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Eritrea Is Preparing to Distribute New Eritrean Identification Cards

Eritrea Is Preparing to Distribute New Eritrean Identification Cards

Eritrea is preparing to distribute new identification cards, several sources have informed Madote. The Eritrean embassy in Australia seems to confirm this after announcing they have suspended issuing Eritrean IDs until they are upgraded.

"The Eritrean ID is getting upgraded. Hence any process of Eritrean ID is suspended for the time being. Updated information with relevant forms will be posted soon."

According to a source, the new digitized ID card will be a little bigger than a U.S. driver licence, will feature a greenish colored picture in the front, and will have the card holder's fingerprint on the back.

If these unconfirmed descriptions are true, then this is a major security improvement from the previous ID card which was criticized for being relatively easy to forge, which resulted in many African migrants — mostly from Ethiopia — using fake Eritrean IDs to claim asylum in the West.

Despite being aware of African migrants masquerading as Eritreans when entering the West, UNHCR officials continue to include these African migrants as Eritreans in their statistics to purposely inflate Eritrea's migrant figures in order to demonize the Eritrean government.

Eritrean model Bruck Tekle sporting an "ERI. ID" hat — a hat for Eritreans by Eritreans

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Eritrea Is Preparing to Distribute New Eritrean Identification Cards Reviewed by Admin on 2:29 AM Rating: 5


  1. A lot of Tigrayans who have grown comfortable in Europe with their false Eritrean identity will be losing sleep over this.

  2. Correction: I mean those Ethiopians getting ready to leave for Europe will be losing sleep. The ones in Europe have already gotten away with it.

  3. Tesfaye Gebre describes how the TPLF is sending people from Tigray to the diaspora by encouraging them to claim they are "Eritrean refugees/asylum seekers" to take control of the political sphere of the diaspora that is largely controlled by Amharas and Oromos.

  4. Forza Eri..we have to go in step with the situation..I liked the idea to unmask the forging of our precious Eritrean ID.

  5. Where Is Z CruiseApril 14, 2014 at 5:38 AM

    What are the criterias for getting the new id? What are the control mechanism so the over 20 0000 DEMHIT residing in Eritrea would not get the new ID? How would a new ID prevent from someone asking political asylum? Wouldn't that person say "since I am opponent of the regime they refused to give me an ID"

    Where I want to come is - what is the real or hidden agenda for this new ID?????

  6. As the article says soon will come to the public the notice, but short cut, to avoid miss interpretation or guessing you better go to nearest Er embassy and ask for that. As about ur being opponent, i don't think will bother, if you have accomplish Eritreans duty. (i heard by my ears interview Mr. Yemane Gebreab saying anyone who comes willingly and give briefing about his personal case in any Er embassy he is welcome). The main important thing is matters of DUTY and RIGHT. Hopefully you're not of those who are orchestrating, fabrications purposely to destroy Eritrea's future with our enemies..In that case it's beyond of my concern to answer.

  7. Where IS Z CruiseApril 14, 2014 at 6:48 AM

    One of the reasons that I say what I feel to say is, I have fulfilld the duties that is imposed by the government. I pay my 2% tax not because I support the regime but because I know regardless who comes to power that 2% still will be there. That is one of revenues of the government. Anyone that says 2% will be ceased is either fool or is dreaming.
    Beside 2% I also sponsor one martyr's family. Many Eritreans inside the country and outside the country have been doing their duties but our rights have been violated by the regime upto this minute. As the government iexpecting us to fulfill our duties, we expecting them to respect our rights too.

