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What residents of Asmara think about Ethio-Eritrea peace talk

Asmara, Eritrea

What residents of Asmara think about Ethio-Eritrea peace talk

By Borkena

Eritrea and Ethiopia are on the path to restoring peaceful relation after two years of deadly war and two decades of no-peace no war relation.

Eritrean high-level delegation was in Ethiopia this past week to “chart out” the peace offer and they reportedly had a productive working visit. Prime minister Abiy Ahmed is traveling to Asmara “soon” to hold a discussion with President Isayas Afeworki of Eritrea.

The development in the relations between the two countries is met with excitement in Ethiopia so much so that some Ethiopians were seen carrying Eritrean flags during rallies in different cities organized to show support to prime minister Abiy Ahmed administration. The only exeption to this exictment is there has been a concren and protest in Tigray as the implementation of the peace agreement that ended the war between the two countries would leave communities divided.

What is the reaction to the peace talks in Eritrea?

Voice of America reporter in Asmara, Berhane, spoke to some residents of Asmara and it seems like there is excitement in there too.

“Both countries and people had been living for too long in love and unity, and as brothers. Peace is very important more than anything /anyone and it is the gift of God. Let God help us for the peace talk to bear fruit soon so that normalcy between the two countries is restored,” said one resident of Asmara.

Binyam Abraham Gebretsadik told VOA reporter, Berhane, that he was born in Asela, Ethiopia and that his mother brought him to Eritrea as a child before the relationship between the two countries went astray. “I do not know the whereabouts of my father still,” added Binyam. He says that he is happy that his president Isayas Afeworki sent a delegation to Ethiopia responding to Dr. Abiy’s call for peace. And he hopes that the process will speed up to allow the two people meet.

Tsehay Alazar is a teacher and she taught at Entoto technic and vocational school in Addis Ababa before the conflict between the two countries. She says “she thanks God” for the peace talks between the two countries again. “The coming of Dr. Abiy Ahmed [is important] not only for Ethiopians but even for those of us who are here[Eritrea] as it is in alignment with our aspiration.

The following audio file from VOA Amharic has details of the story.

VOA Tigrinya Audio:

VOA Amharic Audio:

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