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Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki Turns 68

President Isaias Afwerki in New York City with patriotic Eritreans - Credit: Mussie Sibhatu

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki Turns 68

President Isaias Afwerki turned 68 on Sunday.

Age 67 was quite a year for the Eritrean president. He was declared dead by the so-called Eritrean "opposition" groups, only to be disappointed after hearing he resurrected in the Sudan. When he wasn't resurrecting from death, the president was busy tackling poverty and advancing the economy. Thanks to his administration's policies, the country is experiencing one of the world's fastest-growing economies. Despite accomplishing a lot, more challenges awaits him at age 68, including Asmara housing shortages, strengthening institutions, removing poor internet and mobile policies, weak digital media presence, and defending the country against exogenous threats.

In celebration of his big day, we bring you images of his life throughout the decades:

Isaias in the 1950s

Isaias Afwerki (tallest one) as a child with his brothers in Asmara -1954

Isaias in the 1960s

The picture below is of Isaias in 1967 at the Nanjing Military College in China. The ELF sent him, along with four other fighters, to study political ideologies and guerrilla warfare in China.
Standing L-R: 5th Isaias Afwerki, 6th Mahmoud Ibrahim Chekini/Cecchini, martyred 1972, 7th Ramadan Mohammed Nur, 9th Ahmed Adem Omer. Sitting L-R: 3rd Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed  

Isaias in the 1970s

These men, who were led by Isaias Afawerki (yellow arrow), left ELF to create what would arguably be one of the greatest revolutions in modern times. They rejected tribalism, religious fundamentalism and sexism. They believed  in equality and in empowering women. But above all, they believed in self reliance. It was these young guys that changed the course of history in the region. When this picture was taken in 1974, all of Eritrea's independence hopes rested on a confident 27-year-old Isaias Afwerki's shoulders. He took on the challenge and led Eritrea to victory. 

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Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki Turns 68 Reviewed by Admin on 5:47 AM Rating: 5


  1. Happy B'Day our president and wish you many, many happy returns of the day.



  4. Happy birthday Mr. President!

  5. I like him

    Manuele kab Roma

  6. Are U using cap locks cos U know U´re lying? The bigger the lie, the more people will belive it said ur hero Adolf Hitler.

  7. happy brthday wedi afom jigna anbesa

  8. Happy birth day to PIA!

  9. For those
    individual who proudly stand next to the worst dictator of mankind, you will be
    ashamed soon for your action. This a man who brought only death , misery, disaster,
    crime, killing, trouble, poverty, disease, hate, rape to the very beautiful
    country and people of Eritrea. His will end up Like Gadhafi, Hitler. Mao, Stalin , Pinochet ,
    Idi Amin. I wish he never came to the world at all. Eritrea is the best place
    without him.

  10. I love PIA! And I hate the haters! They so selfish and blind' I wish all Africa countries have prisdent like him! Fake democracy won't get cha no where! Wake up haters!!

  11. Dear President Isaias may God grant you many healthy and joyful years.
    Happy Birth Day

  12. Happy birthday president Isaias
    I wishyou good health and long life.

  13. I don't think you know the meaning of DICTATOR.

  14. If I were you , I would not visit madote.I stay at home and claim incapacity benefit!!!!
    You do not have to upset, you can visit hassedna, or nay wedi alem miharena website. He is from Adi grat too.
    You do not have to express you anger here.

  15. Mr President wishing you well and many more years. I hope and pray that you are grooming some one at this point for your own legacy sake and for the well being of the continuation of the revolution that you work so hard for, because remember history is written by the powerful and I hope your successor will be some one who respects your contribution in the making of the beautiful country of ours Eritrea.
    God bless you and the homeland.

  16. Simerwa-aka 'melmexti xahli nay lemano'
    This is a man, who led the gallant fighters who brought Eritrea back to the map. The Eritrea that you and your fellow sellouts try to capitalize on, these days!

  17. Happy Birthday The Lion of Nakfa!

  18. Happy Birthday PIA! Simply ,The man is more than life it self. Him and his alike gave it all to Eritrea .Fools and Haters eat your Democrazy with EBT/ food card and leave the Braves alone ,for you have no place in the jeganu sefer.

