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Reflection Bologna 40th Anniversary 4th-6th July 2014

Opening Ceremony Friday 4th July @ 10.00 a.m. - Ends Monday 7th July at 5:00 a.m. - "even now by ourselves"

Reflection Bologna 40th Anniversary 4th-6th July 2014 

By Yared Tesfay,

Festival Eritrea is a yearly folk-fair whose season opens up around the first two weeks of August of every year. It first started in 1984, during the years of the struggle for liberation, has had enormous impact on Eritrean heritage of conserving national identity. The history of the founding of festival Eritrea is a cultural and political counterpart of the "unity in diversity" policy of the Eritrean People Liberation Front, and its strategy of political and cultural representation.Eritrean National Festival’s history goes back to the hard times, during which Eritreans had been denied their independence. The Eritrean people were in quest for freedom from subsequent colonial rules, and the festival had played a fundamental role in the bringing nationals from different corners of the world to one forum.

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Therefore unity of the people and the nation means fostering, on the basis of a clear program and an understanding of the characteristics of various sectors of the society, the participation of all Eritreans whose interest lies in national libation. Similarly, the struggle for equality demands the elimination from both the majority and minority nationalities of feeling of dominance and chauvinism as well as the apprehension and suspicion that give rise to narrow nationalism. It also calls for intense efforts to narrow the gap in the level of economic and cultural development that prevail among the nationality.

The EPLF strives to promote the unity of the Eritrean people on the basis of this understanding of Eritrean society. It strongly opposes sub national sentiments and working methods as these are antagonistic to national unity and harmful to the struggle for national liberation and reconstruction. It has worked seriously to raise the consciousness of the people and to foster long term economic and cultural changes as these Are the most important and complementary requirements for strengthening national unity and accelerating nation-building.

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  1. Trashy article from an AGAME.

  2. The fact that Isaias Afewerqi is an unscrupulous liar has been confirmed and reconfirmed many times over. This maladaptive behavior is his distinctive mark of his origin to the South of our border, tigrai, whose people take such outrageous and maladaptive behavior as a skill to be proud of.
    In 2011, in New York he lied to the thousands of unwitting Eritreans who gathered to welcome him that there would soon be National Election. However, no sooner did he return to Eritrea than , without sense of shame and feeling of disgrace, to call his TV agents and officiated his retraction of his words under the flimsy excuse that he would not allow National Election to please others.
    Only five months ago, he had said that democracy is out of the question, and to those who were aspiring to see Democratic Eritrea, he told them to look for it on the moon.
    And now, again with out sense of shame and disgrace of his past lies and flip-flops, he is talking of drafting of a new Constitution. And remember, through his agent at UN, Araia Desta,, he had been telling the UN membership that Eritrea had a Constitution, and through Yemane Monkey, he has been telling his zombies that Eritrean Constitution was wholly implemented with the exception of National Election.
    Genuine Eritreans,
    Once a liar is always a liar, and Isaias Afewerqi is such a guy, an immaculate liar and treacherous. We must not give a hoot to his flip-flops. We must have no doubt as to his evil project, which is the same with that of the Amhara , that what they needed was not the people of Eritrea but the land. He joined ELF in 1966 to implement this very credo. You have all the evidences before your own eyes unless you refuse to acknowledge them.
    His expressed modus operandi of achieving his evil scheme has been, as you may well know, to appear and look as consummate Eritrean Nationalist; to have at his finger tips all the necessary knowledge with respect to the conduct and ideology of Liberation movement etc. And remember that he had even seduced Qiada Al Ama by becoming prolific Arabic learner and by becoming their chief spy against the University students who joined the liberation movement.
    Truly the son of Libi Tigrai Twi Tway that he is, all these and many other con artistries were precisely designed and woven to together to serve him steal the hearts and minds of Eritreans as a means of staying in the helm of leadership, from which he has been successfully launching his deadly warfare on the Eritrean social fabrics.

  3. Very clear that You are in love with Isayas.


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