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Is Africa Union for Africa?

Chinese funded and built African Union building in Addis Ababa

Is Africa Union for Africa?       
The African Union (AU), which is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, was established in 2002 after its predecessor Organization of African Unity (OAU) was dissolved. The AU consists of 54 members African Nations except Morocco. The OAU was formed in 1963 by 37 African Nations at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The OAU mission was to decolonize African nations, to address all massive poverty, to address the inequality of education and health-care, and to promote international cooperation and coordinate members’ economic, diplomacy, and etc. Sadly, the OAU had shortly become incompetent entity of organization in solving conflicts among African Nations and not accomplishing its mission because the organizational leaders were invested with corruptions and also its leaders were mainly discorded from the welfare of common Africans.

The Rwanda’s genocide was one of the memorable horror that the OAU truly failed to respond swiftly to the massacre of Rwandans when it was clearly happening under its nose of the organization. From early April to July, the members of Hutu ethnic majority indiscriminately murdered with machete as many as 800,000 (1) men, women, and children which mostly were minority ethnic of Tutsi. In early of July, the minority Tutsi-under the umbrella of Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF)-gained control of the country by military offensive. Unfortunately, the RPF victory created 2 million more refugee (mainly Hutus) from Rwanda, exacerbating what had already become a full blown humanitarian crisis.(1) In 1994, during the Rwandan genocide, Kofi Annan was directing the United Nation Peace-Keeping Operations and Susan Rice served as an Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs during Bill Clinton’s second term as president. In 2001, Kofi Annan and United Nations were jointly awarded with the Noble Peace Prize “for their work for a better organized and more peaceful world.”(3) And during Obama administration Susan Rice was promoted to ambassador to United Nations. Unbelievable!

According to The Heritage Foundation,” Since the establishment of the African Union (AU) in 2002, the United States has provided millions in taxpayer dollars to support the organization and its activities. Regrettably, the AU makes it impossible to determine the success of this effort. The AU does not publish an annual report on its activities, make its budget publicly available, or conduct audits or other independent evaluation of its work or activities. The lack of transparency and accountability in the AU compares dismally with the practices of other international organizations that receive American funding, which are themselves often criticized for inadequate standards. U.S. ambivalence toward the AU’s opacity is at odds with the well-established U.S. policy of maximizing transparency in international organizations receiving U.S. funding. Congress should make U.S. contributions to the African Union contingent on the AU’s immediate adoption of practices to improve transparency and accountability.” (4). Very interesting!

The vision of the African Union is that of: “An integrated Prosperous and Peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in global arena.”(2) Since the inception of the organization, has it accomplished and sustained and rendered any ‘vision of peace’ in the Horn of Africa? Instead of rendering any peace in the Africa, the organization truly failed to tackle the ongoing conflicts and unprecedented humanitarian crisis toll in Somalia and Ethiopia that are currently hovering on the region Horn of Africa. The Horn of Africa environs have been an incubator for crisis and inflecting substantial figures of humans’ suffering for several decades and with no vigorous remedies for the tumultuous regions on the horizon.

Has African Union been like an ostrich with its head in the stand for Africa’s conflicts? For example,

1. SOMALIA: In Oct. of 1969, the Somalian army seized the power after the President Abdi Rashid Ali Shermarke was assassinated. Subsequently, Maj. General Mohammed Siad Barre became as the President of Somalia. In 1997, the president engaged in the war to liberate the Ogadian regions from Ethiopia. The president fled the country in late of Jan. of 1991 after suffering heavy causalities in his army. Since the aftermath of 1991, Somalia has fallen into lawless lands in which variety of clan of warlords have ruled. According to the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), “More than 4 million Somalis, almost half the country’s population, require humanitarian assistance, including food, water, vaccinations, and health care, and 3 million of those are in conflict zones and difficult-to-reach areas. With an estimated 1.46 million displaced in Somalia, Mogadishu alone has become the site of over 300 internally displaced person (IDP) camps”.(5) Certainly, the vast majority of Somalis have been victimized by the chronic lawlessness in which no cohesive central government for engaging in constructive role to sustain the safeguard of the welfare of Somalis. Unfortunately, the people of Somalian have an aspirational endeavor to craft their own destiny in which to have a land of peace and prosperity.

