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Eritrean and Ethiopian athletes fight at Cross Country Race in Spain

Eritrean Samuel Tsegay - Photo: Michael Steele/Getty Images 

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Athletes Fight at Cross Country Championships in Spain.

During the 2011 IAAF World Cross Country Championships in Punta Umbria, Spain, Eritrean athlete Samuel Tsegay, and his Ethiopian counterpart Abera Kuma, were involved in a fight during the final hundred meters of the race.

According to Spanish news agencies, Tsegay and Kuma first started displaying aggressive behavior towards one another around 11,900 meters of the race. The tipping point that ignited the brawl didn't start till the final home stretch, when Kuma of Ethiopia deliberately started elbowing Tsegay and stepping on his shoes from behind, in order to prevent the Eritrean from sprinting to his full capacity. It was at this point when both competitors tripped and fell to the ground, and a infuriated Tesgay rising up to grab Kuma by his right leg and deliver blows to his adversary.

Although both competitors crossed the finish line, they were nevertheless disqualified. This incident has quickly gained notoriety throughout Europe and has prompted an investigation from IAAF officials.

Fast-Forward to 1:45 into the video below

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Eritrean and Ethiopian athletes fight at Cross Country Race in Spain Reviewed by Admin on 5:24 PM Rating: 5


  1. shame Ertrian to do such thing in international running. please thing like human being not be animal.

  2. Shame on u Kuma of Ethiopia! He deliberately started elbowing Tsegay and stepping on his shoes from behind, in order to prevent the Eritrean from sprinting to his full capacity. Then Tsegay of Eritrea made self defense!

  3. you are blaiming the Eritrean when clearly the article rade that the Ethiopian runner started elbowing and steping on his shose.this is a sport not a political fuid. fucker.

  4. Eritreans and oromos relations are in golden shine forever,the wayane trans peace provocative
    Is very clear to every body when the wayane coach advising the innocent promo athletes. To create chaise during this matraton, however my advise to my fellow promo atelte please try to out smart the the wayanes whenever they telephone you to do negative things. Aguma bera from Atlanta.

  5. They all are bunch of idiots, they were in Spain not in Badimea! Think!

  6. The wicked always like to take someone down the tube with them...this has been everlasting problem for Eritreans where ever they are and what ever they do.

  7. It is such a shame that Ethiopians standing by Kuma and defending him when they know he is at fault. He did not display a true sportsmanship instead he decided to bring his hateful and racist attitude to the race. He got what he deserved. The Eritrean athlete have had enough of Kuma's aggression and he reacted accordingly in self defense. What is wrong with Ethiopians? Whatever happened to their friendly attitude? This is just sport not politics.
    Finally though, where is the IAAF body? Why are they silent?

  8. Kasoti zinefeke seb entay tigebro

  9. in evry aspect including war and sport the wayene are using the oromo and co. as bullet proofs..this is fact...end!!

  10. hello it is very shame and also not poletics eritrean are our brathers.
    aour problem is between apolotician not between peopel tl people
    i love Abera Kuma and Samuel Tsegay,they are ours
    hello derty poletician keep silence go to badime.
    i hope kuma and tsegay they ask each ather for forgivenes on international track
    peace to ethiopian and eritrian people

  11. what the fuck is going on

  12. Samuel i ready to ask excuse even if it is not his fault , he want to work for peace , it happenes in the race

  13. Eritrea is like the young son on the Bible. The fight was not between two different country men, it was between two brothers. Ethiopians are always slow to fight, but fast to win a gold medal. LONG LIVE ETHIOPIA!!!

  14. the article tells the truth enough said.

  15. Enough! of this madness...a truly shameful event. - Shame on both athletes, where is that athletic discipline. We still don't get it do we? Still thinking small. No wonder the rest of the world look down on us.

    Please people, let us pick up ourselves from such low level of thinking and morale. Two of the poorest nations in the world hating and fighting each other to - more poverty. Poverty of goods and even worse poverty of bigger thoughts and ideas.

    Enough people! Wake Up!

  16. I've seen multiple times were an ethiopian cheats to get ahead of another player, play fair and square.

  17. All is in the heat of the moment but no doubt about the provocation by Kuma which resulted in Tsegay reacting but both disqualified...
    I Hope the two athletes make up and move forward....after all its only sport and sportsmanship is part and parcel of Sport.
    Ethiopian athletes might have dominated the long distance like Marathon and the likes but no doubt that Eritrea has made its finger-print on half marathone, hard-terrain climb & cross country. That's fact.
    God bless both people!!!


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