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Eritrea achieves three UN MDGs ahead of 2015 target date

Eritrea achieved three UN MDGs ahead of the target date of 2015 - Photo: Eritrean students in Massawa

Eritrea achieves three UN MDGs ahead of 2015 target date  

During a speech made in connection with the observance of United Nations Day in Asmara, Amna Nur-Hussein, the Minister of Health stated Eritrea has achieved three of the eight UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) ahead the 2015 target date.
The three MDGs Eritrea has achieved are all health-related: reducing infant child mortality by two-thirds (MDG 4); improve maternal health (MDG 5); and combating HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases (MDG 6).

Speaking at the occasion, Christine N. Umutoni, the UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Eritrea, lauded the country's achievements in the health sector and sees it as a model for other nations to follow.

“HIV prevalence rate in Eritrea is below one percent while most African countries have rates above 10%.” She said. "Eritrea needs to give Africa and the rest of the world lessons on how these successes were achieved."

According to the World Health Organization, Eritrea has declined malaria infections by 90%; is on track to reduce maternal mortality by 75%; declined HIV/AIDs prevalence by 49% to 0.8%; improved access to potable water to 85% and has nearly doubled its adult literacy rates to 80%.

Part of Eritrea's early success can be attributed to its partners. Among the most notable is Dr. Lisa Materson, the former co-host from the American TV show "The Doctors", who opened an OBGYN residency in the country.

The MDGs are a comprehensive framework endorsed by 189 countries at the UN Millennium Summit in September of 2000. They were introduced as a road map for developing nations to reduce poverty, hunger, ill-health, improving education, and environmental sustainability by December 31, 2015.

EritreaMillennium Development GoalsProgress
MDG 1Eradicate Extreme Hunger and PovertyOff Track       
MDG 2Achieve Universal Primary EducationOn Track     
MDG 3Promote Gender Equality & Empower WomenOn Track     
MDG 4Reduce Child Mortality Achieved    
MDG 5Improve Maternal HealthAchieved   
MDG 6Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria & other DiseasesAchieved    
MDG 7Ensure Environmental SustainabilityOn Track    
MDG 8Develop a Global Partnership for DevelopmentOn Track     

Eritrea is on track to reach seven of eight MDGs by December 31, 2015

Charts courtesy of  FikreJesus Amahazion:

Regional HIV/AIDS Prevalence rate - Eritrea stands at 0.6% 
Malaria deaths per 1000 population declined by 90%. 
Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP3) immunization coverage in East Africa

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  1. This is really what my country Eritrea have done until now but some hopeless ppl always and fovever never been happy . Let's forget about them go eri

  2. They love to give us a water downed grade simply because they are having a hard time to swallow the achievements Eritrea is making. Lies and deceit is becoming the norm to smear Eritreas progress but our goal is to forge forward and complete the two stages and see what they have to say. I am proud of my people and for those who have doubts progress is not new to Eritrea and if they can keep their hands out of our business and give us room to wiggle watch out"YOU HAVE SEEN NOTHING YET". Awat Ni Hafash.

  3. God bless Eritrea!

  4. Guys i was in Eritrea before one year and i don't like much of what have been said in here i don't like what the tekawemitie said either. I love Nakfa vs dollar written in this report that you guys have been being immotional and extreme nationalist is a lie ...100 dollar is 5000 nakfa in Eritrea now .The second thing is Education ....its been a disaster and collapsing years for MOE in Eritrea recently because of constant immigration of Eritrean intellectuals due to governments failure to provide security and freedom to his fellow citizens. In terms of health there is a massive problem in shortage of medicine in our country. In human right the government of Eritrea is one of the first in the world ....if you guys visit in Eritrea you will never get allowed to go to nakura, sawa inda 6, aderset ,prima country, hashiferay,cilima isiribiet, adi abiyito, track b and c , tesseny ,asseb and other prisons i don't remember.The prisoners are imprisoned with out a trial and also they don't know their sentence. We have 8 colleges and most of our teachers are GA (first degree). We don't have illiterate people nor do we have higher level intellectuals because our university is closed. Do u guys have other things rather than this??????

  5. Under 5 and maternal mortality achieved according to Eri and UN only for these lives to be lost at later age in the Mediterranean disaster


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