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PFDJ London Branch conducts Annual General Meeting

PFDJ London members (Credit: Embassy Eritrea)

PFDJ London Branch conducts AGM with a view to enhancing organizational capacity!

London 13th April 2014

The PFDJ London Branch today conducted Annual General Meeting in which Ambassador of the state of Eritrea to UK & Ireland H.E.Tesfamichael Gerahtu, Managing Director of the Public Affairs Mr. Muluberhan Berhe, representatives of 7 PFDJ London chapters took part with a view to enhancing organizational capacity. The meeting has been focused primarily on launching a timely Political Organisational Program in a bid to reinforcing the PFDJ London Branch. Participants of the meeting exchanged views concerning the smear campaign resorted against the front over the year on the part of hostile external quarter's vis-a-vis steadfastness of the PFDJ members in London.

Moreover, the programs set for implementation this year were scrutinized in connection with their vitality as regards strengthening the People’s Front and it’s political as well as development programs in such a way that fulfills societal expectation pertaining to the momentum of the nation-building process.

Representatives of the 7 London PFDJ chapters elected Branch Leaders.

Speaking at the opening session of the election, Ambassador Tesfamichael Gerahtu, called on the PFDJ representatives to elect fellow members who would demonstrated commitment and uprightness upon assuming the leadership to serve the front with dedication.

The elected Branch Leaders, Mr. Abraham Kidane, Mrs Juma Omer and Mr. Asmerom stated that the election process pursues a long-standing manner within the community, asserted the members readiness to step up efforts towards ensuring efficient public service and enhancing communal organization, and expressed satisfaction.

The participants of the election called on the newly elected Branch leadership to work diligently in serving the people and the front on the basis of honesty and dedication.

Similar meetings would conducted in Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham, Liverpool, Coventry, Leeds, Nottingham, Glasgow and Dublin at all capacities. The PFDJ members expressed readiness to exert stepped-up efforts backing national development programs through enhancing their organisation.

Embassy Media
London UK

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  1. YPFDJ in London UK express readiness for staunch resistance

    London 11th April 2014

    The Annual General Meeting of YPFDJ London Branch was held on Friday, 11th April 2014 at the Information and Communication office of the Embassy of the State of Eritrea, in London UK. Lia Berhane, Mahir Idris Dar and Mehari Yemane, YPFDJ London chapter leaders presented activity reports accomplishments and the work plan for 2014. The participants conducted extensive discussion on the reports and expressed readiness to work for the success of the programs. Also speaking at the AGM, Eritrean Ambassador to the UK & Ireland, H.E. Tesfamichael Gerhatu and Managing Director of the Public Affairs Mr. Muluberhan Berhe gave briefings as regards the objective situation in the UK. The YPFDJ members expressed readiness to exert stepped-up efforts backing national development programs through enhancing their organisation.

    Embassy Media

  2. PFDJs,
    Do not be deceived by semantics of Isaias Afewerqi and his cronies use but watch closely the devastating impact they causing on our country and people. Remember, the longer you procrastinate in the hope that things will turn around, the worse will be the result. By the way, it was such indecision and wavering that catapulted many senior EPLF officials into the predicaments they are in.

  3. Good job comrades, we are all behind and united on your duty from all corners of the globe..we must pay effort to tackle what soever comes and we'll challenge it as usual.

  4. Dawit, I'm a YPFDJ my self, why do think we are deceived? Who are you first to say so? Or better on behalf of whom you say this? You are a deceived Eritrean? I don't understand you point..

  5. you are the one deceiving yourself by talking about something you have no clue.


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