  19. You know why I
    come to this YPFDJ( Garbage of the 21St Century) site? I try at least to open
    one eye which is blinded by Yemane Monkey, Sophia Tesfamariam, Wedi Geratu, TV
    Ere and other who prolong the suffer of our people by supporting the worst
    dictator in the world for personal reasons .some built house, apartment by
    changing the dollar and euro in the black market and try to be patriot in one
    side killing the economy of the country
    which is already in intensive care. Where is your love to your people and
    country if you do not change the money in higdef bank, where is the love to
    your country if you do not live there in the country as teacher, clerk, taxi
    driver, engineer, doctor, nurse or soldier .of course you blame the west and America but you need
    the money should live with the president and country you love not being
    refugee like those victims of the regime. I left Eritrea because of Slavery
    ..why did you leave Eritrea?

  20. Happy birthday Mr. president. You are a living legend

  21. Happy birthday to our President

  22. You can cheat all
    people for some time, some people for all time but you can't cheat all people
    for all time. How on earth is possible to be blind and deaf from Eritrean
    reality...a country of. 4.5 Million which is more than 60% under the age of 30
    years ..100.000 refugees in Ethiopia 100-150000 in Sudan, 250000 in Sawa
    slavery camp , over 300000 left to Europe and America risking their life where
    50000 died in the way to Sahara and Mediterranean sea. Please just ask yourself
    for one second why all these people take such a risk to leave the country? Why
    mothers have to pay 50000 Nakfa for the children who left Eritrea illegally.
    Did mother of Isayas paid 1 Birr for Isayas joining the ElF? How much the
    Eritrean mothers had been paid for the fallen heroes 10000Nakfa and for the son
    and daughters who left Eritrea because of slavery 50000…you give 10000 and take
    50000 …business Higdef style…you guys just support the regime because your
    close family members are criminals who make money out of the misery of our
    people .The generals and colonels sell kidneys of Eritrean , kidnapping
    Eritreans in Sinai and pay the money in Asmara.. where is the super intelligent
    of HIGDEF? Do you have to be rocket scientist to know who take the
    money? Tomorrow will come and we will all those individuals to justice. Take my

  23. If you want to discuss honestly and objectively, without hate, you can't compare Pinoche, Hitler, Stalin our Leader, you're far from reality.
    Note, my assumptions: Gele idiology degifuwom wey netsiguwom iyu ilkas mesu kem begie mehwas begieh iyu zegeber, natka hasabat geber, I'm sure you mention Gedafi as Dicatator simply cause Nato fought him unjustly, or you listen the news in unfair tv program.

  24. We'd better ignore this weyane cadre.
    He is responding to voices and he needs high dose antipsychotic drugs.
    No wonder his name is smear.

  25. Man, how can I
    hate you.. I feel sorry for you my fellow people and I don't call you weyane or
    give you another identity because you do not agree with me like many of you do.
    We have to live with you after the departure of Isayas and the future worry me
    more than the present. We are a country without democracy, constitution, parliament
    or vise-president. free court , free press. Ask yourself who will be in charge
    of the country if the dictator suddenly dies ..which for sure will happen soon
    or later. When I fight for justice and freedom , believe me I do fight for you
    guys who always live in dark by repeating the same sentence what the officials
    of the regime say. If Gadhafi is not dictator then who is dictator? Do you know
    that Gadhafi used to rape young school girls and college student by force ? Ask
    the Libyans ..did you know Libya mistreated African refugees ..ask the Eritrean
    who came via Libya. .you call them Hademti who defended their country and paid the
    highest price one can pay. You guys even see opposition as enemy, how do we sit
    down and talk to you if you do not even accept our existence? Is it important
    to talk about one bridge in Gash Barka when 100-150 Eritreans leave the
    country to save their life from
    unlimited Sawa slavery, children cross the border without their parent because
    the father is for decades in Sawa or elsewhere doing work to make the military
    officals and higdef rich… please use
    your common sense ..

