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Ethiopia Ranks Second Poorest Country in the World: Oxford University Study

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ethiopia Ranks Second Poorest Country in the World: Oxford University Study

(OPHI) –According to The Global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI), published by Oxford University, Ethiopia ranks the second poorest country in the world just ahead of Niger. The study is based on analysis of acute poverty in 108 developing countries around the world. Despite making progress at reducing the percentage of destitute people, Ethiopia is still home to more than 76 million poor people, the fifth largest number in the world after India, China, Bangladesh and Pakistan. India has the world’s largest number of poor people at more than 647 million.

87.3% of Ethiopians are classified as MPI poor, while 58.1% are considered destitute. A person is identified as multidimensionally poor (or ‘MPI poor’) if they are deprived in at least one third of the weighted MPI indicators. The destitute are deprived in at least one-third of the same weighted indicators, The Global MPI uses 10 indicators to measure poverty in three dimensions: education, health and living standards.

In rural Ethiopia 96.3% are poor while in the urban area the percentage of poverty is 46.4%. Comparing the poverty rate by regions, Somali region has the highest poverty rate at 93% followed by Oromiya (91.2%) and Afar (90.9%). Amhara region has 90.1% poverty rate while Tigray has 85.4%.

Addis Ababa has the smallest percentage of poverty at 20% followed by Dire Dawa at 54.9% and Harar (57.9%)

Burundi Somalia Central African Republic Liberia Guinea Sierra Leon

Top Ten Poorest Countries in the world

RankCountryMPI PoorPop. Living on less $1.24
Burkina Faso

Source: Oxford University 

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Ethiopia Ranks Second Poorest Country in the World: Oxford University Study Reviewed by Admin on 11:30 AM Rating: 5


  1. Oxford University Study? No serious person would take such studies made by some crazies Master degree candidates seriously. Only concerned international organizations have the authority to make such studies. Surprisingly though, even these minions have put their witness that the percentage of the population under the poverty line in Ethiopia is around 30%. That is a big success for a country like Ethiopia whose 65% of its population was under poverty line before 20 years.

  2. Ethiopia is not only dirt poor, but it is also a welfare case. It's a country that never learned how to feed itself eventhough it claims it has been around for 3000 years.

  3. Dont forget Ethiopian population is over 80 million. Lets talk about our people - the 5-6 million people.

  4. So the study was for 108 countries out of 208 world countries? Just curious, was Eritrea part of the 108 countries included for the study? my mistake, I almost forgot, they dont allow anyone to make independent study.

  5. I'm sure ethiopia is rich by nature that can feed not only herself but others, unfortunately there is a lack of good governance that not only is incompetent but also harmful for its own population, privileging one group against others, the sense of true harmony doesn't exist, I feel sorry for them. Then corruption is rampant which kills All.

  6. 45 years from now Ethiopia will be as rich as Nigeria.

    "At the current rate of reduction, it will take Ethiopia 45 years to halve multidimensional poverty; in other words, to achieve poverty levels equivalent to those Nigeria has now,’ said OPHI’s Dr José Manuel Roche, who calculated the predictions."

  7. "Our people"? I didn't know agame is one of the tribes in Eritrea.

  8. It came as no surprise to see you defending your mama Ethiopia.

  9. Yigermal (YERASUA AROBAT YESEW SITAMASIL). Ok Eritrea is the richest Country in the World if this makes you more happy. But why you don't mind only about your isolated Country that condemned by the World community for the violation of almost every things on your citizen and I heard last week when your president was preaching about effective diplomacy for peace , justice and mutual benefits and is it part of your new strategy for that to present this kind of trash article ?. If yes , I don't think you can achieve any thing specially toward peace. wake up answer the question of those brave priests first before you try divert your own problems to others.

  10. Wake up where are your brothers and sisters solve your own problems instead of diverting the main problems that facing your Country first.

  11. But they are brave Ethiopians even if they are forced against there will.

  12. It is not defending Ethiopia it is the fact that is not mentioned.
    Almost every family in Eritrea has one member of family in Europe, US or ME. This is a fact. Almost every one that is in Europe, US or ME helps his/her family on monthly bases. That is a fact. Now let me ask you a simple question, how would these people would survive if we wouldn't help them with money or food???

