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Ethiopia: TPLF is thinking which candidate would be good puppet PM

TPLF leader Debretsion Gebremichael with Abay Woldu 

By NY/NJ Ethiopians Task Force

After playing cruel and lawless games and treating Ethiopians worse than fascist Graziani did for the past 27 Years, the ethnocentric bosses are facing a popular uprising by Ethiopians who are determined to remove them for good and establish an accountable democratic government that would never kill or torture them.

Corrupt TPLF is used to having a puppet prime minister who would do anything his TPLF mafia bosses tell him to do. Former Prime Mister Hailemariam Desalegne was considered a TPLF messenger boy rather than a man with real power. That sentiment by the public was validated when the former PM himself openly admitted to his peers that he was functioning at his position in the dark and knew nothing about Ethiopia’s internal affairs. Ethiopians were stunned when he appeared on TV to appease his TPLF bosses announcing that he ordered the military to act on innocent demonstrators. Many Ethiopians were expecting him to resign when more than 800 Irreecha celebrators were killed in a single day. His moral compass was tested and questioned so many times while he was in his office and he never tried to stop killing and torturing of many political prisoners. Many say he didn’t care about most of those critical issues, as he was well controlled by his TPLF masters.

It will be very hard to expect the TPLF to change after 27 years of reckless and autocratic rule, so unless the criteria changes this time for some unknown reason, the basic criteria to be a PM in Ethiopia is

  1. To be an ardent admirer of the late divider in chief and the devil himself, Meles Zenawi

  2. To not care about democratic rights for Ethiopians and look the other way when atrocities are committed by the TPLF. He should accept and approve the torturing, killing, and imprisonment of Ethiopians who ask for political rights.

  3. To not say or do anything to stop the TPLF looting the country. He should quietly facilitate all looting activities whenever they request him to do so.

  4. To always talk about the nonexistent Multi-Party System established by the TPLF.

  5. Not question the motif of TPLF leaders, even if TPLF activity results in complete destruction of the country and its people including displacements, land grabbing, environmental destructions etc., as far as the activities benefit TPLF leaders.

So, let us see the choices TPLF is facing

  1. Debretsion G. Michael: Trained in information technology. He is the current chairman of the TPLF who is famous for traveling to foreign land for prostitution at the expense of poor Ethiopian tax payers. People in his own circle say he can not manage himself well let alone manage a country

  2. Demeke MekonenA biologist by training and a former teacher. A member of the Amhara National Democratic movement (ANDM) who is currently a deputy prime minister. He is known to be loyal to Tigrians embedded by the TPLF in ANDM including Bereket Simon. He was allegedly slapped by Debretsion G. Michael during arguments which may make him one of the TPLF’s favorites.

  3. Siraj Fergessa: A puppet Defense Minister, educated in forestry and leadership. He is a member of the south Ethiopian Peoples’ Democratic Front (SEPDF) who was instructed by the corrupt and ruthless TPLF General Samora Yunis to assume the position of Head of State of Emergency. Siraj would say or do anything, as far as he is provided with a car, food and shelter and his family is taken care of.

  4. Shiferaw Shigute: Currently the minister of education and chairman of the Southern Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement (SEPDM). Trained in accounting and leadership, he is a TPLF loyalist who would do anything to appease his TPLF bosses.
  5. Workneh Gebeyehu Negawo: The current minister of foreign affairs and former federal police commissioner who’s’ real name is “Workneh Gebeyehu Woldekidan”. He is well known as one of the Tigrians embedded in the OPDO by the TPLF. Workneh is implicated in a lot of TPLF related crimes. He would do anything to get the position, including shamelessly begging the Americans to push for his election.

  6. Abiye Ahmed (PhD): An engineer, cryptologist, and current chairman of the OPDO. He is also known as the founder of the Internet Security Agency in Ethiopia. Dr. Abiye is one of the EPRDF politicians who have finally realized the effect of TPLFs disastrous leadership over the past 27 years and bravely defied TPLF divide and rule tactics. Whether he is elected or not Ethiopians give him credit for his recent remarks and efforts to heal wounds and unite a nation divided by the TPLF.

Whoever the choice may be, Ethiopians have made it clear that another puppet Prime Minster who can be pushed, spanked and slapped around by the TPLF would be unacceptable. The EPRDF should select a PM this time to make sure that there won’t be another TPLF puppet in the office and to immediately start a political dialogue and negotiate with all stakeholders in and out of the country, including groups like the Ethiopian National Movement (ENM) and freedom fighting forces like Patriotic Gibot-7. Until that is realized Ethiopians inside the country and the diaspora should continue to fight to get rid of the TPLF. Ethiopians would never settle for less than removing the TPLF from power and establish a democratic and accountable government

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