According to the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), “More than 4 million Somalis, almost half the country’s population, require humanitarian assistance, including food, water, vaccinations, and health care, and 3 million of those are in conflict zones and difficult-to-reach areas. With an estimated 1.46 million displaced in Somalia, Mogadishu alone has become the site of over 300 internally displaced person (IDP) camps”.(5) Certainly, the vast majority of Somalis have been victimized by the chronic lawlessness in which no cohesive central government for engaging in constructive role to sustain the safeguard of the welfare of Somalis. Unfortunately, the people of Somalian have an aspirational endeavor to craft their own destiny in which to have a land of peace and prosperity.

The African Union and International Communities (IC) have neither engaged in active role nor constructive role in solving the crisis in Somalia. Instead the AU and IC have deliberately closed their eyes and ears on the humanity of Somalis when the hoodlum of Woyena’s (TPLF) regime of Ethiopia has continuously been an instrumental institution of causing permanent havoc and inflecting unprecedented horror on the lives of women, children, and elderly in Somalia. Does the AU, as an African’s Institution, has an obligation to safeguard the Somalian humanity and to render the ‘Laws & Orders’ in the land of Somalia? If the AU could not safeguard its Somalian citizens of Africa from the inhumane TPLF regime than who?

2. OGADEN: Roughly the century of 19th, the Ethiopian Emperor Menelik II had annexed the region of Ogaden. In 1977, the President of Somalia Siad Barre waged a war with Ethiopia to free Ogaden. According to Africa Faith and Justice Network (AFJN), “A low intensity conflict is simmering in the Horn of Africa. Hundreds of thousands are displaced following the burning of their homes and the destruction of villages. Livestock and other possessions are being confiscated. Brutal sexual and gender-based abuses are a prevalent tool of warfare. Even worse, cold-blooded murder is widespread with horrific public executions. No, this is not Darfur. These systematic atrocities are taking place in the Ogaden, which is located in the Somali region of eastern Ethiopia.” (6) Where was the AU when the Ogaden citizens were being subjected to gross violation of human rights?

3. ERITREA: In April of 1993, overwhelmingly the Eritreans have voted for referendum in which was supported by the Ethiopian Government. Unfortunately, the hoodlum of Woyena’s regime of Ethiopia suddenly changed of its heart when Eritrea was becoming a nation of peaceful and prosperity; the regime shortly decided to invade Eritrea under bogus allegation of boarder dispute to validate their illegitimate invasion. From 1998 to 2000, the hoodlum Woyena’s regime engaged in the consecutive wars with Eritrea that heavy casualties of young men Ethiopians were sent as human-wave to be slaughter in foreigner lands of Eritrea. Shortly, the hoodlum of TPLF regime came into realization that capturing Eritrea was futile efforts to continue by any conventional war doctrine. In December of 2000, the hoodlum of TPLF regime of Ethiopia signed a peace agreement with Eritrea at Algiers, Algeria (Algiers Agreement). Both Eritrea and Ethiopia government had agreed for independent investigation of boarders conflicts. The independent investigation was called Ethiopian-Eritrean Boundary Commission (EEBC) which was spearhead by the Secretary General of Organization African Unity (OAU) under the umbrella of Secretary General of United Nations. In 2003, the EEBC issue final border ruling, but the hoodlum of Woyen’s regime rejected the EEBC decision and demanded for the International Court to alter its decision. Until now, hoodlum Woyen’s regime of Ethiopia has occupied Eritrean sovereignty contrary to International Court decision. The hoodlum of Woyena’s regime has continuously waged sporadic wars against peaceful Eritrean government and its citizens who are residing on the verge of borders between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Does the AU has a mandate on African nation respecting the integrity of another nations’ sovereignty? So, why are the hoodlum of Woyena’s regime should be exempt from the ‘Laws & Orders’ in which are recognized and enforced by International Courts and Developed Countries?

