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More than a dozen killed by security forces in Ethiopia’s Oromia region

Anti-regime protesters in Oromia, Ethiopia

By Addis Standard

Following the news of the state of emergency, which the speaker of the house of people’s representatives (Ethiopian parliament) said was approved by the majority in the house, albeit a “mathematical error” which led top the speaker to apologize, protests have flared up in various cities across Oromia against the news, leading to the death of at least seven people so far.

In addition to the death, more than 20 were also wounded, most of them by bullet, while some were severely beaten according to various information obtained by Addis Standard and other other media reports. However, not all causalities were related to protests as is the case for Kelbessa Mokonnen, 24, who was “shot from the back” in Gimbi, western Ethiopia, on Sunday “on his way to see a doctor for a headache he was experiencing,” according to Abdi, a relative who wants to be identified by his first name only. Kelbessa died on the spot,” Abdi told Addis Standard, adding “There was no protest in the city when Kelbessa was killed.” He was raised by Likitu Haile, a single mom who is working as a waitress in a restaurant in the town, Abdi said. Four other people, including, Israel Deresu, Kelbessa’s friend who was accompanying him to the hospital we also wounded. “He is now admitted at Gimbi Adventist Hospital.” over the weekend, a graphic picture of showing Kelbessa’s disfigured face was making rounds in the Ethiopian social media space. Abdi confirmed the picture was indeed that of the victim.

And in Chiro, west Hararge zone of the Oromia regional state in eastern Ethiopia, one person, Ibrahim Abdella, was killed by security forces, according to Mustafa kadir, a relative who spoke to Addis Standard by phone. “He was killed from a close range on his way to work; there was no protest in the city and we were all going about our daily lives,” Mustafa said. Ibrahim’s body was taken to Chiro hospital before it was discharged to his family this afternoon. Addis Standard’s attempts to talk to the city police were to no avail.

Other cities affected by protests include Ambo, Ginchi, Guder as well as Qellem Wollega, where the deaths of six people were reported on Saturday and Sunday. According to DWAmharic, three people were killed yesterday in Ginchi town, 81 km west of Addis Abeba. And on Saturday another three people were killed in Ambo, 125 km west of Addis Abeba. Both places are where the 2015 Oromo protests began.

Quoting doctors at hospitals in the Nekemte, Gimbi, Ambo and Dambi Dolo Bloomberg news said “on Sunday they’ve handled 18 casualties with bullet wounds since the government suspended the constitution on Feb. 16. Ambo General Hospital documented two deaths on arrival and 13 casualties on Saturday, according to Garoma Shure, a doctor at the facility.”

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