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Eritrea: Development of 42 eco-resorts in Dissei island underway

Construction of 42 eco-resorts on Dissei island - Photo:

Development of eco-resorts in Dissei island

With the aim of attracting European and Gulf tourists to its pristine Red Sea territory, private businessmen, headed by the owner of the Dahlak Hotel in Massawa, have quietly been developing 42 eco-resorts on the hilly Dissie island in Eritrea.

According to reports, shortages of supplies and the difficult conditions on the island have slowed down construction significantly in the past. But with the introduction of new machinery and construction materials, development on the Island have picked up of late.

In a similar project, phase two construction has been underway in the Dahlak Kebir island. Costing over US$115 million to build, the project will feature a number of high-end amenities, including an international airport, a luxurious hotel, dozens of modern villas, desalination plants, eco-resorts and much more.

Location of Dissei

Located five miles south of the beautiful Madote islet, Dissei is a two hour boat ride from the port city of Massawa. The island sits in the Gulf of Zula and is part of the larger Dahlak Archipelago which comprises of approximately 125 islands off the Red Sea coasts adjacent to Massawa.

Inhabitants of Dissei

Dissei is one of the few Dahlak islands that has a permanent population. The inhabitants of the island mostly make their living from fishing and selling souvenirs to tourists. With development on the island, new job opportunities in construction and other services have also opened up.

History of Dissei

Archaeological survey of Dissei shows that a prosperous Roman settlement was established on the Island in the 1st century C.E.[1]  In the late 16th century, the Island became a battleground between the Bahri Negassi (Sea King) of Medri-Bahri (Land of the Sea) Kingdom and the invading Ottoman Turks.

[1] The Ancient Red Sea Port of Adulis, Eritrea by David Peacok, Lucy Blue, Lucy Katherine Blue, p. 25

Map showcasing the Dahlak Archipelago 
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  1. Nice news and let me ask the writer, if you have privy to any political or economical news can you tell me what happen to the housing development for the former fighters, warsays' generally accommodation for the poor ans needy!!

  2. I have visited Dissie several times in 2003 and loved it.

  3. Madote .com I learn a lot good things about our country thank u for ur hard working and serving the truth

  4. Get lost weyal agame, who do u think you can outsmart by your nice starter,BUDA GET LOST,


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