, when the truth flourished by independent lawyer?
    Rora is one of the terrorist group who attacked Eritrean Embassy in UK last year. Both are defectors and traitors.

  15. Thanks Madote for providing latest development around Eritrea and people.
    What we are observing in this world is lies is
    accepted & Considered as a truth in order to attack others, for their own strategic interest.
    Irak, Libya, Afghanistan and other military interventions by the unipolar power around the globe is based on fabricated lies.
    God Bless my country and people. We are peace demanding people.

  16. It is your personal choice to join the mafia Bishops.

    ዎ ካቶሊካውያን "ጳጳሳት" ኤርትራ! ኣፍቅዱለይ ነዘን ሕቶታተይ ከቕርበልኩም!
    ሃገርን ህዝብን ብወያነ ክውረር ከሎ እዋን ደኣ ኣበይ ነበርኩም? ኣሮግቶት ክቡራት ኣዴታት ክብረን ተጋሂሱ ብኣረሜን ወተሃደራት ወያነ ክዕመጻ ከለዋ ደኣ ድምጽኹም ኣበይ ሃጠመ? መቓብር ጀጋኑ ስውኣት ሰማእታት ብወያነ ክፈሓር፡ ኣዕጽምቶም ክብሪ ስኢኑ ብወያነ ክዝሮ ደኣ ኣበይ ነበረ ድምጽኹም? ሃገርን ህዝብን ብሓለንጊ ናይ ሓሶት እገዳ ክሳቐን ክኹርመጅን ደኣ ኣበይ ነበረ/ኣሎ "ሃዋርያዊ መልእኽትኹም"?

    ህዝባዊ ግንባር መቀጸልታ ናይቲ ኣብ ልዕሌና ዝእለም ስዉር ተልእኮ ሎሚ መራሕቲ ሃይማኖት ኢና ዝብሉ ንህዝቢ ክጎዛዝዩ ለይቲ ምስ መዓልቲ ሰይጣናዊ ስራሕ ክሰርሑ ድቃስ ዘይብሎም ይሓድሩ ኣለዉ ። ስለዚ ነዞም ዕሩባት ሕልና ዓገብ ንበሎም ። እዞም ክረብሑ ክብሉ ናብ መጻወድያ ጥፍኣት ዝኣትዉ ዘለዉ ንስለ ሰላም ህዝቢ ዝሓስብ ኣእምሮ ስለዘይብሎም ዓይኖም ዓሚቶም ናብ ደልሃመት ክመርሑና ንዕዘብ ስለዘለና ከምቲ መጽሓፍ ቅዱስ ዝብሎ ክጠቅስ ፦ ከምታ ኻብ መጻወድያ ዝመሎቀት ጤለበዱ ኣዝዩ ርሒቁ እዩ እሞ ኣይትስዓቦ ዝበለና ነዞም ሰባት ድማ ፎእ ንበሎም.

  17. The money you paid is talking for you now but for how long you keep on paying ?

  18. Here is the video clip in regard to human rights in Eritrea Bisha mining.

  19. Did you know you late PM was on the board of Africa's HRW rep. Irony is endless when it comes to you and your masters. While you were paying 50k dollars a week in lobbying Eritrea chose to stick with the truth, and at the end of the day truth triumphed over deciet, here again no money is paid from the Eritrean side. Just FYI.

  20. The Canadian media relentless defamation campaign against
    the state of Eritrea and the Eritrean Canadian community started with the arrival of Aaron Berhane in Canada. This liar, opportunist & self-serving individual, is well known for spreading misinformation and lie while he was leaving in Eritrea working as “journalist”. He was one of the wanted people by the Eritrean authorities for press misconduct and unprofessional behavior. As he settled in Canada, he continued to write
    false information about Eritrea and the Eritrean community in Canada and caught the attention of the conservative government in Canada. For reasons that are still unclear, the conservative government in Canada was interested in defaming the state of Eritrea and they found Aaron Berhane to be an important tool that can feed false information to Canadians with the help of conservative controlled Canadian
    media that include CBC, The National Post, Canadian Maclean Magazine & Winnipeg free press. All these Canadian
    media outlet they acted very unprofessionally in defaming the government of Eritrea and the Eritrean community in Canada without gathering the facts by themselves but depending heavily in the
    misinformation and lie of Aaron Berhane and other few liars and opportunists like him. They never bother to conduct investigative
    professional journalism method to find out about the facts in Eritrea and the false information they were given By Aeron Brhane & other liars like him. They deliberately chose to depend on one person’s information and ignored the views of thousands of Eritreans who live in Canada. These Canadian media particularly the CBC used Canadian tax payers’ money to misinform the Canadian public. This is great disservice to Canadians and Canadians must not relay on these media outlets to learn facts about world affairs.

  21. Instead of accusing Mr. LIoyd off been sponsored by Nevsun you better present your fact. You said, even Eritreans afraid to talk. At this crucial time we should have put our freedom of speech on the back burner for the sake of our sovereignty and liberty. These days, even in USA there is no freedom of speech. Many journalists terminated from their job because they refused to be used and abused by Obama administration.

  22. Saba,
    How do you know the government represent the people? Do you have any statistic or numbers showing that people support this maffia government who have insulted every part of our society for the last 13 years?. EPLF was supported fully by the people but HGDEF since 2001 doesn't belong the people. Saba what is human rights for you?. When thousends of people are put in jail with out process of law, what about people like Dejen who lost 15 years of his life without being told his "crime", when people are not allowed to worship the religion of their choice, when kids starting from 7 years old are not allowed to leave and join their parents abroad, when people are forced to serve the dictator indefinetly etc. The list is very long . The Tegaru maffia with dictator at the head is distroying our county and we Eritreans need to take back our country.

  23. It seems this dialog is between y and me. I would like to tell y that because the government represents the people is able to get rid of the problems of the people access of clean water, road, health, education etc the basic structure of ones country to resist. 2nd y mention between EPLF and ELF. These two parties fought (brother, sisters etc) and when the war ends those who stands for their people join EPLF and are working together. Those who resisted are still abroad and are leading their luxurious life educating their children enjoying with their grand children. Their grand children again fought in the 1998 war. Regarding prisoners time will come to bring justice for them too. Regarding 7 years children, the Pilot all are individuals cases just focus on the big things the gov't did for the sake of the people. If y take all petty things we went across with individuals misbehave or the like is not good.

  24. No truth in the world so keep going do ur job deki eriay

  25. Bless you bro....i could not say it better.


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