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Funeral Service of Major General 'Wuchu'

Funeral Service of Major General 'Wuchu'

By MoI,

The funeral service of the late veteran fighter Maj. General Gebregziabher Andemariam, Chief of Staff of the Eritrean Defence Force,was conducted today at Asmara Patriots Cemetery with patriotic zeal in the presence of President Isaias Afwerki, Ministers, Senior Government and PFDJ officials, Army Commanders, religious leaders and a large number of nationals.

The funeral ceremony was accompanied by Salute of the Guard of Honor that marched from Maj. General Gebregziabher’s home to the cemetery, and the memoir was presented by Brig. General Tekle Libsu.

The departed Maj. General Gebregziabher joined the Liberation Forces in 1971 and served in various capacities for 43 years ranging from a rank-and-file member to Chief of Staff of the Defense Force, and his exemplary steadfastness persisted in safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty and the nation-building process. He also possessed a valuable charisma concerning nationalism, love for people, energy, bravery and pleasant personality.

The funeral service witnessed the laying of wreath by President Isaias, Mr. Al-Amin Mohammed Seid, PFDJ Secretary, Gen. Sibhat Ephrem, Defense Minister, Ms. Leul Gebreab, Chairperson of the NUEW, and Commanders of all commands, Naval force and Air Force, as well as the People’s Army.

R.I.P General 'Wuchu', 1950-2014

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Funeral Service of Major General 'Wuchu' Reviewed by Admin on 9:48 AM Rating: 5


  1. He exemplified the indomitable spirit of the Eritrean people. RIP Jigna!

  2. Rest in peace RIP Jigna!

  3. A towering figure in Eritrean hsitory, he made us what we are ERITREANS. He was proud, caring and compassionate indomitable lion of Eritrea. He will live engraved in Eritrean history and in our hearts.
    RIP Wuchu, you have done your dues, it is time for you to take your eternal rest. Eritrea shall remember you for ever and ever.
    awet nahfash!
    zelalemawi zikri nisuwatina!

  4. Gratefull EritreanMarch 8, 2014 at 10:01 PM

    Well said Wedi Nakfa we are lucky to have him until now so does he.He should have died a long time ago the way he lived for 20 years from one battle to another non stop,another 2 years fighting the back stabling Weyane he had 9 lives.Eritreans are lucky to have such a hero among so many heroes and heroines
    .RIP witch you deserve.

  5. You will always remembered as hero
    RIP Gen. Witchu!

  6. Concerned_EritreanMarch 9, 2014 at 3:31 AM

    I wish so much attention had been given to those 350 brothers and sisters who lost their life in the sea. Yes it is our culture not to blame the dead but still worth to mention that this is a person who once was a hero and together with hero´s like Petros Solomon and Duru who helped to liberate our country, for that i give him credit. But as the dictator himself said, once a hero doesn´t mean you will be a hero for ever. Wuchu chose to be a servant of the dictator instead of standing up for his people and even became corrupt and power hungry individual. Most of us remember his involvement in the corruption scandal involving Samson "the civilian general" and his killing. Or what about when Wuchu´s son fell in the school and died, all the kids in his school and their teacher were put in prison even though everyone knew it was a pure accident. It is a shame that once a hero dies as a corrupt and power hungry dictator servant. But still it is our culture and i say may his soul rest in peace.

  7. Anta gangster, qondaf, lemani, jejawi woyane stay away!!!!
    You are one gutless indecisive good for nothing individual a coward philosopher. What a pathetic creature. You are a job-less person, enough of your galvanized and flashy words. Who gave you mandate to write about our Jegnau Eritrean heroes whom you don't know. Hide yourself in your stinky ghettos and die there.
    kendaka zeyakels beaka yeweraze!!!!! begamindo
    Stay away!!!!and stick to your website

  8. Anta hasswi, lokmas, serkai, begamindo, you don't know him. I know him very well. He has never been a servant of any person, he stands by his own feet. He is not a coward person to make decisions, he makes decisions equal too PIA.
    Maj General Wuchu=PIA in decision making. No one will stand in front of him a coward person like you. But he will advice to be courage's.
    nkemaka zeameselu afaf, mefaf, wekaru, sebai zegeber eyu.
    He has a gut. nay sebay sebut sebay Jegana eyu.
    Anta ageb belulei, ageb.
    Maj Gen Wuchu is hero for ever!

  9. Well articulated comment Mr concern Eritrea. Just to add more, I have heard a lot heroic stories done by Witchu, from my uncle who was under Witchu, during armed struggle. Witchu was a real soldier who has done miracles during the war, but lets not forget the brain of all battles like Petros Solomon, Uqube Abrehaley, Sherifo, Mesfin Hagos. They all fought and gave all they had for our nation. The fact that Witchu lack education and knowledge of modern world, I don't blame him that he was the tool of the people in the top. And as you said, our culture doesn't give a room to accuse a dead person.
    Rest in peace General Witchu.

  10. One question to you
    Do you consider Petros Selomon as a hero? What about Sherifo? What about Uqube abreha? What about sheriffs ex wife Aster fizehatsion? What about Petros Selomons wife Aster?
    I am waiting for your reply!!!

  11. Are you going to remember Petros Solomon, Diru, Sherifo, Aster (sheriffs ex wife), Aster (Petros Solomon's wife) as heros???

    I am expecting an answer!

  12. The sad reality in Eritrea today is that it is up to DIA to decide who will be called a hero or a traitor even by far Eritrean. People like Hagos Kisha are called as Eritreans as the same time sons of Eritrea are accused of being Woyane/Tigraway/Agame you name it. Or what about hero´s like Petros Solomon are called traitor and sellout by people who didn´t even ask for the simple evidence to be presented for the last 13 years. What a shame. May god save our country from blind supporters and their leader.


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