  26. You can ignore reality but you can’t ignore the consequence
    of reality. You post your trash in your trash web site and you will be given the
    response. That is free speech man which you daily deny the Eritrean people and
    someone has to tell you and I’m the one who follow you and tell you till you
    vomit what the Eritrean people inside want to tell you. I feel proud and
    released when I write ,and speak for the voiceless Eritrean people who suffer underground
    prison, Sawa, and elsewhere in Eritrea. Wherever I go and whomever I meat I expose the regime and you who live in a free
    world and behave like Taliban in Afganistan. If you are not happy in Sweden,
    Italy, England, Germany, Canada and USA please
    go back to Eritrea and worship the
    dictator and see him every day when he gets drunk in the night clubs and say we
    love you wedi Afom. But you will not go back…you hate the system but you like
    the dollars and Euros ..cockroaches

  27. first of all u assume a lot....don't do that i'm not diaspora i have fought to defend my country......and I'm still in Asmara.
    the points u have mentioned r not relevant to my point....this man has arrested the top 13 eplf fighters....and hold the constitution from being shut up coz u don't think straight.

  28. Happy birthday mr president.

  29. what ur point son? please understand the topic before u write.we r talking about the REVOLUTION OF UR COUNTRY AND THE MARTYRS.

  30. @simerr2012

    First of all you are not an Eritrean you are Woyane I found your personal information in your agaminos website. You are trying to be an Eritrean in the Eritrean website you can never be for ever because you are a gutless and stupid fellowship.
    You have been ignored and dismissed from the other website and you are trying to infiltrate in the Eritrean website just simply 'wasting your time for nothing.
    You don't have mandate to talk on behave of the Eritrean people. We are the people of can do, not by being intelligent in the internet but on the ground. If you have the gut comedown on the ground not in the air.

  31. i was there in the lecture given (briena mekalesina) pls think with ur mind,don't get charged by any one son.

  32. son let me tell u some thing. eritrea is not the only country which is hated by the supper powers. but the issayas regiem want u to think that......there r countries like the palestine,iran and many south american countries who suffer from the deeds of the supper power. the world is full of deplomatic relations based on interests.....eritrea is a young country with few friends.but that doesn't justify and hardship the issayas regiem is couthing in this country. before the 2001 g15 incident Eritrea was doing great....don't tell me about the war, i know. LET ME TELL U SOME THING.....THERE R NO FINANCIAL REPORTS REGARDING YOUR COUNTRIES ECONOMY.THERE IS LEGAL WAY TO ASK THE GOVERNMENT ABOUT UR COUNTRIES NATURAL RESOURCES COZ THERE IS NO CONSTITUTION. constitution is like a marriage b/n government and people....if there no constitution there is no responsibility to the government to answer any question.... ERITREA'S RESOURCE IS OPEN FOR GRAB. AND u r unaware of it.

  33. u really don't think they r Eritrean??????? or r u just using the weyane name as a cover up? let me tell u some thing. if we can't talk about our country with out ignoring each oner Eritrean people will not prosper. and the revolution we have sacrificed will be meaningless. so, if u r really Eritrean discuss with ur brothers ans sisters as an adult.

  34. u really think he is weyane??? or r u just using the weyane card as a cover up? let me tell u some thing.
    if we can't talk about our country with out ignoring each oner Eritrean
    people will not prosper. and the revolution we have sacrificed will be
    meaningless. so, if u r really Eritrean discuss with ur brothers ans
    sisters as an adult.

  35. what is DICTATOR to u...pls explain. don't just say some thing incomplete discuss with ur people.

  36. @simerr2012
    The main problem of you is that you live on dependency. Dependency is a disease, if you don't work your muscles will be atrophied and will end up with dependency through out your life and die. It is also the same for your brain if you depend on others peoples brain your brain cells will be degraded and cause you a serious incurable disease such as cancer. So before you develop incurable diseases you better find your own way to get rid of dependency.

  37. yes he is but after that he did some thing ur may not be aware of he imprisoned the 13 top EPLF leaders for a reason u r not allowed to hear ( he hasn't been asked about it by any world media EVER!!!)...and stopped the constitution from being implemented.what do u say about that segum?