  8. He is not Eritrean...Don't waist your time to answered to moron Agame. Go to Ethiopian Embassy.

  9. Then there is no problem
    with you dear Cruise, i'm happy also to know your point of view in this regard,
    that you agree about 2% issue. Some i hear have problem to see it as a citizen
    duties as any nation apply look all the west, but just to speculate they give
    it a different meaning. I know a man in Rome who have a good life over there,
    good job, nothing he can claim on life, but he refuse to pay this TASK..As his
    salary is big, he refuses to abide. Honestly if in turn he come and ask for his
    rights then is shamefull from his side. When an ordinary Eritrean pay it
    willingly. While about the Constitution i know step by step they made it. It's
    already in effect, just to mention a package on it regarding the hard currency
    which been abrogated on march 2013, that state any Eritrean have a right to get
    < or = us 10.000 per head with out the necessity to declare it to the custom
    in the airport. On the sub-saharan countries is the first example. Then there
    are also about those concerning the Land, Licence issues ect..So even here i
    think is being falsely advertised by weyane and their masters. I remember H.E.
    Mr. Y. Gebreab say that on the occations when last year was in us for annual
    meeting in Atlanta, there was meeting on going, i hear answer to an old man
    saying, anyone can join our meeting and
    give his/her suggestions. I don't belive you gave your opinions or critics
    (nekefeta) nobady will say, shut up, I assure you 100 %. Rather i know there an
    orchestrated fashion to spoil our Unity, our progress, by spreading false
    statements. This guys are known, some they do it because bankrupted in social
    life, then they try on politics (ex. wedi vaccaro)..some on the name of human
    rights, while known are supporting the agenda of our enemies. Some they pretend
    to be Eritreans while are not, and we know they are benefiting in europe,
    reason for which great if the government will accelerate the ID issuing

  10. Hey Marta, how you get to know that he's Agame? If that's true, then i feel sorry i waste my time writing all that page..

  11. We Eritrean need to be truthful about the friends and families of Eritreans who believe their Ethiopian to identify them for our own identity. There are Tigaru who were born and grown up in Eritrea as our family. Nothing is wrong to identify these people as Ethiopian they will be our friends but they can not have our identity. Every Eritrean have the root of hid family which is the village. The cities are not our root village for the Tigaru it is.

  12. Don't be an idiot. I would have love to explain to you if you weere serious. But obviously you are dimwhit. What goit DEMHIT got to do with Eritrean ID? hasus waHid.

  13. Thank God finally a system to control our real population that is outside & inside Eritrea these Stupid Ethiopians keep on lying & claim that they are Eritrean's & to not Forget the other Africans that claim that to.

  14. I would like to see it in this way, those who has the ID it will be an identification for those who are against Eritrean people When rule of law is enforced. Remember ther was an ISEPA id during Mongustu regime and EPLF used it against isepa hasusat in 1992.

  15. The weyane, leaders are not only sending the Tigrayans as Eritrean refugees oversea, But they are also sending their wives and children oversea as Eritrean refugees. It is amazing how the jealousy riding Weyane crocs mind works.

  16. I'm sorry but what a useless picture that is totally unrelated?
    Don't you have any standards????

  17. It is very good news. Those who were pretending to be Eritreans will be exposed too.
    Well done!!!

  18. I just asked a question! If you can answer it then do it, if not just shut the heck up!
    What does the new ID to do with asking asylum ?? I don't see any logic in it.

  19. It means that the dude is Eritrean. & showing his Eritrean ID duh! But in Eri Swag!!!

  20. As usual this regime makes decisions without proper study. This new ID is all about getting more money from Eritreans abroad and one will be required to pay 2% to get it and that will mean many wont be able to travel to Eritrea anymore, because they simply wont afford to pay 2%. That means in the long term millions of dollars money earned from Tourism will be lost.

  21. Deqi eri we have to fight day and night i never seeing any one whose hate the people of Eritrean woyane doing all they can to destroy Eritrean

  22. Indeed. A lot of Tigrayans have been pretending to be Eritrean. Hell even Meles Zenawi did it. But then again, the real blame should be on Western countries that selectively single out Eritrean people for quick asylum acceptance. If they didn't do that, none of this would be happening.

  23. Report Tigrayan migrants that pretended to be Eritrean to get asylum in the west to authorities. Don't let them come to America or Europe using Eritrea's name. You can expose them by either the dialect of Tigrinya they speak (they don't have our dialect) or by the fact if they say they are from the major cities as their origin, which is a cover they use to hide their Tigrayan identity.

  24. In Israel, something like 60% of those who were claiming to be Eritrean are in fact Ethiopians or Somalis. Most of those in Israel are Tigrayan migrants, not Eritreans. Report any "Eritrean" migrant who recently came to the West that you think could be a Tigrayan. Chances are, he or she is!

  25. Where Is Z cruiseApril 14, 2014 at 6:10 PM

    You don't need to have an ID card to seek asylum as Eritrean as long as you know the language and some basic Info. about Eritrea. I have even seen few people speaks only Amharic seeked asylum as Eritreans. The question is how does this new ID helps to prevent from none Eritreans seeking asylum??? The only thing they need to say is - I dint have ID becaus I refused to pay or I am opposition or I left it at the millitary camp before I escaped. There are tons of reasons to come up with.