  13. Well I didn't know that either until the DMHIT are controlling the country and soon classified as Eritrean Tribe.

  14. you mean to enslave themselves is against their will`? I understand you. Every building is owned by a foreigner underneath. That means Ethiopia is owned by World Bank/donors/shareholders/woyane and corrupted officials but not the ordinary people of Ethiopia. The poor eventhough they donot have soething to eat they are ordered to buy houses and move from the rentals means this people cannot pay the loan and the building is remain empty.
    The bubble will soon blow to the air, the reason people leave in masses these days.
    For Eritrea it is good that the Ethiopians feed their stomach without donors but it is a day dream, when they are totally owned by different powers.

  15. Zombie I'm sure you will remain zombie!

    Let me wake you up from your hallucinations
    1. There is no oil refinery in Eritrea. The one in Asseb is outdated and dead.
    2. Electricity kkkkkk are you kidding me!! When I was there last year there was power outage everywhere in the capital city
    3. Education - looks promising but don't forget all the people with education are leaving the country because there is no job or future.
    4. Factories - what factories ???? Cold storage is not a factory lol
    5. Roads - poor quality. Have you seen the roads built by Italians how many decades it lasted?? That is what is called quality.
    6. Hospitals - with no doctors
    7. Two ports- kkkkk HIGDEF never built these two ports.

  16. How many parts of the country look like this?
    Who are the ones that live in this buildings?
    Our country was built by foreigners aid too eventhough we have lots of resources, but because the originated people remain as slaves look how it looks like today. Same faith for Ethiopians who survive on aid infusion.

  17. That is exactly what your master tell you to tell with out using your brain wake up

  18. Suck up men chill will we will supply you with Red Sea fish as soon as your army leave our occupied land. We know how to live with Ethiopian people. No need to be hostile forever. It is black and white respect our soveriegnty we will respect yours too.

  19. East Africa SanctionsJune 19, 2014 at 7:39 PM


    Eritrea, Sudan and Somalia were already under sanctions.
    Now Uganda has been added to the sanctions list.
    The whole of East Africa is under sanctions except for Ethiopia and Djibouti. And that's because they kiss Uncle Sam's behind.

  20. Canada -only- for -christiansJune 19, 2014 at 8:13 PM

    Canada is not fundraising for eritrean islamic states////terrorist nations ...mother ***..go back to your country and pay ur tax their and help your Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movements...

  21. The fact is we Eritreans are smart and moderately financially sound, we have the refined thinking process on searching and finding opportunities, whether our family members contribute by working abroad or at home. The point is we are industrious and we are civilized and better than 80 million monkeys south of our border who live in trash pile shanty towns and mindlessly poop babies out of their ass every second to add more mining-less 80 million jungle niggers. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  22. The desperados are at it, what else can they say? All is said and all is old; the ethios in here should stick with there issue at hand and we Eritreans should ignore their ignorant backward goog for nothing opinions, if you can call it that. I suggest whatever artivle is posted on this site, we should just give it a star rating(1-10) and leave it at that. The morons and co. Are here to just foament their rubbish and try to act civilized because now they start hanging around Eritrean websites. Kab behaliE degamiU kemzbehal lets deny them the pleasure of having the privilage to open their foul mouth amongst Eritreans. Enough of geretsadik and wendimus here. Just me.

  23. Africans yet are not free in general. Big institutions like Afdb is a tool to play a good role on this, (african development bank), AU (is the big orchestra of dolls), un, ICC (international criminal court through which only african leaders are sentenced or condemned), world bank (a way to make africans slaves), us (ironically the big brother who make sure that africa is the most safest place in the world and prosperous and defend her from external aliens).
    If you want to be on a constant sympathy with the above mentioned "institutions", you need to be a good servant, in slang they call it leaking ass, then you are saved to be blackmailed, to be sanctioned ect. to the contrary you get aid, you get loan over loan that sunken your country in the abyss, they call you democrat country, they talk good in their cheap media ect..
    Question where ethiopia & djibouti are located? with the servants or with the independent thinkers?

