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Do African nations need a constitution for development?

With the constitution on its way, the sun is setting on Eritrea's enemies

Do African nations need a constitution for development?

Confucius, said “The strength of a nation is derived from the integrity of its homes.” Clearly there is wrong perception among some of citizens that every single Developed countries retained a constitution in their society. However, there are several developed countries who have paved the roadways for building their nations and also liberating their people from abject poverty, illiteracy, poor economy, and ravaged diseases without constituting constitutions. These developed countries what they do retained in their society is uncodified constitution. The uncodified constitution is a type of constitution where the fundamental rules of government take the form of customs, Basic Laws, usage, precedent and variety of statutes and legal instruments. Israel, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, San Marino, and Canada. Although Canada has Constitution Act, the important aspect of the constitution are uncodified. The preamble to the constitution of Canada declares that the constitution is to be similar in principle to that of the United Kingdom. The World Factbook brilliantly illustrate facts about developed and developing countries. For example, these two developed countries (below) have done remarkable work in setting forth the apparatus of foundations for eradicating poverty, eradicating illiteracy, eradicating rampant diseases, and building all the institution’s fabrics of their society.

Total area:  9,984,670 sq. kmTotal area:   20,770 sq. Km 
Total population: 34,834, 841 (July 2014 est.)   Total population:   7,821,850   (July 2014 est.) 
Dead Rate: 8.31 deaths/ 1,000 pop. (2014 est.)  Dead Rate: 5.54 Deaths/ 1,000 pop. (2014 est.)
Maternal Mortality rate: 12 deaths/ 100,000 live birth (est. 2010) Maternal Mortality rate: 7 deaths/ 100,000 live birth (2010) 
Life expectancy birth:  81.67 yearsLife expectancy birth: 81.28 years 
Physician density: 2.07 physicians/ 1,000 pop. (est. 2010)  Physician density: 3.11 physicians/1,000 pop.  (2011)
Drinking water source: ImprovedDrinking water source:  Improved  
Urban: 100 % of pop.   Rural: 99% of pop.   Urban: 100% of pop. Rural: 100% of pop 
HIV/AIDS-adult prevalence rate: 0.3% (2009 est.)  HIV/AIDS-adult prevalence rate: 0.2% (2009 est.)  
HIV/AIDS-people living with HIV-AIDS:   68,000  (2009 est.) HIV/AIDS- people living with HIV-AIDS: 7,500  (2009 est.) 
LITARCY :  total population: 99%      LITERACY-total population:  97.1 % 
GPD -Purchasing Power Parity:  $1.518 trillion (2013 est.)  GPD-Purchasing Power Parity: $273.2 billion  (2013 est.) 
GPD -Per Capita (PPP): $43,100 (2013 est.)   GDP-Per Capita (PPP):  $36,200   (2013 est.)  
Population below poverty line: 9.4% Population below poverty line: 21%  
Electricity –production:  618.9 billion kWh (2011 est.)Electricity-production: 55.77 billion kWh (2011 est.)  
Electricity –consumption:  499.9 billion kWh (2010 est.)Electricity-consumption: 48.73 billion kWh (2010 est.)    
Telephone -main line in use:  499.9 billion  (2012) Telephone-main line in use:  3.594 million (2012) 
Telephone-mobile cellular: 26.263 million (2012) Telephone-mobile cellular: 9.225 million  (2012) 
Internet hosts: 8.743 million  (2012)  Internet hosts:  2.483 million (2012)
Internet users:  26.96 million  (2009)     Internet users: 4.525 million (2009)  
Airports: 1,467 (2013)  Airports:  47  (2013) 
Heliports: 26Heliports: 3 (2013)  
Roadways: 1,042,300 km Roadways:  975 km  
Railways:  46,552 Km Railways: 18,566 km 
Source: The World Factbook

The data clearly shows that both Canada and Israel have certainly eradicated illiteracy, elevated the socioeconomics of their citizens, availability of water in Urban and Rural area, superb health-care institutions, and superb infrastructures….