    There should be a hidden reasone for issuing a new ID. Time will tell us.

  26. I feel sorry for Eritreans, what kind of moral you have? you need the Id card not to identify your people inside your country but for refugees/ asylum seeker purpose. you are really especial people. the shame of Africa

  27. bezi zena izi nHamim.
    bAntsaru gn af lbna btaHguas nharm.
    Ewe af lbna nharm. mkhnyatu woyane meninetu (Etiopiyawnetu, tgraynetu) sheyTu lewiTu neta ERITREA itbl meninet ksab kndey tebahagit mukhana feliTu kdelya inkelo EWE temberkakhi EWE zeynatu ztmne Hzbi mukhanu berihulna.

    Assseeeeyyy ! suwuAtna demom tsidqi yzari, banderana ksalemu, hagernan meninetnan ktmineyu yemberom.

    Gn genzeb lebale genzeb ilomo amHara qedem, imo meninet wereQetna kemza nay banka karta zetQyer code geru mengistna hzbu ketHiz ilabo.

  28. anta wedey,
    nay ertra meninet aleka do ?

  29. may Chelot zwesdeka do siinka wedey?
    ab zey menTebitkn ayteItwa idkn tbl adey.

  30. aymselka,
    inawAle inaHadere kberhalom iyu tenkol tgray nkhulom hagerat. ksigogu ykhElu iyom ndHrit kabti zmetsuwo.
    Rora Haqi bHaqi Eritrawit intekhonki (zeHfr tarikh zeyblu Eritrawi) meninetu kHatit zkhilkil mkhnyat yelen. teqawamay ykhun kaliE. Ajokhi snkhi nekhiski Hazya, fre dem suwuAtna iya. tegaru inaHazuwo intay weridukum antum deqey bhagerkumn meninetkumn zeytkhorU ? snfina iyu iye zbl ane

  31. abeya aleka zeyibeliwos abizuy aleku bele belu. why Weyane want to destroy Eritrea? either any benefit to Weyane by destroying Eritrea? If they want who going to stop them? don't confuse your self no one wants to destroy Eritrea.

  32. Where Is The CruiseApril 15, 2014 at 2:57 AM

    Do unwanted me to send you my ID card number??

  33. Where Is Z CruiseApril 15, 2014 at 6:25 AM

    Do you want me to send you my ID card number?

  34. Where Is The CruiseApril 15, 2014 at 7:48 AM

    What IF the criteria is
    1. If you have not paid or have remaining balance of 2%, you will not get Eritrean ID
    2. If you are opposition of the government, you will not get ID

  35. Are you a Weyane disguised as Eritrean? If not, remember that the Weyane are telling their Ethiopian subjects Eritrea's desire is to do exactly what you said! Why do you need to help them in their propaganda??

  36. Tigraway Lbu Teway,
    Eritrea demsiskum dia imo kemey ilkum ktnebru. sala Eritrea indikhum ab Addis Abeba teshemkum zelekhum. sala Eritrea indikhum ab sdet kebirkum tnebru zelekhum. Tgraway iye ilka kbret kemzeyelo tfelTu ikhum. slezi ikhum dma meninet nay Eritrea ktsheTun ktlwiTun twuElu zelekhum. 80 kab miiti ab sdet zelo hzbi tgray bsm ertrawyan zAtewe mukhanu tfelTu ikhum. Hadas Meninetna gn ketewalAkum iya. "abzuy inekha mdingar ktbl ikha" gudkum ms tekheshHe.

  37. Finally. Its about time folks. I would like to add We all should Volunteer to Help out @ Embassies and Consular offices to deal with this duty. And along the way inform the local governments and Immigration services about the ID so they can request it when ever our Clinging neighbor's try to make the " I am Eritrea " Claim.

  38. ID malet kndey zakil hzbi ertra ab gdamn ab wushTn kemzelo memzeni k-khewn ykhil zwedey. izi dma bErtra ztejemere aykonen kulen hagerat zegataten meleleyi card alewen.

  39. It seems you have no correct information about the matter, if you have economical problems, or you're unemployed that have to be proved, then you're not charged. If you categorically refuse to pay it, then is fair also from the other side to deny you rights too..inkan haban kekowen allewo..rights/duties

  40. imo ms 98.8% Hzbi (referendum zedmetse kulu) geTimki yewatsiAki do?

