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TPLF pleas to the people of Eritrea, warns state and non-state actors

TPLF pleas to the people of Eritrea, warns state and non-state actors

By Borkena

Following an emergency organizational meeting on over the weekend which was called to determine to join the Prosperity Party, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has issued a statement.

The statement (it is shared on the official TPLF page on Facebook) framed the political situation in Ethiopia as one that is characterized by all-out effort to restore “oppression and slavery” by political forces which it described as “…others who ended EPRDF which was in the path of developmental democracy who established a new and satellite party…”

And then it vowed to continue struggling to make calls for collaboration to internal and external actors.

The statement passionately painted an image that the people of Tigray and Eritrea have intermarried, and do share culture and language.

It also said that TPLF supported the Eritrean struggle and “the two people [Tigray and Eritrea] fought together against Derg, and paid sacrifices to the point that combatants have shared grave.”

Regretting about the bloody border war with Eritrea and describing it as “unnecessary”, the statement said that TPLF has been doing all it can to rectify the mistake. There was a hopeful process “between the two countries, for a year and a half and then it was “stalled” for reasons it said is unknown, said TPLF.

“TPLF and the people of Tigray are ready to do whatever is expected from them so as to make the promising brotherhood and relation, and cooperation reliable and lasting. We call upon the people of Eritrea to do their part to make peace reliable,” the statement added.

Apparently, the statement excluded the government of Eritrea. It is more apparent in the warning that TPLF conveyed in the part of the statement in which it called upon states and “forces” in the region:

“The negative role that some foreign forces are playing against our people and country, knowingly or unknowingly, need to understand that their actions will harm our country’s and the region’s peace and interest, and put their hands off our internal affairs. If they do not do that, they need to understand that they will take responsibility.”

Apart from the people of Eritrea, the statement also called upon members of TPLF and the people of Tigray in and outside of the country to stand behind TPLF in the struggle to “defend developmental democracy.”

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