Both of Libya and Egypt, in the 1950s, were the first African nations to gain independence. Shortly, Ghana in 1957 was the first South of Sahara country to become independent. Subsequently, about 17 African nations in 1960s gained their independence. Today, a vast majority of African countries do have some kind forms of democratic institutions and constitution. Although a majority of African countries have certainly paved the roadway for democratic elections and constitution in which are seed-bed in their fabrics of society, unfortunately a vast majority of African countries have not yet liberated their nations from abject poverty, ravaged chronic diseases, high illiteracy, rampant corruptions, despicable nepotism, disputable tribalism, limited infrastructures and health-care institutions.

The Pan-African movement leaders, such as W.E.B. Dubois, Marcus Garvey, Henry Sylvester-William, Julius Nyrerer, Kwame Nkrumah, Robert M. Sobuke, Patrice Lumumba and etc., certainly fought for the liberation of African nations from colonization, inequality wealth, and ravaged diseases….These notably leaders did not shed their bloods for the broken-tools of democratic election and constitution before setting up the fundamental grass roots of institutions of fabrics inside their fragile society. For example, during the colonization era in Africa, virtually there were no infrastructures built in almost all countries except for few.

An American’s proverb, “Do not put the cart before the horse.” It means that the horse is the primary engine not the cart. Unfortunately, a majority African nations after post-independent have primarily focused on democratic institutions and constitution before forging on building their nation’s institution: infrastructure, health-care, primary-secondary educations, and universities. Apparently, building nation should have been the primary engine that it should be installed in the fabric’s society of African nations before anything else.

So, why are majority of African nations are muted in eradicating poverty, eradicating disease, eradicating illiteracy, and limited health-care institutions? The answer lies in the institutional formality of governing their intricate society. A majority institutions of African governments are infested with division of tribalism, no accountability, and individual conflict interests. The division of tribalism has been a fundamental problem for many African nations in their fabrics of society. For instances, South Sudan which is a new nation that recently received independence; unfortunately this nation is currently going through tribalism and individual interests of conflict in its society. Unfortunately, the South Sudan is going through transitional path of repeating history in which many African nations have had tribalism’s conflict in a post-

What are the solutions for the persistent chronic problems of African nations in which are lagging behind in a development of their society? Unfortunately, there are no quick fix solutions for the chronic problems in Africa nations. However, there are long-terms fundamental solutions that new African nation should consider them. First and foremost, the African nations should take holistic approaches in addressing the tribalism’s division which is the primary coercion to the component fabrics of the society.

For instances, in Somalia’s case is primarily the division of clans. Instead of installing variety of social instruments after post-independence that would tackle the cancerous tribalism and clan conflict in which it was propagated by the colonizers; the majority African nations hasty formed a fancy democratic institution and constitutions without real understanding the fundamental elements of colonialist syndrome which was embedded for centuries in the fabrics of African

Unfortunately, majority of African nations were not given a lengthy duration path of eradicating tribalism’s division and inserting institutional homogenization of fabrics in their society before anchoring the apparatus of democratic election and constitution. For example, the world has witnessed the horrific genocide of Rwandans in April 6, 1994. Rwanda received its independence from Belgium in July 1, 1962. The Rwandans were not give properly time to set-up transitional path of inserting the institutional homogenization of fabrics in their society before crafting hasty government in their fragile society. Unfortunately, history is repeating itself again with South Sudan people. Indeed, vicious cycle.

Confucius said, “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.” There is one nation within African nations which it has taken holistic approach in inserting the institutional homogenization of fabrics in its society. The country is Eritrea which is the Gateway of Africa. Ibrahim Sultan Ali and Woldeab Woldemariam were pioneer leaders before the birth of Pan-Africanists. These two noble leaders have fought with foreigners occupiers who had grand ambitious to plant heterogeneous apparatus of fabrics inside Eritrean’s society. The ancestral leaders of Eritrea had continuously fought invaders in the coast of Red Sea since reign of Aulis Empire. Therefore, history clearly depicted that for several centuries the invaders had continuously failed to ‘dived and conquer’ by introducing tribalism inside the fabrics of Eritrean society.