  24. So, You have been fooled! This kind of work is called "white elephant project!" In short, le gura! If only you knew where the money came from and why they have built them for you!

    These buildings were built to appease the upper and middle class city dwellers into submission. In other words, to make you feel you are going somewhere while in reality life is the same or worse than before for the vast majority of Ethiopians.

    I hear (straight from Addis Ababa) that water supply and power are big problems in these buildings. A resident in one of the new apartment buildings in the city has told me that they have to buy and transport water several floors up to their apartment.

    Don't get me wrong, I wish Ethiopians all the best. May be if they prosper, they will see that there is no need to hold us back.

  25. Manny (Money)
    Your nick represent the griddy woyane who tramp and use the oridinary people of Ethiopia like stairs to come up to the top. But your castle on the sand is falling apart soon.

  26. Eternal Glory to all our martyrs who paid their ONE and Precious life GENEROUSLY for the cause of the country and the people !!!
    Eritrea is saved/Eritrea is built/Eritrea is still to Develop by the combined muscles of Eritreans. Our martyrs OWE us !
    God Bless their soul.

  27. 80% of the population from inside and outside are HGDEF you like it or not.As the President told you will take you 100 years to have an Eritrean beside you, because the REAL Eritrean is not easily impressed of the BORN NEGATIVE side-sitters like you. who belittle everything Eritrean.

    To the opposite we belive on ACTION/ SWEAT in PERSON !!! Rome is not built overnight.

    ANYONE WHO SUPPORT WOYANE ADVENTEROUS THEFT MOVE TO AGAMELAND, we have witnessed they will welcome you with all sorts of infectious desease. Enjoy Ethiopia Z-Cruz!

  28. Kenyan you get the point..i could also add to our guest that is called the new rich society area which doesn't represent ethiopians..we are talking about ethiopians economy not some bourgeois.

  29. wow Eritrea is the richest country so the people flee to Ethiopia everyday to be poor. Funny

  30. "In just short period of time ethiopians Wil have meal 3 times a day." It has been over 20 years since the dead prime minister meles.made this infamous remarks. Look where ethiopia is ranked second to last.

  31. Our people can survive because they believe in self-reliance. They don't have tendency to beg for aid. As the case of ethiopia the people are free loaders and addicted to aid.

  32. That is wrong. The people flee to Ethiopia because the west promise them a better life in west.Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya even Italy are a transit for them and for those Ethiopians who claim asylum as being from Eritrea. It is just a political game. Eritrea will do better if she left alone.

  33. For your information check every studies and statistics, from Un to other organizations. Your ethiopia is ranked far behind eritrea. Despite being fed by NGO and western countries. You agames should know that eritrea has always been your bread basket.

  34. you were certain ehiops are 80 million, and Eri uncertain 5-6 millions, so what is the need? wendimu said 92 million and still going up. Eritrea with her land size and number of people that inhabit her will only need to focus on the highest quality of living not the tallest building in the area or region. you must really be ignorant to see this things as development and if it makes you happy good for you and enjoy it, RIP

  35. You are calling people who share a common history and bloodline "monkeys" and "niggers"? This is the most disgusting comment I have ever read by any African. You are a cancer to Africa and a cancer to the horn. Because you eat pasta and live in a country with infrastructure built by Europeans does not change the color of your skin nor the history of your people. Long Live Africa!

  36. Why don't you return then if Eritrea good?

  37. Fedayeen is a mad dog like our president

  38. Show me where I said or talked about highest building?? Again, what highest quality of living you are talking about?? If we had that, we wouldn't leave the country. If we had that, you wouldn't live in the west and smuggle out your families. Please tell me the high quality of life?? Abbey nikimet diu mesiluka - ab Mars??? You are talking with some one who been there last year.