  41. leflafit,
    98.8 kab 100 wedi Ertra beAl meninet iyu, fetikhi ayfetekhi. kHdes adlayi intekhoynu dma kHdes iyu.

  42. If you can't afford to pay 2% you have bigger things to worry about in life. Quite frankly you're a failure and need to re-assess your life choices.

  43. ID malet "census" malet aykonen adey! ID kab wedi 18 amet iu zihizo ( ab Eritrea)

  44. what I am understood from most of the comment is, the use of Eritrean ID card to get political asylum in western country. if so how same one proud to get political asylum than leaving in his country? any way if you like it good luck.

  45. @where is z cruise
    Pls do not get offended she is a naïve girle
    She never read history of Eritreans like Aboy Weldeab Weldemaryiam, Isyas Afwerki,Hagos Kesha ...the list goes on n on..

  46. nay tHti Edme mezgeb nbeynu alo. nay twldi wereqet ybahal. Ab gdam znebr iwn mezgeb kulen hagerat alo

  47. My dear Eritrawit Ade, with all do respect ... I would like to remind you the many eritrean girls that were raped by Amhara/Agame due to stupid mentality such as yours and the failure of securing our sovereignty and implementing strong policies. Therefore, if you want to save your old ass from being violated by the enemy, then do us a favor, please drink your "may chelot" and keep your ignorant mouth and ass shut.

  48. I see what you are saying. However, if Shaebia had taken care of business in 1991, then we wouldn't be in this situation now. We missed a golden opportunity to whipe-out the hornet's nest. Now it will take us bloody generations to dig our selves out of this shit hole. Got better ideas?

  49. If claiming to be Eritrean secures a green card in USA, every creed will do it, what is the surprise in here. People would kill to get Green Card. The issue is why are Eritreans granted asylumm in USA.

  50. my dudy fedayeen, from your above comments any one can understand your mouth is so stinking than those eritrean ass.

  51. I think GOE just wanna uppdate the card and at the .

    Your funny! The hole world knows you ethiopiens are the the shame of Africa. Still begging for handouts from your masters USA and EU. Lementi! "we are the world music video was for you" if you have forgotten that. still til this day ethiopia is begging for handouts and at the same time selling land! sad people(government)


  52. No offense Helena, "fool me once, shame on you / fool me twice, shame on me". No Agame origin is allowed to set foot on Eritrea. The only peace is the extinction of Agame/Amhara. Eritrea should amend genealogy exam to weed out monkeys.


    My Ancestors:
    Saba, Himyar, Habesha, Agazi, Damot, Eritrea (Bahri Mdri), Kebesa, Hamasien, Anseba, Deki Dashm.

    Mewael, Yemane, Andom, Gebre Ezgiher, Blata Segid, Beraki, Zera Krstos, Aba Zegergsh, Ukuba Gergsh, Negassi, Semere Ab, B'Eidu, Degiat Tklay, Zera Gabr, Eit Barek, Habte, Manna, Mhrete Ab, M'kiel, Raesi Ukba'Tsien, Mehari, Hayl'Ab, Gebre Ab, Raesi Welde Mariam, Ys'hak, Ukba Gabr, Welde M'kiel, Gebru, Teki'e, Keleta, Zer'ei Adam, Hagos, Kidane, Brhane, Sefu, Mesf'n, R'e'som, Zel'Alem, Haylom, Nguse, Wedi Hajer, Aba Mek'rca, Abarda, Gebru, Shehay, Bidel, Azien, Hantal, Drsus, Nedele, Wedi Gerima, Wedi Sheka, Wedi Azamr, Hans, ...and the list of names goes on and on.... this is just a sample on my Father's side... in Hamasie. We haven't even started on my mother's side.

    Let me make it clear to you, No Agame allowed on this exclusive club. We do not need "Trojan Horses".

  53. Do not you read most of the comment? they need this ID card for refugees/asylum seeking purpose. So can you tell me the different between asylum seeking and Begging? don't deception your self Eritrea is more beggar than Ethiopia at this time. Any way at the time of band aid (The time Ethiopia is the shame of Africa) Eritrea also part of Ethiopia.

  54. Eritrea, on the form you will be asked up to your 4th generation. Why not 7. Is it because isayas couldn't present his root in Eritrea ?


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