Apparently, the government and the people of Eritrea clearly have taken the legacy footprints of their ancestral leaders in preserving their homogenous society. Very noble.The incumbent government and people of Eritrea, despite of frequently unjust sanctions and with warmonger Ethiopian government neighbor, have taken prudent action in inserting fundamental grass-roots apparatus of building their nation in all sectors. Instead of fancy and futile democratic institutions, the Eritrean government and the people of Eritrea has chosen a transitional path of embarking on fundamental tools in building a homogenization of fabrics within its all nine tribes after independence. A brilliant approach.

For instances, the Sawa of Eritrea was established in early 1990’s after Eritrea received its independence. Then, the people of Eritrea and government knew right away that transitional path was the necessary approach because all different tribes must converged into one place: Sawa. The conventional Sawa is a habitat for all nine-tribes of Eritrean students and to finish their last year of secondary schools. At Sawa, the students have an opportunity to learn and to embrace other customs and religions beside theirs.

An American proverb, “You can show new tricks to young puppy but not to an old dog.” In Sawa, the young Eritrean students-who have the will and the ability-could learn to appreciate all the nine-tribes of Eritrea. According to many graduated Sawans’ testimonies, they are extremely delightful for the opportunity of being expose to the variety of rosy customs and cultures at Sawa. Aftermath of Rwandans’ genocide, the government and have developed social tolerances programs in their society. The tangible results of Sawa, which has been remarkable and phenomenal institution, has produced productive young Eritrean citizens who have embraced and assimilated to all nine-tribes’ customs and religion in society. Because of this brilliant results by Sawa, several African nations have indicated their interest in replicating the institution of Sawa in their fabrics’ society. Wonderful!

Winston Churchill, said “A love for tradition has never weakened a nation indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of perils.” The government and the people of Eritrea have decided that the essence components of fabric’s society in building their nation is to follow their customs, and their traditional laws that have existed since reign of Adulis Empire. Furthermore, the government and the people of Eritrea certainly believe that they should crafted their own destinies in which are dictated by their own people not by aliens. A majority of Americans and Europeans’ tourists who arrived in Eritrea are astonished by the beauty, the serene environs, coexistence in harmony and love in nine-tribes, sophisticated roads, universal health-care, and universal educations. Unfortunately, many Americans and Europeans are bombard with ego-centric journalists who constantly seeking a quick fortunate in career by writing full-of- lies about Eritrea. Unfortunately, these immoral journalists, who have utterly disregard the moral ethics and conventional truths, have never visited Eritrea before embarking with their bashing words about the government and the people never met. Indeed, unbelievable!

An Eritrean proverb, “The camel keeps marching, while the dogs keep on barking.” For instance, Canadian reporter Matthew Mclean was fired from his post-job. Unfortunately, this opportunistic career reporter has never visited Eritrea but he found the liberty to bash on Eritrean’s fabric society as he has seen it with his own naked eyes. The Developed countries should take holistic approaches instead of ‘Carrots & Sticks’ with Eritrea. Eritrea and certain Africa nations who are on the verge of righteous path of eradicating poverty, eradicating illiteracy, and rendering universal health-care and educations, these countries could be a great alliances to the Developed countries and International communities. The International communities must take unprecedented approaches with the warmonger Ethiopian government who has embarked on disintegrating the components fabrics of society in Ethiopia. For thousands years, all tribes of Ethiopian have coexisted each other with harmony and love before the helm of TPLF. The Developed countries and International Communities have moral responsibility to stop the Ethiopian government for continuously embarking on campaign for creating unprecedented humanitarian crisis inside Ethiopia and as well in the region Horn of Africa. God Bless Eritrea & America & Africa!

Yosef T

Awet N Hafash

Eternal Glory to Our Martyrs

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  1. IMPORTANT NOTICE: please Eritrean brothers & sisters, let we start to IGNORE the trolls that are coming to Our Noble web sites to spoil. We just not follow them answering their input, let them bark as mad dog..It works believe me, as they are not of Our level in all senses, they are not of Our Class, they are lawer.

  2. Dictator Isayas interview with Washington post in 1986……
    Question: Many African leaders maintain that their first task is nation-building as a precondition for development and insist that they can't give these rights to all minorities...

