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Eritrea is Ranked the 5th Fastest-Growing Tourist Destination in Africa

Tourists arriving at Asmara International Airport 

Eritrea is Ranked the 5th fastest-growing tourist destination in Africa

Eritrea is ranked the 5th fastest-growing African destination for tourists, according to the latest World Bank Africa Development Indicators.

The data shows in 2011 Eritrea witnessed an increase of 27% in the number of tourist arriving to the country from the previous year.

Ranking ahead of Eritrea, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (129.6%), Togo (48.5%), Sierra Leone (33.3%) and Cape Verde (27.4%) enjoyed the biggest percentage increase in tourist arrivals from the previous year.

Globally, the number of international tourist arrivals in 2011 reached a record high of over 1 billion, and inbound tourism expenditures increased 12 percent to 1.3 trillion from 2010.

The report also finds the Middle East and North Africa regions saw a drop in tourist arrivals in 2011, due to political instability and armed conflict.

Pushkin Square in Asmara

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Eritrea is Ranked the 5th Fastest-Growing Tourist Destination in Africa Reviewed by Admin on 2:48 PM Rating: 5


  1. Eritrea bitty merry!!!

  2. Lufthansa needed Eritrea, not the other way around! They will pay for their arrogance.

  3. What will they eat and drink, and they are known to be "hawi kebdom"......hehehe.

  4. The is absolutly none true report. How can à country with no major airlines fly in could be 5th largest destination in Africa???

    VENTURES AFRICA – Mozambique, Malawi and Rwanda have been named among the top 10 world adventurous places for 2013 by Globe Spots, an international travel guide for tourists.
    Rwanda has hosted about 493,744 visitors in 2012.

  5. Another interesting question is how much percentage increase or decrease has occurred when a quantity changes.
    It is true when quantity changes, the percentage change occurs as well. But let's assume Eritrea hosted 200 tourists year 2010 and 400 tourists year 2011. The percentage change is 100%. Now lets assume South Africa hosted 500,000 tourists year 2010 and 600,000 year 2011. The percentage change is is 20%. Just becouse of percent change, a nation with no Major Airlines fly to, a nation with just one five star hotel, a nation with no enough running water, a nation where everyone is trying to immigrate from... Can not become Africa's largest tourist destination.
    please stop posting this nonesense.

  6. How could this be true with no such major airlines flying to Eritrea? People don't even have options but to take Egypt air with their bad Coustmer service , you guys even brag about Turkish and qatar airlines to fly Asmara soon but still we see nothing. shame

  7. Mr Moron:

    You seem to have understood the theory of percentage change when you used the 200 tourist per year example … and then you lost it by adding un-necessary variables (one 5-star hotel, no major airline, etc) to come to a wrong conclusion, when you said, “Can not become Africa's largest tourist destination”.

    Two things I would like to remind you: (1) The 5th fastest growing means Eritrea is top 5 in the number of tourists visiting the country this year when compared to the visitors of last year. It
    does not tell you how many people actually visited. (2) You are a tourist regardless of which hotel you wish to stay. This means the city of Barentu could be the fastest growing tourist destination from all the cities in Eritrea. So, let us be fair to Madote; they are bringing us news on beloved Eritrea at a zero cost. They are entitled to err even if we were paying for their service.

  8. There is plenty of food in Eritrea. You have forgotten that tourists travel with extra money.

    They will eat injerga, zigni, shiro, dereho, ades and drink sewa etc.
    All the Eritrean citizens who visit Eritrea every year in number is increasing and they are also included in the number of tourists. Ask them what they eat and drink and they will tell you.
    I am one of them who travels every two years to my country and proud to be an Eritrean citizen.

  9. Merone, whats in it for you? Where you unaccomudated last time you visited? I see people having nice villas and i own none is a funny syndrom. I am glad i was counted as one and many more that flock, come free time, to Eritrea leave with many more fond memories of our beloved country, and vow to return soon. If you are indeed one of has i encourage you to visit now. For, very soon you will not afford it. Keep on moroning! Meron,

  10. don't worry henok!!! tourist( nationals and foreigners) will be reaching Eritrea for tourism even riding camel,'s a very attractive destination...join the wagon if you wish, otherwise sit and watch.

  11. well said wedinakfa!

  12. what a cheating people we see in these news are eritreans.we could not see any foreiners.why you are cheating us!

  13. Eritrea's tourism growth can be justified simply cause is one of the most safest country in Africa and beyond..without talking about it's unique agreeable climate, honest people and a rich tradition..Not considering the actual sobre situation, surely we'll see more soon

  14. Forto Sawa,
    Unlike you, I have everything I need in my home town Asmara. Lucky me I came from educated and wise family. The difference between you and me is – I am not selfish. I don’t say Eritreans are doing fine just because my family are doing fine. I am a person with conscience. If I would have to evaluate situation in Eritrea based on my family situation, I would say “ Eritrea is doing fine”, but I said I am a person with conscience, ethics and integrity.
    btw, my nick name is not Merone!! It is Issayas Moron that means Issayas = a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment (like George Bush :) )

  15. WediNakifa, Unlike you I am a person of conscience, ethics and integrity.
    “The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to the other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creatures that cannot.” (Mark Twain). Nod do you see the difference between you and me???????