4. ETHIOPIA: The Ethiopian TPLF police massacred young, women, and elderly Ethiopians in a daylight during the 2005 election. The peaceful Ethiopians were being slaughter down by the indiscriminately bullets spray because they were exercising their self-determination rights on the foul election result by the hoodlum of Woyena’s regime. The massacre of innocent Ethiopians had taken in the place which was close proximity to the AU headquarter building. The AU could have immediately halt the TPLF police from massacring the peaceful demonstrators but instead it choice to turn its back from the Ethiopian people. Indeed, despicable act!

Although bloodthirsty Menigstu Hail Mariam, who was the Communistic President of Ethiopia from 1974 to 1987, was considered to be butcher-leader to his people and to Eritreans by any standard, but at least he respected the magnificent and historical lands of Ethiopia. However, the hoodlum of Woyena’s regime has continuously been selling colossal of hectares lands of Ethiopia in which are the home for many indigenous tribes of Ethiopia. According to Genocide Watch, “In the remote western region of Gambella, tens of thousands of people have been forcibly relocated from their land. In 2010, the Ethiopian government initiated a villagisation program. The program intended to group scattered farming communities into small villages, with the aim of changing their lifestyles, and providing better access to food, education and health. However, the government’s plans are far from reaching these goals; the Ethiopian government has forcibly relocated approximately 70,000 people from their land with the intention to lease the land for foreign and domestic investment. There have been numerous reports of human rights violations. Many of the new villages where people are being relocated have inadequate food and lack healthcare and educational facilities. The Ethiopian government’s villagisation program has been extremely detrimental to the livelihoods of the people of Gambella. The government’s failure to provide food assistance has caused endemic hunger and cases of starvation. In addition, those who have resisted relocating are repeatedly assaulted and arbitrarily arrested. Through this program, the Ethiopian government is planning on relocating 1.5 million people by 2013 from the following regions: Gambella, Afar, Somali, and Benishangul Ghumuz.” (7) Again, silent of inhumane violations of many indigenous tribes who are evacuated from their ancestral lands by hoodlum of Woyena’s regime to satiate their hunger of wealth. Truly, and unbelievable that genocide of indigenous tribes merely is happening under the nose of AU headquarters. Where is AU….?

Eldridge Cleaver, said “What we’re saying today is that you’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem” The AU has merely become a part of everlasting problem for Africa because the organization has become incompetent institution as its predecessor in responding swiftly to the Horn of Africa crisis and also other parts of Africa’s crisis. Therefore, the Ethiopian citizens must question the virtue of AU headquarter existence in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. If the successor AU would not engaged in constructive and active role in solving African’s crisis but instead it’s going to be corrupted and simple act as an ostrich; then as whole, African citizens and International Communities must find a vigorous remedy for the pervasive coma of status-African Union. Certainly, the citizens of Africa should not be subject to a novelty of format in which it constituted a ‘Vertical Neo-Colonialism of Fabrics’ and which is going to be enforced by AU. Truly, the Horn of Africa citizens, Eritrea and Ethiopia and Somalia, are aspired and strived to live in a peaceful and prosperity environs but not subjected to the hoodlum of Woyena’s regime in which it has manifested itself into merely fragmentary thugs with elegant-suits in the Horn of Africa.

Yosef Tesfasilase
Wetru Awet-N- Hafash
Zel-alemawi zikri-n-Sema-e-tatna


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Is Africa Union for Africa? Reviewed by Admin on 5:24 AM Rating: 5


  1. Lemin Leminey
    Happy Martyrs Day!

  2. Eternal glory to our martyrs.
    "zikrikum zikri haben bi harinet ydebes".

  3. The AU have little control over what it can do and cannot do because it is an extension arm for USA and EU.

  4. I fully agree with you.
    Thank you for your excellent analysis.

    African union is a useless organization. African people have nothing to benefit from African union. It is one of the modern tools for the US lead west to further enslave the African people.