    Issayas: This is sophistry, trying to justify undemocratic attitudes by arguments which seem to take into accounts the needs of the people. If development is to ...come by crushing people...we've been fighting for 25 years. What's been gained in this attempt to create this big empire? Nobody has been able to create this empire. In the 19th century Tedros failed, Menelik, Yohannes, Haile Selassie failed and Mengistu will fail too. As a course of development it's never succeeded. The logic is: before democracy development comes. It's not realistic. Development only comes by creating a democratic political atmosphere. It's putting the cart before the horse to say "development before democracy". It's a kind of sickness, like Kaddafi’s desire to create Arab unity from the Atlantic to the Middle East. Would a sensible man have that type of program? You have to fight to create such a big nation.

  3. Isayas Afewerki interview with Washington post in 1986……
    Question: Many African leaders maintain that their first task is nation-building as a precondition for development and insist that they can't give these rights to all minorities...
    Issayas: This is sophistry, trying to justify undemocratic attitudes by arguments which seem to take into accounts the needs of the people. If development is to ...come by crushing people...we've been fighting for 25 years. What's been gained in this attempt to create this big empire? Nobody has been able to create this empire. In the 19th century Tedros failed, Menelik, Yohannes, Haile Selassie failed and Mengistu will fail too. As a course of development it's never succeeded. The logic is: before democracy development comes. It's not realistic. Development only comes by creating a democratic political atmosphere. It's putting the cart before the horse to say "development before democracy". It's a kind of sickness, like Kaddafi’s desire to create Arab unity from the Atlantic to the Middle East. Would a sensible man have that type of program? You have to fight to create such a big nation.

  4. How much are the woyanes paying you for one night? Do you sleep with only one woyane in one night or you get to sleep with more of them? Do they know you are a guy? Please tell me how everything happens. I couldn't wait!!!

  5. I love this pic! Love it! So patriotic!
    Awet n Hafash!

  6. Yosef, excellent article with a lot of factuality and narratives except I think minor error in the African countries independence chronological date.

    You said " Both of Libya and Egypt, in the 1950s, were the first African nations to gain independence. Shortly, Ghana in 1957 was the first South of Sahara country to become independent. Subsequently, about 17 African nations in 1960s gained their independence."
    I think it is not only Libya and Egypt were the only countries who was independent before Ghana became independent in 1957.
    South Africa
    Tunisia was independent countries before Ghana 1957.

  7. @yonas
    We know why the writer is saying this ,the dictator made
    Unexpected move in the independence day and since his slaves has been saying for years "we don't need constitution and now we need constitution but to change position is not easy.
    The justification is Eritrea has developed ? Come on !!!!
    Thus why now it needs constitution.

  8. Are all Africans the same? Can we measure them with the same yardstick? The answer obviously is resounding, No.
    Why then are the cult worshippers trying to lump all Africans together?

    The answer: a vain attempt to distract, divert and kill the burning issue of our time, the removal of the usurper, Isaias Afewerqi for good, and on his ashes, build a democratic Eritrea, where its people live in peace and harmony, with justice and freedom for every one under the Law.
    Fundamentally, all cult worshippers, having lost their own God given essences, their rationality,their self-esteem etc. are all fanatics and, therefore, sick people. Their preoccupation is praising their idol, rationalizing his weakness and fighting against his perceived opponents. Their view of Right and Wrong is determined exclusively from the interest of their idol.

    But does their idol appreciate their blind commitment?
    Absolutely, not. They are mere accessories, to be used when needed, and to be done with when not needed, or become liability, the fate of the remains of Naizgi Kflu can serve us as an example.

  9. - Where did the rule in Eritrea comes from?
    -Who is in charge of making the rule?
    - who change the rule?
    -who gave the person/persons or the organization a right (delegation) to make a rule or change the rule?
    -Should the rule be written down?
    -Who checks the rule after it was made if it is working?

