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Tribute to Major General Wuchu

Photo: Major General "Wuchu" when he was a freedom fighter in the '80s

A true hero never dies! His story will live forever: Tribute to Major General "Wuchu"

By Mike Seium,

"Harbegna Aynebirn eyu, Tariku eyu zwires"

By now I have become accustomed to writing tributes to those who have paved the way for my generation and many generations to come. No one is immortal, as there comes a time when each one of us has to depart from this world. However, before we go we must leave something behind that reflects our lifetime contribution to society. I did not know Major General Gebrezgabher "Wuchu" Andemariam very well but I had a chance to meet him once in a social setting in Eritrea and my gut feeling was that he is a true patriot. What I am about to write is based on information that I learned about him and to let the future generation know that through writing and maintaining the historical facts of those who fought for and defended the ERITREAN nation, it is our duty and responsibility to expose the heroic deeds of our past generation. Their stories must be told and their legacy must continue to be a part and parcel of our society. If we don't do it no body will.

A few days ago I saw a quote from his Excellency President Isias Afwerki from an interview he conducted a while back and loosely translated it says " If we look back at our struggle and the many freedom fighters who made it happen, it makes one wonder if these great people were real people" in reference to the miracles that took place on many battle fields. And yes indeed Major General "Wuchu" can be a prime example of that statement. He was known as a furious fighter who was never afraid of guns and even though he was a head of a military, he lead by example risking his life at all costs. It is evident he was a hero of heroes as he had a few bullets stuck in his body until his death at a very tender age of 64.

The Major general's units and other selfless tegadelti played a significant role in the military defeat of Ethiopia's army, in Nadew, at Fenkel and many other battles that liberated ERITREA. Between 1978 and 1986, the Derg Ethiopian regime launched eight major offensives against the independence of Eritrea, and all failed to crush the guerrilla movements of Eritrea. In 1988, with the Battle of Afabet, the EPLF captured Afabet and its surroundings, forcing the headquarters of the Ethiopian Army in NE Eritrea, and prompting the Ethiopian Army to withdraw from its garrisons in Eritrea's western lowlands. Major general Wuchu and EPLF fighters then moved into position in several parts of Eritrea. The Major General also participated with other dissident movements that were making headway throughout Ethiopia including the traitor TPLF fighters. The Mengistu regime and the butchers in Ethiopia used "anti-personnel gas including the internationally illegal weapons such as Napalm that were used on innocent civilians, as well as other incendiary devices. But thanks to heroes like Major General Wuchu, Eritrea survived and prospered.

He was also one of the people who played a big role in defending ERITREA during the late 1990's war that was waged on Eritrea. He remained committed despite the many media attacks and name calling in defending Eritrea and he did such a darn good job, as ERITREA today remains intact and stronger than ever. He simply was the figurehead of the Eritrean struggle from a military perspective along with the handful leaders. He was a battle ready proud ERITREAN son that instilled the value of being a true nationalist that continued to shoulder the responsibilities that were bestowed upon him to defend the country from aggressors. May he rest in peace. A father of 8 and a dedicated servant, Major General Wuchu always earned the respect of many Eritreans because he never betrayed the nation. Paved with sacrifice, living with a purpose, & Serving his nation until the end he will forever remain in the hearts of true Eritreans that love and cherish their nation. The "GIGINA"path is only traveled by those willing to live a life rooted in honor, courage and commitment and he was the embodiment of the ERITREAN nation.

May you rest in peace.

Awet N'Hafash

Zelalemawi Zikri swatna

Mike Seium

Eritrean hero, warrior, father, husband and patriot, Major General Wuchu (RIP) - 1950-2014
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  1. Well said Mike, a true hero never dies indeed!

    RIP General Wuchu

  2. Selam kun Bitsay Gen. Gerezgieher

  3. We will never forget you.

  4. This is a fitting tribute to a Jigna. Well, said!

    Gigna Ngus Gedli


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