  39. Are you talking about Ethiopian people or Ethiopian Government?
    As you mentioned above, we Eritreans are very hard working people and very self reliant as well. This didn't come overnight with Shabia or HIGDEF. It has been like that centuries. What HGDEF did is, it has destroyed this rich culture and prevented us from becoming innovative by taking and monopolizing all the business. It is not only that, HGDEF also controlling us not to talk, think and become ourselves. Go back home to Eritrrea and tell me what you see, except grocery shops and bars. This What you call business? We were people known in shoe, textile, leather and other small industrial products. When I was a kid, my dad used to take me to garage Orsi, and Orsi was known for his car battery production. His battery were competitive with the imported one. Eritrea had many handy men who could modify any part of machines and cars. Where are those people now? Where are the people who can invest and change the country now? You and I know that there is no room for them or us. As long as HGDEF is in power you will only hear in their propaganda machines about micro dam, cold storage and 1km road.
    Good night my Eritrea until you wake up in good hand.

  40. The Eritrean economy's move toward transitional market forms, with an increasing of institutional mechanism and transformation, begin in2010, date marking , as it were, the end of the classical GOE economy. Ever since, two directions from the basic of the changes in course the restructuring of the economic system on new bases and objectives, and the stabilization of the sharp decline of economic activity that ensued the two unjust UN sanctions. See for example, every village in Eritrea has school, clean water and clinic. The construction of new roads and the tourism sector increased year after year.

  41. Why are you so furiously angry at Eritrea and its leadership. Just to remind you the Woyane the one who stripped off your mama Ethiopia citizenship and deported you to Eritrea because they don't like the color of your eyes. Leave Eritrea and its leadership alone.

  42. Wizee, you been saying last year and i can tell you this new year but that is irrelevant. You have metioned so many times that Eritrea only had italian time built structures, even roads that you take pride on being well
    Built lasting todate. You also have mentioned your dad and the shoe maker, i wish him many more happy and healthy years, but el duece has been dead how long now? By the same token those that left your dad the hard work ethics are toiling ever harder to continue and preserve this very Eritrean Identity. However, you are boosting here that you live in the west and all that are commenting here must be living in the west too. You are a cart horse just seeing the immidiate front; unlike you those people are working hard with whatever resources and capablity they have, and if i choose to open a grocery or a bar isn't it up to me. Why do you expect the government to steer me otherwise? A one kilometet road is just that to get you that one kilometre that was not a road before. As far as the things built is not really for your aproval, but to leave you with sour taste in your mouth we have complety secured and renovated the largest and the longest road you will always envy; the Red Sea. Ferry-up with a life jacket as you have been begging for a long while now your cruise is a definate no show. For your FYI i am not living in the west and i have never left Eritrea to join you. I travel with an Eritrean passport

  43. "Yohannes IV" & "Where Is Z Cruise" you monkeys are agame, 1st of all we have no blood-line with you apes, and 2nd... what makes a person to be labeled "nigger" is not the color of his or her skin but their actions and behavior, if someone is backward and aimed to do destruction, stealing, lying, snitching...and is a servant of his great master Uncle Sam, then those mentioned trademarks make this Uncle Tom a "nigger".

  44. Why don't you do the same? Where are YOUR brothers? Is it not Ethiopians who are dying and being tortured in Yemen? On their way to South Africa? Claiming to be Eritreans as they cross the Mediterranean? Is it not 6 million of your brothers who are waiting for food aid? Is it not your brothers who are being murdered in Ambo, Dire Daya Haromaya, ...; massacred in the Ogaden and elsewhere? Is it not your brothers who are losing their farm lands to rich foreign merchants?

    As for us Eritreans, don't worry about us. instead, tell the Weyane to respect international law and move out of our territories. It is because your government is afraid that we would be years ahead of you that it has embarked upon all the tricks its masters are encouraging and helping it to play.

    We Eritreans take care of each other whether at home or abroad. I would have told you more, but the rest is reserved only for Eritreans.

  45. Why are you waitiing for their army to leave? It's your land, you should force them out.

    I guess the regime and it's supporters are international law abbinding people therefore don 't want use force.

  46. Eritrea has school, clean water and clinic.

    Listen man, how many time should I have to tell you about school, clinic, and running water???