    ወትሩ ዓወት ንሓፋሽ!

    ዘላኣለማዊ ዝኽሪ ንስዉኣትና!

  5. Look at the palace, it is built by Chinese, the people inside are corrupted Africans, the Master is at the White House, where are the owners of Ethiopia? AU was founded by His Majesty Hailesellassie and woyane are propagating as if is their making.
    wey yesew neger.

  6. Then why Eritrea sends its delegates to AU? You are not making sense, Sir. When will people wake up from their hatred sleep and thinks rationally? The whole world is against your regime because it is the worst regime of all one could ever think. Blaming US and EU wont help much.

  7. The crippled au organization in africa, is just a demonstration of what look like the majority of african nations..(fake nations or nations with out identity or better again a sold out nations), in the majority case result due to corrupted governance, it's really sad to state this..this shows the weakness african administrators, they are the dolls of the world. Those few nations like Eritrea that try to be independent from the dictate of the orchestrated world, are hampered by puppets like the Woyena’s regime in ethiopia or djibouti ect..and the organization is absent.
    shame on all.

  8. The regime and it's supporters are trying to divert attention from the external crises in Eritrea.

    If they are true Eritreans why aren't they asking why the story of pilot Dejen is a story of the Eritrean people. Instead of challenging they worship the regime.

    At the borders are TPDM shooting our youth.

  9. I agree with Yosef. African Union has become a problem for Africa. It does not serve the interests of the people and it has never solved any meaningful conflict. Worst of all, it is mostly financed by the West, which shows they are incompetent and serving the agenda of Western interests.

  10. I challenge anyone to name one conflict the African Union has successfully stopped and found a lasting resolution for? That's right, there isn't any! This is a useless organization to give the illusion it is an authentic and independent institution. But in reality, its main purpose is to serve the interest of the West.

    However, there are some notable countries that are trying to change this. Countries such as South Africa, Zimbabwe and Eritrea have been fighting in vain to give this useless organization some credibility by putting the interests of the African people first.

    Unfortunately, we have countries like Ethiopia doing everything they can to resist this movement because it will mean less aid for their offshore bank accounts.

  11. the regime in eritrea is at 11th hour to collapse.

  12. I can say for sure now there is no active and operational government in eritrea.It is almost now the life of the regime is at the last extreme stage.

  13. Rora's quotation is in memory of the Eritrean martyrs and it's the thought of millions of Eritreans.
    You may wish it but the govt in Eritrea led by Shaebia & the Hafash is eternal and no traitor or Weyane agent's prediction or assumption will ever affect its glorious march.

  14. Please you are dreaming the same slogan as your leader say, even the African union is not strong enough to does It's responsible which reflects our incomptete in working together to à common goal. so you batter think before you write on computer ,I hope you Will take it as an assingment and Come with relevant idea.

  15. please, my brothers and sisters Eritreans, i was with the our country Eritrea's regime for a long period of time.More over i was the minister of information for a long period of time.I know very well how regime plays a game using medias to cheat the people.
    Now it is our decision,the critical time,to exist as a nation or not.eritrea as a nation to exist or not.the is critical time.

  16. SHURUP ! ignorante agame

  17. Qursusat ! Fugurat ! HASADAT gorobet
    Idkum aytisAnu, bAmlakh tefedeyu, rugumat Agame.

  18. Keep on lieing and dreaming while thousands of your brothers escape
    your worest country.It is not OAU , UN nor any other body but it is ur
    worst nightmare that brought confusion in you and people like you.
    If you do not walk-up from your world earlier the suffering of your brothers will continue.

  19. come on people give up already! it is getting a bit embarrassing.


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