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Asmawa: Cycling Documentary about Eritrea

Tour of Eritrea 2011

Asmawa: Cycling Documentary about Eritrea

Asmawa is a cycling documentary that features track bike extremist Patrick Seabase traveling to Eritrea, a cycling obsessed country in the Horn of Africa, with the aim of riding down the 103 kilometers road from the highlands to the Red Sea shore without any brakes on his bike.

Memorable Quote: @3:27  "Asmara is the most beautiful capital within Africa.  ....Wherever you go, you will see civilians on their bikes and there are a lot of sporting spirit. Eritreans are very much ambitious, not only in work but also in sport. It's (Asmara)a beautiful climate, 2,300 meters, it's not too hot, and you can go and sit in any of the coffee shops. And what impresses me a lot, it's so easy to get into discussion with Asmarinos....." — Dr. Martin Weber

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Asmawa: Cycling Documentary about Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 9:23 AM Rating: 5


  1. good cinematography, Eurocentric stereotypical images, horrible if not and grotesque soundtrack, not to mention freaking traffic accidents, roadblock cows, camels..., and going 2000km+ downhill on ill-repaired asphalt roads on track bike, no gears no hand brakes. this tattooed punk really has some sick death wish on his mind. good cyclist though.

  2. I agree. It's a beautiful shot video with a heavy dose of Ethnocentric colonial twist to it.

    The guy is definitely lucky he didn't kill himself. But I think his sponsor (RedBull) had something to do with it. They tend to fund projects/documentaries that are a bit risky and edgy. Without the risk factor, I doubt RedBull would sponsor this documentary.

  3. Ethnocentric = Eurocentric

  4. What's up Patrick;
    Wow! it beyond my belief to watch you biking from Asmara to Massawa without brake and helmet. You are really a dare devil biker. Kudos to you.

  5. Eventhough he is a good biker, he is there to challenge himself but shouldn't be allowed as the roads are highly riskful and dangerous, he is also challenging the traffic avoiding traffic rulles, such action is dangerous not only for himself but for the public. Not good rolemodel for our young either. Nomatter who, follow the rules equally instead, shouldn't be allowed. Not again.


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