  10. Talk about idol and cult, you seem sickly obsessed the man that is Isaias, are you really living your own life? The mortal man is doing whatever you wished you could have or wanted to do but all along your fixation is leaving you incapacitated. Man-up and face your demons and confess that you are turning into ashes with envy and jelousy. I feel for you, RIP.

  11. Dawit,

    Are all Africans the same? Can we measure them with the same yardstick? The answer obviously is resounding, YES.

    Try to think properly.

  12. Gezae:

    There is not country without constitution. A constitution is a foundation or base of any country. All constitutions are democratic. There are five countries Uncodified constitution which are without a written constitution or partial written. They are United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Newer countries often have constitutions that don't have democratic traditions to fall back on. But so far Eritrea is the only country without a

    Countries under communist despot leaders like Ghana under Swami Nek rum, Egypt under Gama Abdunnasir, Ethiopia under Mengustu Hailemariam, Burma, and so on did not have constitution government for long time because of the communistic ideological behavior of their leaders. If you want proof, you can click down and read each and every county’s national

  13. The Answer to the first three questions Are - Issayas
    The answer to the forth question is - nobody
    The answer to question number Five is - not according Issayas
    The answer to question number six is - nobody

    Now dare to tell me we don't need constitution.

  14. I dare you! By the way listen to Otis Redding' "sitting on ".... just a lil break to chill, add a cold shower as needed.

  15. Yew Fetaw Nebsu shut up! The meaning of dictator is the one that he takes care of his own family friends and uses and abuse countries funds for his own purpose only. PIA is not that type of a leader. Hwo cares about constitution or democracy,as long as there is a system that works.

  16. I seconded you CL. Let us stick and focus on the topic's above. Let us comment on the strong and weakness so that we can learn each other. I believe individuals make community, communities people. For the sake of our country and our people let us be objective. Why should we give opportunities to those who don't want our survival? I joined this forum to learn more. One of the learning process is interacting with people who have difference outlooks. When we discuss genuinely we can narrow our differences.

  17. In normal circumstance you are right Saba, to learn each other, but i learn that there are some bad intentioned users that are here to disrupt our unity, culture, system, and create uncertainty on our will. A kind of media war, it's easy to see that, is an old fashion to spoil someone, changing black to white, good to bad, you know..we need to take care of this servant of servants.

  18. Lets test your miniscule rationality :
    Who do you think would likely adopt the devil's way of life, its proponent or opponent?
    Isn't it highly likely to be the proponent?
    Unlike you, intelligent people would readily answer, Yes, because as people say, Birds of a Feather Flock Together. There is also a saying in Tigrigna: Ms Adgi Z'Kede's, Ha Ha Ente-Zay-Lemede, Trat Lemede.
    Have you drawn the necessary inference?
    It is clear. Since you are the enabler and apologist of Isaias Afewerqki's criminal enterprise, you can only be his mirror image. Yes, you are.

    Another Test:
    Isn't it fact that con artists, like Isaias Afewerqi, cultivates and surrounds themselves with people who are of low intelligence; the reason being, because they are easily manipulated and corrupted?
    Again, unlike you, the intelligent people would agree.
    The inference, therefore, is: since you are a loyal servant of the usurper, you cannot be a bright person who understands the complexities of Isaias Afewerqi but vain Cheguar Danga, I am sorry to say.
    Genuine Eritreans,
    We have no time; Isaias Afewerqi is depleting our country of our people at a Geometric Progression. And do not only see at those youngsters who are fleeing in droves, you must know also that equally or more of our mature people are also dying of starvation,disease, depression etc. in the country.
    The Devil's Supporters,
    You are being managed by Isaias Afewerqi and his inner circle tegaru to stand against the interest of yourself and your people. Wake Up and join us to throw him once and for all. He is eliciting your sympathy by blaming others for the very evil act he has perpetrating on our people. I am not underestimating the dirty work of woyane and its surrogates, the Western countries against our country but you must understand Isaias Afewerqi is one of them.

