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Revolutionary Eritrea is surfing the wave of the Globalist chaos…

Revolutionary Eritrea is surfing the wave of the Globalist chaos…

January 20, 2018

By: Esayas Temesgen

While in the United States and Europe the national bourgeois’ is slugging it out against the tyrannical Globalist [the modern Imperialist]. The so called developing countries are caught in between these brutal Unilateral-global nation scheme. Consequently countries are falling back into abase.

Eritrea being among those African countries who fought a brutal anti colonial powers; yet their struggle was overlooked and smeared despite it lost tens of thousands of its citizens and the country scorched.

Nonetheless, after achieving independence, Eritreans were able to steadily fight an uphill battle for the last twenty six years-to safeguard their sovereignty and develop it at their pace, In the face of ridicules ‘sanctions’ that was imposed upon them, designed to slow down and possibly to frustrate development of their country. Not to mention the threat of invasion from expansionist Ethiopia.

The irony is… these former ambassadors and emissaries’ now turned NGO, most if not all were spear heading or encouraging expansionist Ethiopia’s assault on Eritrea, are now coming back posing as peace advocate; public management group; strategy communication firm; crisis management group etc. Using sarcasm encapsulated with a catchy phrase like bringing “Eritrea out of the cold”.

Other times they use utterly invisible methods to spread an over blown story line. Smearing independent and self-reliant Nation like Eritrea has become a lucrative business and exported globally. They control a massive fake news outlets and lobbying groups. Their smear oil is not to accomplish social goal but to marginalize and foment chaos.

If we put it into historical perspective, the U.S.A rather should be appreciative of Eritrea’s civil stance on the Red sea; that allowed the free flow of its ships. Unlike with its past experience with other countries at the inception of its State-hood.

As a new revolutionary nation the U.S.A has experienced a test of its state hood both at home and abroad: By Grate Britain at home, and abroad the Tripoli pirates led by bashaw Yusuf of Tripoli who in the early eighteen hundred Harassed and confiscated their ships for ransom, to the extent of forcing Americans to pay a yearly tribute to have their merchant ships to cruise the Mediterranean Sea peacefully.

This humiliation and set back after multiple skirmish troubled and bothered President Jefferson. As a result in 1801 he asked the congress to approve the use of force, and money to build additional battle ships and frigates to expand the naval force to fight the bashaw of Tripoli. This engagement initiated the first Americans foreign war. Despite they were occupied at home in a fears battle to dislodge Great Britain and end its threat to their sovereignty.

It is about time that the U.S.A. admit its mistake and change course and be more sympathetic to the cause and grievance of self-reliant Eritrea; and recognize its right to self–determination. Eritrea is a nation with unabashed discipline and a sheer will to fight for its sovereignty. To think otherwise would be waste of time and missed opportunity.

The irony is The United States of America has been tormented by the Great Britain, the biggest military power in the globe at the time-for twenty six years up until 1812; in spite of gaining its independence from it in 1776. That Plundered and burned down the white house to the ground, and Continued military attack and murder from Chesapeake Bay north to the Gulf of Mexico to the south.

Not until the brave General Andrew Jackson from the state of Tennessee, who eventually become a two term-seventh president of the United States of America, beat Great Britain at the mouth of the Mississippi river at New Orleans, Louisiana.

Andrew Jackson Joined the rebellion against the invading British since he was fourteen. And in the process lost his Brother and mother, and himself survived an injury on his left arm from a blow of a British officer sword on his shoulder, for bravely rejecting the demand of the British officer to clean the mud from his boot.

Had it not been for the British defeat at New Orleans, the Untied State as we know it wouldn’t have existed. Great Britain never acknowledge its state-hood until the humiliating defeat at New Orleans in 1814.

…..To put it mildly it is an irony that more or less a country that went through the same path of journey for sate hood, rather than being sympathetic to the cause and grievance of resilient Eritrea, Chose to be the opposite: to be in the way of Eritrea’s progress since its inception to overrun its “irresistible” global strategic location.

In retrospect these Hippocrates who are perpetuating clichés disregarding the adversity and how their country has emerged as a nation, Never gave up berating Eritrea. Nevertheless Eritrea has bravely pushed back successive treats to its state hood humiliating their hell-bent stance.

Revolutionaries outline explicit moral goals such as: justice and equality; or material goals; comfort and abundance. Sets out thoughtfully to attain them and follow through with determination.

On the other hand in linier society when the goals are reached people feel triumphant; when things go well no problem; when things go badly the linear view can crack.

Obviously when you are targeted with the only superpower your struggle will be longer and comes with new twist at every corner of your move, it is not linear as other think.

The smear masters play this to their advantage to pump-up their propaganda of deception and demonize to seed fear and anxiety in peoples mind.

Eritreans do not believe in artificial reality, to be persuaded to believe that Astroturf engineered to look like grass. Eritreans social destiny is not self-directed and their personal live self-made, to lose any sense of participating in a collective myth larger than themselves.

As for enemy number-one of Eritrea: expansionist Ethiopia is in a disarray. After a century of slavery; plundering; repression and serfdom that commenced by Menelik the leader of minority Amhara is ending….

The dream to conquer Eritrea; Somalia and Egypt has become just that a “dream” those who bait on expansionist Ethiopia to do their bidding have given up. That country is vanishing within.

Amharas’ Ethiopia is not coming back. Tigrays’ Ethiopia is on the way out; it is crumbling at the seam. Ogden is a de facto State; Oromo is knocking at the gate of autonomy; and all other nationalities are lined-up behind the Oromos’. They are smelling freedom and victory is at their grip.

Awet n’hafash
Esayas Temesgen

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