  38. I'm in job now, but i'll find you in this web so that we discuss about the many subjects you put down. it's too answer

  39. Feraday ente tekewen kemu mesbelka malet diu? Imagine you are putting your position as a supreme court to you have that title to do so? ketfered maletey iyu, kurub iba iti azararba adeb nay bahli negber..internet iyu mannem ayreyon iyu ilka kemzi seb metslam helenawi aykonen..Hllena negber kem naykedem, aynetalel be hasawi propaganda nay western democracy wala kaley..

    Ta azabay

    Manuele kab Roma

  40. Then a question..natka ferdi gedifna maletey iyu, why do you think the western media call President Isayas a dictator? Is this based on truth or it have a hidden agenda? I never understood what the western called democracy, constitution, human rights ect..what about all this, kem zeteamom endagelebabetu, kefetweka is democrat yebluka, ketseluka dictator yebluka, what do you tell me about this? Izom sebat ne Alende kab Chile ketilom ne Pinochet yetiomo nab seltan..intay malet iyu? you know what i mean?

    zerzirka aywedaen iyu..nayziom tseadu

  41. Democracy
    is not a private property of USA and democracy was not implemented in America
    first ..please anything we do we do it for our people not to satisfy anyone or
    any country. why you associate everything with America. .Imagine if we had a free
    press where we could discuss anything under the moon freely, imagine if we had
    a free parliament where we they discuss freely, imagine if we had democracy we
    even would not go to Badme war to scarify 40 000 of our people ..imagine a
    mother lost children only because the dictator can alone declare war without
    even the knowledge of ministry of defense , Imagine me and you could talk face
    to face about our problem without insulting each other as weyane , agame etc. Imagine
    if we had a free court where we bring issues openly and freely, there would not
    be anything between us or among us we deliberately divide us along ethnic,
    religion , tribe , ideology line. Imagine our people inside Eritrea had chance
    to exercise freely and decide what system they want .neither America or
    Ethiopia had chance to do anything harm to our people. We could be as strong as
    we were during the independence war..

  42. What you wrote is not even worth to will never come out of the box you already closed yourself...Education is expensive try ignorance.I didn't insult you and you just showed me what you can akmika nisa iya.

  43. @ERITREAN,
    You are not an Eritrean I am 100% sure from your comments if you say "UR" then that is the end of your trick. Very lay and simple trick don't waste your time in the Eritrean website. You have plenty website which you can play games on. The gave is over!!!!!!!!

  44. @simerr2012
    How do you insult five million people just like that? Well, if you are a woyane; no problem.
    The people like you and others are protecting themselves hidden behind PC if
    you are an Eritrean?

    That explains though; Tigryans are perceived as people suffering from inferior complexity. I did not made it up, you can ask a faithful supporter of Tigryans a former US Ambassador to Ethiopia.

    No, don’t expect like you to tell the truth; they
    can not. They are incapable of telling the truth.

    Now, as credible as you are, it does
    not mean once in while you don’t act like Eritrean. Do you mean that the Eritrean
    people don’t know and understand PIA?

  45. I thought this mother fucker is in his late 70th. Damn we got a long way to go. Somebody please chop his head.

  46. You fool ,still dreaming ,The man is more alive and productive than all you dead bits combined , Probably you might exit way soon, before you see his 100"s birth day .Every time you haters dream about it, you know who dies.......CHATAM HULA......

  47. I thought he is much older, he looks very old for his age"diwawai ilu presidente".

  48. Nicely said Simerr 2012!!!!!!!!

  49. Trust me he ain't going to stay in power that long, He is going to be assassinated shortly and he is going to burn in hell like his friend Meles. I wish I know who you are idiot. You might be Agame like ur damn president. Do you know wedi medhin berad is not Eritrean? Eritrea will be for Eritreans and Eritrea will be prosperous by Eritreans and by Agame like u and ur damn president .

  50. atum atum megahitie ata zetketlewo zenberkum. ata sebe eiu enber zewde zelo ayemslkumne enber. eta gual msu tesaiela zela kea zehabyeto temsel ala ne bosskum. kemey ela eia tetmeto hawey.

  51. i hope he dies now. mseta 68 edmiu bu geyru yetfea. wedi lemanit

  52. I wish him another 68 years or more because he is healthy but he need to drink areki moderately and keep on no peace no war with Ethiopia .



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