  19. Thanks to higdef Eritrea is right now a sick dog and not a camel. Top talking about marching camel. where the hell is the camel? the eritrean youth have become a camel by crossing the sahara in thousands.
    Eritrea needs constitution. What eritrea absolutly does not need is = higdef

  20. CL let us love our enemies and have respect in our approach. Yes I know it is too much. This happened since our forefathers but if we focus on our objective and ignore subjectivity, patience, tolerance and the like have positive outcome. They only want to provoke us. Provoking has no good intention, it is us who have to be alert and try to change their attitude.

  21. Of course that beyond human capacity, even me i promise my self to be a good chap when ever i have to answer in any case of life, not only in the web, doesn't go well all the time, in general you're right humbleness is better, even if your counterpart is numb. You know the type of dialogue you are proposing is called NVC (non violent communication). Hope the "other" users of this web, i mean those who support weyane and their masters could learn something from Our community and try to change themselves to truth, as they are wise in falsehood.

  22. "AneFafra qokah zeyfelT zeYhadanAy" indulge, dawit shikor!

  23. Sit comfortable and cry for one decade more:)

  24. Keep changing your nick like camouflage, we know that from your babycry.
    Every good news that comes your way from Eritrea is poison to your soul. You make my day LOL

    Nkhid Tray Deki Erey !!!!

  25. If I follow your way to all forums you visit everyday and if I gather the name Isayas you mention on every page I would have done a list of this MAGICAL NAME (Isayas Afeworki) repeated by only YOU day after day would make hundreds of pages ISAYAS ISAYAS ISAYAS...... You Dawit mention the Great Man's name 1000 times a day and that would put the name on genius record lol

    Ade Welida tmken ! kubur President.

  26. I think you have our good old adage miswritten; It is: AnaFra Qoquah ZeFelt's ,I'Hadanain...............
    While at it, I like to impress upon you that this proverb and many thousands others are manifestations of our enviable heritage and I urge you to do what you can to save it from the treacherous tegaru within, such as Isaias Afewerqi, Hagos Kisha Yemane Monkey etc., whose essence our forefathers discovered long time ago and left us a diction to remember when dealing with them, Libi Tigrai Twi tiway.
    When Italian colonizers invaded our land, they were astounded by our people's Legal and justice system. Yes, democracy, government by the people for the people, is not a foreign concept for us as the usurper, Isaias Afewerqi, would have us believe. The sad thing is, when he foolishly utter such a thing, instead of proudly stand up and defend your heritage, you cheer and applaud him. What a pity.
    You see, Isaias Afewerqi has a reason to say that. His grand parents came from tigrai and settled as Deqi ArbaA in Tselot, where Isaias Afewerqi was born but grew up in Asmera with his grandma who led her life by selling local beer.
    Back then, Asmera was a metropolitan city and therefore, Isaias Afewerqi was never exposed to our genuine legal and justice system which was intact in the rural areas.
    More ominous is that although Isaias Afewerqi grew up in Asmera, he never undertook any meaningful social relationship with any Deqebat Eritreans; he never played soccer and other sports as a kid; all of his intimate contacts were tegaru who, like his grand parents, migrated from tigrai , where Natural law--> the survival of the fittest--> law of the jungle, reigned and still is reigning supreme, of which the bestial deportation of Eritreans from Ethiopia by villain woyane , is, among many others, a manifestation.
    Even when he left HIU to join ELF, practically, no Eritrean student was aware,he just slipped away. There is no doubt that this guy grew up resentful of Deqebat Eritreans and thus, this underlines the reason he has been hunting Eritreans like Qoquah.

  27. Thats why i put the shikor in dawit, you gave the man all the credence and your weakest link in your antesis is that he hails from the mai telamit part of our continent, however true this may be, the fact that we all have one life to live makes it impossible to put your whole life on hold so that on your second coming you reap the fruits of your grand design. As far as our heritage and demicratic ways is concerned, it is a no contest, which by inferance, as you have mentioned it more than ' beAl feres' i know its 'Taff', wouldnt then be redudance, to lacture a self-governing people about proponant soveirgnty?