    School is not about the 4 walls and the roof that you put in place, it is about teachers. Do you know Shabia had quality school in Sahil under grounds? What made that quality, I leave the answer to you. If you don’t have enough competent and skilled teachers then the building you call school is nothing. About running water you talking about, you made it sound like they built a system where they filter and purify the water. They have just dig wells in a primitive way …… this is a job were any one can do it.
    The clinics …. What is a clinic with out a doctor of nurse???? All the nurses and doctors are leaving the country. This is not what I call development, development starts with constitution where everyone is abided by.

  47. I
    I know you are not commenting from Eritrea because the Internet connection is not fast enough for you quick reply lol (Unless you are one of the generals brother) kkkk
    About Eritrean passport you are talking about, how did you get that when 95% of the people are not allowed to have it???? Hmmmm may be you are one of the military officers

  48. If you try to compare everything that Eritrea achieved so far with USA and EU you are totally lost your mind. The USA and EU took them over 200 years to have advanced school system, water system and healthcare. Eritrea is 23years old. Once when the two unjust sanctions lifted and the border demarcated Eritrea will not categorize as a third world nation. As often, you belittle the young warsai teachers role. They are doing fantastic job all over Eritrea.

  49. Why dont you move to Adigrat then ? If woyaneland is good enough, wedi lemanit !

  50. lol, he probably left tigray and claimed Eritrean citizenship. Now he feels he can post here and other Eritrean forums

  51. Brain dead agame, go post on your own forum. we don't like you or your evil ways

  52. Claiming citizenship is to abide by the love and dedication of the people andcountry but not the opposite.
    No matter who, we respect people as far as they respect our flag, our sovereignity, our dedication, our selfless hardwork, our all-in-all ANE NHAGEREY spirit of Eritreanism.
    Those who belittle every effort of HAFASH are none but corrupted, lawless, lifeless runouts and their Masters across the border.
    Eritrea is for those who sucrifice and not for know-it-alls from their Z-crazy!

  53. Thanks to your service Hakegna Tarik without your sucrifice, Eritrea would not be free nation.
    God Bless you.
    Hawka Where Is Z cruise ship!

  54. Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Sudan and Eritrea all have a common blood line. Over hundreds of years of migration and intermixing makes this fact evident today. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your nationality and of your nation, but there is something wrong with using degrading European insults to refer to their neighbors. "Nigger" is not a label of how one acts, it is a comment of race. To say someone acts like a "nigger", is the same reference as saying that person acts like a black person, that is then attached to negative traits, such as thief, uneducated, etc.Europeans see us all as "niggers", don't start believing you are European and call you brothers and sisters names that people refer to you as. Now in terms of your agame comments and such, I could really care less, because both of us are in foreign lands and to talk about this or that while we are out of the region is a contradiction in itself. What I care more about is people realizing that we cannot continue to go through life degrading one another with the divisions created by Europeans. Long live Africa!

  55. Somalia, Djibouti and Sudan are respectful neighbors, they know where their boundries end unlike greedy, bloodthurst Ethiopians

  56. You forgot House Niggros, white man slaves too.
    Ethiopains sell their Mama for dollars but none of our others neighbors Not Somali, Not N/S.Sudan for sure, there reason they are paying the price like Eritrea does, through the right hand -house niggros- woyanes

  57. Two African nations debating whose poorer is laughable and quite frankly sad. Let's stop with the crab in the barrel mentality and instead of tearing each other down, work to build each other up. Both people deserve better and ideally working together would enable this.

  58. kiekiekiekiekie wht about Eritrea,all ppl r in Ethiopia refuge camp.

  59. Dude, you lecture doesn't hold water and Agame is sub-human, pictures of dirty slums speak louder than words. So take your "Africa slogan" with you and go to hell, get out of this Eritrean website, how pathetic. You have no place on this website. Agame's inferiority complex is immeasurable. Go clean up your filthy shanty slums. If you're not "nigger" then you're hot blooded "barya". Just get the hell out of Eritrean websites. Long Live Eritrea !!!!

  60. Go fuck your self nigger Agame. Get the fuck out of this Eritrean website nigger.

  61. Booranticha WaaqooJune 24, 2014 at 6:11 AM

    This is absolutely valid information. It reflects the reality of Ethiopians lives. World Bank and IMF used to fool us and themselves. Thank you!!!!!!!!!


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