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Eritrean Airlines Resumes Flights, FlyOlmpic's Inaugural Flight To Asmara is on June 20

Eritrean Airlines Airbus A320-200

Here's a recap of airliner news of late:

Eritrean Airlines commences flights from Jeddah

Eritrean Airlines resumed service in Saudi Arabia with 2 weekly Jeddah - Asmara flights, on board Airbus A330-200, an Eritrean Airlines employee said.

The two weekly flights will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays for passengers seeking to connect flights from other carriers.

After temporally suspending its services to the Middle East, Eritrean Airlines announced it would resume flights to Dubai and Jeddah in May to accommodate peak travel season to Eritrea.

Travelers seeking to connect with Eritrean Airlines in Jeddah are advised to contact Eritrean Airlines Head Office in Asmara: +291 1 125 500/ +291 1 125 501 for detailed information.

FlyOlympic's inaugural  flight to Asmara will be on June 20

FlyOlympic's inaugural flight from Stockholm to Asmara via Athens will be held on June 20, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

The airliner, which is in the final stages of code share agreement with Eritrean Airlines, has already booked 80% of its inaugural flight tickets.

Despite being in the airline business, this hasn't stopped the so-called "Eritrean" opposition members from attempting to block FlyOlympic from providing services to Eritreans to, presumably, prevent them from spending money in Eritrea, according to the source.

Travelers seeking to book flights are advised to visit their website:

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Eritrean Airlines Resumes Flights, FlyOlmpic's Inaugural Flight To Asmara is on June 20 Reviewed by Admin on 2:22 PM Rating: 5


  1. Ye mender Awdeldayim Ayer menged tebale?. Alqerebachihum.

  2. While this is a good news, I do not quite understand why June 20th- our Martyr's day, was chosen for FlyOlympics inaugural date. Just a thought.
    On another note, can someone translate what Manny H is mumbling about? From my little understanding of his language, it sounds that he's one of those people who have an axe to grind vs. Eritreans.

  3. Manny bushty, why don't u do ur mind business. Bullshit agame!

  4. He's a Tigraway troll.

  5. Airline business is a difficult cut-throat competition and not easy. There was too much on and off "Eritrean Airlines" over the years. I do not think trained resource was a problem and main reason is most probably bad management. Hope this one works.

  6. This report is just rubbish. FlyOlympics have already been flying Stockholm/Asmara since last month.

  7. Airliners tend to push their date back for a number of reasons. I think this could be the case here for the misunderstanding.

    Milena Bereket, who lives in Asmara, spoke with FlyOlympic mangers in Asmara. They informed her June 20 is their inaugural flight and that the inaugural flight is already 80% booked.

    I recommend you follow her:




  8. That certainly is good news. But starting or resuming service is one thing but staying the course? We just hope to see they keep on flying.

  9. Tell Milena to inform her boss it is not an appropraite date for inaguration. BAD start !

  10. Welcome back Eritrean Airlines..

  11. I sure like the airline's colors though. It is very attractive! Come to think of it, it's Eritrea's colors: green, blue, red and yellow.

  12. Truly though, we have witnessed how competent and neat been the Chef Manager and the welcoming staff at Frankfurt Airport. They all been working dedicated for very low salary to serve the country. Every Eritrean was pleased with the rendered services when travelled on our own flight with pride. But unfortunately something unknown is troubling our Airlines to functioning properly.

  13. EAL is indeed the pride of Africa. isn't it?

  14. You should explain to Bruh Tesfa what I wrote instead of deleting my comments and it shows me that you are unfair and one sided news source.

  15. This is good news for the enemies of Eritrea and people.

  16. If I were in you, rather i would thank MadoteEritrea that are allowing you to paste your comment, "even questionable", imagine if I was in Him, probably i wouldn't even let you get in, so comparing to me MadoteEritrea is so kind, and who is kind didn't deserve to be treated in the way you are doing, that shows your total weakness.

  17. While we eritreans took top positions at ethiopian airlines, you agames were cleaning cabins (toilets).

  18. Did Eritrea build those planes or buy them? I could have sworn they were painted a little differently same colors though - smh

  19. Took is correct. Took is different from earning or creating or deserving.


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