  29. @Akhberet
    Akhberet haftey way wen gualey pls if Isayas Afwerki doesno't qualify to be a Dictator then who
    On earth is ?
    1-has been for over twenty years in power
    2-no vice president
    3-our country has no constitution
    4-he puts his own ministers in prison when ever he is in the mood to do that pls count the number of
    His comrades in prison or executed .
    5-No tansperancy what so ever neither for the different ministries or presidential power.
    The list goes on

  30. to be fair Ghana is the first Black African nation to get Independence. Liberia was not colonized (because of America) S.A. was ruled by white people & nobody cares about the Arab North

  31. what Africa need is dictators with a planned/mixed economy who will help their nations instead of steal.

  32. An Eritrean proverb, “The camel keeps marching, while the dogs keep on barking.
    I like this saying as it has truth in it which will manufest in the future and clearly shows who is Dog and who is camel.Just in the future.One with true policy will prevail.

  33. We never said we don't need constitution. We said we will write and implement it when we, the Eritrean people, think it is the right time.

  34. We never said we don't need constitution. We said we will write and implement it when we, the Eritrean people, think it is the right time to do so.

  35. shidana kdan tegadalayna kulu kedin'na aselTinakum si abza riisna shenkum?

  36. The Eritreans wanna be (weyan'e puke lickers) have been preaching for the last two decades about constitution, however when PIA announced that the draft of constitution will begin soon they got panic and changed their tune to Lampadusa victims, to demented Dejen's interview and to the illegal Eritrean migrants. These days there are two groups who want to see Eritrea destroyed. The first group are under the disguise of religion. They pretend to be the supplicant of God but in reality they are the supplicant of weyane. They don't believe in nation building at all. They believe this world is not their home, however they involved in human trafficking, money laundering, and regionalism. Let me tell you this story, I grew up in a conservative Pent Costal family but I wasn't Pent Costal. I was very active in urban fighting (nay ketema sirihit). Our house was a small church with full of shit people such as high ranking Ethiopian officials, agames, and spies. Being among these murderers helped me to conceal my urban fighting activities. During the Dergue Red Star Campaign in 1982 I was very busy to collect vital information that could help EPLF to abort the 6th invasion. One day, an Ethiopian high rank air force official I withheld his name came to my home for prayers and after prayers he asked me to have a private conversation with him. He told me that he is the one who give command to jet fighter for bombardment. At the end of our conversation he told me that Shaebia will be destroyed once for all. I told to my Mom. My mom was very mad and told me next time if he come by himself I will kill him and you dump him in Mai Bela. Another real story, one day the church told us to distribute Oatmeal (kurkuro), Fafa, and protein to our neighborhood and lure them to come to the church. My mom distributed the unblessed food to all our neighbors christian and moslem. When the church saw the recipient moslem name they didn't like it. When my mom heard the church didn't like to see moslem recipient on the list she contacted one of the church leader and told him that in Eritrea Moslem and Christian are suffering under the brutal regime of Ethiopia. Next time the church sent a few boxes of food my mom told me to dump it in Mai Bela. I asked my mom why my mom told me in Tigre Ekil Haram tu( unblessed food). As often, our neighbors asked my mom if she has food for their kids and my mom told them this nasty church conspired to create conflict between moslem and christian and therefor I told my son to dump in Mai Bela.
    The second group are the products of dead jebha. When Jebha kicked her ass out of Eritrea the organization fragmented to 50+ groups. Their sole mission is to be the servant of weynae for money. At one point I was GOE critic, however when I realized the so-called opposition groups nothing but free loaders I began to do my own investigation by traveling to Europe and Africa . One of my contact was high rank official of ELF-RC who reside in europe and told me all the weyan's puke lickers are in weyan's payroll. These groups don't like to see any socio-political and economic progress in Eritrea.
    Finally, The weyane's puke lickers are dead soul. Eritrea will ratify the constitution agains all odds and the sell-outs will remain in exile like Cuba opposition groups in exile forever.

  37. Dictators did not need any governing rule.hence, how do u expect that Isaias and his few followers need to govern by law? They think them selves as creator of all without them the country could not alive. their thought is always negative. We are living alone as island without any neighbor,because of them we are isolated from the world. ናይ በይንና ዓለም /ሰማይ አለና ካዓ ይብሉና አለው ዘሕፍር ዩ


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