  16. Aye bial hawi kebdu, you eat zigni, shiro, ades...derho for obvious reasons. why don't you add zihla, kitfo while your
    neighbor's, and thousands of Eritreans are struggling to feed their children 3 times a day.

  17. Yes, i see the difference between you and the rest of us. You are a well articulated donkey !

  18. Theodros thanks, you said it for me no more no less I can say about this guy, I know sedet is tough, for some of us it is a learning curve and for our, lets say "lost brother" it is delusional time between hamberger and humble enjera!

  19. Aye Beshkat, tekeyrki nab west mis ateki. Bered kebda. The heroes have eaten even worse on bad days. So what, You think we can't feed our guests? Ha ha ha. You are very funny. Beal zihla, itom timikihilom dea lementi ndiyom.
    Just watch you will change your colour. By the way Rora is wrong name for you. You should call your self "teref zihla" or hafti lementi. He he he

  20. Wooow, you are very impressive. Well educated. Why don't you replace World Bank African development. Keep your equations for your self.

  21. Woooooooooow, another impressive point. You are lucky n have everything you need in Asmara. Hmmmmmm. Now you are telling us, when our brothers were sacrificing for the liberty, you and your family were enjoying Haileselasie n Mengistu (making money in Addis and call your selfs for Ethiopians) now when the mass is building the country, you hiding in west and are cyber hero to secure your assets. Now I got you.

  22. If you are telling me about your background I am not going to dispute with that, but my back ground is clean and clear. We have contributed our share for independency of our nation and safeguard our nation during the last war. But when time changed and the leaders become insane and brutal to their own people, we have no other choice than voicing our voice agains this injustice.
    Injustice anywhere is treat to justice everywhere (MLK)

  23. It is better to be articulated donkey than ZOMBIE mr Tedros!

  24. With the right infrustructure and human resources, Eritrea potential for tourism is huge.

  25. Henok, Egyptian Airlines and Yemeni Airways are both flying to Eritrea. Eritrean Airlines, Nassir Eritrea Airways and NOVA Airways are all also fly to Eritrea from various destinations. Additionally, Turkish and Qatar Airlines will start flying to Eritrea very soon. Just because one airliner (Lufthansa) suspended its flights to Eritrea over contract issues does not mean you can not get to Eritrea anymore.

    Don't forgot, Eritrea regularly receives thousands of tourists from ships through the Port City of Massawa, too.

  26. Btw, in 2011, Eritrea received around 110,000 tourists.

  27. "YOU GUYS even brag about Turkish and qatar airlines to fly Asmara soon but still WE see nothing. "

    Umm.."you guys"? who do you mean by "you guys"? do you mean we ERITREANS?, no eritrean i know would refer to some other eritreans as "you guys"...unless you're not eritrean - which makes sence!!.....and who is "we"?

    Let them all fly to eritrea, let nobody fly to eritrea, its not like we dont care - we would STILL travel to eritrea!

    Its not like its convenient to travel to Eritrea - it never were...We just dont care - we travel by love! ;)

  28. issayasmoron,

    Why so negative? More people are visiting our land!

    Doesnt matter if you dont like Issayas Afwerki or not. Not in this case.

    More people will discover Eritrean Culture, hospitality, beauty etc.

    Arent you happy that more people are disovering our homeland? =))

    This is good news for ALL ERITREANS! Regardless of what you think about the government.

  29. Don't worry, slowly you will unveil your self. Already you started with your assets in Asmara and and your arrogant attitude about how educated you and your family background. Keep on bro. Your last comment doesn't much with who you are. That's fake. You didn't do anything for the mother land at all. That's an attempt recovery coverage for your sinds. Anes Aygorahn intay dea felat gorahat. First, you tried to show off about your assets n itelectual and now how much you contributed. Hmmmmmmmmm

  30. Madote
    Nova is not a big airline. It has only 5 aircrafts (one 737-500, and 4 CRJ,s). In terms of safety I'm not sure if I would recommend anyone to fly with NOVA. It is on no fly list to EU countries. YEMENI airways is the worst airways ever according to may people I have talked too. Egypt airways is not that bad comparing to NOVA and YEMENI but still many people face many trouble at Cairo.
    The bottom line is Lufthansa was the best and first class airways that was serving us.

  31. Ereey,
    Don't get me wrong brother. I am one of the visitors too, but. I don't like false data that distorted the fact.

  32. Listen brother,
    I don't have a shady background like some people like you. I am straight up bro. Wrong is wrong and I don't back down to call it wrong.

  33. If so, you are a liar. Speak the truth!!!!!

  34. 2011 is a 3 year old information and can't be representative of the current reality. By the way the majority of visitors dubbed as tourists going to Eritrea are native Eritreans living in the diaspora. Please tell us what happened in 2013.....because 2011 is too old to make any sense.

  35. Who cares about you? woyane stick in your website!

  36. Mr.moron,

    Have you ever asked yourself why nobody is supporting your bad try over here? Read all comments carefully, it may highlight your intellect.

    “The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to the other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority..."

    You better STOP there and re-read it. This sentense fits you more.


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