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Hanna Tesfayohanes Foundation

Hanna Tesfayohanes Foundation 

The United States emphasizes children be vaccinated for a number of ailments when attending public schools. While the risks are negligible, their one-size-fits-all vaccination campaign often neglects to take into account of the biological and genetic differences of children, which in rare cases, can result in perfectly healthy children having severe reactions to these vaccines. One such victim is believed to be Hanna from New York.

Ten-year-old Hanna Tesfayohanes was an avid reader and a lovable bright student at Dr. Weeks Elementary School in Syracuse, New York. After the healthy fifth grader received vaccination from her physician a few years ago, her health rapidly deteriorated and passed away on April 16, 2011 with her family by her side.

In honor of Hanna, her family and friends have come together and started a foundation with the goal of raising awareness of the risks involved with child vaccinations and to build a public library for children in Eritrea. If you would like to support this foundation in achieving their goals, then make a contribution with the information provided below.

                                                   Hanna Foundation
                                                   Bank of America
                                                   New York State

For checks and money order, the address is:
1201 Lodi Street Apt. 1, Syracuse, NY 13023

For more information, contact Hanna's older sister:

Hanna Tesfayohanes celebrating Christmas - 2001-2011 R.I.P.
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  1. She was so beautiful. RIP Sweet Hanna!

  2. Rip Hannah! It's odd though - I've seen some serious sources that the new childeren vaccination are meant to lower the IQ's and energy of the childeren, in that way the United States can keep going. These are the vaccinations with Bill Gates compaigning them in Africa, and everywhere - and all the new ones - including the swine flu. There's a special spiritual purpose with Eritrea, maybe Hannah died for that - for our people, for our childere, for our governement NOT to BUY THEIR STUPID COMPAIGN and for the good of the world in general. Google the vaccionations yourself, and you'll find the answer.

  3. I feel so bud to lose hannah beautiful child

  4. RIP Hanna Shikor. How devastating to lose a child. I urge all Eritrean parents to talk with their peditricians. Just because a Dr. says to try something, it doesn't mean it will work for you. Get a second opinion! My condolonces to Hanna's family and friends. Its a loss for the Eritrean community.

  5. Oh My God that so sad like i was'nt expecting that!:(


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